Coping: With Aftershocks & Joe Brandt’s Dream

To pretty much no one’s surprise, there was a major aftershock in Chile overnight, a 7.6.  And yes, this is large enough to cause more damage and perhaps kill people.  While the reality of the April Fools quake sets in, and the prospect that things are about to “get moving again” along the eastern perimeter of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire, it’s the other stuff…the memories, the slight hints at Woo-Woo, and what the animals are telling us that may help guide our thinking about the future.

imageThis morning’s quake aftershock  details are pretty straightforward 7.6 is the headline number:

What escapes most people is the potential for a series of mega quakes to (as my friend warhammer puts it) “unzip world..”  It’s what happens when you apply modern military (if—>then) planning to earthquake ramifications…


I’m sure you’ve seen this . . . very peculiar goings on in Yellowstone.  The animal behavior alarms me far more than the associated quake activity.

Add the Chile quake and today’s aftershock along with LA basin activity and Mamma Earth is definitely movin’ and a shakin.’

As I tend to look at worst case scenarios when planning courses of action (COAs – pronounced ‘Koh-ahs’) – and thinking about the U.S. either suffering a large magnitude quake or a Yellowstone eruption, the financial and social chaos would surely be momentous, especially with a Yellowstone eruption. 

A natural disaster wrought by a large quake or massive volcano would be the perfect time for a geopolitical nemesis to detonate a high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) over the East Coast of N. America.  The double whammy would almost certainly be crippling and could well prove fatal to the viability of America as a nation. 

Do I think this will happen?  Shoot – that’s for the folks at Farsight Institute and your own Nostracodeus site to divine, not little old me.  But ‘IF’ (note the BIG if) some extra-natural event does happen, we should be on the look for adversaries eager to exploit the situation in any and every way possible for their own benefit.  Let’s look at the list:

– Russia:  unfettered influence in Eurasia, the Med, Cuba and S. America

– China: fronts the global economy, instantly becoming the global economic and military superpower

– Iran:  its radical brand of Islam is unleashed in the Middle East and particularly against Israel and Saudi Arabia as it prepares for the prophesied imminent arrival of the Hidden Imam, or Mahdi

– Syria: no holds barred vengeance against rebel forces and the prophesied epicenter for the coming internal Islamic war before the Mahdi’s arrival.

– India/Pakistan:  the most likely area for a hair-trigger nuke exchange in the world, including between Iran and Israel

– Africa: the Dark Continent would experience previously unseen religious/tribal/ethnic violence and bloodshed

Yep, pretty damn depressing what could happen if the U.S. is fatally or significantly crippled.  The world could essentially unzip.  So let’s hope (and pray) the Yellowstone animal exodus is over exaggerated and nothing of note will come from the reports.


The specifics of how the world could “unzip” are entirely speculative.  The reason?  We have no way of forecasting the global magnitude of impacts.  Yet through myth and legend, we can put a few darts up on the board.

For one, there’s the legend of Atlantis.  And there are the reports of southern Africa as having “stayed afloat” for over 200,000 years.  Yet in myth, we also read about how Aztec/Mayan legendary forefathers climbed out of the sea at the southern end of South America.  Which leads to a whole other speculative dimension about what could be under the Antarctic ice cap.

Incidents of the past three days contains hints of Woo-Woo – suggestions that something down at our archetype level knows certain things in advance, or is at least “shown connections.”

I had a very interesting experience night before last.  My wife had been wanting me to make another “mummy meat loaf”, a meat loaf wrapped in bacon.  We bought some ground buffalo and I mixed a pound of that with a pound of ground round steak, standard meat loaf type ingredients, wrapped the whole thing in bacon and put it in the oven for supper.  Well, of course I ate too much of it, and after I had eaten I started feeling drowsy and actually sweating, like I had gotten a huge serotonin overdose(maybe from the buffalo?).  It lasted for about an hour.  Then when I went to bed I had some really strange dreams about the Tibetan monks that I met while I was living back in Cheyenne. 

Yep, the monks have built a whole Tibetan Stupa in the Rockies up by Red Feather Lakes:

I’ve been there on a couple of meditation retreats sponsored by the Denver Zen Center several years ago, and they(the monks) have visited me in my dreams several times. The dreams are very clear and distinct from any other dreams that I normally have.  They seem to be teaching me and reminding me of what they perceive as my purpose in life.  It’s kind of comforting but it makes me wonder what areas of my brain that are being accessed in the dreams. 

Well, I get up to news of the 8.2 earthquake in Chile, and this little item on the Drudge report link about the buffalo and elk fleeing Yellowstone

Major sync-wink? Life’s quite a journey, eh?

As if the concept of Buffalo is odd, I have had the word “Havana” pop up in my life in several odd ways, so we’ll keep an eye on Havana (Cuba, not the OpenStack called by Aptitude in Ubuntu Server 13.1, but that was one Havana reference) for the next week, or so.

With these kinds of events popping off, I’ve been digging into one of the more interesting “prophetic dreams” that has been floating around the net for for years; the tale of Joe Brant’s dream.

Ultra-short version:  17 year old boy falls off his horse in Fresno in 1937, gets a serious concussion, and has a many-days-running dream in which he foresees

This is a fine example of how a good story propagates around the net and a Google search returns all kinds of versions of it.

Half an hour into my research (and tracking back source) it seems to have come from one of the books written in the period 1965 to 1970 by two women (Mei Ling and Jessica Madigan).

Since it seems Mei Ling is the author of the Brandt story, and that sites on the net simply “borrowed” the tale from as of yet undefined source.  And from there, it kicks around as a print article that picks up speed in net lore, and then, circa 2011, shows up on YouTube as this video, which – if my estimation is correct –  it caused enough “chatter” to perhaps give rise to predictions of global inundation by new and still-evolving web-based predictive methods.

I’m not the first one to become skeptical.  Others have started down this path.  But we’ll kick at it a bit…and wonder (openly) whether Brandt’s purported experience is real or entirely fictional.  Especially since among the Mei Ling/Jessica Madigan books we find titles such as “Journey into the Fourth Dimension “ and “Dreams Psychic gateway to Your Superconscious .”

So was the Brandt story fact-based,  a mixture of fact and fiction, or just a 1960’s put-on that has now been memorialized for all time on the web?

A couple of ways to consider it,. not the least of which is methodical fact-checking:  Do young women wear “short skirts” anymore on warm spring days in Hollywood?  And is the old clock near the theater still a prominent feature?

Catastrophism is a disease and in a world where things seem out of control, it’s almost like a new kind of Faith….a faith that holds out hope that past wrongdoing will be righteously resolved by powerful outside influences.  Especially when the timing following a big quake sequence down along the southern part of the ring of fire might fit with the Brandt dream timeframe:

Those crazy kids. Why are they dressed like that? Maybe it is some big Halloween doings, but it don’t seem like Halloween. More like early spring.

Halloween doings?  How about an Easter Egg Hunt in costume?  The LBGT West Hollywood egg hunt is on the 20th…there are likely others. In fact a scavenger hunt today…but it will be a bit chilly for today to work out…only 61 around 4 PM…  Next weekend, low 80’s, and that would be closer to “the zone…”

I’ll let you know what our further research turns up.  Seems like there is no end of research for the curious mind…

OK, off to prepping for a conference call… more tomorrow.

Write when you break-even,