Coping: Taking an Emergency Medical Break

Sorry to announce that our usual fun and frivolity will be displaced until Monday because of events of a medical nature.

Because of this little “medical emergency” Ures truly will not go into the usual pre-open  market comment, and more importantly, NO PEOPLENOMICS REPORT ON SATUDAY.  Sunday if I can.

Things should be back to what passes for normal next week…

What happened?

Therein lies in interesting tale…

As you know, my buddy from Seattle is down visiting.  And we have been doing a lot of very heavy work on the property, including “limbing up” a lot of trees, and such.

Well, along about 1 PM Thursday, we lit off a huge pile of brush – after my chum laced it with 5-gallons of diesel.

All that went well and I was jumping off the tractor (for the umpteenth time) to load a limb on the bucket when all of a sudden, a while “halo” appeared around everything.

This was somewhat familiar. 

In 1990 and 1991 I had cataract surgeries done.  And the left lens which has always been a bit troublesome dropped and as of Thursday night, has fallen, so that only part of it is in place in the eye.

Yes, I can still see – 20:15 in fact.  But I have to really take care of this one because the other is 20:100 on a really good day.

Friday morning at 7:30, or so, they will pop open the left eye and replace the old implant with a new one, or whatever they do to fix such things.

I will try to produce Peoplenomics Sunday if the eye condition permits.

Again, my sincere apologies for missing an episode, but this Friday with George over for coffee will have to take a back seat to the medical requirements of the wholly inadequate body for all the adventures I still have planned for it.

It’s not the kind of thing I had in mind for today – flying had been on tap.  But if the eyes aren’t good, the flying would have been less so.  Priorities in life sort of emerge on their own sometimes.

More when conditions permit, but do check back every day or so.  I don’t think fixing a lens implant will be “going down for the count.”

No Friday night martini, though.  Oxy?  We’ll see…but lots of eye drops for sure.

Write when you break-even, and aging ain’t for sissies.

41 thoughts on “Coping: Taking an Emergency Medical Break”

  1. Dear George: For sure, I want U 2 Know that I wish you the very best of great luck with the operation/procedure. I feel sure that all will be fine…you’ll see…W

  2. What? No “here’s looking at you kid” cracks from anyone.

    Oh well, there…I’ve gone and done it.

    ; )

    Seriously, though, take a load off hoss! We’ll live. Just take it easy and heal.

  3. George, my wife and I will keep you in our thoughts and communications with universe. Best wishes for a uneventful and speedy eye rehab.
    My wife and I are in our mid 70’s and I made the comment recently to a friend that these getting old issues are “getting Old already”.

    Keep well and safe,
    Old Dave in NC

  4. All the best from the Far Side, chief. Cepat sembuh! Having seven years ago lost most of my vision to MS, I can vertainly sympathize with the scramble to save precious sight. Thoughts and prayers go with you.


  5. Hi, George,

    Sending love, light, and prayers your way. May all go very well and have your eyesight better than ever! When my Dad, at 83, had his cataracts removed and lenses put in, it turned out, during surgery, the doctor popped in a lens in the left eye, the same size that he had used for the right eye. Guess what, too big, he was shocked, had to pull it out and put in a smaller one. He claimed that it is very rare for one eye to be smaller than the other…..these things happen, that eye took longer to heal. But, all was well that ended well.

    • The Bride is in the completion process of eye surg. The Dr, did a laser mapping procedure prior to surg. He only did one eye at a time and the day of surg he had a waiting room full and all for the same eye ( right one day left another )

  6. Get to feeling better! (Need to know what you think about ‘deletions’ in the 9-1-1 report . . . The comments of the people who have read the un-redacted parts are chilling . . .)

  7. Hope you have a easy recovery and all goes as planned. Not exactly a vacation but enjoy your rests. Read you again soon.

  8. George
    Get well soon
    Been there done that with eyes
    its an occupational hazard of years in front of computer screens i have one right ow that had three implants and looks like an aquarium full of seahorses.
    The other is catching up looks like a cloudy shower curtain.
    The implants now are excellent
    Hope you have an excellent outcome.
    Big Al in Co

  9. I had a lens implant a few years ago (5?). Out patient; could have but didn’t drive home. Eye patch for a week or so. Went from a murky 20/100 to 20/30. Piece of cake. Wishing you the same.

  10. Here is a strong wing and sincere prayer for a
    Gentleman Scholar,and his wife.

    Your readers will all be here when you are ready!


  11. My mother and aunt had that surgery done, it went well and they are really happy they had it done. Hope it goes well for you!

  12. Everything will be o.k. George –
    had my first cataract surgery at 45 yo (after my cataract just ‘blew up’ and I couldn’t see a thing through the thick fog –
    and my second one just two months ago. Surgery (with numbing drops only) was a total of maybe 10 minutes – could see o.k. with that eye the next day – best after 10 days.

    My biggest decision in this whole thing was which lens to get implanted – since I do alot of computer/reading work.

    No worries about the weekend column – we can make it one weekend without while you recover.

  13. Sending good thoughts, George. I’m going to have to do something about cataracts one of these days, too. Can’t drive at night anymore due to glare. So, I’ll read with interest your experience, which I hope is flawless. Rest and take it easy.

  14. Hang in there George;; With all the new tech. they’ll have you looking just fine. ooppss!!!!!!that is seeing just fine.


  15. Just had my eyes done 6 month ago, One eye at a time the bird nest patch is only needed at night for the first 3 nights BUT the eye drops go on forever it seems like. Expect exelent results.

  16. The things that we have to deal with as we age are a pain …, but their better than the other option.

    I’m pulling for you. Don’t push it too hard. We will be here when you are ready.

  17. Hi George,
    Hope you’re healing nicely!! PLEASE get some rest (for crying out loud)!

  18. Get well soon, George. I can sympathize, having spent several years as a delivery driver in SoCal with no sunglasses (I know, foolish, right?) When I was a kid in Texas, I could read a book by starlight; now, I use bright lights and ‘dollar store’ magnifying (reading) glasses! Everything will work out well for you, as you don’t do things that attract bad ‘karma/balance’ type events. This is just an opportunity to step back for a few and look at things from a different point of view, it seems. Heal well and soon!


    Robert in WA State

  19. We will be asking for healing for your eye when we pray for you – by name – today and this weekend!

    I concur with above. NO COMPUTER! We’ll live already. I’t more important that you are there for the long haul than by Sunday.

    God Bless You and Yours,

    Art in Huntsville

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