Strange, but super short Coping this morning.

Overnight, my faithful travel alarm clock – that ran on a single 1.5 volt double A battery – decided to quit working.  I’ve had it since 1990 and to get that much use out of something is amazing in today’s “easy to break” world.

I knew this was coming at some level because two weeks ago I ordered a new alarm from Amazon.

Last weekend I checked and that order for some reason wasn’t showing in their system.


So I ordered another alarm clock.

It should be in next week (back ordered) so in some ways, I was not surprised to see the first bits of daylight when the brain woke up on its own.

This is not to inflict too much woo-woo into things, but there you have it:  And extra hour and a half of sleep.  Super short columns.

And the realization that maybe there’s a reason out there in the Universe for my needing to sleep in late today.

Just no telling.

Long-winded Coping tomorrow at its usual time when the topic will be “The Not-Forever Problem.”

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