In response to the first part (*Intro) to our book for Millennials, reader Perry offered this which is spot-on:

“I spent 44 years working in a steel mill as a

machinist. They need SKILLED WORKERS.

The company will not train you.

You must go to a trade school.

You must pass a hands on test.

You must pass a drug test.

This is a good paying job.

They do NOT want unskilled labor!”

And he precisely right.

I don’t think Millennials know how screwed-over they have been by the Powers-that-Be and the dastardly law firms that have facilitated the de-industrialization of America.

I expect when Perry was a young man, his school offered plenty of “hands on” training for real trades in the Industrial Arts programs.

One of the major disasters of American Education is we let lawyers – more than the free market – determine what would be taught.

Take my personal experience, please:

My first industrial arts class was Woodshop 1. My project was a maple folding footstool that my Mom had into her early 80s.

The project wasn’t “hard” – but we got to use a lot of equipment. The maple was narrow pieces of 1-by-4. To make the required pieces we had to learn to do a glue-up. This involved using a jointer.

After that came several passes through a planer to drop the thickness down to ¾ of an inch.

Following this, scrapers (there’s a lost art for you!) were used to remove the planer marks.

Things were “roughed out” of the cleaned up wood on a 3-phase powered 12 cabinet saw. Think any school board in America would let 12-year olds mess with saws that can kick a piece of wood out with near lethal force? Not bloody likely, right?

But it’s another example of how the education of Millennials is terribly insufficient.

In marketing terms, it makes total sense. Rather than have the public teach people marketable skills, as they did in Metal Shop (*another sequence I scored straight A’s in) and Gas Engines Shop (ditto), you my Millennial friend have been bred by a corrupt system of Monetizers to be totally dependent on corpraculture to exist.

Sure, it works while software is young and isn’t self-coding, but give it time. A.I. (and robots) are in the wings.

The Monetizers have seen to it that what used to be free is now a $20,000 per year tech school with the same shitty student loan programs which gun-point parents into signing those God-awful Federal Student Loan papers. I refused to sign on any of them for my kids – told them to fund their own schooling since it would mean more.

And when they whined, I explained that Lincoln outlawed Slavery and it’s a point of Freedom largely lost on Federal Aid pushers, and come to think of it, the family lawstitutes who put Slavery into child support agreements that reach past 18 – the age of majority.

You see, my Millennial reader, the world is foxtrot uniformed because we Old People didn’t pay attention. We watched too much television, spent too little time reading, and not enough time thinking.

YOUR big trip wire is the Monetizers never sleep and if three networks could dumb down the Greatest Generation Ever, why just imagine what 300 channels and 1.4 billion videos ought to deliver.

In the meantime, hats to Perry for groking it solid.

He can do that because he is not one of the entitlement-crazed Millennials. He’s a doer…and there’s your challenge.

Millennial Video: Joe Friday

Think of it this way:

Re-Engineering the Cat

The past few years I’ve been noticing that people try to train dogs, but they don’t give much effort to cats.

So for the last few weeks, I am back into Zeus the Cat’s training program and it’s pretty damn interesting to say the least.

For one, when I leave the house in the morning for the long (40-foot) commute to the office, Zeus is now coming when I say “Here boy…come here puppy….good dog…”

Surprisingly, I get 60% better performance by referring to him as a DOG rather than a CAT.  Weird?  Uh=huh…

I don’t know why this should be so, but he comes when I whistle for him nowadays, too.

Apparently, that part of the Galaxy that we passed through a while back – that screwed with gender identification – was not a humans-only effect. It seems to demonstrably have screwed up the species orientation of at least one Cat.

If you have a cat, try calling it like a dog for a week or two and let me know what happens….

Meantime, Zeus now goes to his bed when I point at it…and when he wants something to drink in the House, we have sorted out his “shopping list.”

After some dry kibbles he will first go over and look at the fridge for about 3-minutes. He starts by glancing at us carefully.  As soon as he sees we’re looking in his direction, he will stare a hole through the fridge door. He wants milk to drink.

When that fails, he will head for the bathroom. Zeus has discovered that the toilets are flushed and there’s passable water in there.

But even better is the shower if the sliding doors are left open.  Ever hear of a cat meowing for the shower to be turned on slightly?

Even more than slightly and he doesn’t seem to mind getting wet.

Having been an outdoor cat, he doesn’t seem to mind water. Outdoor cats get soaked on a pretty regular basis. Maybe he’s enjoying getting soaked on his own terms – not Mother Nature’s – for a change.

Only downside to treating him more like a dog? He shakes like one, too.

A Serious Hydration Reminder: PRELOAD!

This is not medical advice. And the fact that my son George-II is an EMT and may have heard stories about EMTs running drip lines on serious “morning-afters” is purely coincidental.

Thought #1

G-II did some serious snowshoeing over Christmas, as I mentioned before. One of the keys to snow-camping by yourself in the wilds of the Cascade Mountains is getting seriously hydrated and staying that way. (Pix on his FB page here.) Video is of a snow shed on the old rail line.

There are several hydration tools we have used, but go with one that has the electrolytes your body needs. I like Pedialyte but there are others.

Thought #2

You need to read the web page over at about how important hydration is, says G-II. He quoted me this part:

The importance of hydration was shown by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) who developed a highly successful heat doctrine for desert operations, demonstrated during the 1967 war with Egypt. The Israeli forces experienced minimal losses from heat injury and illness, while the Egyptians suffered 20,000 casualties from heatstroke alone, representing approximately 50% of the total Egyptian war casualties.”

d’ Grok

While neither of us encourages people drinking – especially to excess – remember that preloading with lots of water – and keeping those levels up will do amazing things to speed your recovery time in the event you get a little carried away.

Since you know what weekend this is, figured the least we could do was point you in the least painful direction to start 2017 off right…

Peoplenomics Tomorrow?

I was going to take the day off, but…

Something of a change of pace – in keeping with the Holiday spirit of things:  I go through some suggestions on how to set up your home sound system for maximum enjoyment. 

Having designed studios both in the Pacific Northwest and in L.A. I have a pretty good idea of how to get some of that kick-ass sound most people only dream about…a nice counterpoint to our update of the charts…

Write when you get rich…