Coping: With Email Idiocy, Life Under Compunism

Getting a fair bit of very good feedback on our latest projections as to how the world works that I laid out in Peoplenomics this weekend.  We’ll be doing more on the topic, too: 

Compunism – as I’ve called the phenomena – is what you get when you take a bunch of other “isms” and role them into  a new field of (inadvertent) human behavior.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine an “anything goes” world where every human event we engage in has suddenly been tainted by the stench of too much computer use, data, dependence, and that most terrible of all facets of Compunism:  Data shopping.

Now, open your eyes.  We’re there!

Everyone is data-shopping and as everyone tries to hedge everything, a huge data-driven feudalism descends upon us.  Un-noticed and almost indescribable to the brainwashed.

OK, to be sure, the government’s Total Information Awareness Program, some of which is no doubt being built into the mix at the Provo computer surveillance fortress / surveillance computing center, will be done right…

Notwithstanding, though, I for one would donate $5 bucks to put a big sign next to the freeway up there that simply reads “Samaritan.”  People who watch Person of Interest will get it.  Television lets more slip than it might…or, it’s feeding The Resistance.

The humans who don’t get it, are those effing idiots who buy and send unfiltered commercial email/spam to innocents like me.,,.

I was on the receiving end of yet another round of  “Get this super-comfort Bra…” this morning.  And, worse, I was instructed to “Buy this special Valentine’s Day package for Your Man.”

WTF?  Ain’t no ‘phobe, dude, but can we at least do a gender sort on such lists?  Half that list cost was useless.  No man I know would tell his wife what bra to buy… you kidding me?  Talk about low IQ marketers….

Is this where the gender confusion in the world is coming from?  Are too many people being subliminally (and not so subliminally) sold wrong-gender goods by computers that they have become like the legendary crack monkeys at all overdose on blow when there’s so much it? 

How are later apes supposed to act when the computer is ubiquitous and is even now showing up on people’s arms in place of their wristwatches?

There have been some good comments on Compunism from the Peoplenomics side of our thinking and a few references in this site’s discussion pages.

It’s not that computers are here….nothing new about that. 

But, as I explained on the Peoplenomics side (in greater detail), it wasn’t the car that changed the world…it’s the whole system of cars; gas stations, road signs, shopping malls, all a result of the production line and Ford.

What networked computers are doing goes so far beyond this as to be unthinkable – at least by the legacy ape series of wet processors.

The new silicon dry processor thinkers are just ahead and they mean to take our planet from us.

We’ve had a chance  to get high civilization right, but it’s like putting down a poor foundation.  Along come computers are we don’t gracefully deal with change.  We don’t learn from the mistakes of the Vedics, Aztecs, Egyptians. 

This is do-over number what?

Sure makes me want to get out of bed and go bust my balls for another week working…and I imagine you feel about the same…

Speaking of Data-Shopping

A tip of the hat to reader Mario who found this list of business starts, stops, and bankruptcies over at Statistical Brain which goes a long ways toward cutting through the government mumbo-jump (and bullshit) about how the economy is doing.

Of course, what doesn’t show up on there is the on and off book hiring related to government.  Still, the sad (but not MSM headline-making) fast seems to be that new business creation was 77% of 2006 levels in 2014.

Not exactly romping, stomping growth that we’ve all been hearing so much about, but then  again “None Dare Call It Deflation,” huh?

A Real-Life Story of How Compunism Works

Subscriber Michal, as you’ll figure out after reading this post, is in healthcare.  And, after I explained the concept of Compunism and how it works, he was generous enough to share his experiences:

I read this weekend article and I got a headache. But then I realized the headache came about from me being bent over while the system F*cked my head into the headboard.

It reminds me that before I made the mistake of going all in with silver, I was making money on the Compunism of financial information. I would notice that the stock market algo’s would sell a stock when it should have been buying, until the next day when someone corrected the algo, and bought the stock. Algos are responsible for 97% of stock transactions. The algos were responding to computer generated articles from press releases. Many times, the resulting headline would be opposite to what the article said. The algo’s were reading the headlines and not the stories. So, I started to look for articles headlines where there was a contradiction in headline versus story, and would buy or sell according to the story. Ended up making 40% in 2011 and 12. Shows that what the computer generates is more believable than the facts.

As for my current lifetime in alternative care, I see the compunism in health care. Under Obamacare, treatments are being based on outcome based medicine, which means that if you have a couple of multi-million dollar studies that support the use of a $50,000 treatment, compared to a treatment that cost $500, but doesn’t have the studies, we use the $50,000 treatment. A computerized printout is always better than a hand written note. I continuously lose products that have been around for 20 to 2,000 years because the manufacturer gets sued by the government or some AMA/pharmaceutical shill for enough millions to shut down the producer who can’t supply the multimillion dollar study on the product.

The result is that my brother-in-law, an MD, and myself,  have reduced our once thriving practices to one man operations serving those who don’t want to be seduced by the million dollar answer to a $50 question. I just reminds me of the zero gravity pens they tired to sell us in grade school that the astronauts used in space that cost us millions to perfect, whereas the Russian answer to the problem was using a pencil.

You are definitely onto something. I also especially like your rental based economy explanation. It helps me understand why I don’t fit in to what is happening. I still want to hold the stuff in my hands. I hate having to rent my phone. The nice thing about your son’s rental lifestyle as that when it is all taken away,  he won’t have to have a yard sale. What are they going to do when us thinking old guys are gone from the earth?

Well, the answer to that last question is simple:  Feed the young thinking men (and women) GMO products which will keep them locked into the healthcare system, where they will be diagnosed for this disorder, and that.

Then put them on meds – which by then will be added to some list of  “If you take these, no hunting license of guns…” and the system will get along fine without us.

Of course, they can all be locked on on some kind of phony pretense in a heartbeat if necessary, or their student loans will be not eligible for “relief programs” when time comes.

And so it goes, Compunism will do away with ever paying back debts to society, and everyone will be forced to rent a lifestyle from the Masters of the Compuverse.  And I don’t just mean the cretins of high frequency trading.  I mean the folks at the middle of it – the ones we send to Washington to watch over the American Way who seem to be demonstrating more clearly by the day that Give Us Liberty really means Give Us Control and Surveillance.

If you vote for an incumbent, you’re worse than a traitor – you’re a compunist supporter.

Never forget, you’re only 10-lines of code from oblivion under the Compunist regime.  It’s only a single binary, for example to be on, or off, the No-Fly list. And there are no “show cause” hearings if you have money in a bank account and government adjudges you wronged ‘em.

You see, the legal process that supports compunism is called “administrative law” and trial by 12- while it still may be technically on the books – has been priced out of the category called “justice” which is, in part why 2.2-=million people in America wake up every morning in jail.

There, but for the grace of compunism, go us.

Which answers an age-old question”: What is my purpose in life?

To be the machine, of course!

The Expat View of Life

I don’t know if you’ll be able to open it, but Expat Bruce has a 53-slide PowerPoint in Drop Box that you may be interested in.

But only if you’re looking for a place to run away to where there are warm people, less regulation, better climate, lower taxes, no building codes to speak of and all that.

It’s an alternative to East Texas and a few places in the South.  Some of which are still sullied by the War Between the States.

The only problem I have with these lands of perpetual spring is that if you map the great inventions, they are tend to have been invented in the temperate zones where there is a summer, fall, and winter, in addition to spring.

Adversity breeds excellence!  (What’s more adverse than Monday wrecking the weekend?)

Ah, well.. off to another frolic on the treadmill… write when you break-even.


13 thoughts on “Coping: With Email Idiocy, Life Under Compunism”

    • That he does! Would really like to visit. The place does looks like a paradise but the neighborhood gives me some concerns. Costa Rica was a retirement consideration for us at one time but that pesky little Security tab on the threat matrix keeps saying not just no but Hell NO. The neighbors are just not too civilized around there.

  1. You didn’t mention the ongoing non-story about Brian Williams. I heard on NPR last night, Brian was stepping down (temporarily) and I thought to myself, yep, time for a black man to slide into the top anchor spot.

    You see, I’ve been following the downward spiral of white men since the sketchy Ferguson incident(started hours before the shooting on that day.) I’ve watch Brian and Ron Mott tell lies and manipulate that entire situation but not a peep from anyone. The villain is always the white guy, like Putin, Office Wilson, etc.

    I’ve watched and re-watched stories about black men involving white men and the story is always sympathetic to the black side. Except with Bill Cosby who is definitely more white than black.

    Just watch – NBC is going to go all out to get Lester into that seat. We’ll be seeing everyone in media praise Lester for a job well done. Let the manipulation begin.

    • This is not a joke: For years I’ve had the creepy feeling that Obama is either an engineered clone, a “biobot” or perhaps even an alien hybrid and someone somewhere is laffing their ass off. Just sayin’…

    • Sarah B– VERY Curious treatment of Bill Cosby these days, especially when you consider what is the standard of sexual behaviour in the entertainment industry these days;
      No one is talking very much about Bill Clinton these days, or the antics of Arnold Schwartzenegger. Please correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Martin King a frequent flier on the adultery circuit? Are we discussing the allegations against Michael Jackson? No to all of the above.

      The question we need to ask about the Cosby trial-by-media is, “Why Now?” Could it be an attempt to silence one of the few voices in the Black Community (or really, in any community) advocating for personal responsibility?

  2. While places like Vilcabamba look and seem inviting, all it takes is a change of political power and you are a foreigner in a foreign land without a pot to pee in. I’d rather have my property stolen by the govt I grew up with.

  3. George, I enjoy most of your ravings so thank you. I want to bring to your attention the new book from (surprisingly) young Russell Brand: “Revolution”. It is dense with ideas and manages to be the best condemnation of the current form of Capitalism I’ve seen, as well as being often hilarious.

  4. Enjoyed the Vilcabamba photos – the garden plants are exactly what I have at my home. The difference being that at my house, there are first world health facilities and stable political processes.

    Admittedly, it is nowhere near as cheap as that. On the other hand, if you’re willing to endure Texas like conditions, you can lessen the cost considerably by living in far flung areas.

    Consider outback Queensland, Australia. If you want more info about visiting Australia, pop your email in the comments and I will get back to you.

  5. Dont feel bad about the gender-wrong ads. Before internet, I somehow got on a mailing list of a company that supplied cross-dresser products (probably due to my first name). I wrote multiple letters, made phone calls, and nothing worked. If memory serves, I sent them a copy of my chromosome profile as an attention-getting device, with the XX chromosomes circled. Finally the mailings stopped. But on a side note: the catalogs contained items I’d never even considered to exist.

  6. remember the old bummer batter (needed more time to rise with less salt)of the cliff hanger; ‘secrets revealed meme’, like a ‘swiss’ watch theme, coming true and also around that 9th of the month when you thought something big would be happening…

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