Coping: Tuesday in the WoWW

Nothing like new adventures in the World of Woo-Woo to set things on course for the day:

Hi George,

I had a strange bit of woo-woo yesterday.  I was folding clothes in my bedroom and dividing mine to stay in the house or go out to my workout room.  A little later I took the clothes out to the workout room, dumped them on the floor, and then proceeded to put them into drawers.  As I picked up the last sweat shirt, I noticed something blue on the floor.  I picked it up and it was underwear that my youngest son would have outgrown about two years ago.  No one has any idea how it got there.  I know it wasn’t there when I started folding clothes.

Best,  Dennis

No telling how this kind of thing happens.  But like the other stuff that goes missing, hides out in some alternate dimension for a while, and then shows up back in this one – but at an unusual place (or one we have looked at previously) – the article involved is definitely more “personal” in nature.

I don’t know why this might be the case, except that maybe (as a wild guess) it has something to do with the way humans manifest things from their “field”. 

Stand by while we collect data on what colors of underwear seem to disappear most often…

WoWW 2

This report from reader Jeff is pretty good – and notice again how it is a “personal” item?

Back in younger days I had a set of Keys go missing. Set in same place on dining room table every day. Son was over (1st grader) and when we needed to leave keys were gone.

He swore he didn’t touch them. Several years later was moving and wanted to take the table apart to move. Leaned table on its side and the keys fell out from under the table.

Whether he put the there or they “moved” never know but after remaking about a dozen keys and then getting locks changed it was an expensive WoWW.

One other research note if you’re following along:  A lot of the WoWW stories seem to happen in the proximity of young children – right on up through about mid-teen years.

One theory to why this might be the case is that socialization is a compressive process which “squeezes the magic out of us.”  And, as a result, adults are usually bereft of any of our “magical potential.” 

Kids, on the other hand, are often in that twilight zone between where they still have a child-like sense of how Reality works and the “groupthink” that goes with living in a globally connected tribe.

Which gets me to another ponder:  Is it possible that one of the long-term impacts of the Internet will be the further suppression of  highly individuated thought?

Oh, sure, I know the bulk of academicians won’t ask a question like this, but in many ways the Internet provides for a much more sophisticated form of “groupthink” than ever before.

Especially when it’s tied into other symbology and hot language.

In other words, while the early days of the ‘net were pretty much wide-open, we’ve now moved to an internet where a “non-conforming thought” will be attacked (and usually killed) by a competing (hotter) term.

The perfect example from this morning’s headlines is the story about how waving the American flag is being called “racist” by some in California.  Can you believe it?

This becomes even more startling when you read how an appellate court has upheld the ban on weather the American flag on Cinco de Mayo in schools.

This is how groupthink becomes institutionalized, freedom of expression is adjudged bad/inappropriate, and a political “consensus” that stomps out variance from a strict (leftist) agenda is quietly put in place.

The enslaving of the West that Khrushchev  could not accomplish with “the cold war” is now moving along again, just fine thanks to the Internet and a high court which have put America on the auction block. supported flag suppression, and other hopelessly weak-m9inded bullshit.

I’d go on at some length about how dangerous the Internet is for mental health, but I suppose you’ve figured out that the whole point of Social Media is to a) make money on the mindless spew of the masses and b) diffuse any coagulation of dissent (which is why there are so many government trolls on the net) and all of this while c) slowly reining-in variance in thought because it is a) terrorism, b) racist, c) yada-yada-yada…

I could go on, but what’s the point?  Besides, I’m  managing my profile as everyone should be.

That’s NOT a Chemtrail & Political Correctness Course

Thanks to reader Randy for sending in a picture he thinks surely is a chemtrail.

Attached was a photo which I have marked up because it’s as close to a perfect picture of what goes on at an air traffic control named waypoint as you’ll see.

For this discussion to make sense, you need to have several items in front of you.  First is the picture which Randy snapped from his car. 

I have put the track of the (likely) three aircraft that made this track on as numbers 1-3.

OK, with the picture, there are a couple of other things you’ll need, one of which is a picture of how a standard (civilian) holding pattern works.

The only other things you might find useful is to realize that any pilot who has been exposed to instrument procedures will have an extremely good idea of what is going on

But, if you don’t have a serious flying background, it will be useful to have an example of how an instrument flight into an airport might work.

For this I’ll show you a simple routing on a sample approach plate into Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW).  This is called the Bonham Six arrival.  For this standard arrival, we are assuming you’re coming into Dallas on your Gulfstream and you’ve hit the Quitman VOR location and you’ve filed the Bonham Six arrival.

Now let me explain what Randy saw, step by step. 

As you will see on the approach plate, there are all kinds of five-letter names for specific air traffic control locations.

Our approach this morning will becoming in (in the photo) from 3 (high right) which will pretend is from Quitman VOR to the GLOVE intersection.

Here air traffic would have sent us (say we were in our plane and going to DFW from Branson, Missouri) by saying:

N7912 Lima approved as filed.  GPS direct Quitman, to the Bonham Six arrival via GLOVE.

OK, we leave Branson, MO, fly to the Quitman (TX) VOR, flight north-northeast to GLOVE and we come to GLOVE where we will be approved for Bonham VOR — OR — we might hold at GLOVE at an assigned altitude.

As luck would have it (in Randy’s photo), ATC comes on as we’re in the turn at GLOVE and says:

Musketeer 12 Lima, cleared Bonham, descend and maintain  3-thousand.

You go ahead an acknowledge that and after completing the holding turn at GLOVE at 5,000 feet, you begin the descent to Bonham.

Going back to Randy’s photo, we see that our track 3 disappears about where track 2 did.  This is because that’s where both planes  broke down below the dew point altitude.   Below which, contrails don’t form.

OK, Ure, what about track 1?

That may be another route which passes through the GLOVE intersection.  So that plane, might have come out of our hypothetical Dallas and used a touting track but we notice there is a kind of “light patch” in the contrail of track 1.

What likely happened was an ATC command like this:

UrbanAir cleared GLOVE, slow to 200 knots for spacing and we’ll clear onward in a minute.

Since you’ve had a lead foot, you chop the power and get ready to reconfigure the aircraft to hold at GLOVE if needed.  In our picture, no hold was needed so the pilot continued on  (right to left) but slower now with a lighter heat signature/contrail.

This is why you don’t get too many reports of Chemtrails from real pilots.  The crimes are higher up since most pilots are not idiots.  *(I have met a few exceptions, though, lol.)

A pilot will look at the picture Randy snapped, see there is a big of a wind aloft (10-15 knots at whatever the intersections is) blowing from right to left because if there was no wind, assuming perfect instruments and pilots, the tracks would be right on top of each other.

I’ve looked at hundreds of “Chemtrail” photos but the only ones which are convincing are the large tankers (high altitude) which are putting out six or 8 contrails from a four engine plane (most of which come out of a base in California.

THOSE are the chemtrail planes and part of the criminal rogue geoengineering/pop reduction program.  But the picture Randy sent in is a fine example of typical traffic at an intersection.

Want something to keep an eye on?

ATC charts are full of “fun” names made up of words that might be considered anti groupthink.

On the Bonham Six Arrival, for example, we notice the intersections MAMEE, and MEEOW in addition to the less charged GAATZ, LOSZY, and BIRLE.

One of these days, someone in the political correctness enforcement division of the FAA is going to actually look at the charts and have that epiphany that all charts must be sanitized to fit the Agenda.  Obviously MAMEE has to go because of a racial inference and MEEOW has to be revised for the animal rights crowd.

The Bowie Two Arrival features GANJA as an intersection, so this one would need to be reassigned to the Denver or Seattle sections.  MOOSE doesn’t belong on a Texas departure plate, so this one gets reassigned to Fairbanks.

Oh, and MUDDE  (ATC-lingo’ed as “muddy”) needs to be closer to Washington DC, don’tcha think?  And how about TURKI….I’m sure someone in Flight Standards would cite the potential for confusion with that one..

Following the application of political correctness to aeronautical charts, you’ll want to whip open the Wilbur Three Arrival.  And look for the ADDVL intersection and hold there.

OK, off to work on Peoplenomics for tomorrow (The Attack on Cash) and more here on the free side Thursday…

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