Coping: With a Climate Change Dream in the WoWW

Oh, oh…going to DreamOver land now.  Special corner of the World of Woo-Woo.

If you’re a new reader, DreamOver is a novel I have written and which I will be touching up this week to get it off to my lifelong buddy who is a seriously excellent proof reader.  And then it will get published perhaps on Amazon (though I am still waiting to head from a couple of publishing agents…).  Not exactly a line at the door yet, haha.

So what does the book have to do with the dream I had this morning and how does that relate to climate change?

Therein lies an interesting tale.

The book is about the problems the arise for a branch of the U.S. military when an officer doing secret personal surveillance work has his “consciousness entered” by a retired investor.  The investor, in turn, goes to a psychiatrist and learns that there has been a tremendous skills swap going on in addition to the basic dream content.  And the “skills swap in dreams” turns out to be a two-way street…

More on the book, later.  The main concept of the book is a phenomena called “Dreaming Over.”    Entering the lives of others in a dream state.  Not to control, but just to learn something of their future.

The book is partly based on my own paranormal experiences;  mainly precognitive communications/experience. 

Some of the dreams are very near time-wise, such at the dream about the oil rig platform in the Gulf of Mexico (18 hours lead time) , while others are more personal like knowing my youngest daughter had a medical operation even though I was hundreds of miles distant and not around telephones.  In that dream, she was wrapped in a green flag with a black spot on it.  Later turned out to be the surgical sheet.

Or that Arizona precog dream about a  road closure and detour while on a driving trip – 2-3 hours in advance.  See the column “Serious, Personal, WoWW March 13, 2014.”

So fast forward to the jump this morning.

I am viewing through male eyes and  the dream takes place in a big city.  A conference on climate was just winding up.  It was it a campus/university/big hotel kind of place.  The Dream View Port (VDP) was a conference participant in the government/academic space. 

The viewer in the dream went to a morning session was about to check out of the hotel and was being chastised for the lack of real progress at the conference.  The conference wrapped on a Friday.

There was also the image of people speaking in different languages.  Not only that, but there had also been a LOT of partying going on at the conference.  Apparently the people at the conference were all operating in two modes:  In one mode, they were all putting on airs as though they were dedicated worker types.  But there was this party mode thing as most of the people at the conference were in the 20-35 age group.

There was a poker game or some kind of gambling that some conference people went to the previous night.  Others partied, and a few stayed in working on conference related work.

Flip to the Friday morning session:  One male figure was short (5’8” or under), had a dark beard and mustache, hair combed back, and he had a very serious – almost fiery look – to his eyes. 

He was mad – or even furious – since he believed he had the most salient points – a paper or some presentation he wanted to do at the conference.  But he wasn’t given time to present and discuss his work. Not too angry, I guess…just overflowing with “fire in the belly zeal” for his work.   He was sitting at the last conference session of the morning on the last day of the conference.

The viewer I  was viewing all this through was a male and I remember wearing a dark raincoat because the weather was expected to turn marginal.  My viewport person was one of those that had been doing a lot of the partying (which was like a whole other agenda at the conference).

The person I was viewing through had blown off part of the next to last day of the conference and had come downstairs at the conference location (meeting rooms now) and said that he was going to check out early because the conference had accomplished exactly nothing.

Now comes the weird part:  As the conference is ending on a sour note, the participants agree that the problem is very large – and more pressing that was previously though – but that too many people were going to the conference and enjoying the fun, tourism, and partying angle to it.

A decision was being made to hold future conferences online using Skype because not all the important work was being done.

The time 2 PM and it was on a Friday, the last day of the session, (odd for a checkout time, I thought) was when my “view port” was checking out.  It was no big deal going to this (foreign speaking New York) and he said so on the video conferencing discussion that travel didn’t interest him (though he was a partier and had misplace a sock getting dressed that morning) so video conferencing was fine with him.  He go tg to this city often and it was no big deal to him whether he traveled or went virtual.

With that, the dream ends and I find myself wondering WTF is with that.

So I hit the internet looking for this conference that would end with some disappointment this week and which was going to role over into faster-moving video conferencing because of “urgency”” of the situation.

And what did I find?

Mind-boggling: There is more than one conference to pick from!

2nd International Conference “Polar Climate and Environmental Change in the Last Millennium”

Event Type:   Conferences and Workshops

When:    24 August 2015 to 26 August 2015

Where:   Torun, Poland


Bonn Climate Change Conference – August 2015

The tenth part of the second session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP) will be held from 31 August – 4 September 2015.

Now here’s where it gets really interesting:  This Bonn Meeting (which has the right feel and wraps up going into a weekend and even the 2 PM checkout makes sense in an odd way, and there was a sense this “view port” was departing to the west) as – in this dream-ahead – turned into something of a failure.

In other words, there was a general sense that the climate framework wasn’t keeping up with the urgency of the problem and that too much bureaucratizing was taking place and not enough action planning and research.

I know this is a weird one, but if weekend after this (while we are on our cruise)  I would expect cool to lukewarm coverage of the Bonn conference, based strictly on this dream:  Might distill to something like this:

A United Nations framework convention of climate change wrapped up in Bonn Friday with leaders admitting little had happened – fast enough – to keep up with new and rapidly-evolving climate change urgency/data.

As a result, the group will be taking many of its meeting virtual and will be conducting online sessions, polling, and video conferencing so that some of the best ideas for addressing global change are not swamped by language and presentation style differences.

In terms of what “real dream analysts” (Like Chris McCleary who runs the project, and who is also involved in the software design for our project) the only one small part of this dream that struck me as “day residue” – a thought stub about the one sock part of the dream.  I had to turn a sock inside out on Sunday morning when getting dressed, lol.

The good part is that when a dream so clearly sorts into “other/legit dream:” and “day residue” seems like the accuracy rate improves.

The rest?

Well, I’m sometimes abrasive on climate change, but at the same time open-minded.  So whether this dream about the conference going badly/too slowly to keep ahead of the problem is meaningful, or not, remains to be seen.

The raincoast the observer in the dream was wearing (as others were wearing them, too?  A check of Accuweather says that might fit with Bonn on September 4th, too.

We do expect (hope) that the dark haired fierce male with the beard and ‘stash is heard from as his comments on climate change are apparently very important.  Oh, he has a longer than average thin face, high cheekbones, and may wear dark frame glasses.. 

If he happens to be a reader (a one in a zillion possibility), he was ahead and to the left from the dream observer at the morning session on the last day which was something like a “break out session” if you’ve done a lot of conferences.

Some dream, huh?

No telling where it came from, but again it’s one of those dreams where there was no doubt in my mind that I was being shown something worth mentioning.  We will know shortly whether this process works.

Remember, that shopping center explosion dream back in May that came before the Chinese explosion recently?  Go back to “Cartesians within Dreams” from May.

Yeah, you’re thinking “clean miss” on the shopping center angle to the explosion dream, right?  Except when I search shopping center and explosion on Google I get hits like this – showing at least Google has parsed web content in such a way as to “meet dream explosion-shopping center” expectations.


So in terms of the dream content from May, as we move into the future, I think this is an important aspect of dream analysis. Which part of the Future Wave do we read?

I won’t bore you with theories about the mechanics of how this works, but let’s just say there are some pretty far-out experiments ahead for Ures truly.

Dreaming-Ahead is an interesting personal tool.  It doesn’t require any particular religious beliefs, but it is a reality every bit as “real” as this one is.  And if you’re not doing serious dream-work with yourself, how do I say this?  You’re missing a huge portion of your human birthright.

It’s an amazing (jaw-dropping) place when you start to ‘get there’…but it takes belief and trust in order to learn how to “drive” it.

Trust me when I tell you how you’ll feel when you start to get dreaming right.  There’s this sense in the stomach and your whole existence changes a tiny bit.  And your mind will  repeat over and over for the first hour or two after the experience  “Well, no shit!  Damn…

With markets in turmoil, I should be focused on “making a pile” right now.  But for some reason I’m not.  There are two human experiences that once-sampled, everything else you ever experience pales compared to.

One is a moment of Grace.  This is the waking state experience when for a moment you experience total at-oneness with Universe.  Everything gets clear for a second and then you spend the rest of your life trying to get back there.

The other is learning your way around the Dreams.  After you’ve had both experiences, you’ll appreciate the inextricable link between them.  And words will forever be inadequate.  Except that it all stands head of shoulders above anything money can buy.

OK, into the financial stuff..  write when you break-even,


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5 thoughts on “Coping: With a Climate Change Dream in the WoWW”

  1. “One is a moment of Grace”

    Very wise.
    We are at our happiest when we can ‘forget ourselves’.

  2. Doesn’t quite meet the time frame that you mentioned for your dream, but the Clean Energy Summit 8.0 was held in Las Vegas on Monday, 8/24/15, with Obama giving the keynote address. In looking at the agenda, doesn’t really appear there could have been in-depth discussions with the brief talks and breaks…location could meet the party atmosphere of the dream.

  3. Yes, I can concur on the dreams. Remember, I had one on Thanksgiving, 2009 and I wrote to you about it and you published it. I also added it to the dream site with more content but that was deleted by mistake when you were compiling. Basically the dream content was NEWS to me, not being financially savvy but my dream showed a Newspaper in my mail box and it basically said: America’s Trading Partners Drop the Dollar. A byline: China and Russia Drop the Dollar as the World Reserve Currency. Anyway, it had more to it, but that was some of it and the print on the paper was huge…

    I also saw in a dream that my sister was going to have a baby. The odd thing was, at the time I had this dream, she was newly separated from her husband of 18 years who had cheated on her. AND she had been told she was infertile by a doctor and would never conceive. The ONE time in my life, I adamantly and positively KNEW that she would one day have a baby. AND yes, she did, he is 15 1/2 years old now and she is a wonderful Mother.

    I have had other dreams come true. BUT, I have also had very keen emotional worrying dreams that did NOT come true; but I took them as a warning AND tried to warn the person that I dreamt about.

    Right now, the concern that I have and that I am praying about is a dream about a relative of mine. It was similar to your dream, George, as far as from the ‘eye view’ perspective…I saw this person get in a car with his daughter and another man. I saw what this other man looked like, how tall he was, and what nationality he was and what his speech was like. I also was shown that this relative would be killed and the daughter would go missing and it was this odd looking man that did it. It was a very strange content dream, the context didn’t seem to make any sense, although it was like viewing real time…it has NOT come true, but I have to pray for them whenever I think about the dream which is a lot lately because even though I warned the relative at the time I had the dream, I do not think my warning stuck or sunk in.

    I am hoping that I am wrong and it was just one of those oddities of life that I have to live with.

    So, having a ‘gift’ of precognitive dreams is a burden, a responsibility, a weight on the shoulders…but again MANY do not come true.

    The ones that do can also be changed somewhat…for example…I had a dream that my sister had a heart attack at her desk at work and died immediately. This woke me up crying, I was so upset, I told my husband. This sister has a very high pressured, high stressed, responsible long-term position. She is also bull headed and resistant to any information. All I could do was pray AND gently over time talk to her about her job, her situation, and her health. Finally, about a year later, we were talking and she revealed to me that she had been to the doctor and he thought she had had a slight heart attack. This allowed us to have an even deeper conversation over her situation and what steps she can take now to prevent something further down the road. The interesting thing is this: the dream did show a problem, but it has not ended the way the dream showed.

    Anyway, millions of people could have just written what I have written. Too many people poo poo dreams and their content, and others do not study their dreams, and others can’t understand them so forget them…it is okay, any way is okay, but IF you do decide to study your dreams, they can reveal a lot about yourself, your close family/friends, and then the greater outer world and spirit world and life.

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