Short texts equals shallow thoughts.  If any at all.  More often, it’s a regurge of another short/shallow/mostly-useless “claim” from elsewhere.  And yes, I mean it seriously.

SMS is “short message service(s)” and its other name is texting.

But there are some warning signs ahead that we have – as a Nation – taken a dangerous path.  Worse?  The statistics are there to demand the question be considered.


What do we know about texting?  I don’t mean this morning’s latte order.  I mean the FUTURE?

Well, it’s going to grow.  Given.  More apps.  Given.  More voice control.  Given.

But there are several darker sides:  One is more traffic accidents.  All you need to do to see this one coming is look at the increases in “fender benders” with people texting and distracted driving.  Yee gads.

But the other “darker sides” are even more important.

For one, texting facilitates what I call “pseudo-communication.”

That when you think you are in communication with someone but you have no idea if it is the REAL person or just someone who has stolen the phone and is jerking you around.

Not obvious enough?  Don’t you think the A.L.L. in society is up?  That’s the Average Level of Lying which is all made possible by “pseudo-communication.”

I HATE TEXTING.  I have had people – even my own relatives lie via texts.

When I talk to someone on the phone I have a pretty good ear (byproduct of all that time in broadcasting)/.  I can hear and sense when someone is BS’ing.

Not so with SMS.

With the human element gone, what will be along next – down this road is chain-reaction living.

A few of the commenters on Urban are already moving into that world.  They take a collection of 1-line assertions and with enough of those, they sense the whole cloth is woven.

It is not.

Gaming is partly to blame.  I mean the whole fascination with “First look – first shoot” and all that.

Over here at Statistica we can see the handwriting – or what’s left of it – in printing and writing paper in a data series called
“Total printing and writing paper supply in the U.S. from 1994 to 2015 (in million tons)*”

In 2004 I submit that writing papers made here were 32.711 billion tons.  Lots of writing.  Which (since I’m a simpleton) means lots of reading.  Things like “study of issues” and “personal research into the truth of things.

Fast forward to 2015 and we’ve dropped to?

Just 19.05 billion tons in 2015 and still sinking in a big way.

The Electronic Tower of Babel is here.

A new lingo of emogees, the UrbanDictionary slang tools, an whatever today’s new/hep/hip words to use are.

Thank God we have moved on from “It is what it is…” and “Appropriate” but they’ve been replaced by words like “hashtag.”

Example:  See UrbanSurvival?  Hashtag idiot, right?

Other than the slaughter of the Ingrish (sic) ranguage, we see the way SMS has killed critical thinking.

The reason what so many American’s don’t believe who the president is has everything to do with the SMS urge to simplify, simplify and if it takes more effort than a Tweet, can’t be really important, now, can in.

It all feeds in to being an attention-deficit nation, losing its ability to focus long enough to read a novel, and finding itself unable to share genuine emotional content.  Because that can take more than 128 characters and working through emotions is not something to be done while speeding through a school zone.

Look, I was going to write a simple discussion about the “Sunset of the Written Word.”

Instead I’m telling you what’s on the next page.

My bad.

But yours too.  You just can’t stand to read with enough depth to actually make some reasoned judgements, can you?

The Big Progress Lie

Of course part and parcel with the pseudo-communications is coming more/better/faster speech to text and text to speech.

Take it from an old man:

By the time we get done with the SMS VR technology, we will have reinvented the telephone.

Except!  Because everything is ground down to electro Kibbles and then reassembled by VR tech at the other end, only the raw words are left.  No need to use, oh, inflection, pacing, or any of the other verbal performance skills.  Not if words just go into the grinder…

20 years after the internet revolution, we have re-invented the party line or early telephone days.  We will be able to spew on “friends” with short parroted snips of pre-digested, unoriginal content.

Nice, bite-sized no-thinking-required.  Just repeat and tweet, yes sir.

Goodness, are we special apes, or what?

Just like the Internet allowed the “picture phone” to become real (Skype), now we are about to use computers to assemble a massive “party line” that will be totally user-centric.

Just check your emotions at the door, but even then it shouldn’t be too long before ‘audicons” (which used to be sound effects” will show up in the VR text to speech streams, too.

Voting on “Truth”

From the SMS mania – where thoughts are mostly claims, it is natural the “fact-checking” arises.  And facts are whatever the “fact-checker” can get a few “experts” to agree on.

There was one article I read this morning that went to the idea “SecState Tillerson says China accounts for 90% of North Korea’s trade.  Then they launch into their fact check.  By the end of it, came down to one word:  True.

Long-ass article.  All based on questioning the SecState…

But it’s symptomatic of something much deeper, darker, and concerning that shallow thoughts and all.

It comes down to voting on the Truth via fact-checkers, rather than a more deeply-held Knowing Truth based on values, morals, and old concepts that don’t tweet well.

If you’re going to be an UrbanSurvivalist, you need to think deeper than SMS “movements” ANTIFA comes to mind on FB – there are allegations that the Texas Austin stabber Tuesday was from their ranks.

When people stop deep thinking, and bite off on pre-digested thoughts we are in a heap-o-shit.

FB “movements like ANTIFA spew messages like “Make Love, Fight Fascists.”


To a thinking person, there is no connection.  But in SMS (idiot-land) the idea is to link – however sketchy the facts are – unrelated data and clam it’s meaningful.  Movement-powering stuff.

The character assassination of Trump over “ties to Russia” – never proven, but it’s still believed by the highly suggestible SMS’ers who can’t think (or bother reading) deeply – goes a long way toward explaining why the world seems to be off its rocker.

Because it is.

BII – yeah, remember it.  WTF, over?

Write when you get rich,

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