Coping: With How Religions Evolved?

Hack thyself better is our bean-break this morning.  Something has been bothering me for a while in the food department.  It came up in my thinking yesterday (again) as I was reading and writing the latest on the Chronicle Project’s latest outputs.

If you missed, it, the main point (top of the org chart, so to speak) is that “We (humans) seem to have been planted here by a race (or races) of physical and spiritual entities who go around the Universe “creating” suitable planets under the direction of one called “Creator”.

And the “second in command” – the Nakash – steal control and here we are in the long-running battles over religion and such.  But, comments of an insightful reader reminded me that the evolution of fully functional humans is a relatively recent event.  And that got me looking at food more closely…

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So let’s go back to how and why it seems that Egypt arose as a high civilization:  Largely because of how the River Nile worked, it was good with periodic flooding, easy irrigation and sha-zam!  High culture when people can do more than forage for food.

We note that although there are plenty of other cultures in Africa, they rarely got into high culture, with a few very notable exceptions in the southern parts of Africa where ruins stand testament to their efforts.

The idea that has been working its way through my head is that the reason people were not so bright until historically recent time was that we were mostly starving to death.

Even in areas that had reasonable seasonal food stocks there was little awareness of storage.  And given that we were basically just smart apes with all of our thinking going on in one side of our heads (after Jayne) then it sure did sound like the “Voice of God” (*or some-such) when the other hemisphere fired and OMG….you hear that voice?

The magic is that when people are severely malnourished over long periods of time, they get stupid.  But, when they get ample food (and nutrients) then  the body is able to optimize a few things – and one of these is the thin coating of myelin that protects nerves.

Oh – does one other thing:  Growth the myelin sheath which is the formerly non-work, then upgraded to 300 baud connection between the halves of the brain.

Not like fiber was laid in – just the neuron connectivity overall got much better.  As the Biomedical Wiki here explains it:

“Many neurons in vertebrates are electrically insulated by a fatty layer called the myelin sheath produced by supportive cells called glial cells. There are different types of glial cells, oligodentrocytes surround neurons in the Central  nervous system and schwann cells surround periphral neurons[1], they produce the myelin sheath by the plasma membrane migrating around the neurons axon in a tight spiral. A single oligodentrocyte can myelinate up to 10-15 neurons whereas schwann cells only myelinate one[2]. Myelinated neurons are refered to as white matter as the myeline sheath is white[3].

Between the glial cells are gaps called Nodes of Ranvier where voltage gated sodium ion channels are.

An action potential travels down a myelinated axon by saltatory conduction which is where an action potential depolarises the axon enough to initiate the opening of the voltage gated sodium ion channels at the next node. This jumping of the action potential results in faster propagation and conservation of energy

Which is why – thanks to dynamite nutrition resources – we are enjoying what is akin to T-1 (or lambdas, depending on Ure IQ) between the brain halves  – because the “long lines” are in.  And it’s why we can think in “arty terms” one minute and then “run the numbers on it” the next.

So picture African origins migrating all over the world.  Where food could be done well and plentifully, people got smart and high cultures arose.

But what about Biblical food prohibitions?

My late father had thought (being a well-read literalist) in just about everything, that the best explanation he could think of was the lack of refrigeration and meaningful ways to test for food poisoning.  Still a damn good reason for “foody rules” to be bound up in religions.

But what about pigs, shellfish, and such?  Was that something special?

A firm maybe.

As I’ve told you many times I have gout – which is from having serum uric acid levels that are too high.  A little allopurinol and popping some optimized saffron now and they and the issue is gone.  BUI, from my gout battles in years past (before I took health more seriously, it was just a “given” once upon a time) I found that some seafoods and PORK do have higher levels of uric acid.

And THAT (this is a long-[chain logical discussion, but go with me on this ) brings us to diseases like multiple sclerosis.  On which point the School of Biomedical Sciences Wiki says…

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease[4] where the myelin sheath is degenerated, causing random areas of inflammation called lesions[5]. The glial cells can also be destroyed so regeneration cannot occur so the myelin sheath is replaced by scar tissue[6]. The degenerated neurons can’t transmit the action potential as quickly causing symptoms such as loss of control of muscles and numbness. Preventing brain atrophy may have important clinical implications affecting treatment decisions in the future. In recent years, research efforts have directed towards finding agents to modify the disease and reduce brain volume loss. Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) may have some potential roles in this regard.[7]

Invertebrates do not have myelinated neurons.”\

So here comes a wild proposition:

We know the people who came out of Egypt were smart – but the earliest may still have been in the “coming out” stages from Jaynes’ breakdown of their bicameralism into something more unified as a thinking platform.

To big ponders here:

One is – did they know (or did aliens coach them?) on the notion that certain foods would slow or retard the expansion of myelin sheathing?

The other is, were they diseases that people from that part of the world were susceptible to (just as some people are genetically susceptible to MS) that the stated food regimens worked on?

That is an amazingly interesting concept.  And this related to Ure’s study’s of gout and uric acid how?

See the 2012 paper “Correlations between serum uric acid level and disease activity, intrathecal inflammation reactivity in patients with multiple sclerosis..”

Meantime, I continue on my nutritional self-optimization path which includes (among others) Huperzine-A on a regular basis because I just “feel sharper” on it.

About a month back over on I read this little bit on point and wanted to share it with you because it is exactly on point:

“Cholinergic treatments, such as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (AChEIs), may have beneficial effects on myelination, myelin repair, and myelin integrity (R).

Increasing cholinergic stimulation helps the myelination process (R).

Cholinergic treatments, such as Nicotine, Huperzine A and Galantamine could help promote myelination during development and myelin repair in older age (R).

The acetylcholine muscarinic receptors can increase the survival of precursor cells that increase myelin (R).”

Take some time and go read the whole article here.  Because those “foody rules” in religions may be there for brain expansion and disease reduction in addition to not having refrigeration handy.

Making article Sunday (if I get off my butt and make something) Elsewise, Peoplenomics tomorrow and our funeral for markets Monday.

Be well, or weller, and well, er, Write when you get rich…

33 thoughts on “Coping: With How Religions Evolved?”

  1. Could it be that the ancient practice of a cup of the Golden Elixir morning and evening had/has an anti-inflammatory effect. There is ample experience of beneficial effects.

    • I’ll pass.. You go right ahead though.. It will also give you a dazzling smile. If what I’ve read is true..let it age and it will whiten your clothes to.

      • Yeah there must be something to it it’s in a lot of history books but they don’t want you to know that.

        When you’re sick your body automatically puts out antibiotics and those antibiotics are expelled through your urine so if you’re able to reuse the antibiotics that comes out of your urine somehow back into your system then you have a better chance of surviving whatever it is your system is is fighting off

  2. The rise of our civilization – i.e. the shift from ‘hunter-gather’ food collection to that of agriculture – and the development of religion are not particularly connected other than organized communities make it easier to develop standardized forms of worship in designated (and designed) buildings.

    Hunter-gatherer groups can be very spiritual – ‘in tune’ with the environment in which they live, as it is quite literally a matter of life and death. Spiritual beliefs (mythology such as that studied by Joseph Campbell) can give a ‘reason’ for the events in one’s life. Human beings have an innate need to seek for ‘the whys and wherefores’; this has led to the development of Science . . .

    • Interesting comment and I agree with most of that.

      Just FYI, The Course in Miracles repeatedly states that humans are ‘meaning’ seeking creatures, and IMO we will ascribe a ‘meaning’ to something even when it isn’t intrinsically there.

      • As James cleverly puts it: “Any classification of the emotions is seen to be as true and as natural as any other, if it only serves some purpose.”

        Also, remember.. A sensation is a feeling; a percept is a simple thought identifying one or more sensations.

    • Pick a fight with God and see who wins. I have fought God a couple times. God always wins. Lol.

      Spiritual warfare is spiritual warfare. Not all is as it seems/seams.

      Take for instance my brake booster went out in my pick-up truck last night when I was doing about 60mph. Pumped them brakes a half dozen times and Pedal went about an inch from the floor. No accident. I stopped and was safe. Freaked me out a little. Now I’m not afraid of death, having experienced it 10 times. My first question was, What are you trying to show me God?

      I know vast quantities about these subjects. I just remain quiet about it.

      I am surprised that nobody has mentioned there are 2 different races of human beings on the planet. RH negative and RH positive.

      RH negative fights off TH positive like it’s a virus during pregnancy.

      The Hebrews and the Basque (predominantly RH negative) were told by God many many many times “do not reproduce with those outside your tribe.”

      • It says in genesis. God was angry at the sons of men. It does not say he was angry at the nephlim or their offspring. It says God was angry at mankind. Most miss interpret that. To mean God was angry at the offspring of angels. But that is not what it says.

      • Ok.
        We need more information from where you coming from for this Mass experiment in this part of the universe

        Or you could go to Corey Goode or what’s that guy’s name I can’t remember the guy that dissected 3000 different alien types.
        Or get the book maybe online call alien interview and see how that stands with everything you know.

        But I’m still in the Dilemma between project 1 Project 2 and project 3 I’ll let you know if I make any Headway in any of those projects that Define the project 3

      • In the meantime I’ll try to make my lazy porch Garden as lazy as I can so that I have more time to think about project 3

  3. Smithfield is getting into the human organ-growing business with their gene-spliced pigs – I doubt they’ll be throwing away all those nice hams and bacons left over after harvesting human tissues for transplant. Weren’t the Atlanteans condemned for their human-animal hybrids? Maybe that pork prohibition is a vestigial memory…

    • Wait! Wait!

      What part of “We are probably the human-animal hybrids” didn’t come through in the past few days of Coping discussions?

    • monatomic gold? People claim serious increase in mental copasity and acuity. I hear there is some side effects such as addiction and once you get off of It, it leaves you drained.

      Some say the “elite take it in mad quantities.

  4. Wow – great topic George. With a Psych BS – hold the comments, please, I’ve had two courses in psychopharmachology, aka ‘drugs and behavior.’ One of the things that struck me is that one’s physical condition can enable hallucinations or amplify the effects of a normally benign drug (e.g. caffeine, nicotine).

    A commonality in almost every Shamanistic religion is the ‘vision quest,’ which involves fasting in combination with physical exhaustion/lack of sleep. The two enable the mind to overcome the body and allow sacred ‘spirits’ to commune with the Shaman. See:

    The heart of the mystical experience is rooted in the neurotransmitter Serotonin, according to this NPR investigation:

    And what do you know, fasting increases Serotonin levels:

    My late brother suffered from MS. He told me of many waking visions he had after enduring the wasting effects of the disease for over 20 years. I attributed it to his experimental medications, however, there may well be something to the ‘myelin sheath’ aspect of his visions.

    • There are more hidden elements to this than you know I’ll see if I can find them I started finding and then I lost it with like I was deterred so there are elements here that we don’t know about what we need to know about but there’s Simplicity that there it’s just that were distracted when we think about it

  5. A piece of info that might help. One of the bits of info that pops up in the SDH restored Hebrew of Genesis, is that the Nakhash’s big plan for the Earth, was his vision for creating the civilization we now know as Egypt. That’s why it popped up so quick and so hard, it had lots of tech help.

  6. George
    I heard a recent radio interview of Michael Cremo of Forbidden Archeology fame who mentioned that a human foot print had been found in South Africa in a layer of rock that was 570 million years old. That’s VERY interesting if true!! Humans also tend to have a 25 hour biological cycle if kept away from sunlight for very long periods of time. Mars has a 25 hour day. Could we be ancestors of a long dead martian race?

  7. “big ponders here:
    One is – did they know (or did aliens coach them?) ”

    Phew.. My wife is insistent that I keep my views on religion to myself. Maybe she’s right.

    My view From reading ancient texts is that the supreme being created us to survive here.
    Where the vast religions have developed is from man changing the basic laws given to fit their desires.
    Such as killing an illigitament child by bashing it on a rock then killing the mother. Or killing the children that you see disrespecting their parents. Rape,murder,cannibalism,child sex and marriage etc. None of which is in the basic laws of the creator.
    Each religion has offshoots of these perverted laws created by man. Like my religion the prophet that started our religion taught to kill any children born that was racially mixed.
    In the religions today in our country for an example we pick and choose what verses we will acknowledge. In some countries they follow the books to the letter.
    Ever seen a terrorist bomber that was an adult man..nope women and children. In many of these countries women and children have no value
    Years ago at one place I worked they hired a refugee from Pakistan the only reason he moved here was to make enough to buy 12 wives. He thought I and another male coworker should be put to death because we let women tell us what to do.
    They let him go when he told the director she was an old cow and if she was in his country he would beat her for talking to him like that.
    So my thought is the creator developed us so that we could survive here. Left some to direct us and guide us.(the watchers)
    Now do I believe yes.. But remember Christ was crucified because he didn’t live according to the very laws we preach today.
    I believe in angels or multi delusional beings looking after us.
    Its mankind in all our greed and violence that has perverted the original simple directions given.

    • A really good old friend that passed a while back. Needed a housekeeper in one of the six countries while he was stationed there a long time ago. When he tried to hire a housekeeper he Found out women weren’t allowed to work or hold a job. He had to buy a woman to get a housekeeper.
      He of course went to the slave auction and bought his housekeeper..eventually they fell in love got married and lived a long rich life together. (She became Americanized and he insisted she get an education where she became very influential in the field she you knew who was the boss in that family. I still visit with the family no one knows that I know the full story. )
      I think before he passed on they were husband and wife for close to seventy years give or take five or ten years.

  8. Before the advent of antibiotics, 43% of all deaths were from infections.

    People didn’t live long enough, or eat crappy enough food for all these exotic conditions to show up.

    And religion is simply a cultural system for controlling the people. The tyranny of the priesthood, as the theosophists labeled it, did not manifest until patriarchal cultures showed up, which is a relatively new phenomenon. A priestess is a guide or leader, a priest is a tyrant.

    • All leaders weather priest for the mayor or the president or parent has the ability to convince those who look up to them to do things that they’ve never done before.

      That’s why the normal kits kids today do not have the the ability to show us where we’re going .
      number one their memory has been erased upon death.


  9. Tart cherry extract kicks gout’s ass, and can lower blood pressure–knew someone whose experienced pain relief and their toe didn’t get cut off due to gout.

    Interesting research, still one kinda wonders how ‘grain brains’ made it this far along.

  10. If we ever get a more reliable insight into the missing 30 years or so of Jesus’ life Christianity might be able to reform itself into a more believable belief system and, hopefully, fact-based one. I honestly think the source of “faith-based” belief systems is rooted in the ignorance relied upon by the early Catholic Church to better control the general population.

    As I’ve said before, after Nicaea just about all of the New Testament should be taken with a grain of salt. I prefer Biblical versions written by Jewish researchers such as Dr. David Stern who is Jewish and, therefore, steeped in that culture’s traditions and nuances rather than any Americanized versions that play to our Western culture. If the Vatican ever comes out with some long lost codex or scrolls that shed light on the life and training of the Christ, as I believe it eventually will, it will induce a much needed overhaul to Christianity in general.

  11. “…as I was reading and writing the latest on the Chronicle Project’s latest outputs.”

    I check their website every now and then to see if they’ve published a new report but the latest verses and book interpretations date back to 2015. Are these outputs private or can we subscribe? Haven’t heard anything from Chris in a while but, then again, I’m merely a consumer while you’re a person that has time to think, George.

  12. Hi yall–
    If you know anyone with an autoimmune disease, tell them to look into low-dose Naltrexone.
    This is an Rx medication that is usually used to block opioid receptors in the brain. The commercial dose is 50 mg. However, in doses of 3 to 6 mg given once nightly at bedtime, it often normalizes the immune system. So Crohn’s patients stop bleeding in their bowels, MS patients get better pain control, less fatigue and depression.
    Also in the case of alcoholism, Naltrexone makes some alcoholics (not all–mostly those with alcoholism in the family history) indifferent to the second drink.
    Here are some links, if interested;

  13. Human-Animal Hybrids

    If you have published something on Eugene M McCarthy, PhD, genetics expert on hybridization, I have missed it.

    I did not have time on Friday to look up references and post, so I am doing it now.

    Here is an article that references his work. I post this because it is an easier read than navigating his website:

    Here is his website:

    This puts the use of porcine organs in humans, and the proscription of eating pork, in a whole new light.

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