Coping: Scanning the Alt. Futures

Somewhere along the line, it may have occurred to you to ask”Why is this Ure fellow so wrapped up in research related to longwave economics?”

I hope you won’t be too disappointed:  For me it’s all about being prepared for the future.  As I have said uncountable times, there are two ways to win in Life.  You can play for maximum gains (in which case I assure you I would be stinkin’ rich by now) OR you can play for minimum loss, in which case you find me with a lone gold coin, surrounded by large trees, money in the back, wonderful wife, debt-free, and so forth.

OK…this has what to do with the future?

Well, if you don’t have a pretty good idea about what the future holds, you won’t be able to project what is coming.  Thus, if you hold to the “plan for minimum losses” approach, you won’t know what to plan for.

Take any number of past topics around here that we have seen coming well in advance.  Like the present shortage (in some areas and some calibers).  I first started to write about this back in 2007 or 2008 when the Gun Owners of America noticed something odd happening.

Research followed and a few selected bets were made.  And so I never have to worry about that aspect of future.

Same thing with food prices and shortages. 

Researched the hell out of things, and sure enough, we think the outlook for food, especially in light of the energy and bee picture is pretty grim.  How to hedge?  Coauthor a book on hydroponics and have all kinds of preps in that regard and the large (20 panels worth) of solar power to ensure we will be cool and fed into the future.

When that first appeared, the critical items (MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom) were picked up in bulk.  Again,; another problem we won’t have to worry about.

And so it goes:  Future appears, gives hints, one proactively plans and then kicks back to watch how the play follows as 7-billion people follow along behind.

Economics is not the only way to play this game, of course.  I used to write a good bit about an approach called predictive linguistics.

But the goal posts are now moving in that arena.  In fact, just yesterday, a EurekaAlert offered this:

A system detects global trends in social networks 2 months in advance

Works using just 50,000 Twitter accounts

This news release is available in Spanish.

A new method of monitoring identifies what information will be relevant on social networks up to two months in advance. This may help predict social movements, consumer reactions or possible outbreaks of epidemics, according to a study in the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) is participating.

The aim of the research, on which scientists from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, the NICTA of Australia, and the American universities Yale and the University of California-San Diego have also collaborated, was to test what is known as the “sensors hypothesis” on the social networks: Is it possible to find a group of people (sentinels or sensors) with a special position that would allow the information that “goes viral” globally on the internet to be monitored? “If we could do that, we would be able to predict that viral spread, which would allow us to better understand social mobilization, debates regarding opinions, health, etc., and to determine how they become global,” explains one of the researchers, Esteban Moro Egido, of the Interdisciplinary Complex Systems Group at UC3M (Grupo Interdisciplinar de Sistemas Complejos).

Nice work, huh?

Of course the problem with this is that we (you, me, the genpop at large) will never see all the outputs from this because why?  How about “We’re not writing the checks…”?

A good bit can, however, be done with simple tools like word frequency analysis, which is why our very public project runs daily and posts bits, clips, but mainly words that are either ascending or descending and these give us a sense of future.

While yesterday’s data has us looking for some kind of replay or referencing of Nelson Mandela over coming days, we are intrigued by the present word groupings Sanctions, War, Attack, Economy, Collapse.  Grady will have an update on the site this morning.  Main thing is this is not a system where so much interpretation is left to the discretion of an informed analyst.  Rather, the data is the data and we can all look at the tea leaves using the tool.

And that gets us to the point.  (At last!)

The other way of “seeing alternate futures” is by paying attention to dreams.

Banner3Now, not everyone can “dream future.”  It takes work but more importantly, it takes a “quiet mind.”

If you have a lot of emotional clean-up work to do, your brain will (quite naturally) be off focusing on that rather than “seeing your way ahead.”

Which is what the Project August focus is over at Chris McCleary’s National Dream Center is all about.

And here’s the part that is interesting (and perhaps kinda cool):  You need to read how close the Project August participants got to nailing this week’s tornado outbreak in the Midwest.  And as Chris wrote in part in his overnight posting:

Here’s the problem in a nutshell: a dreamer submitted a dream for Project August (P.A.), but it came true in April. It was our second P.A. submission, and I actually commented on this dream on a 23-April posting (more on that later). Did this dream come true early or can dreams predict multiple events? Will this tornado also take place in August? We’ll explore these questions, but let’s back up first and cover all the amazing details…

In accordance with the P.A. mandates, the dreamer claims to have intended about major headlines in August 2014 before falling asleep that night, but the dream she actually received was a near-verbatim account of what she would experience 6 days later (the night of April 27, 2014).

So that’s a summary of where things are on the net when comes to futuring.  We’ve had the RV’ers and we’ve had the sole practitioners of things like predictive linguistics.  But then along came outfits like RecordedFuture and now research using focused Twitter sampling, ongoing (continuous) word frequency analysis of the news streams, and, oh yeah, that little project of Ures truly which Chris has taken up at the National Dream Center.

And then there’s the key role of personal intuition that plays large in how future arrives.

When I flippantly wrote in Monday’s column (about the tornados):

And at least 17 people have been reported killed so far, or 18 if you read this report.  Or just keep reading until you get to 22, or so.

Hell, here’s a shortcut for you:  I’ll call it 29 dead right now, if that helps lighten your reading load.

My selecting “29 dead” was one of those “intuitive bursts” I get every now and then.

Admittedly, I often get ahead of myself, but this is a problem all “seers of future” come down with.  Nevertheless, intuition shows up fulfilled more often than not.

Thus, we conclusively belief that the future is spread out before everyone, with bits available to each, according to their ability to hear and see and discern truth from it all.

It’s also why freedom of the internet to see future will not long be tolerated by the charlatans who pretend as leaders in many spheres of life.

And Now, Coffee

Reader Michelle has something to share:  Coffee.  (Do we have a great art dept. or what?  Like them, please!..)

We oughta have a contest for the best “Coffee served best” picture.  Hmmm…certain would an…er…eye-opener wouldn’t it?

Big Challenge for Real Estate

Talk about disposable houses in articles like this one here may sound great if you’re a first time home buyer.  BUT the problem is this will be a battle of paradigms on one rule about paradigms is what?  They right to maintain primacy.  So, look for zoning regs to ban sensible (read: cheap) ways to keep the weather outside…

Is the World “Gullible” in the Dictionary?

For some reason, half a dozen people have sent me the link the past day “Lee Harvey Oswald quietly added to CIA Memorial Wall” that appears on a site over here.

Anyone with even a half ounce of skepticism would catch the name of the author and wise up.  “G-Had” right?

Even if you were slow, other posts like “Center for operational risk management catches fire” and “Navy SEALS find Jesus” might…just saying…might be a tip. 

Hook, line, and sinker.

On the other hand, stories like “7-ways pesticide companies are spinning the bee crisis to protect profits”  has a lot more street creds around here.

Musings: “Where Do We Go When We Think?”

Serious ruminations time: How do you reach “non-local?”  Where is the “seat of consciousness?” This is our problem du jour.

This morning’s ponder was posed, I daresay not deliberately, by reader Dana who (if you care to remember all the way back to yesterday’s column) had a problem with things appearing, disappearing, and then reappearing again.  Happens all the time, around here, anyway.

And even that wouldn’t have ruined three-hours of my day, except for the fact that one of my ham buddies (you’ll learn about his flat-ass amazing dream about antigravity one of these days when I have time for it) wrote it to comment:

I wouldn’t think “internet reality de-coupling” would be any stronger than a good novel or movie, or skulling through some thorny technical string of ideas or planning/design session.   …for what it’s worth.

I do think relating the precise times of WoWW events might bring some interesting results.  Near as I can tell, nobody has studied that angle.

If not coincidence, then maybe the interval between….

Which brings us to this morning’s particularly bothersome thought because it gets to the matter of whether a person is “present” as in “of this world” when they are deep in thought.

I could argue the point either way, so I brought out my favorite light woodworking leather mallet and thumb that seems to go with me everywhere I do.

Scientific Method is a marvelous thinking too.  All I had to do is design a simple experiment which I could repeat often enough until I reached a conclusion.

On the first couple of taps, the results seemed to support prevailing theory in pop psychology which holds that your thinking lives in your head.

Convinced that the textbooks could still be in error, I went to my Stage 2 Trials which involved a larger hammer and a more aggressive application of science.

It was right about here that the problem of “Where you go when you think” started to take on unwanted dimensions:

As I applied ever more science (force= mass times hammer speed) the more I was convinced that the prevailing thoughts in psychology were mostly made-up hokum proposed by ner’do-well labs rats who have never really worked for a living, let along with a hammer.

They have also missed my consciousness experiments involving time dilation when falling off a ladder, or the evolution of tunnel vision when you realize that your welding rig has just set the shop on fire.

It’s one thing to hold that a person’s consciousness oughta to “always live in their head” and for the most part, mine does that rather well.  I don’t get drifty trying to set up an intricate landing approach in the airplane, for example.

But the application of science (in the form of the 16 oz. fiberglass shank general purpose claw hammer (not my BIG framing hammer, since I don’t want to sacrifice too much to science) has shown me that upon contact, the very expletives that come out of my mouth that indicative of locations of my consciousness at different syllables.

SHE!  Seems to correspond to information arriving from the thumb (in this case) that something is going wrong out on some extremity.

EEEEIT!  In this 1.5 syllable space, consciousness which has been innocently writing about Reality has run down my left arm and taken up residence (however momentarily) and has run back to Brain Central with a memory of the pain which echoes around Mind for a while.  Odd questions come up.  “Are you a fu**ing idiot?” flash past too quickly to answer. 

Besides, the answer is too obvious, anyway.

C.S.’ing M.F’er!  These are issued loudly by by Mind in response to the realization that Mind is having a hard time keeping consciousness corralled in (pain free) Brain Central.  Consciousness keeps running back down left arm, momentarily being there and running back up to Brain Central to report “Yes, it still hurts like hell…”

You results may vary.  However we take no liability for your awkward attempts to reproduce our experimental results and (if goes without saying) this is not medical advice.

But it does bring us to one HUGE problem.  And that is simply this:  When we are feeling something intensively (and in the hammer experiment) are we temporarily somewhere else?

I’m sure at least some of our readers have serious (and ongoing) pain, and any additional input on how this pain stuff works would be appreciated.  I found that just “going with the hurting thumb” seemed to work about as well as any other strategy.

But now to the point.

It would be extremely interesting (from a scientific standpoint) to ask people going through repetitive bouts of pain ifs it ever seems like they were returning to different worlds now and then?  E.G, observer world, go “offline” with deep thought, pain, meditation, drugs, then “return to online now” and observe as many details of world as possible.

Is it the same?

In other words, in the Monday case, we know Dana was working far too long on a report and was probably on caffeine and nicotine (which we know for sure).  So did his “going into head” far enough, allow him to come back into a “different world” and then “return” after some unconscious clearing exercise he might not have even been aware of?

TERRIBLY important stuff this, because it gets down to the socialization of humans that takes place from even before birth as you hear Mom’s breathing.  And the whole of your life experience in your formative years is all designed to stop you from asking any of these really, really fundamental questions.  Like “Is consciousness local and localized to the brain?” 

If you conclude, as I have, that the consciousness goes to pain site, then is it just wildly possible that consciousness moves around and might be able to leave the body effectively?

Of course it can…and it does.  I have my little first-hand experiences with precognitive dreams which has changed my outlook a bit.  But you also have the books like Moody’s
Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon–Survival of Bodily Death.  If that doesn’t grab you, then what about astral travel accounts and the whole drug experience?

Wikipedia’s discussion of astral projection is pretty good:

Astral projection (or astral travel) is an interpretation of out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it.[1] Astral projection or travel denotes the astral body leaving the physical body to travel in an astral plane. The idea of astral travel is rooted in common worldwide religious accounts of the afterlife[2] in which the consciousness’ or soul’s journey or “ascent” is described in such terms as “an… out-of body experience, wherein the spiritual traveller leaves the physical body and travels in his/her subtle body (or dreambody or astral body) into ‘higher’ realms.”[3] It is frequently reported in association with dreams, drug experiences and forms of meditation

The big (looming) problem on the horizon is that religions have not been widely into the exploration of human consciousness (OK, maybe the Inquisition did some work on pain, and maybe self-flagellation is in there, too…). 

But seems to me one of the more terrible secrets that people can work out (through any of multiple channels) is the Biggy that is kept off in the dark corners and seldom talked about openly:  Consciousness is not purely local.

Of course, just as soon as you’ve had a nonlocal experience, the Ego jumps in and says “THIS IS THE ONE TRUE ANSWER.”

Thus, anyone who “goes non-local” on drugs thinks theirs is the only true way.  And those who get “non-local” on religion want to claim their path is exclusively “right.”  And those who are into whatever kinks, fets, or whatever (and maybe death is one of these) that gets them non-local is the surefire be-all, end-all.  And, sure, maybe death is the end-all, but likely not.

I think my quest to run “non-local” to the ground began when I was about age 3.  My mom had come down to the basement where I was (not too hard) banging my head (vicinity of Third Eye) on the foundation wall.  “There, there, comforted mom.  “Don’t do that…”

OK.  So I stopped.  Went upstairs.  Got on with Life.  But even then I was old enough to resent the cards dealt me in the hand  of life and I’ve made notes to have it out with the Dealer at some point.  It’s looking like a crooked place.  I’d have to play my own game – as have you.

65 years later I recognize exactly what was going on and why so many children, especially those with strong spiritual natures come into the world only to go through various periods of self-hate.  It’s the crooked set-up that’s the issue.  If rebirth/reincarnation is a fact, why not something a little more, oh, you know, pleasant?

I recall back to my “third eye tapping” exercise and realize how it fits.  In this lifetime, I wasn’t supposed to have asthma, I wasn’t supposed to have a terrible lifetime of itchy skin.  That wasn’t the deal, as anyone on this ride will argue.  It’s almost like a “bait and switch” in the Afterlife somewhere.

At age 3, I wanted to return to the really cool non-local part that each of us has buried in their heritage.  That ship was sailing, the childlike innocence going, going…

Still, it didn’t fade fast enough to hide the fact that not just me, but you, too were supposed to be financially well-off, your heart full of joy most of the time, and you were supposed to live a lifetime of something approaching bliss, such that you’d never feel pain for long, or suffering, or an empty stomach, or emotional distress, angry…all of that ugly shit. 

And the map of how to get there was torn up into a million pieces and scattered to the winds and in different tongues.

That’s what I was sad about then, and if even haunts me now:  It may be “The Deal” in life, but it’s a crooked one at best. We were hooked on technology, better ways to kill.  Tax, power, control/  Some of today’s youth are changing that – renounced the Dollar and all it’s works and all its ways.  But the fix was in before birth.

Every so often (and sometimes in the shadow of Dana’s pack of smokes) we catch a glimpse of the non-local reality and ask the hardest questions of all:

What was THAT?  Where is non-local.  Where do we go when we think?  Thought…where does it live?

Have we all been gypped and cheated of a grand spiritual prize?” Is there some used car salesman in the Afterlife who tricked us into something we didn’t want, or need?

What happened to all that is good, all that is loving, and all that is magical?  A look around the world today argues that the non-local memory of the happy tribe of humans is under attack by what can only be called the darkest and most sinister of forces.  Trickster in the afterlife, or a present times conspiracy?  Does it matter?

Our common non-local heritage has been sliced and diced – divided among how many religions?  Among how many vices?  Among how many drugs?  Practices?  Styles?  Races? Cultures?  Each laying claim to the exclusion of all others to this “non-localness””” that humans vaguely yearn for.

With this perspective comes the realization that there’s danger to the Internet, too:  The risk of too many people waking up to realize that we’re all of the same non-local soul-stuff just wouldn’t do.  Those in power would lose revenue, power, control.  And seven billion souls would go looking for the trickster in the afterlife or non-local places.

Seeing that, we know net neutrality will come come:  To hide and bury alternative thought and to ensure that people don’t unify in their recall of other yardsticks than Dollars and Power.

That’s why the WoWW is so important.  It gives us the quick glimpse and – paradoxically though contradictory, it feels kind of right in a way, does it?

I’ll pause here, not to burden you with further deep thoughts, except to remind you of the question: Where do we go when we go “offline?”

Where do you go when you think?

Something to think about while I go work on tomorrows report.

More Thursday..war’s not due until Saturday. HEPA air filter bags and N100 masks handy?

Write when you break-even…