Coping: Oh-zone on the Range…

…Where the deer and the antelope play. Where seldom is heard….


Got off into the weeds there (not that kind) thinking about our latest experiment in personal health and wellness.

A little story as background: When I was a child (back when television wasn’t around) I had athsma something terrible. Then, along in about 1963, or so, there was this company called Puretron that came out with a dandy air purifying system.

It was solidly built – made basically out of a steel box. Inside the box was a fan which drew air in through about a 3” by 4” filter. And from there, the air was routed through a compartment where there were two germicidal ultra-violet lights.

To make a long story short, the air that came out of this thing was amazing to breath. It wasn’t super-high in ozone, but enough so that I could feel its effects.

Fast-forward to six months back (I told you about negative ions if you look through the article index) and I picked up a used EdenAire G-7 area air cleaner.

We used it a bit now and then, because when we turned on the ozone function,l it really cleared the house of cooking odors and the like.

A little background about Ozone: The government doesn’t like it – and it is mixed up with perceptions about pollution. But that may be because ozone is O3 – instead of the normal O2 molecules of normal air.

As such, ozone is considerably more reactive than “normal air” – and there are some things (like soft plastic seals and rubber seals) that ozone ages with a vengeance.

Ozone has a slight pungency to it, which I think of as fresh burned air, which is how it is manufactured – with high-intensity ultra violet light.  Or high voltage plates.

On the other hand – and to avoid having to deal with the Fooled and Drugged Administration I will tell right here that I am not selling anything and to go do your own research and talk to your healthcare provider – BUT there is possibly something about cancer that doesn’t seem to get out there much – and that’s the importance of serious cell-level oxygenation. And in some countries, treatment with ozone is considered close to standard, from what I’ve read (but I’m no doctor, yada, yada, I want to call my lawyer, etc.).

One line of inquiry is whether ozone might work like hyperbaric chambers which (drug companies will hate) actually seem to have some anti-cancer properties…But again, where are the double-blinds, the control groups, and what about my lawyer call?

Fast forward to last week: With my eyes coming back on line, and having a dangerously fast clicker-finger, a Puretron unit came up for sale on eBay. So for $35 (and free shipping) I picked on up.

Within minutes, there was another bid and for $29 bucks, four spare UB lights and two filters for the unit were snagged on BIN (buy it now, in case you still have your brain on the nightstand).

Now, I have been really clear on this, but so there is no mistake, I am the world’s biggest negative ion addict. When I am about after a lightning storm, or when there’s an ozone machine around, or around a water fall (and the shower in the morning is close) it’s like throwing a triple shot Americano tall on my brain with a shake.

Now, I am not suggesting that you look into ozone machine, or that you spend money on them.

But we like the effects – a small one in my office is on 24-7 and the one in the house (the EdenAire) has a one hour cycle of 20 minutes of ozone and 40 minutes of fan that works well.  New UV-light for it was found on Amazon for what we call “budget dust.”

Toss all that in with the negative ions off 3-1/2 inches of rain and at least for a day or three, I will be deliriously happy, not to mention well oxygenated.

With a lube, oil, and filter coming up right after the fourth of July (and they want me to make this a fasting visit for a blood draw), I’m debating whether I should even mention this or the fact that I’m taking the Life Extension 500 mg chromium picolinate which really does level out blood sugar, or at least that is what it feels like. But again, this is not an endorsement, but just a personal research note you may want to look into and discuss with your healthcare professional. Member FDIC. I want to talk to my lawyer.

But I like ozone, and I don’t see it as the uber bad stuff – and in fact, the One
Worlder’s fret about holes in the Ozone Layer as being bad for humanity.

It would be nice to see government departments (warming and FDA) to synch up their stories, but near as I can figure, different paymasters will get different endorsements.

Because I have a pretty good idea who reports to whom in the great scheme of complexity and ozone ain’t getting the respect it deserves.

90 Days in Hell Texas

I mentioned in the Monday column that we are now into what we refer to in these parts as the 90-days in Hell that makes living in East Texas more of a challenge than the miserable state of local roads.

It’s not that the heat is so bad – a mere 89F on Monday. But what makes it uncomfortable is the high humidity. It is simply not possible to dump 3-1/2 inches of rain on the ground one day, and have temps into the low 90’s the next, without wondering if this is the testing site for deodorants, or just what-all.

Elaine’s back into the summer habit of putting frozen goods into quilted double-layered freezer bags, and even this doesn’t assure things will remain solidly frozen for the short ride home.

Not like East Texas is alone in this: Down Houston way, warmer and wetter, it’s even worse.

Out in the Hill Country, north of San Antonio, up through Bandera and on into Kerrvile, it’s much the same, but with the drier desert lands out west, not quite so…drippy.

Prepping for such weather is not something we have gotten too serious about yet. For now, there is electricity and we have enough solar gain on all but cloudy days to huddle in the UrbanSurvival office and surf the web if things ever came to that.

Eventually, though, I keep thinking about putting in some kind of small underground home in addition to the house. But even this is fraught with “issues” let’s call them.

First is the local wildlife is always looking for a home, and a buried container, which sounds OK on paper, with a pond liner and some I-bars to solid-up the roof, sounds like it would be workable. And yes, maybe it would hold 67 year round.

But that gets us to the matter of ventilation for such a structure. After the kind of rains we’ve had around here, the septic gets cranky for a day or three and that means that any underground home would need to include either a French drain set-up, or you’d need to put in a sump, and pump and now you’re back tied to power requirements.

Ditto cooling the air, too.

I made up plans a couple of years back to build a large underground heat sink which would be comprised of 200-feet of plastic pipe – 8-inch diameter – and buried down 6-7 feet. I figured that back-filled, it would supply almost unlimited and very cool air into the office.

The problem, though, was working out another low point in the design where water could accumulate. If it could be managed, a simple 12V or 24V fan, like the good ones from West Marine, might give a very cheap cooling solution.

But the sump problem vexed that project out of existence. While I’m sure it could be done, anything that let’s out condensation seemed likely to be an onramp for bugs…which is that last thing I wanted having access to the office via 200 feet of pipe. The fresh air in would be easy… a holder for a car-sized air conditioner filter should do fine. Maybe an old pair of nylons draped over the opening as an insurance plan against small critters.

With a 6-foot off the ground intake stack of slippery pastic, it might be OK. But I kept coming back to the sump problem.

We have, like our friends out in the Phoenix area, tried the “misters” for this time of year. But unlike the Valley of the Fried, here in the humid south, the swamp coolers don’t work, and the effect of the misters is to turn sweat into watered down basting fluid…along the lines of chicken broth for salt content.

I haven’t got too much to complain about in terms of air conditioning. We slowly increase the ambient temp to 78-79 by the end of summer. Come September, it will go down 2-degrees per month for 4 months and then start the annual increases again in the spring.

I’m in no particular hurry to get outdoors and working hard…at least until October. Once the eyes are back to 100%, the next problem will be finding a new excuse. Right now the concept of “Can’t see snakes” is playing well to that small audience of one.

Toss in a trip out of state to see the kids and it should be a lot less than a full 90-days of heat. If I can figure out how to afford 3-weeks of vacation (you’d think it would be easy when ‘retired’ but it’s not) plus maybe a side trip or two, we could be down to 9-weeks at the

Texas baking temp of 350F.

I apologize in advance for whining about the heat so much, but it’s true even the devil wouldn’t hang around Texas in the summer.

Instead, she’s up North campaigning.

When some damn fool back in historical times declared “The Sooth Shall Rise Again!” I’m sure it had nothing to do with race or politics.

It was a warning about summers temps south of the Mason-Dixon 90 day Sauna markers.  April shows bring May flowers north of there.  June showers bring live steam further south.

Write when you get rich, or send a bag of ice.

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  1. Too long ago to remember exactly where I read it – there was an article about the difference between the ozone-hole type ozone (which is ‘nasty’) and the mild localized stuff that an ozone machine such as you have (or the nice smell after a thunderstorm). In other words – ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff!’

    • Not everything is a conspiracy!

      It’s been an on-going, serious problem with many, many deaths due to mis-use of guns! Who better to comment on it than the members of the military. (Insane people who are egged on by ill-thought out speech will commit murderous crimes. That is why politicians and others such as religious leaders need to ‘take care’ about the content of their message, else it will most assuredly ‘bite them in the butt.’)

      Given that there are only 365 days in a year – is there supposed to be ‘a time limit’ between announcing a new program, such as the one referenced above, and when something awful happens that impacts said program? Really?!

      • If it walks like a skunk, smells like a skunk and looks like a skunk – I am going with it being a skunk. You can risk getting sprayed if you believe it isn’t a skunk.

        Exactly – there were 364 OTHER DAYS this could have been announced, so why this serendipitous happenstance?? The odds favor a non-alignment rather than an alignment of the dates.

        Most gun deaths are suicides – go and read up a little.

        Hammering on an assault weapons ban is crazy, because with just a little work my semi-auto hunting rifle can be made to fire the same way, and it is something you can do in your garage.

        Insanity?? Watch gun and ammo sales climb again in the next few weeks, producing the exact OPPOSITE of what the slimeballs are purporting to want! So who is really insane here?

      • Honey, did you know that over 200,000 people die in hospitals each year from wrong diagnosis, and wrong medications? Why are you not UP IN ARMS over that? Do you know the actual gun murder statistics? It is nice that you post, but to post without doing your research just furthers the ignorance. Do you know where MOST of the gun murders occur in the United States? IF you do NOT know even the correct answer to those questions, then you have to go educate yourself so that a) you will post the truth, and b) you can expose your family and friends to the TRUTH!

      • (Insane people who are egged on by ill-thought out speech will commit murderous crimes. That is why politicians and others such as religious leaders need to ‘take care’ about the content of their message, else it will most assuredly ‘bite them in the butt.’),

        Unfortunately, it will not ‘bite them in the butt.’ It’s always plebs vs. plebs!! ;-(

  2. Hitler gave an order of protection to the Jew (Otto Warburg) who discovered that cells could be made cancerous, healthy, and back again based on oxygen levels. The man got a Nobel prize for his work. The Kreb Cycle guy was either his protege, or protege of his protoge. Despite all the things that cause cancer, I wonder if it all boils down to disruption of an oxygenation cycle somewhere.

    • Warburg’s quote from wikipedia: “Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”

      —?Otto H. Warburg

      Even though this was supposedly refuted or downgraded, I do believe he was onto something! What is roundup/glyphosate sprayed on crops and turns into ANTIbiotic effect on the gut. What is obesity? What is sugar? What is high carb? What is highly processed food?

  3. Cuenca has four rivers running through it, and I’m a half block from the largest one. All have linear parks on each side, so we do a couple of river walks daily and get our ozone fix from the rushing water. Ozone makes you feel terrific. I love the smell of ozone after a good lightning strike. Thank you nature.

  4. Hi George,
    Changed my email. You may or may not recall i live in Montana where 25% humidity is high. We came down to Houston yesterday, passing through Palestine and seeing all the flood waters everywhere. We got off of I-45 due to some flooding. My father-in-law is pretty sharp about such things. I say this every year during the spring thaw and I am saying it now. I hate soggy.
    On another subject, I really empathize with your eye surgeries. I have had three in my left eye and four in my right eye, which they screwed up and I lost my vision in that eye, due to retina problems due to being three mnths premature. Keep up the good fight.

  5. What ozone unit are you using in your office space? The number of small units on Amazon is sort of over-whelming…



  6. A good financial move on an active shooter day, is to buy gun stocks, they jumped up in price the day after Orlando, Sandyhook, and VATech shootings. Then sell while there up.

  7. I take an ice chest in the car when I go to the grocery store in the summer. Saves on ice cream.

  8. Oxygen therapy is taught in medical training for killing cancer, Doctors forget their training. At least I hope they just forget. After all the side effect of chemo is a more evasive cancer, “fact!

    Friends and the wife of the Orlando shooter say he was gay and hung out at that bar he shot up. Wish the media wouldnt try to confuse me, Im old and get grouchy when confused!

  9. The secret to underground in humid climates is to either bury in the side of a hill, or mound around it with the container raised so there is drainage space under it. A small 12v fan with a solar cell/car battery just to move the air will eliminate condensation problems. Condensation occurs because of temp differentials which the fan will eliminate.

    And here in vilcabamba, we get east wind 300 days a year, air that comes directly from the cloud forest.

  10. Years ago, I watched a dying old man get wheeled into a doctor’s office where alternate therapies were offered. He was the color of cigarette ashes and the VA had sent him home to die with his daughter of emphysema, as they used to call it. His other children had relented and allowed her to detour to this office because he was given only hours to live and was 91 and unconscious. They figured it would not prolong his agony.

    The doc put hydrogen peroxide solution into a vein. I came back the next day and our old veteran was there again, but rosy cheeked and awake. I conversed with him and his daughter while getting a different treatment. Two days after that, he walked into the office alone, greeting me by name. No more wheelchair. I asked where his daughter was and he said,”Oh, she took the elevator and I took the stairs.” A physician I met there who was also a patient, told me he had seen this often, as well as gangrenous limbs on diabetics healing. FDA constantly harrassed this doctor, and he finally went home to Russia. Or somewhere. We never found out. My chelation therapy worked, too. And it completely reversed wet macular degeneration in two weeks in that other doctor, who had lost one eye in the war. He came back every so often for follow up treatment. His best friend, the eye doctor who diagnosed the rapid and irreversible blindness was astounded upon examining our veteran doctor, that “The condition does not exist” and asked what had been done. When his physician friend/patient said “Chelation therapy,” the response was that that was not possible.

    Authority worship infects highly educated people the most of any humans, I reckon.

    This Russian doctor, btw, used ozone generators in his bathrooms, and I think did some intravenous ozone for killing critters. Peroxide is easier on the system, as we make it ourselves, so that was what he used to hyper oxygenate tissue really fast. In those days it cost $50 a treatment, so you could theoretically stay alive and kicking for $3000 a month. Except the ozone broke off dead lung cells and new ones took their place. They would cough them up while on the IV, and the nurses would dial the peroxide rate up or down to the expectorating pace the patient chose. Saw it with me own eyes, I did.

    Transformational Breath® does a good job too, but no doctors or needles.

    • I always go to the homeopathy and only use allopathy (western medicine) as a last resort. In eleven years here, that has only been once. The condition came back after antibiotics, but a natural remedy from the flowers of a local plant, got rid of it once and for all. My homeopath gives me IVs of ozone to kill virus, fungus, bacteria and parasites and charges $40. It’s recommended to do this a couple of times a year. There is also a doctor in Cuenca who does oral chelation therapy combined with a hyperbaric oxygen chamber I intend to try. It has been my experience too that these methods work so much better than Western medicine. I appreciate you sharing your experience here Doug.

  11. The cave of Crystals in Mexico is 133 F with a 99% humidity. Life expectancy in the mine is ten minutes.

    Sounds like Texas

  12. My understanding is ozone is not so good for the lungs. They get irritated. They say to put it up your butt like an enema. Ozone machines also need to be fed pure oxygen otherwise not so good stuff gets made too. I have thought about putting together a system, but I never have. It seems to be a complication I don’t need. Better to spend some time with this guy:

  13. Have you ever considered a “swamp cooler” for the outside unit of your heat pump/AC? A set of misters placed a foot or so away from and surrounding the unit so the air is cooled and further humidified may raise the EER and save a few bucks. Drive a water valve from the (coil) of the compressor relay to not waste water, of course… Not a good solution in drought areas, naturally.


  14. I feel your pain. Lived in S. Florida (the only true tropical climate in the continental US) for 30 plus years and from mid-April through mid-October SUCKED.

    Now I’m further north (but still in the South) and summer only lasts from June through mid-September with no pesky 85 degree Christmas.

  15. Move to Florida. Soft tropical breezes, bikinis, cooling afternoon shower, bikinis, pretty little drinks with umbrellas in them. bikinis …

  16. “Elaine’s back into the summer habit of putting frozen goods into quilted double-layered freezer bags, and even this doesn’t assure things will remain solidly frozen for the short ride home”

    Hi George.. hope you eye is doing better.. Have you thought about freeze drying.. for a couple of hundred dollars you can get a decent home freeze dryer.. Or make one.. I alson strongly believe in retort canning. It saves time and money.. when I do the pressure canning stage I use a turkey fryer and that works great.. for freeze drying goods once dried vacuum pack them with a oxygen absorber..
    I love Ozone.. having allergies sucks and have had a home ozone generator saves my sinuses.. now water ozoning.. that is the cats meow. Years ago our water was considered unsafe for human consumption and it was advised everyone put whole house filters and water softeners on for their safety.. ( oh when Jr. got in office he quickly had the standards changed so our water is now safe to drink LOL pretty soon I will have to learn Chinese or move to flint for really clean water LOL) anyway.. after doing some research I put in a water filtration system but decided ok so I have the filter.. next to it I have the UV lighting and next to that the ozonator then through to the water restructuring cylendar then to the faucet..Its quite a setup and took me a while to get it the way I wanted it since they didn’t sell water restructurers back then and the ozonator I got that idea from the hospital and had to make my own using a system that the hospital uses.. but if you get a cup of water to drink it will be in my opinion the best around..Makes for a great cup of coffee.. I see they sell the zuvo water filters now.. which does it all.. I actually have one of those to..

  17. this is my next air conditioner.. I actually visited with the designer who designed it because of issues he had.. the idea was to keep the wet air out of the house and the cool air in.. for really moist area’s they have a hybrid system that uses a small dehumidifier with it.. the difference in cost.. a standard home central air will use 10 killowatts of power the standard coolerado will use 600 watts .. huge difference and can be run with dc power. the cost is comparable to a central air conditioner installation isn’t complicated maintenance is standard..

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