Coping: “Solving” the News / Analysis of Future

Serious futuring discussion here:  The news all makes sense, at some level. It tells us the future, if we but listen closely, inspect the details, view with detachment, and just watch how it flows… 

Other than the random AoG’s (Acts of God) caused by semi-random mechanical failures and such, there’s a “string” or “current” that becomes clear over time. 

A flow of events.

When it clarifies, everyone sits back and says “Aha!  So THAT is what all that stuff that happened before meant!”  Usually, after the fact, though.

Pardon a long ramble, but we’ve got a ton of data now that is in the formative stages of becoming semi-connected, and perhaps at a meaningful level.  These could be the initial eddies formed as the River of War makes up its mind where to flow next.

How to see it?  Ah!  That’s the problem.  Most people read the news and see only singular events. Yet, as our studies of finance reveal, there are lever-like. cause-and-effect, relationships that become easily seen with not too much difficulty.  And because big things like War tend to influence things like Markets, some attention should be paid to the playing field upon which the small investor has chosen to engage.

Consequently, we have a collection of notes that lead us to expect huge (humanity-changing?) developments later this year.  This is not yet conclusive, only conjecture. This is not to say that something will happen.  Only that in nooks and crannies of the new flow there are interesting bits, hints, nibbles, gnaws, clicks, and pops that give signs or a loose a sketch of this big “thingy” that could be happening this summer into fall. 

Naturally, if the data changes, our outlook changes, as well.

With that as a disclaimer, let me toss  out some notes and see how future history for the balance of this year could play out.  Some of this will be highly speculative, while other parts are hot out of this morning’s news runs. 

Let’s toss it ALL on the table and see what the connections are, shall we?

1.  The first “open bin” has to do with the passing of Ariel Sharon recently.  That’s because of the rabbi Kaduri prophesy that with his passing, the Jewish Messiah will arrive shortly thereafter to announce himself in Jerusalem.

We have two population groups awaiting a Messiah/Imam to show up.  Followers of Messiahs/Imams have done great wars in the past.  The Muslim Conquests and the Crusades are sufficiently large as to draw attention from an investment standpoint. Happening today they would be world-changers.

This is because of the huge fractions of population that were swept into partisanship roles during these events in the past.  Wars like these do, indeed, change everything.

2.  The data collection has to do with the motion within greater Islam at the moment where we see two roots of that tree twisting about for supremacy.  One sees it in the strong internal dissent between the Sunni and Shi’ite sects and it works out in places such as Syria.  There, we have a strongly backed Shi’ite government versus a Sunni insurgency. Who will drive?

3.  It becomes even more clear when I get emails, like this one, from our news analyst fellow up in Winnipeg:

Dear Mr. Ure,

Now that the UAE is drafting a mandatory conscription law, Qatar apparently introduced one late in 2013, and Kuwait could be on the same path, one wonders why this and why now?


So yes, we see the increasing levels of militarism within Islam.  80+ % of the country is Sunni.

4.  And yet another bin that’s collecting data has to do with the huge investment that the government of (mostly Sunni)  Saudi Arabia has made in keeping Egypt friendly to their views of the world.  And reports of the growing informal relationships being tilled between the Saudis and Israel over the upcoming role of Syria.  See references to “Frenemies.”

5.  This morning, another set of horrors emerges in Syria as a purported photographer for the Assad government has escaped to the West with damning pictures that [allege] to show upwards lots of young dead men – victims of alleged brutality of the Assad regime.

6.  But at the same time, while the bodies are stacking up, readers seem sometimes confused by our reports contributed from “warhammer” as we call him, that point out many of this underlying currents.  Here’s a typical reader concern:

“I do take issue with your war-gamer pal.  Now, maybe he is only presenting strictly the war gamer’s plans, as derived from their personal psychopathic power & warmongering personalities.  But I do think it is a disservice to your readers to not at least mention that Iran has never preemptively attacked or invaded another country in over 200 years.  Iran wants to stay out of the usury game.  They want nothing to do with the IMF.  They also kicked out the Shah, America’s puppet.  They have lots of reasons to dislike us.  And, they were signers on to the IAEA, until they realized it was so rigged.  Israel has refused to sign on to the IAEA.  Even if Iran were to get nukes, and who could blame them, I doubt they would ever use them preemptively, at least if recent history is any indicator.”

And yes, that’s all true, so please consider it mentioned and reminded.

Yet there’s a danger here:  Just because something hasn’t happened in the immediate/memorable past, doesn’t mean that it can’t/won’t be coming up very shortly.  Our best vision of the future is to dispassionately keep this stack of manila folders on the desk (or in my case OneNote open) and toss thoughts and ideas into the bin as they come in.

There are only a few baseline things that drive human events.  The “short list” is usually power and money.

The job of a good war-gamer is to sit back, toss data into piles/folders/or OneNote and ask “What are the different ways the Future could be setting up to arrive?”

Syria is a “key outpost” for Iran.  Why?  Because they have anti-aircraft capabilities (radar) that presumably can warn Iran that “something is coming.”  And this, in turn, rolls back uphill to the Russians, who don’t want their large investment in Iran to be blown up from under them.”

7.  And this, in turn, brings us to the delicate matter this morning of the massive search underway this morning for the Black Widow, a 22-year old woman who is (it is feared) trying to mastermind a way to cause massive disruption of the Sochi Games.  That, in turn would be a terrible blow to the Russians.  More to the point in our contexting, this is a woman who is tied to an Al Qaeda affiliated Sunni group.

The internal divisions between Sunni and Shi’ites may be downplayed by governments, but when it comes to headlines, the division is deep and explosive.   

7.  What we see at the macro level, related to Iran, is that the Russians more or less “own” the Shi’ite government there by virtue of their large investment — selling them the core nuclear technology that has been so contentious.

8.  Yet just this morning we see yet another eddy in the stream of conflict as the Iranians have been abruptly “uninvited” to take part in upcoming Syrian peace talks.

This will no doubt infuriate the Russians, in turn, who had been anticipating Iranian support for their agenda and that happens to involve use of the Syrian port city of Tartus.

And, in turn, Tartus has high strategic value because of its proximity to the huge Leviathan gas field  discoveries offshore from Lebanon.

9.  All of which is key when we look at the evolving Peak Energy Plateau that we’re experiencing.  Although there are many reports about how well the US is doing presently, and how we may actually be able to export energy in the near future, other articles sound a more cautious tone, note that “Relaxing oil export ban is bad news for US consumers.”

This is a developing story that will get traction and, in turn, it means that higher energy prices may be anticipated domestically.

So when does it all break loose?  Or, at least become something of a recognizable current in the flow of the daily news?  Reader Pam looks at “fringy” kinds of report and found this one:

27th July 2014, Gates of Hades, Nostradamus Image Finally Decoded, Golden Age, MUST SEE !!! – YouTube.  This is trippy.

Hmmm.  Fulfilling of a key Nostradamus work pegged to July 27 to September 3rd of this year?

With the cold analyst eye this morning it doesn’t seem entirely out of the question since all it would take is the modern analog to the Archduke or a mass casualty event in Sochi to push things off in that direction.  And then things could devolve quickly in ways that could realize the deep-seated “something bad is coming” feeling that so many people have today. 

This vision of the future is troubling, but the good news is that the current hasn’t really started to flow yet.  What we’re seeing is eddies only, for now. Devolution is only one potential way events could fit together.  There may be a happily ever after, too.

How they actually fit may be driving as much by AoG’s as much as by designs of men.  We do, after all, co-create the world at an energetic/quantum level.

Yet peace isn’t particularly profitable and war is.  It’s how we’ve framed the world (win-lose, loss-gain) and for that reason, the inevitability of the cycle of self-destruction make be baked in the cake.

Tomorrow, less philosophy and a lot more of just the raw data points as Peoplenomics readers again look at “the Threat Board” and run though the ever-changing short view.  This morning I just waned to go off on a dot-connecting adventure which I hope you find useful in plotting your own path into whatever comes next.

Grady (the brains behind our project) and I keep punching away at the problem of “How the future reveals itself in advance…”

It’s not unlike tumblers in a lock:  As each one clicks into place, the probable future becomes more and more bounded.  Without too many tumblers falling, the likely future becomes more probable…and that’s why in this morning’s discussion there are so many data points.

The futurist/analyst role is not only trying to see what’s coming, but at a higher level, to actually define the process by which future arrives (which tumblers matter?) and then write the use case for such logic and then evolve computer code to do the hard thinking parts for us while the programmers are off napping.

Along the way, we collect “indicator words and phrases” that clearly link to the data we’ve collected.  In fact already this morning, Grady picked up a new one off KGS Nightwatch – a really excellent site:

A peace offensive often precedes an episode of shooting by a variable amount of time.

Peace overtures also are used to camouflage problems in other areas and hide vulnerabilities.

clip_image002And then we couple that with our ever-changing view of the “hot” language that rolls off the internet’s 24/7 news-noise.

When we see a phrase like “Blast General Dead” in the data, it puts us on edge because that’s exactly where the data seems to be pointing toward:  An expectation that another key figures will shortly be toast and with that comes something worse:

Another tumbler clicks into place.

Not yet.  Soon enough, however.

Write when you break even