Sorry to announce that our usual fun and frivolity will be displaced until Monday because of events of a medical nature.

Because of this little “medical emergency” Ures truly will not go into the usual pre-open  market comment, and more importantly, NO PEOPLENOMICS REPORT ON SATUDAY.  Sunday if I can.

Things should be back to what passes for normal next week…

What happened?

Therein lies in interesting tale…

As you know, my buddy from Seattle is down visiting.  And we have been doing a lot of very heavy work on the property, including “limbing up” a lot of trees, and such.

Well, along about 1 PM Thursday, we lit off a huge pile of brush – after my chum laced it with 5-gallons of diesel.

All that went well and I was jumping off the tractor (for the umpteenth time) to load a limb on the bucket when all of a sudden, a while “halo” appeared around everything.

This was somewhat familiar. 

In 1990 and 1991 I had cataract surgeries done.  And the left lens which has always been a bit troublesome dropped and as of Thursday night, has fallen, so that only part of it is in place in the eye.

Yes, I can still see – 20:15 in fact.  But I have to really take care of this one because the other is 20:100 on a really good day.

Friday morning at 7:30, or so, they will pop open the left eye and replace the old implant with a new one, or whatever they do to fix such things.

I will try to produce Peoplenomics Sunday if the eye condition permits.

Again, my sincere apologies for missing an episode, but this Friday with George over for coffee will have to take a back seat to the medical requirements of the wholly inadequate body for all the adventures I still have planned for it.

It’s not the kind of thing I had in mind for today – flying had been on tap.  But if the eyes aren’t good, the flying would have been less so.  Priorities in life sort of emerge on their own sometimes.

More when conditions permit, but do check back every day or so.  I don’t think fixing a lens implant will be “going down for the count.”

No Friday night martini, though.  Oxy?  We’ll see…but lots of eye drops for sure.

Write when you break-even, and aging ain’t for sissies.