I did mention that my brother-in-law is possibly the world’s unluckiest man?

Well, here’s the latest:  He was going to close on his house Thursday.

Until the title company “discovered” they didn’t have a signed report from the pest control people.


Day of closing?

Well, not back to today or next week.  We can hardly wait to see what the next excuse will be.

The newest REAL closing data is now September 28, but I’ll believe it when I see it..


Using Quantum Communication

Oh-oh…second day of Woo-Woo in a row, but not to worry, this morning’s discussion is evidence and anecdote-based.

Except maybe for the operation of my I-Ching Inbox.

So I did some work on my email program (Outwreck) and re-indexed everything Wednesday morning. I discovered (having written Thursday’s report on Source Code II, that our Chief Astrologer has written a fine discussion of quantum communication.

But here’s the point: She wrote it in early August. As soon as it arrived, it was “swallowed by an indexing error” for a month and a half only to appear Wednesday.

(Well I’ll be damned…)

We’ve talked about this before: Spooky action at a distance is what it’s called. Part and parcel of the supra-luminal (faster than Light) world where we get things like ethereal beings, afterlife, and oh, yeah…reports like this one:

Quantum Shift in Communication

This week I was doing a reading for a new baby in our family. As sometimes happens while I’m going though the normal progress of describing each planet, I received a huge “download” of intuitive information on the children coming in recently and what can be called “A Quantum Shift in Communication,” for which these babies are both the harbinger and the future implementers. 

As part of this download, I was first quickly shown the incredible speed of advancement in various communication devices just since the late 1970’s — especially with computers, telephones and the internet. The realization struck me that we had somehow reached the pinnacle of this phase and that a new level or order of advancement was on the verge of appearing. This new level has been “in the works” for a several years [perhaps even decades] and has even been employed by some groups, such as intuitives, although they never realized it would eventually go as main stream as the ubiquitous cell phone.

The new level is beyond “hard wire” and beyond “wireless” devices. In fact, it is also without devices! The best word we have for it in our vocabulary presently is telepathy — world wide, mind-to-mind. This also encompasses the potential for “group mind,” sometimes referred to as “hive mind,” a term often used on the internet today. It is also akin to the now familiar “going viral.”  What also makes this next level unique is that there is a “third party” on the line, and that party is transmitting information from the higher realms to each of us. New twist on “three-way-calling.”

The information download also made a connection to the growing numbers of children who are labeled “autistic,” and inferred that they were withdrawn inward, because they were in deep preparation for being change agents or pivotal facilitators, bringing forth this new level of gadget-free communication. Symbolically they are turning their backs on what exists today in order to concentrate on the new order, since it will emerge from within instead of externally or in physical form.

Another important impression — should any or all of the above prove even slightly true — that there could no longer be hidden agendas, secrets, or lies since all minds would also instantly know what is true. The implications of that one outcome is mind-blowing!

Oh, it was also suggested that people begin to mentally talk to their babies and young children, especially those who are still in a semi or non-verbal stage in their young lives. [I suspect one can also attempt this with those who are up to 5-6 years old, especially if they have not yet been “programmed” by formal schooling.] If one tries this, watch the faces and the eyes of the children to see how they react. If you silently ask the older ones to do something, such as “come into the kitchen,” see if they do it. And hold your awareness open to receive a reply, which might not be in words — it could be received as a sensation in your body, or in the form of a visual image.

Not certain how one can “business plan” this new development, George. :-)  As for timing, I’m usually between 10 and 25 years ahead of the curve, [like the DNA information I began to receive in 1986 that showed up in Science and Nature Magazines, describing Project ENCODE that launched in 2001,] yet that would bring these new children to maturity. AND, if one is perceptive, the clues on this shift are all around us now, so perhaps it is much closer than we think!

I was told by a friend to whom I described this quantum shift yesterday that there is a book describing some of what I received in this download. It is by a psychologist, Meg Blackburn Losey, and is called “The Children of Now.”

Now things get freaky, right?

Remember, this is from an email in early August that was not recovered until re-indexing his week:  I promptly replied:


Then just as I finished reading her email (the Chief Astrologer) the spine began to tingle in that way it always does when unbelievable events are happening in my life.

Children….children….no, tell me it can’t be…

Hands shaking, I hit my Kindle account looking for….No! Tell me it can’t be? OMFG!!!!



Double Wow….UNREAL WOW.

This my friend teaches us much – books worth – about how the quantum communication shift is becoming apparent to those with even basic awareness:

What are the odds my email would “eat” an August 5th email that references a book bordering on Woo-Woo, that I would not read it until AFTER experiments in Personal Source Code II, and then rediscover that I had ordered the book on my 4th Kindle the very day of the lost email’s disappearance e?  Someone mentioned it in a post…

Statistically it has to be in the billions to one.

In the Blending of the Realms, the odds are different.  Like 100%.

Now, go have a great weekend and if you figure this one out, let me know WTF is going on? I have a book to read.

I mean a book that quantum whatever really, really, really wants me to read.

[ Amazon: The Children of Now: Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, Star Kids, Angels on Earth, and the Phenomenon of Transitional Children]

Write when you get rich (or contacted)  We’ll get back to more grounded topics next week.