Coping: With How the World Unravels

It’s not often that a reader sends in a dream about Ures truly, so I thought this email was particularly interesting, what me having a vested interest in it…

Hello Mr Ure,

Had one of those dreams that seemed to really jump out at me a few nights ago that I wanted to share with you.

I dreamed that I was reading urbansurival and it stated that basically a messiah type figure was going to show up in the next 2-3 weeks. This wasn’t a real messiah but that 98% of the world would fall for it. The other 2% wouldn’t buy it and they’d be right not to. It was laid out very matter-of-factually and straight forward. After reading it all, it seemed that nobody including myself seemed upset, just another oddity to look out for and not get tripped up by. Could be something, or nothing. Anyway, have a great week! Keep up the good work.   ~Mario

I was really good with all of it, except for the dates.  In case you missed our “three wrecks” summary of Monday’s news, the play is likely over the next two or three years and should go something like this:

Now:  Russia is facing the potential for HUGE war with China over Siberia/Mongolia in 2018-2020 because of all the resources and open land up there.

The Russians want the former Soviet Union (FSU) manufacturing resource in their back pocket before then, so the former proxy states of (Czech, Pole, Bulgarian, etc…basically anywhere that made an AK-47 or parts is prized) are in Russians sights.

And the Russians will likely want to control Europe by the time of the US fall elections this year because the republicans, who could take the senate, are seen as much more hard-ass than the demos.  But, this also would force the demos to have a president who “gets us into war…”

Fall (or summer):  The Russians already have a “first strike nuke” policy and, when NATO responds to the Russian grab to the west, that’s when the first regional nukes would likely blow.

Significantly, right about here would be the perfect time for the messiah-life figure to show up, and this would be the anti-Christ figure of biblical repute.

This would put a cap on things, give everyone a mark of the beast, and all the other yet-to-be-met details of prophesy (and beyond Christendom, too) and we get that bit of fulfillment.

2 Years (or however long an a/c lasts) we get the extraterrestrial-back returning forces of Good and the skies light up and then things get really, really interesting.

There’s a lot of biblical interpretation that the generation that saw Israel founded (1948) will be around for the big “hit the fan” moment when all gets unraveled and the end of days and all that comes along.

The key part is, of course, that the a/c showing up and 98% of people falling for it really makes sense.  False prophets are not to be trusted, but according to the future-seeing types, most people are more self-interested in avoiding Right and just sticking with the ways that have led us down the path to begin with.

Oh, and I’m sure that anyone who doesn’t swallow the a/c story would be branded with the label terrorist (or worse) and that’s all how it rolls.

Now, whether you believe this, or not, is entirely up to you.  I would only suggest that although Russia was “legally” correct about the Kiev uprising, they have a weaker case in Donetsk, and weaker still as they press westward.

It’s all up to Vlad Putin, how serious China is – and how much of that trillion-dollar upgrade to their military the Russians plan on using. 

Religion and science get to be bedfellows in here.  That’s because in the ‘end times’ all things become known.  Which is why folks like me are tinkering with over unity electronics and power sources, anti-gravity, and it’s why all the work timing at CERN is so fascinating.  If the prophetic-types are right, we should see all kinds of fundamental breakthrough in knowledge right at the moment when it becomes too late to widely apply the new-found smarts to alleviate the pressures that drive people to be crazy and turn their hearts from doing “good” to “doing money.”

As in science, this is only theory.  And it’s simple enough, too:  “Could it be the old forecasts were correct in the general flow of how the world works out?:

All we can do is estimate a timeline, fill in the blanks, and then follow them one-by-one to see how well it all hangs together.

You can hang a marketing label on this group of orthodoxy, or that, and pass a collection plate around, and damn all kinds of people to extremely warm after-death climates, if you will.  But it all seems to come down to the disarmingly simple concept of “good” people and “bad.”

The “good” people follow their hearts as well as their minds, work on balance, and in a Buddhist sort of way “walk the right path.”  But the “bad” people are totally into the money/exploitation of others realm and they deny the heart and rejoice the bank balance.

Where you fall of this lays out in a spectrum.

If you believe that if you put all the prophets, over the ages, into a single room, and peace and harmony would prevail, then you may be a “good person.”  I can’t picture Jesus picking a fight with Mohammed, Buddha, or even Bahá’u’lláh.  They would work it out and I’ve always thought there would be Unity is such a gathering.

But if you believe in something other than this – war and death being present as the great prophets me – they a bit of inspection into beliefs might be warranted.  Is the belief based on programming, profit, or let me see…power? 

And then there’d be the group denying such things could ever happen; situational ethics only, and not seeing the larger picture, this is a growing segment of humanity.

But not indefinitely, for sure.  Because on humankind’s present trajectory, we have a better-than-even chance of “going to smoke” over the next 20-30 years. 

Flashes and mushrooms doesn’t seem like a happy ending for thousands of years of work, but it has likely happened before.  Ancient texts of the Vedics hit at past aerial warfare and the like.  Clothing and personal items found in seams of coal say it is not the first dance for humanity.  Crypto-archeology has some powerful arguments.

But the forces of “boxed-in thinking” are powerful, too.  Those who believe in past evolutions are lumped at practitioners of pseudoarchaeology  and taken to task regularly.  Yet the critics have their own Achilles Heel; peer-review which is another way of saying “forced, lock-step thinking.”  Again, it’s for you to discern.

All of which makes it so interesting to get up in the morning, look where we are in the longwave economic cycle of things – coming up on the bottom of a longwave low of cyclical interest rates, and try to make sense of the data.  All the while asking, “Is this the cycle that blows up?”

A stronger case is made every morning.  The more robots-replace-humans stories I see, the more the inevitable confrontation between broken economics (that can not work in an ultimately resource-depleted world), the more I’m convinced that the global economic system has reached a critical threshold, beyond which war become inevitable as an “only way out of the mess” solution.

War takes existing infrastructure and breaks things.  It destroys the excess humans.

So against this background, we sit back and tally up headlines, seeing which old templates (the world religions) agree, and which don’t.  And we study the non-religious prophets as well, which gets us around to the next set of notes.

Why Scotland’s Independence Matters

My friend G.A. Stewart is a/the world leader in the study of Nostradamus and has a marvelous site, The Age of Desolation where he’s written voluminously on how the future arrives as outlined by another of history’s prophets.

Of particular note this morning is how the British are winding up the “press machine” to assail the newly arising talk of Scotland becoming independent from  England. 

Stories about how it would be “cataclysmic” for NATO are also particularly noteworthy.  That’s because it’s one thing for the puppet press to invent terms like Arab Spring, but they never seem to get around to issuing retractions when the “spring” doesn’t work out as the Project for a New American Century crowd promised, and what we have now is even more firmly entrenched despots than before in places like Syria and Egypt.  Where, incidentally, I bet I could find at least 529 condemned people, who would argue my point that Arab Spring was a BS PR stunt.

Will the press invent (and diligently market) a Scottish Spring?  Not on your life!  As my friend Stu notes…

Why is Scotland’s independence important:
Nostradamus Quatrain X-66

The chief of London through the rule of America,
The Isle of Scotland governs through frost:
Rebel King shall face an Antichrist so false,
That places them in conflict together.

The Roman Catholic Church’s prophecy of “The Great Catholic Monarch” may have had its start in 496 CE. Saint Remigius, the Bishop of Reims, reportedly baptized Clovis I and 3000 Franks and was said to have had a vision of the last Holy Roman Emperor battling the Antichrist during The End Times.

Since Nostradamus associates the “Rebel King” with Scotland and the Celts, I believe he is alluding to the Cathars and the Merovingian Dynasty of French Kings. In Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln trace the French Merovech bloodline to the House of Stewart in Scotland.

The Glorious Revolution in November of 1688 led to the takeover of the English Empire by the House of Orange-Nassau. The last Catholic King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, James Stuart II, was forced to flee when his son-in-law, William III of the Netherlands, landed an invasion force of forty-thousand men at Torbay.

James II eventually fled to France in exile. The Stuart family connections to Scotland and France are very important. I believe these connections are related to Nostradamus’ prediction of the return of a French monarch he called Henri V or Henri Selin and Scotland’s eventual independence from Great Britain.

And so, we are looking for this Henry fellow to strut his stuff across the headlines.  I’ll try to remember to point him out when (if?) he shows up.


Normally about here, I would go into huge detail about our discussion of antigravity and latest haps from the world of woo-woo.

But, as luck would have it, this morning is “lube, oil, and filter” (LAF) day down at the doc’s office.  They draw blood, ensure that I still have a heart (my kids would debate the point), and generally check to see if there’s anything wrong with me.

This morning, there is:  The bottoms of my feet happen to be sore.  The likely reason is probably a) dancing on a ladder putting in (miserable #@$%^&) fiberglass insulation in the sun room and new sound room, or b) walking a mile a day on my treadmill trying to get my feet toughened up.

I’m hoping that I’ll get something useful in the pain-killer department.  More likely though, it will be a 2-minute pep talk that will infer by losing 20-30 pounds, not only would my feet hurt less, but I would also be adding to the old Beechcrate’s rate of climb and lower blood pressure…

But there’s another side to the discussion: I’ll argue that my continued eating well keeps several additional people employed in the grocery industry, a farmer, at least one rancher, and several wineries and distilleries going too, now that I count ‘em.  Why, with the current state of the American economy, it would be downright seditious to go on a diet now, for heaven’s sake!.

What about lobster fishermen?  Shouldn’t we all try to support them….even if it means living in a trailer?  Oh course!  Under these conditions, I’m willing to be a patriot, first and foremost.

Consequently, after a quick jot on the morning’s financial news, I’ll be off to roll ‘em up for the lab vampire, hear the pep-talk,  and then zip back here for a conference call at mid-morning.

Today’s market action should be interesting and tomorrow we’ll dutifully report how our Trading Model is doing for Peoplenomics subscribers. 

Drop by Thursday for the rest of the discussion on antigravity…

Write when you get rich, or find a good scam with zero percent chance of being caught…