Coping: The Bigger Problem of Ferguson

A super short report this morning due to technical issues…all of which have now been solved.

But the most interesting – and thought-provoking – email in  a long time came in yesterday from my friend “warhammer”  who is the retired military war gamer.


The army is conducting an “intellectual exercise” that considers a future ‘mega city’ insurrection and how the military will deal with it.


While military leaders stress it is simply a simulation, the harsh reality is that a nation does not dedicate valuable time and resources to a scenario it does not consider to be plausible.

It also, in my educated opinion, indicates the national military command structure (the president, joint chiefs and national security team) consider the potential for such a situation a “real and present danger to their security.

The “war game,” against U.S. Citizens on domestic turf, anticipates an ‘alternate future’ in which Posse Commitatus (U.S. Law which prohibits the military from being used against the domestic population) will be suspended or repealed under the premises of safeguarding national security.

The ‘game’ synopsis does not clearly state whether the insurrection is initiated by foreign or domestic actors. The stated intent is to defeat the uprising and recapture the notional fallen mega city.

The results of war games often serves as the game plan for subsequent military operational doctrine. In the vernacular, the recommended doctrine emanating from these strategic games goes “on the shelf” for use by some future command structure.

If you plan for it, it may come! What is missing from the text of the article is the perceived imminent threat generating the exercise. It seems quite possible that the nation’s leaders view their own citizens as a rising threat. Some might call this threat a ‘revolution.’ In fact, the founders sensed such a revolution might one day become necessary, specifically when the government no longer represents the best interests of the citizenry.

Quotes by these wise and great men are countless with regards to such a possibility. One need only to this link to read such quotes by the founders:


We would be wise to heed this timeless advise and to “teach our children well.

If you’re among the (sometimes justifiably) paranoid, this should open up whole new vistas of worry for you.

More tomorrow (at our regular time).

Again, sorry about the delay in this morning’s report.