Coping: With a Worthwhile All-Nighter

I think George Noory had one of his best shows – ever – on Coast to Coast last night ( ) and not because I was one of the guests.  It was the other two that made the show “pop:”  Gerald Celente and Catherine Austin Fitts.

We pretty much “covered the waterfront” with everything from how to store gold to who to expect the establishment to “put up” as “choices” in 2016.

After the show (and while recharging with a bowl of leftover spaghetti) it occurred to me that I have a couple of more lines of inquiry to pursue for subscribers.

One of these is the idea that as  political jobs have become more and more complex, maybe it’s time we start thinking about electing teams of citizen lawmakers at various levels.

Take a school board for example.  Oh, sure, everyone has some ideas about curriculum, but how many people have actually worked in a DACUM model?  And with the evolving complexity of the educational grimoire, why aren’t we installing school boards by subject matter, outcome emphasis, or content delivery specialties rather than (nonsensical/legacy) “Position 1” or whatever?

It would sure make sense to me to have a local headhunter working on what the right mix of content is, a local attorney on legal compliance issues, a couple of engineers on computer science and math, a writer on English, and maybe an environmental engineer on the holistic side of things.

Where did this odd (out of the blue) idea come from?  I’d love to see a level of government where small ad hoc groups – almost like a Delphi group (or a variant of normative group theory) – put together to hold an office.  That way, we’d have citizen teams and team efforts instead of single-purpose political units.

And then there’s the discussion for follow up with Catherine:  Tell us more about the “control files” and who “they” are that have these “control files” and how is that (abusive power) wielded?

She has shared a lot of it on her website over here, but I sense there’s more to it…and shouldn’t there be a ban on who gets to hold “control files?”

Yes, I think we agree America can be saved, but it’s not going to be easy, or overnight, since everything is out for bid in Washington.  And that gets me around to “rebuild or replace?” thinking, but we won’t go there because I don’t want to start that discussion when tired.

Still, a fine orchestration by George Noory and a very worthwhile all-nighter, indeed.

Attack on Cash: Crash the Economy, Bury the Evidence?

In Wednesday’s Peoplenomics report this week I got into the “attack on cash” and while you won’t get the full meal deal here, the gist is that government is doing its best to make cash unpopular because, well, that’s how the corps make dough.

Subscriber Jeff’ beginning to wonder if a planned crash of the electronic currency have some possible – future – forensic motive to be uncovered:

Hi George,
Greetings from a former (always forever) Texan.
I’m thinking it’s time to get out of Dodge and head for safer ground.  I’m in the tech field (SQL DBA) and am wondering about data retention after the big crash.  I’m sure you have ideas about this and was wondering if you could point me in a direction that might work.  My idea is a basic system possibly with WIN 2000, XP, or Linux with external/internal drives full of info stuffed in a trash can (metal of course) in the basement.  Shelves of printed books don’t work as good these days. 
I’ll have to admit I haven’t checked out your new book so if this is covered there then I’ll get a copy tomorrow.  If you have any other thoughts on this I would really like to know.

No…other than a virus, backdoor router attack, bringing down SCADA systems or EMP would all certainly set up “plausible deniability” wouldn’t it?

And what if all real estate rolls into electronic formats.  Wouldn’t government then – in the aftermath of an electronic Armageddon  – be able to just “assign” people to property?

Attack on Cash 2

And just to show you how cash (and checks) are under attack, check out this report from a reader/Dentist up in Illinois!

Greetings George:

Wanted to make you aware if a very recent development in the dental insurance reimbursement game. For over thirty years as a practicing general dentist, I have received insurance checks from dental insurance carriers for services rendered. Just last this week, for the first time, instead of a check there is a facsimile of a MasterCard printed on the bottom of the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) with instructions on how to process the payment.

Of course, this provides the card issuer with 3-4 percent of every insurance reimbursement. I called to protest and was allowed to opt out in lieu of checks, but how many dental offices nationwide will just go along? The woman on the phone explained that it would be more “convenient”. I asked her when the last time an insurance carrier cared one bit about inconveniencing me; she kind of giggled. Could this be just another source of free revenue in the continuing big bank bail out? Does this change allow for the cutting down of institutional claim processing costs (read employees) by insurance carriers? Are similar plans in the works for medical insurance reimbursement….now there is a gold mine.

And the virtual money goes round and round. Corporatocracy indeed.

One thing is for sure, this is a private tax on dental office insurance income, unilaterally imposed without discussion or notice.


Crazy, huh?  But it wasn’t until 2012 that you could get $50-bucks worth of groceries without so much as signing for it.  Flat-ass amazing!


Will the Real God Please Stand Up?

Philosophical Ponder, here:  What is the definition of God?

If  “Create Life from scratch/ scrap materials” figures into it, then God II walks among us.

Or, the real One/Creator/Unifying Principle/Universe is just rolling over laughing itself silly right now and muttering “Remember:  In the End Times all things will be known?? You IDIOTS!!!”

Yep.  Guilty as charged.

A short column this morning while I go use my head as a text fixture for my pillow cycle test facility.

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