Two things caught my eye on returning from my regular 6-month doctor’s visit.

First was a delightful subscriber renewal to  But what made it extra-special was the book enclosed, “E.T. 101.”

The other thing that flipped out of a high-speed scan was some news about how the naked mole rat can live without oxygen for long periods of time.

After the ad, let me tie up a few loose ends about all this UFO stuff for you…

First, the dear reader in Austin’s book could not have come at a better time.  As her note explained “The alien dream consciousness experience was real.  You were “pulled” at a young age.  IN our lifetimes we will know more of the “Truth.”

Here book E.T. 101 has gone to the top of my reading list.

Right after the NPR story which revealed “Researchers Find Yet Another Reason Why Naked Mole-Rats Are Just Weird

How does one connect such diversified dots and make any sense out of it?

There has been a theory floating around in science fiction since the 1950’s that U.F.O.’s and those aliens often sighted in their vicinity (on the ground but occasionally through windows) may be from our distant future.

Lots of sci-fi movies have been done based on the idea of a “time tunnel” of “time ship” that comes back from the future.

But there’s more to it:  Suppose that time travel could be done, but like the DeLorean in “Back to the Future” had to hit a velocity in a straight line.  Faster than 88 MPH, of course.

In this case, where is the nearest place you could go lots of miles in straight lines?

Space.  Upper atmosphere, anyway.

So we set that aside.

Then we go to the anecdotal reports of what aliens look like.

Grey (or oddly colored) skin. And in some reports, they appeared to be asexual.

Hmmm…more data points.

Last scan through the headlines we were fast on our way to removing gender as a random event.  And besides, the knife-happies are in the wings should a change be desired.

Then we pull up the naked mole rat report on NPR and find out how the little rodents can live on a quarter of the air humans do.

You see, humans “run” on sugars like glycose.  That that’s oxygen to convert to energy.

But in the mole rat, after a while, like 10 minutes or so, they do a chemistry-shift.  They begin to run on fructose (fruit sugar).

Pretty spiffy trick.  And if a chemical could be isolated that “does the flip” then who knows, maybe we could develop artificial gills and all for WaterWorld.  Sans the sailboats, of course.

Two seemingly small coincidences of the desk Thursday, but worth mentioning.

Because in a very real way, UFO’s may not want to interact with humans for fear of screwing up the future – their present.

A  Wikipedia reference read on the “Geological History of Oxygen” is a good starting point.

 With humans polluting themselves to death in the oceans (Fukushima has been pushing deadly nuclear waste in for six years now) it may be only a matter of time until a super algae eats the world’s oceans.

And then oxygen (except plants and tress) exits and suddenly we might see the naked mole rat as one of the side lectures to the E.T. 101 class.

George On Drugs

After demanding (*for five years) statistical evidence that statins would increase my longevity, my trip the doc’s place Thursday involved a joint numbers crunching session.

Phone vs. phone showdown.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that with my numbers, at age 68, I have about a 32.3% chance of a CVD (cardiovascular disease) event in the next 10 years.  (That’s make me 78.)

On the other hand, by taking the generic of Lipitor I can reduce that to the mid 20’s to lower 20’s.

“90% of your lipid profile is parents…we can only push around 10% or so…but even that may be changing…”

What followed was an enlightening discussion of the PSK9 LDL inhibitors that was discussed a couple of years ago in the New England Journal of Medicine (cite).

It’s expensive, but the results seem to be dramatic.  Using a series of injections, LDL can be placed just about anywhere.

Spendy?  You bet.  Extreme lifespans won’t be for the poor.  But all it will take will be a breakthrough that turns PSK9 inhibitors in a cheap oral route, and suddenly CVD drops a lot in terms of mortality risk.

That would then leave cancer, but again, going back to the naked mole rat, cancers don’t do well in hyper-oxygenated environments.  We shall see.

One other old man health note (*this is about me and is not to be taken as medical advice because the best I would ever be would be a “duck” (quack!!!)) but BOTH my doctor and I are now taking NAD+,  and pterostilbene, too.

Tese latter two are really good (in studies) on slowing brain againg.

And on that – you see this morning where even a SINGLE can of diet pop a day can triple the risk of stroke?

Toss in a bunch of other goodies in my morning “stack” and change out of coffee to green tea…yeah, might make life a much longer journey…through next week, anyways…

I trust you’ll be here, too?

Write when you get rich,

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