Coping: With Bathroom Feng Shui

Off on a different track this morning. In fact one of the oddest things I have run across since I ran into the “earthing” results. You might remember our discussion about sleeping on a special “grounded half-sheet.”

This morning, we get into another one of those little “subtle energy” discussions which has been a remarkable experience for us.

A little background first.

I have been looking at the art of feng shui a lot lately. The reason for my research? Purely financial.

Yeah, base motivation, I’ll grant you. But in many parts of the world Feng Shui, or a local equivalent, is used for the design and placement of things. Architecture, design, even one of the Trump properties supposedly was designed to have good chi (also qi in Chinese).

Huge deal in Hong Kong to have the right fish in the aquarium in the wealth area of a business…and so forth.

I’m doing all this research for two reasons: One is to improve my office here at the ranch so it is more conducive to making oodles of money trading the market. So far, so good. And, with that evolving, it will be an interesting future report on the site.

Which brings us to this morning.

In one of the dozens of books I’m reading, there is a discussion about the chi of the bathroom.

Think of chi as the dual energies of Life: Yin and Yang. Male element and female elements that need to be in balance for Life to work “right.”

So one of the books says it is very important to observe Chi in the bedroom, and in particular, to pay attention to? The Bathroom.

The research went on to explain how chi can be positive or negative. Again, balance.

In the bathroom, the leftovers from bodily functions are considered negative chi and they have to be confined to the bathroom.

Well, I’ll be dipped and rolled in it. How about that?

I don’t know about how things are in you house, but in ours, the bathroom door was open, directly into the Master Bath. Convenient at night and we can navigate to the throne with the various small LED lights found in any modern bath: The charging light for the electric tooth brushes. The LEDs on the shaver and beard trimmer, and on and on.

When waking in the middle of the night, the faint outline of the open Master Bath door was clearly visible – even with less than perfect sight.

But no more!

As an experiment, since the chi experts say it is best to keep bad chi confined to the bathroom, we have for the past week been closing the door to the bathroom, except for the brief times we are actually passing from one room to the other.

The rest of the time?

Door remains closed.

I did my own little hack on this and decided to leave one of the small bathroom windows (there are three of them that I put in) open about an inch. My thinking was that by doing so, the “bad chi” would be able to circulate back to the outside.

If you don’t have a window, there is advice about putting a mirror on the back of the bathroom door. Again, bounce the bad chi away from the sleeping area.

Now I know this all may sound like so much hooey, but the facts for us speak to the efficacy of this approach.

For one thing, we used to sleep and toss around a fair bit at night. But now, I am sleeping through 9-12 hours (some of this no doubt due to surgery recovery) but the thing is Elaine is sleeping through, as well.

Such things as keeping the bathroom door shut for at least six hours before sleep, didn’t need to be considered. But the more you get into the study of subtle energy, the more you appreciate that there is something to all this feng shui stuff.

One of the books I’m reading is a longish academic text on the roots of feng shui and how it is like what we were talking about a week or two back: The physical side of religions. There are feng shui reasons for a lot of things that happen in religions, including the incense, small bells, and the spinning of prayer wheels, and what have you.

The results are not instantaneous, either. The first night, the result was small. The second night, it was greater. And now, we actually notice (or at least think we do) by keeping the bathroom door shut.

One more thing: Keeping the lids closed on the toilet is also strongly suggested.

No, it’s not because of the gender side of things, but rather to keep strong residual negative chi confined.

A little time in the bathroom and bedroom cleared up why the effect was so pronounced here: There is a sight-line from the toilet to the foot of the bed! Shutting the door became more urgent because of the sight-line. On the other hand, if you have a Master Bath which has a separate stall or mini-room for the throne, it may not make as much of a different.

Still, the best advice seems to be to install a convex mirror on the back of the bathroom door so the negative chi will be reflected away from the entrance to the Master Bath.

Yeah, like I said, this is a little weird to write about. But understanding feng shui does seem to offer from benefits. Dreams are a bit more intense, there is more calming in sleep (I’m sleeping almost motionless…much less tossing and turning) and Elaine’s not waking, either.

Your Mileage May Vary, of course. But if you want to see if you can get a better night’s sleep, start shutting the bathroom door, crack a window, and mirror on the back of the bathroom door to reflect bad chi to other parts…like back outside.

This is hardly subjective, by the way. We both experience this marvelously calming sleep in the guest bedroom, but again, this seems to be because of how I laid out that room (*quite accidentally).

That room has a “T” shape to it. The toilet is at one end of the “T” and the wash basin sink is at the other. The entrance to the room is through the vertical part of the “T” if that makes any sense.

We both had noticed that sleeping in that room was much better, and now, this odd study of feng shui I’m on may have illuminated a key (chi) difference:

Seems that chi (qi) doesn’t like to go around corners.  It is also slow and cumulative.

Have fun with it – but if you do some closed bathroom door to the Master Bedroom testing, do let us know of your results. We like to remain flush with good data and first-hand reports!

Write when you get rich,

19 thoughts on “Coping: With Bathroom Feng Shui”

  1. Does your “research” say anything about a louvered door on the bathroom? The negative Chi could float through the slats.

      • One thing you’re not considering. Urea and other stuff actually makes for reasonable fertilizer (not in veg gardens but otherwise…). There is value and life with what we flush. I don’t consider it bad – at least not Qi/Chi bad.

  2. I have kept the lid to the toilet closed ever since I read a story about how when you flush an atomized plume of mist floats up to 6 feet away and after about six months you have an invisible do-do encrustation on your toothbrush. Yuck!

    • Close the lid before you flush. Always keep all toilet lids closed unless you are using. Toilets are such a huge source of degraded energy in the home. I know a lot of Fung Shui tricks after several decades of work with Fung Shui, but the number one thing is to keep toilet lids down…and not just the one closest to the bedroom, but all of them.

  3. qì is pinyin(mainland romanization) for chi – both are pronounced and mean the same. One variant of qì is translated as “gas” – ?. It also means spirit, vital energy, smell and odor. This may have some relevance to the bathroom problem….

    I wonder if it would help to mount a mirror on the seat flap to reflect the qì back down the toilet. I’m surprised that Elaine even allowed the door to remain open, though closed doors can play havoc with hot air heat.

  4. Having practiced Feng Shui for many years, have seen first hand the pluses and minuses of utilizing this practice. However, one must use caution when employing this practice – the popular Americanized version can, inadvertently, cause negative results if done incorrectly….trust me on this one – in fact, when I first started, I used just the information from ‘general’ Feng Shui – and that year was a total financial disaster for us. Further professional instruction and information was required to undo what I had done.

    To fully engage in this art, many considerations must be factored in, including date of birth of each individual residing in the residence and the current year among other factors.

  5. Regarding LED’s at night: It’s best to have only red LED’s in the bedroom/bathroom during sleep time. Blue LED’s are terrible as far as damaging both night vision and melatonin secretion. Orange and green LED’s are in between, but blue and white absolutely need to be banned from sleeping/night areas. That includes clocks and night lights. The red LED illumination is enough to navigate to and from the bathroom and will provide the best sleep, IMHO.

  6. Also I have heard feng shui recommends: keep the sink and bathtub drains closed (except when using!) to prevent positive or “$$ abundance” energies from “leaking out”. In the bedroom, to encourage restful sleep, the recommendation is “no mirrors” and no electronic devices. Mirrors should either be removed entirely — or covered with fabric (scarf or towel) before retiring for the night. Electronic devices (and their LED-type indicator lights) should either be kept out of the room, or in a cabinet, or covered.

  7. LOL, George…it never fails to amaze me at the prolific agenda floating around in that brain of yours !! But as we are all multi-dimensional beings crammed in to a modified ape structure, then a believe your assessment of subtle energies having influence in our realm has validity. Although, try getting anyone to measure it successfully is problematic .

  8. In earthquake country, keeping the toilet seat down is just common sense. I have no desire to have everything on the toilet tank fall into the toilet bowl in the event of a shaker. I have a mirror at face level next to the bathroom door because it’s convenient, and the door is usually shut at night because the window is situated directly east and the sun hits me in the eyes this time of year before I’m quite ready to be conscious. Sorry, but no noticeable effect on sleeping patterns.

    However, I’ve recently added a negative ion generator to the bedroom to assist the air cleaner at night. Too early to tell if it’s having the desired effect, but I may get another for the bathroom as it’s supposed to provide a sanitizing effect.

  9. I think putting bathrooms immediately adjacent to bedrooms is a fairly recent practice in the United States. My wife and I visited mainland China for a few hours in 1987 as guests of Fuji Photo Film and stopped to visit a small village which also served as a “potty” break. Tourists and villagers alike used the large outdoor communal trench. Even Michael Jackson and his rather large entourage that was taking the same tourist route that day.

    We ran into Michael and his support group again later in the day at a more recently built and western themed resort that featured modern indoor facilities that were not to squat for.

    Having said all this, when it comes to matters like Feng Sui and Astrology, I prefer to write my own books on the subject because what’s good for the goose may not work for the gander, or is that the other way around? When you live in the high desert next to an 11,000 foot mountain, the view out the bathroom window seems more important to me than a mirror on the toilet seat.

    Did I mention the all Mozart all the time classical music broadcast outlet we operate in the living room which looks into the bathroom which looks through the open window somewhere to the south?

    Compared to politics and economics, we live a simple and logical life with Chi to spare.

  10. Here is a rather Long YouTube video about the power that is ingress of us all it’s almost like Finch way comma what amazes me most and the big temperature difference between just on the other side of a stone it , it could be cold on one side of the stone and too hot to touch your bowling on the other side of the Stone it’s really remarkable that we have this type of power on Earth left by other entities from the past ,Advanced Ancient Civilization in South Africa, Hi…:

  11. The Throne of Blood could also mean that there is some negative Ki in the bathroom !!!

  12. Imagining that the lid is down and door closed is as good as actually doing it. Mind is a wonderful thing as is feng shui

  13. “…like I said, this is a little weird to write about.”

    Not weird at all. Just a new adventure. Enjoy the trip!

    By the way, it really does “work”.

  14. I guess you all have not heard of urine therapy or fecal transplants aiding health… People had urine in their bedrooms via the chamber pots and were healthier then than the average today.

    I suspect the real culprit at night is artificial lights, EMFs via electronic devices (cell/cordless phones, TV, computer, etc). If sleeping arrangements are not free of light and such things, melatonin is affected, ultimately immune deficiencies the result. Nor are people grounded, wired all day long and night, no wonder sleep is not sound.

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