imageI hope you don’t mind my sharing occasional vivid dreams that come along.  Granted, they are weird, but they sometimes offer hints of what’s to come so I pass them on.

I mean like my January 13 dream about the “big quake in April” or the Gulf Horizon dream, where I posted a dream very well-fitting of the Gulf oil disaster was posted fully 18-hours in advance of events.

Had another one overnight which I thought you might get a kick out of.

As this dream opened, it wasn’t clear whose perspective it was being seen from.  It obviously wasn’t mine – and there was no one I knew in the dream, except for the world leader part.  Vladimir Putin is hard to mistake.

It was as though I was either a journalist or a very high-level administrative person, and the dreamer was on a ship that was heading from Europe to the United States.

On this ship was – of all people – Russia’s leader Vlad Putin.  And since it was a leisurely sea-crossing, I was looking forward to interviewing Putin at some point in the trip, likely it would be in a day, or two.  Though the ship had already been at sea fully a day or longer in the dream’s timecode..

The dreamer was wearing odd clothing (a women, perhaps?) with what seemed like a rich – just darker than sky – blue shirt (or blouse?) and a gray jacket over it – a kind of Civil War Confederate gray, if you know the color.

The sense was that Putin was coming to the U.S. to hold talks with president Obama, and there was some sense of excitement because there was a sense that the talks MIGHT take place on the ship and there was anticipation that this could turn into a very key meeting, just as the Yalta meeting between Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill was at the end of World War II.

Coming on a large yacht/cruise (naval?) ship was interesting.  After the dreamer’s actually meeting Putin briefly – and being promised the later interview – the next day at sea had a couple of interesting features.

One was walking the ship, early in the morning and stumbling into the wrong meeting room on the ship.  This one was full of naval officers who were poring over a map which was displayed on a wall behind them.  It wasn’t particularly dangerous-feeling, at least at the moment, but the dream was highly embarrassed stumbling into thre wrong room in search of breakfast and press facilities.

The sense was that crisis was not imminent but the developments on the ground somewhere were being followed closely.

The next odd feature was the dreamer ordering a pizzas to go – back to the room for work.   Ship’s company screwed it up and the wait was much longer than anticipated.

And that was about it. 

Except for the overwhelming notion running like a thread that while there might be troubles between the US and Russia now, there would likely be a Yalta-like meeting where the place that this (dreamed) Putin-Obama confab will gain some degree of historical notoriety from the meeting, as did Yalta.

Timing on this dream was terribly imprecise.  There was little to indicate a date, but it seemed like early fall, but that’s only based on the sun  position in the sky when the dreamer burst into those navy dudes’ meeting. 

The timing from dream date to event date is all over the place.  The most accurate ones have been within 24-hours, or so.  The Gulf Oil disaster dream was 20-hours from writing and 18-hours from posting.  The Arizona road closure/traffic death and detours dream was a matter of less than 3-hours.

But the January 13th dream about the big April earthquake was on  the order of 14 1/2 weeks or 102 days.  (Ignoring dateline issues).  So, all over the place.

Speaking of dreams and such, there may be a big quake in the period now through May 21, so a heads up on that one.

I’ve been thinking about what could cause these dreams to take place and frankly, nothing seems to come to mind.  There’s no common foods that I can think of, alcohol use doesn’t have any effect.  But I may be looking at the wrong variable:  It could be a subtle electronic or electric effect, or along a different line, it could be a blood-sugar level, amount of daylight/sunlight…the number of variables when doing personal dream work like this becomes absolutely stunning.

When you come down to it, there’s no way of telling what the trigger is:  It might even be a seldom-used word or new concept sets off some kind of mental process.  Elaine happened to use the word vertiginous yesterday…not an everyday word for here.  No telling.

Another possibility (if you don’t mind the really personal stuff) is the one thing the dream states all have in common is they seem to occur within 24-hours after sexual activity.  Is it possible that some hormonal change, or other, changes the human propensity perchance to dream?

OR could it be something as simple as the right amount of coffee?  Again, each of the dreams seems to follow a period when I’ve had coffee (decaf) but that narrows it down to every day, so toss that one…or not?

The payoff some lucid – precognitive dreams is a glimpse of aspects of the future.  Occasionally, you will run into departed loved ones, and such, but they seem mainly preoccupied with the odd things they are doing with their existence since passing.

And again, we circle back to the psychological basis of dreaming:  Are all these things stubs of long-ago incomplete thoughts that just all get tossed into the blender with only a very tiny pinch of “future” to them?  Or, is that how the whole future of humankind works: through the common denominators of some critical mass of people dreaming a dream…

I’d sure encourage you to follow Chris McCleary’s work at the site. Since I started having the occasional glimpse of existence outside of the confines of our shared human timeline, back when I was 45, oir so, it has been a marvelous work to experiment with – and gives purpose to sleep.

What I suspect is that the process of opening up to such dreams comes from connecting with a loved one in a moment of extreme emotional stress.

Years ago, when I was sailing up in British Columbia on my old sailboat (2004 youtub e video here) so this was before then, I was overnight in Nanaimo B.C. and dreamed about my youngest daughter being wrapped up in a green flag with a black spot on it.

The next day, I called the (ex) back in the Seattle area only to learn that daughter Allison had been in to Group Health hospital for an emergency appendectomy late the previous night.  The surgical sheet was what?  (Green!) and the color of blood on a surgical sheet is?  (Black!)

After the first one, your mind takes a year or two to just simply accept that it is OK to have dreams with serious out-of space-time content to them.  After a few more happen – the dream of my son in an orange jump suit, which turned out to be an orange jail jumpsuit when it was arrested for repelling down the side of a 12-story hotel, was the next once. 

Then, over time, depending on how clear you can get yourself, you can tune in to this other-world/out-of-time place with increasing skill.

By the way, it also completely changes your outlook on dying and (curiously) Scientologists.  The reason is they are quite into a state called “clear” and it doesn’t mean too much until your personal work has taught you something about the state of “clear.”

Nope, Ures truly is not a Scientologist, but every religion usually has some core snippet of this “most important of all technologies” laying around it somewhere.  So I’ve focused on “sampling” as many as I can.  Whether it’s an Eastern religion which is interested in “doubling and tripling” (by spinning prayer wheels to see how Universe flow is going – I do the same thing with slot machine software, lol) or whether it’s bells or incense. 

There are tools but the most useful one so far is simply remembering (before you go to sleep) that sleep is a chance to “go home” for a while, ask questions, get answers (although often weird ones) and to occasionally glimpse the future.  It’s like leaving the “limited” to visit “unlimited” for a while.

It’s a wild west kind of place, when you get there:  provided you arrive without getting deeply hung-up in religious denominations.  Almost like religions are fighting for control of the afterlife, not to mention this one.

I continue to recommend Edwin Steinbrecher’s fine The Inner Guide Meditation: A Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century as a grand starting point, especially for people who have cast aside traditional religion and want to approach the field from the standpoint of Jungian psychology and working directly with personal archetypes.

No, not that traditional prayer doesn’t work;’ of course it does.  And there are some mighty powerful entities in the etheric realms.  Otherwise, emergency prayers like the angel Michael emergency prayer, would not be so popular.  But in your studies, I’d offer that you be aware that Michael is only part of the most powerful;  Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel and each has a specialty.  (Uriel is the Talmudic, Ariel is the Westernized.)

Not to be partisan in this field…it’s much too big (and too cool) for that.  The Universe is a hugely complicated place and I always find it laughable when people proclaim things like “All religion is BS…” which is like denying gravity.  What’s the old saying?  “I argued for m y limitations and they were mine”?

But not everyone wants to go adventuring in dreams and doing dream work I suppose:  It is a complicated place and easily misunderstood and tainted by lack of personal integrity and purity of intents which is always to rejoin Source of All.

The poet Percy Shelly had it nailed when he wrote in Hymn to Apollo:

“I am the eye with which the Universe
Beholds itself, and knows it is divine;
All harmony of instrument or verse,
All prophecy, all medicine, is mine,
All light of art or nature; – to my song
Victory and praise in its own right belong.”

The High Art is in the beholding and that takes a lifetime of study, and avoidance of the charlatans and toll-booth operators along the Path.

The reward?  Tiny snips of the future, tossed  into  the blend of thought-stubs and egoically arising noise.

So enough of this…didn’t mean to get off into a discussion about the technology behind the religious but as Fox and Moulder used to say “The Truth is out there…

We’ll find out in due course when the next Big Summit comes whether a leader comes by boat.  THAT would be a useful data point in my studies, indeed.  As Shelly also wrote in Apollo:

“Good minds and open actions take new might,
Until diminished by the reign of Night.”

Nice to know where we’re going.

Home Office Note

I wore out another keyboard – writing a novel’s worth every month.  (UrbanSurvival by itself runs 3,000—3,500 words a day.)

But I finally found a keyboard that I have high hopes for:  It’s $69 bucks but the cool thing about it is it has a softly lit keyboard.  Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800.

The reason to pay the extra bucks is that when I am sitting here relaxed, it’s nice to have a soft line on, and have the keys easy to find when I need an odd piece of punctuation that I don’t use that often like the ~ key.

We may pick another one up for the media server in the living room.  It’s a pain to turn on the light when off Googling something – and this keyboard has a nice feel and decent recharge (off the supplied USB cable) time. 

I’ll let you know when it breaks.  They ALL break and I’m sure IRS wonders how I go through 2-4 keyboards per year, but it’s an honest number.

OK…time for the weekly reminder that the weekend is here…and what you do over the weekend on your own account should be at least as rewarding as what you do during the week for the man…drop by Monday…

Write when you break-even