Coping: Radio Appearance Tonight

No, I have not personally orchestrated a global financial hiccup in order to add drama to my radio appearance, but…

1.  I will be on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory from 12 midnight to 2 AM Central (10 PM to Midnight Pacific.  And if you’re on the East Coast, you’re already so dad-gum smart you probably know the time already.

But just to make sure, especially for readers who happen to work in government, that would be when it’s dark and the little hand is on the one…

2.  NO!  I am not that George Ure – the one whose name appears in the current Journal of Clinical Virology as a contributor to a study “Performance of Determine Combo and other Point-of-Care HIV Tests Among Seattle MSM.”

That’s my son, George II.  And yes, Dad is always proud of resume fodder.  Same kid who won a Seattle-King County Red Cross Hero of the Year award for disaster work in Joplin, MO a couple of years back…and who has been doing range-testing of texting extension thingy under canopy for some New York RF engineering outfit.  Getting 14.4 miles out of it…but more on that some other morning.

Dad is hounding him to finish his paramedic cert and go the physician assistant route…but I never listened to my dad, either.  (Especially when he was right about things…)

3.  My left hand is puffed up size of a small golf ball thanks to tripping on a big steel sliding door whizzy down at the hangar on Monday.

After a test flight my mechanic and I noticed the tailpipe of the airplane was missing.  Quipped my fright instructor when he heard  “Maybe it landed on the people who shot at your plane…”  Your lips to God’s ears…

4.  Oilman2 looks at the problem of our addiction to Hypercomplexity as the City of Portland is scheming how to put small generators in water mains to recover some energy.

Now think about this:  We can’t make a car that will run past 100,000 miles, so why do we think such generators are a good idea?  Anyways, over on our site.

5  I was having all kinds of power/electrical issues, if you remember last week…that got me an interesting email from our Chief Astrologer…which I treasure because her advise is always useful and often extensible to other areas of life:

Time to earn my keep as your official astrologer.

In astrology the two major economic planets are Jupiter and Saturn. They represent Yin/Yang energies — Jupiter being the positive, expansive side while Saturn represents the more constrained or conservative down side. Saturn has a 29 yr cycle around the Sun while Jupiter’s revolution around the Sun takes 12 years — although it has another cycle in which every 83 yrs Jupiter will reach the same exact degree where it was located 83 yrs before. This second Jupiter cycle is still not widely known, even among astrologers. It could very well relate to the 83 year cycle you touched on, however.

Just as you are attempting to compare historic economic themes and/or generalized events with current events, it is possible to track the astrological correspondence of planet placements from the past with present planetary placements. Let’s focus on Saturn since it is tracking your comparative dates nearly perfectly. We’ll save Jupiter’s cycle for another time.

Background fact to understand the following comparison – each sign has 30 degrees.

You mention that you equate the time around Dec 15th, 2015 with June 7th 1928. On Dec 15, 2015 Saturn was at 9 deg 13 min of Sagittarius. NOTE that in June 1928 Saturn was traveling in the mid degrees of the same sign Sagittarius.  It was more specifically at 15 deg 58 min Sagittarius, having reached the 9 deg 13 min Sagittarius around Nov 25th, 1927. However, Saturn is going retrograde as well in 1928. Astrologically the difference in placement between 1928 and Dec 15, 2015 is only about 6 degrees of arc out of a potential 360 deg. Statistically negligible.

If you want to check out any other dates both from the past with current ones to see if Saturn aligns with both periods, see this table of dates for Saturn’s entry into a new sign, where it will stay for approximately 30 months [with minor exceptions at the beginning and end of that span of time] The table covers the years 1900 through end of 2025.

At the more detailed level, the following table shows Saturn’s exact position for every day between Jan 1 1900 through 2025. Instead of astrological symbols, both tables use the first two letters of each sign in order from Aries through Pisces. Just find the Saturn column on the right side of the page, then scroll up or down to your comparison date.

Not having heard back from you, I’m trusting this information and that I sent yesterday is getting through despite Mercury’s slowdown.


I’d love to tell you her name, but please do visit her valuable website at….  (Yes, it works.)

OK, about her you’re thinking “Why would George – a serious fellow – mention all this stuff to us?”

Answer: Here’s the thing:  That 83-year cycle sure gets kind of “familiar looking.”  Remember our 2001 work on an 83.5 year economic cycle?  Well, here we go.  The stars may have gotten there first.

Anti-Gravity Research

Oh?  I haven’t had time to do too much work on our anti-gravity investigations.  However, one of our subscribers who we chatted with my email got our follow-up notes bounced, so I thought I would post the notes publicly because there are interesting to anyone on the trail…

Hi (redacted but he is a famous engineer who lives in California but is nameless for now)

Elaine and I thoroughly enjoyed our chat with you – so many ideas!!!

I told you I would send along a few notes – so here goes:

1.  I have been fascinated with the idea of anti-gravity.  Intuitively, we ought to be able to use electricity and or magnetics to “get there” – but there are plenty of obstacles.

For example, we have done almost no research in looking for anomalies that may occur around electromagnets at specific frequencies.  Again, intuitively, when we consider the often-reported profile of UFO’s, for example, we find there are  (Occam’s Razor here) only a few things that could be going on in that “saucer” part of such craft.  (Their existence is a long discussion, but there are enough sightings that it seems possible).

One is that the outer ring could contain a coil, while the second possibilities is that it could be a rotating mass, whether solid or liquid (and perhaps even plasma).

I have looked high and low on the internet and I have not been able to find anyone who has taken either simple magnets, nor complex magnets and has actually done a “DC to daylight” frequency sweep of energized magnetics in search of effects.  Weight, acceleration, etc.

Yet there is something to be learned from such an exercise?   We have a tantalizing experiment done by Boyd Bushman – interviewed on YouTube over here:

He did an experiment that was simple:  He dropped magnets from a height of 6-stories, or so.  Magnets (strong ones)  – held in opposition – fell slower than did magnets in the “normal mode” (attracting).

2. Near as I can tell, Bushman/Skunkworks was likely working in this area (which we can describe as GRU (gravity reduction units) from at least the 1980’s on.

Bushman (as a result of his Lockheed work)  held a patent on using multiple coils to “focus” magnetics;

I also mentioned in our conversation that there was a delightful website run by my friend Robert Nelson up in Nevada called Rex Research and among his savory collection of goodies is a page on Bushman:

3. Another thing that has been rattling around in my head  is that when we generalize the lore about anti-gravity (which abuts teleportation, inter-dimensional travel, etc.) we find an intriguing set of similarities that seem to come down to magnetics, high voltages, other than DC frequencies, and operating with some effect on the collapsing wave front of the Dirac which we think of as the Here and Now.

To the point:

The Philadelphia Experiment (watch the TV segment)

High powered magnetics (degaussing equipment) and high power apparatus.

The Montauk Project was a later attempt to approach the subject matter in a more reasoned way.  Fewer people have heard of the Montauk Project but there are plenty of good videos on the topic here:

Last, but not least (there is a ton more reading on and elsewhere), there is a tantalizing book that is simply called “The Fog” – and it was written by a pilot who describes surviving a time/space warping “fog” in the Bermuda Triangle.

What makes this so fascinating is that the pilot was able to successfully survive the event by using only air-powered instruments – because the dimension warping “fog” impacts electronics and magnetics.

Again, this bears on my point that there is something to be learned from a systematic study looking for either time or weight anomalies.

That book is The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon

As to the weight part, an apparatus which holds the test material out of the direct magnetic influence of a test solenoid or coil (2-3 X diameter) is relatively trivial to build.

Similarly, taking a page from the UFO layout, a simple, lightweight crystal oscillator, inside the coils being tested, would be expected to change frequency somewhat, based on Doppler-shift which would be expected in the vicinity of any such anomaly.

4. Last, but not least, I wanted to mention that there may be something else to consider here.  Topological anomalies.

It occurred to me that in a relatively even space/time environment, exciting a topological anomaly (such as a Mobius strip, which is largely a single-sided object) might prove interesting as well.

There are occasional references to  topological anomalies in scattered locations (example:

But one ready source is an  old NASA Tech Brief on their invention of a Mobius resistor which uses the topological anomaly to good purpose by providing a major reduction in inductance and thus a kind of super-low reactance resistor:

And that, in turn, gets us to asking if there is something special about how magnetic flux works/flows in a Mobius.

Last, but not least, there is a discussion of various anomalous topologies (as related to the woo-woo area of life force transformers) but that gets to be interesting when you consider the notion of two interleaves Mobius coils, each excited magnetically such that they would repel over their entire (closely proximate) single surfaces.

Measuring auras is not something we do, but measuring for weight change when excited, or distortion of space/time (frequency offset from a crystal oscillator within an anomalous field) is certainly something that can be objectively measured.

At the end of the day, I want something that will fit in a shoebox and will provide a modest reduction 10-20% of local gravity effects by nibbling aty the edge of the full-blown phenomena.  (Imagine the increase in performance of our old airplane, right?)

The way to do this would be to simply is high-powered pulsed DC (which could be done in the 1-10 KW range, depending on duty cycle) using simple electronics.

But the first problem is to find the specific anomaly – and to do that, it really comes down to that matter of doing DC-daylight sweeps using first single frequency pulses and a single magnet, and then two magnets (after Bushman) and then attempting a similar sweep using Mobius or anomalies to see if any effects can be found.

It might also be instructive to evolve and feed a Bushman coil, but that seems like a lower probability of success because if it were a simple answer, Lockheed would never have allowed the patent to lapse.

For now, the best increases in aircraft performance are found in exploiting the modified lift effects of plasma, an in particular, using plasma to adjust airflow separation (hence boundary layer adhesion) to alter airfoil performance.

There are plenty of papers on the next about this, here’s a good one that offers a fair bit of background  The problem, however is that plasma manipulation falls short of two of my design wishes.

A.  It requires installation of a permanent nature on the aircraft and the odds of the FAA allowing that on a type-approved aircraft is about zero.  Putting our plane into the Experimental category is not a problem, but the inspections and paperwork to get it back into the type approved category would be something else.

B. The power required to generate enough plasma to have an effect at low speeds would likely exceed the power of our old airplane (150 HP, but every one of those horses is need to keep it in the air, lol…)

If you had any scraps of that old ultra-permeability core material from the earthquake sensor project laying around, I know I fellow would could use it for experiments one of these days…

Meantime, I have ordered another odd book for my collection:

The diary and sundry observations of Thomas Alva Edison

At least I won’t be the first guy to skip the math and head to the lab to ask “What works?”

Very best regards,

And to you, as well.

More with George Noory tonight…

Write when you break-even,


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8 thoughts on “Coping: Radio Appearance Tonight”

  1. Do UFOs operate on some electromagnetic principle that produces antigravity?

    I have pondered for some time over the many reports of electronics going offline in the presence of UFOs. We don’t hear much on this anymore; perhaps they have learned to ‘shield’ these effects. We could assume that without shielding, an oscillating EMF from the UFO drive could ‘beat’ with a radio, alternator and other electronic devices and cause them to stop functioning.

    But why would ‘they’ shield just to prevent our radios from working?

    The early UFO ‘crashes’ usually happened when UFOs were in the presence of a military radar facility. So, if the radar frequency happened to be at a degenerative harmonic of the frequency of the UFOs drive oscillating frequency, perhaps it could interfere in the same manner. There are not that many reported ‘crashes’ anymore, so the shielding could have been developed to prevent crashes and this is why we don’t hear about electronic interference anymore.

    Just rambling – –

  2. Antigravity ships have been flying since the 1940’s. Disclosure issues today center more on how to tell the masses about the technology that has been around for a long time, and not just about ET’s. Tompkins has first hand experience with this, starting with attending debriefings of US spies coming out of Nazi Germany. At 93 years old, he did 4 hours of interview with Rense recently. This is the first of four books.

    There are also some good videos by Stan Deyo on YouTube about his experiences with existing antigravity vehicles. They sent him to Australia and pulled his passport for over a decade to keep him quiet on the subject.

    Certain parties are promoting the idea that at at least 90% of the ufo’s seen are man made. There is some pretty solid evidence available that this is true.

  3. Let’s not miss the dePalma experiments with drop velocities of spinning objects, nor the Aspen effect. (the late Harold Aspden) Aspen did experiments regarding the energy it took to accelerate a wheel from standstill to some arbitrary speed, like 5000rpm. He would take the wheel from zero to speed and measure the energy it took to accelerate it. Then he would stop the wheel and do it again. Funnily enough, the longer the wheel was stationary, the more energy it took to get back up to speed. Break point was about a minute. Less than a minute and it took less energy even though the wheel started from zero rpm each time.

    Go figure. Aether has mass I guess…

    Your friend,

  4. I highly recommend the book “Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion” by paul Laviolette. It’s been a while, but covered a propulsion method in which the leading edge of the “wings” of the wing-shaped craft contained an embedded wire of sorts, and the engine at the center of the craft spewed out ions of an opposite polarity to that in the wire. In other words, it propelled itself “by its own bootstraps.” I thought of this years later upon reading an announcement on Yahoo News that Obama’s new Air Force One utilized free energy in case of an EMP attack. I went on to the next story, but decided no one would believe such a thing so returned with the intention of printing it. The sentence was gone! I have no idea how to use the Wayback Machine to retrieve the sentence..and likely the gov’t would have thought of scrubbing it there too.

  5. John Searl: SEG (Searl Effect Generator) rotating magnets produce anti-gravity.

    David Hudson: ORME (orbitally rearranged monoatomic element) change weight with temperature.

    Both have interesting lectures on YouTube.

    • Seconded. ORME (a.k.a. ORMUS) and the (recent) history of David Hudson is well worth research time.

  6. Hi
    a fine selection of links today, though I’d already got a lot of them bookmarked ;)
    haven’t delved seriously into anti-g yet,
    but I do like the look of some of the multiple gyroscope concepts (I’d be tempted to make a steam driven one…..)

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