Coping: Nuke Prepped or Nuke Paranoid?

Two phone calls in quick succession Thursday are the set-up for this morning’s column.

One, from my consigliere was to inform me that one of the MSM had run a “scare piece” about how people need to be planning to get out of two in the event a nuclear war ever threatens.  Like you’ll be able to miss the traffic for that one?  Sheesh!

The second call was to my old friend Shane Connor, who you will remember owns down south of Austin.

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I had to call Shane because (after the heads-up on how the public is being programmed – to be afraid)  I was curious how the “regular public” is perceiving the threat posted by the slowly-evolving North Korean situation.

Whether it’s Korea or India-Pakistan, or a lone terrorist, the bottom line is that I think it is inevitable that nuclear weapons will be used again in our lifetime, but I don’t know if it will be Korea or not…” he began.

We chatted a bit.  The usual about the build-up and how people aren’t watching it as closely as they should.

“China and Russia don’t want that (NK) regime toppled – they do not want South Korea standing up to their borders, so they’ll be involved…”

Not unlike our thinking.

“Since the Syria bombing and going toe-to-toe with the Russians – we’re not at Fukushima levels yet – but we have been getting a lot busier over the past six week.”

But as I listened, he was getting at something the more aware readers of UrbanSurvival probably already figured…

“The general public hopes it will all just go away.  But our business has picked up and we are making provisions for a huge ramp-up if needed…:”

But will privately owned radiation detection equipment always be available?

“As you know, when something big happens the phones light up.”

All from the general public?

“We’ve get calls from the government, too…and in the past we’ve been sold out with a single government phone call…”

We talked some more about the reality of nuclear war and what can be done about it.  The topic of a national monitoring network came up, too.

FEMA, DHS and EPA are all trying to get something installed and working.  The problem is they have different objectives.  The EPA stuff, for example, is all aimed at low-level changes – like the immediate plumes off Fukushima.  That kind of equipment would be swamped with a radiological plume from a dirty, fission, or fusion bomb.”

If you go to the and sort of read between the lines you can see where the monitoring is going.  And you can see the beginnings of geo-dispersed ongoing monitoring here.

The technology has been changing, too.

Back in the “old days” of Civil Defense, the main unit out there was the Civil Defense Field Survey Meter.  It was a good instrument but useless for spotting radiation damaged food at low levels in the grocery store, for example.  They had a “floor” of just over 100 MR

The NukAlert-ER is the best of the new tech right now since it has ranges that will get you down to the background radiation levels and all the way up to “Done, stick a fork in me” levels.

But what people don’t seem to understand is that there is a huge difference between an increase in background levels (and yes, Washington, Oregon, and the California coast are now “hotter” but livable, or the really “hot” readings.  The kind you want to be in and out of in five minutes or less.

The NukAlert-ER may be out of your budget, but there is another product that is much less expensive – it’s the NukAlert  “Triage Card.” ($25)

It is a credit-card sized dosimeter.  It changes color depending how many MR or R (milli-Roentgens or Roentgens) you have been exposed to.  Back at the time of Fukushima, Shane had sent me some postage stamp-sized prototypes which we will have in our “just in case” stores.

The Israel’s have these out in a deployed military setting.  They have more than 8,000 units deployed and they’re very happy with how well they work.”

The difference is that there are three kinds of instruments you will want to have handy in event of nuclear exchange:  A low-level Geiger counter type unit, the high level survey meter, and the dosimeter.  Of all of them, the dosimeter is the most important because it is a kind of running tally of how much radiation you have been exposed to.  The NukAlert-ER does it all.

In the past week, I’ve gotten some angry email from people who are upset at how “casually” I talk about the possibilities of nuclear war…a few choice adjectives are included most times.

But that (Panic!!! Leave the Cities!!! Everyone be Afraid!!!) doesn’t sit well with people who have considered the REAL physical – not the moral or PR issues of nuclear war survival skills.

I told you last week – and Shane carries the book too – is Kearney’s “Nuclear War Survival Skills.” 

Shane is on a mission to educate the public about the REALITY of nuclear war, not the media spin and panic because the panic can be used to get the public riled up over the wrong issues.

Most of our products will reassure out customers…because panic will be more widespread than fallout.  Radioactive fallout is like a really thin pizza slice that 95% of people don’t need to worry about if they just stay home and follow recommended practices…” he explains.

Plus, as part of his “Educate the Public!” campaign, he’s been buying ads on the Drudge Report and elsewhere to publicize his website.

I strongly advise you to read it completely,  especially if you’re too busy to read the whole Kearney book – this is the essence of what to do distilled down to about four pages worth of reading.

Shane operates the only private calibration lab in the country and he’s got 700 Roentgen Cesium calibration sources, so he is extremely expert when he offers this:

“What I’m trying to do in that article (on is to answer those people who say “How dare you” talk candidly about survivability. But up to 90% of EXPECTED casualties are 100% AVOIDABLE if the public knew what to do, and what not to.  Think about it:  We can – though education – reduce nuclear lethality of 90%!” 

Shane ran the “Good News” about nuclear war publicity twice in the past.  Once when there was a high risk of a false-flag during the U.S. Presidential election cycle.  The time before that it was when Ukraine was on the verge of “going hot” and that would have involved NATO forces versus the Russians for the land, people, and that Dnieper-Donets Petroleum Reserve which is still outside of the EU’s grasp.

Do I regret thinking and writing that nuclear war as “survivable?” No.  Will it be a happy time with party songs?  No. Of course not.

I apologize if I sometimes sound a bit cavalier about it.  But the word cavalier does mean a “gentleman trained in arms and horsemanship.”

It’s just the arms have gotten a lot bigger.  You need to read from authoritative sources to understand the reality of nukes.

Oh, and try to unplug from the BS-spinning MSM who pander to the ratings gods by playing on your “Fear of the Week.”  Toads and trolls.

This fear is real.  But it’s like car insurance.  You buy a coverage just in case.  Which is why when appropriate, like now, I will refer you to Shane and  his team at

Our well-informed sources tell us you have a month to as many as five.  But better is sooner prepping-wise since the government may call as we get closer.  They know where the survival tools are, just like we do.

Save your real panic for getting to work on time.  Education puts down panic over nuclear ware.  Remember that.

Owning a Triage Card is a bare minimum for coming months, as I see it.  No, that’s not paranoid.  It’s called Prepped.

See you Monday! Or tomorrow for our readers…

Write when you get rich,

23 thoughts on “Coping: Nuke Prepped or Nuke Paranoid?”

  1. “upset at how “casually” I talk about the possibilities of nuclear war”?

    It’s a business model, that’s all! ;-)

    • Yes it is.. the Elite see War as a way to get a higher number on a sheet of paper.. or digital screen.
      The factors they contemplate are statistics and probability.. what they haven’t considered or maybe they have.. is that in the end no one would survive this one.. no matter how good they have prepared.. eventually they will run out of supplies..
      inner battles would emerge among the elite. who would toss the other under which bus.. and the survivors would rot slowly in misery..
      the rich the businessmen are good managers and usually really good at getting what they want.. one factor is usually overlooked.. and that is someone else does it.. for them.. they pull the strings but congress or those working for them do the job.. in the event they succeed.. well no one would be doing it for them.. we don’t realize just what we take for granted till it is gone

      • You touched upon a couple of very cogent areas. I believe the “Elite” have considered survivability and that’s a pretty solid reason why we’re seeing this march to global war: sustainability.

        “…eventually they will run out of supplies…” says it ALL, because our planet is doing just that. It can no longer tolerate the swelling masses of human parasites we have always been.

        For several generations now the birth rate has far outdistanced the opposite: people are living longer and the balance of consumption vs. productivity is lopsided to the point of no return… we quietly passed it about 19 years ago.

        The WHO released a report back in the early 80’s that warned of the Earth’s dwindling resources and how eventually civilisation would die off due to over-population. Trouble is, their figures were wrong and it’s happening about 80 years sooner than their predicted critical levels! Now you start to understand why two hot-button social issues -abortion and homosexuality- have dominated the past 30 years or so… as both promoted lower population.

        TPTB realise that the Earth desperately needs a war that will quickly kill off several billion people if our planet is to survive. A bonus is that fewer people are also easier to control. The only question that has kept them from initiating the ultimate “final solution” is fully identifying the useless eaters and how to cleanly cull them from society. Traditional war between powerful nations has always been the historically successful option, but nuclear fission changed all that due to the resulting environmental destruction. This is also why we have had periodic outbreaks of deadly pathogens such as H1N1, HPAI and their many mutations. These were merely dry runs to test extinction baselines. And so far, they haven’t worked. But, war WILL!

        Just because we no longer hear about ZPG doesn’t mean it’s no longer considered as desireable… now, it is ESSENTIAL.

  2. Just looked up Nukealert ER, and the sales page says “Govt sales only until further notice”.

  3. Not paranoid at all. Team Trump needs the military for a dog n’ pony more than Reagan did after the marine barracks were bombed, more than Clinton did when he was answering questions about sex in the Oval Office and more than GWB did on 09/10/2001.

  4. This is Shane Connor with ki4u. Most of our products we try to steer visitors to buy through our dealers to keep from ever being overwhelmed again if things go Fukushima crazy (20 orders per minute at height of it), though you can still get the NukAlert and ‘The Package’ direct on-line there. However, for now, if any call, we’ll still sell direct anything seen there. But, our most important ‘product’, that’ll save more families than anything anybody sells, is the free information & guidance, starting with Read & share it widely, thanks!

  5. I’ll probably burn in riaa hell for this but I think it applies.

    Don’t worry about the future …
    Or worry but know that
    worrying is as effective as
    trying to solve an algebra
    equation by chewing bubblegum.
    The real troubles in your
    life are apt to be things
    that never crossed your
    worried mind …
    the kind that blindsides
    you at 4pm some idle Tuesday.
    Baz Luhrman

    • “I was prepared for the dragons, it was the spiders that got me” author unknown

      Thank you for that reminder old Librarian :-)

  6. Thanks for the info. I first saw the document’s Civil Defense info over forty years ago when it was distributed to architects for designing shelters in buildings. Info is still valid.

    I am distributing on FB and forum where a member.

  7. I just can`t see how 90% of the population will be able to survive a nuclear war. Even for those who are prepared, how are they going to deal with all
    the nuclear power plants melting down.

  8. (after the heads-up on how the public is being programmed – to be afraid)

    What good would it do to be afraid.
    If you want to be afraid very afraid of something then worry about the fukishima catastrophe…
    In the event that something did happen and an emp did go off and even if you were invited to one of the many bunkers built for the elite.. they are nothing more than tomb’s and eventually their supplies would start to run out causing them to go after each other with an internal battle since.. who is more important. you or me syndrom….
    Our industrial complex is in another country and even if we were to retool america at this point now there is a what five to ten year period to be back where we were in the seventies..
    the material to save us from an emp is all made in china and at this point there is a ten year plus waiting period for supplies..
    if an emp was to hit over the USA it would take us back to the stone age and with our military all deployed to other countries. our nations underbelly is definitely exposed.

    At this point no one would survive. Our libraries are all digital and over priced education that would keep us at the top instead we have dumbed down our youth. we went from an industrial nation to a nation of consumption..
    Now consider a nuclear war the strike maps and the prevailing wind maps and the dead hand policy.. it is pointless..
    So why worry about it.. really.. better to live drink and be merry..

    • “we went from an industrial nation to a nation of consumption.”

      Funny, that’s one point I tried also to repeat. Our future will be determined by our consumption, and NOT by anyone we vote into office. Too bad folks refuse to acknowledge an “inconvenient” truth.

  9. For those who think its futile to prep for nukes…

    Anyone can construct a scenario where it would be so bad that death would be largely inescapable for most, and envied by many who still remained, but to not teach people what to do if it was anything less than that would be akin to a father that would not let his children wear their seat belts because he was convinced that the only accident they’d could ever get into would be in flying off a cliff where seat belts would do no good. I think most would agree that that attitude would not only be wrong, but an immoral and ludicrous assumption.

    Nobody knows how big, how many or how close nukes might come, not to learn what to do if any got unleashed. But, people won’t bother seeking out such guidance if convinced it’d always, and could only be, too overwhelming, ineffective & futile to ever have tried.

    Regarding the disruption of markets and services for an extended period afterwards, without a doubt that’s a huge issue, but here again, nobody knows how many areas will be affected or not. I assume the worst locally for the reader, though, and in the followup document that points and urges all to read next, we address exactly that in some detail. I don’t sugarcoat that they may well be on their own for a very long time and need to get their head around all that now and prep for it.

    Will it be enough for all if everybody in America was taught and embraced all that’s suggested there that they learn and do, probably not, but it will still help many and for more than a few it could well be the difference between life & death for their families.

    History is replete with examples of how hard families strove through dire circumstances to escape them, and for that remnant here, and perhaps for the sake of our own children, we’d be smart to provide all the tools we can to ensure there will be as many of them prepared as possible.

    I see little downside to teaching people what to do and not do if nukes ever get unleashed, and a great, and unnecessary, risk for all here, if our country fails to do so in-time beforehand.

    There’s a lot of self-fulfilling prophecy that’ll go on here when nukes get unleashed. For those who think they can survive and especially for those who think they can’t, they will both largely be right. That’s because for those who think they can’t, that it’s futile to try, they won’t ever bother to learn how they might could have, and then the odds are stacked against them that they ever could, not even for a single small one.

    Bottom Line; Nobody knows how many nukes will get unleashed or how close they’ll be, but even the least of them is un-survivable for the un-prepared who wrongly thought it futile to ever try to learn how.

    Make sense?

    – Shane

  10. Hi, George–could you clarify this sentence “Our well-informed sources tell us you have a month to as many as five.” Do you mean 1-5 months to nuclear war, 1-5 months to prep, 1-5 months for peace??

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