Coping: My Calculator is My Sword

(Back at the Ranch)  With our cruise delightfully free of small children and ringing phones, I had some time over the past week to sit back and reflect on one of the most genuine economic problems there is.

The little ones (how to accumulate wealth and how to keep at least up with the market) have only taken  a dozen years, or so, to overcome.

This other problem, though – that of benchmarking the world  — has proven more difficult.

There are economic answers, don’t get me wrong.  The world, as of now, has global gross domestic product by country of a bit under $78-trillions dollars.

It is a shock to the American ego to realize in GDP,  Europe is actually bigger:  This Wikipedia list is very revealing:


So, how many illegals are in the European Union?

This gets to me to asking some of those “hard to answer questions” that the modern, corporatized, me-too, neutered media don’t want to seem to ask.

How does the “Syria problem” of refugees stack up with the Obama administration-backed swamping of the US Border by Central and South Americans?

Let’s look at a Europe Union website here for the answer:

An estimated 9 million Syrians have fled their homes since the outbreak of civil war in March 2011, taking refuge in neighbouring countries or within Syria itself. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over 3 million have fled to Syria’s immediate neighbours Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. 6.5 million are internally displaced within Syria. Meanwhile, under 150,000 Syrians have declared asylum in the European Union, while member states have pledged to resettle a further 33,000 Syrians. The vast majority of these resettlement spots – 28,500 or 85% – are pledged by Germany.

See that highlight in yellow?:

Fact #1:  Europe is committed to only 183,000 Syrian refugees, so far.

Now comes the calculation no one is going to believe, except me, because of what the data says:

The population of the European Union is what?

Fact #2:  Europe’s population was 742.5 million in 2013.

Fact $3:  Simple math:  183,000 divided by 742.5 million is what?  0.00024646464.

Which we turn into a percent by whacking two zeros off the left:   0.024646464 percent.

Which is?  Two-one-hundredths of ONE PERCENT.

OK, easy enough to calculate and yes, those liberal bastards of Europe are getting whipped up over a 2/100th’s of one percent issue.

The American Case

Now let’s do the same thing with illegal immigration into the US from Mexico just so we can see whose sh-t stinks, shall we?

Fact # 1:  The population of the USA is presently about 318.9 million, shall we?

Fact #2:  The are 11-million illegal refugees already in the United States.  And that’s a 2005 – 10-year old number.  It is higher today.

I’m kidding, right?  Sadly, no.  Google it yourself here:

11 million

According to the same Pew Hispanic Center study as of March 2005, the undocumented U.S. population had reached 11 million or more, including more than 6.5 million undocumented Mexicans, which is around 60% of all unauthorized immigrants.

Fact #3:  Simple Math:  11 million divided by 318.9 million is  0.03449357

Which we also turn into a percentage by sliding the decimal point two places to the right.  So it now reads 3.449357 percent.

If you really have an inquiring mind and want to separate media hysteria and histrionics from facts so that you might make cool, sound decisions about how the mass media manipulates populations and keeps them whipped up, divided, and thus under control of the ruling class, there are few things more powerful that what?

A calculator and a brain.

That’s because we can look at the data available from most any web browser (with a good bit of it traceable back to ‘offishul’ sources) and see that once again, America is being played.

The two key numbers you should be able to work out (but I’m going to help you anyway, since this ain’t no math test) are these:

183,000 total Syria refugees, divided into the US’s 11-million illegals from Mexico is what?


Which means?

We have SIXTY FRIGGING TIMES MORE ILLEGALS THAN EUROPE and yet some EU member states are already compelled to build fences.

That speaks volumes about a) how stupid Americans are when comes to actual borders, b) how the leftist bullshit in Europe doesn’t really work when the rubber meets the road and c) how white supremacist Europe is.  Hitler didn’t come up in a vacuum, you know.

On a little less dramatic basis, we compare percents.

In the USA, out of 100 people, 3.449 will be illegals from Mexico.

In Europe, you need 10,000 people to get 2.46 illegals from Syria.

What is even more startling is that people – like Bernie Sanders – who want to be president along with our existing left-leaning liberalista gang in power now – want to bring in even MORE refugees, if I’m reading the press reports right.  In fairness, Bernie is waffling and won’t say how many he’d accept, but that’s what socialist surprises are all about.

We know Obama has put the US in line for 10,000 of these folks, not that he asked anyone.

Ure’s ugly truth:

If you give spoiled people an unlimited number of do-overs, they will screw up every time.

If you hold them within the confines of borders and make them get along, over time they will either get along, or they will kill each other off.

Europe’s pretty stupid, so here’s a reality check:  Despite their supposed Western inclinations, Turkey is facilitating the Islamic Invasion of Europe.  But don’t mind the facts or geographical realities.

I would suggest that in order to get a realistic look at how “crazy the world is” on this immigration stuff, we use what I call The Cancer Model.

If a cancer (such as bigotry and violence on religious grounds, which I consider a cancer) is detected, what does and oncologist do?

If it were Europe, and the cancer was at the foot, for example, Europe would get all worked up over 183,000 dangerous cells.  They would begin treatment with isolation and fencing.  Which they are doing.

Yet here in the USA, illegals that continue to pour in every day due to orders from Obama types that run counter to law.  This is particularly dangerous when comes to Other Than Mexicans (OTM’s) that are being bundled up and introduced into every healthy city we have.

We can all thank the Obama administration for promoting the placement of S.A. gangs throughout America.  And YOU have been duped into supporting things like “sanctuary cities” and all the rest of it.  Bleeding heart stupidity.

Laws are on the books for a reason.

Sadly, I seem be one of the few people – armed with nothing more than a calculator – who can run numbers and tell you where the rats are.

The S.A. drug gangs and the Islamic militants who burned Paris in the uprising a few years back have much in common.  That reasonable people on both sides of the border have been swamped with BS from the liberals but in Europe they are now out building fences as fast as they can.  This is truly one of the worst commentaries on the decline critical thinking in America as you’ll find.

I hold educators and their approach to education accountable here..this “we all finish winners” and such.  Fact:  We don’t.  

Taking the liberalista/’Merican promotion of gay and lesbianism right down to the first grade classroom?  Hello?

Are these people trying to kill off the American birth rate, or have they another agenda?

Important note:  I don’t have any problem with what people do behind closed doors, don’t get me wrong.  But in the end, there are no children resulting from such unions except for the bi’s.

Now, compare that with the up and coming zealots in places like Yemen who are breeding new West-haters as fast as they can. It’s part of their culture.

Then do the math.

I have, and the results are pretty stark.  The LGT movement ensures that the Sex Race (to procreate actual humans) is all but lost. 

So when you see stories about how some countries, already realizing that there is a population tipping point in the wings have become anti-gay and so on, I’d suggest that it’s not because of what consenting couples do.  It’s the marketing and where it leads.

It is a marketing problem and you can run the numbers yourself.  The Russians have.

There are only two ways out of the bad ending that’s coming into view.  1) Either we need to quickly export the LBGT idea ands inculcate it as a movement in Islamic countries to counter their birth rates, or 2) we need to build fences and wait for the hordes to break through.

With the West afraid to use neutron bombs, the other side has already set off their sex bomb.  We’re already losing and being invaded…cheered by the bleeding hearts.

Since no one seems to be able to recognize that the LBGT movement is actually a good thing on the environmental and resource front, the future for the West will be smaller populations of folks already in place eventually being overwhelmed by the New World Disorder that ignores borders and promote religions that kill who?

I leave for a week and this is what I come back to.  Sheesh.  Next time I won’t pack a calculator.

While the European Union is now planning to turn back illegals on the high seas, the traitors in Washington who don’t enforce the letter of the law deserve to be thrown out in the next election cycle.

America needs to elect leadership that can not only read, but do basic math.  What I have written about for years is here.  It’s the Manufacturers Resource Wars and as resources dwindle, fighting will escalate, a die-off arrives and a likely world war.

Bummer?  Not for those who prep, but prepping alone is not an answer.  The basics:  Living apart, working the land, collecting the water…all that matters greatly, or will in time.

We should still have 2-7 years to go. One more blow-off top.  But that should be followed by something like a global version of the Great Depression concurrent with a global version of the Irish Potato Famine.   Except, of course, instead of potato blight, it will be GMO’s that haven’t been  tested enough, blowing up or going sterile.  The perfect storm of the four horsemen is coming.

The calculations inform us that Europe is a distraction if not foreplay.

As it approaches, the messages from past great civilizations, such as in the Vedic literature will not be lost on those who have open minds who plan ahead.  A read of the Mahabharata and sites that hint at the larger cycle (like this one) become more interesting.

The pattern, though soft, is there.  The great wheel turns.

And we’re under it.   But not just yet.

Write when you break-even.



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  1. Germany was, as of about 5 days ago, supposed to be taking 800,000 refugees this year; use that number. Also, use 50 million illegals as that will include the ‘anchor babies’ which anchor them just fine to our dime…I mean DOLLARS. They have had 20 years to get to 50 million and my guess, the number is HIGHER!

  2. Re:
    Kim Davis


    You are sadly mistaken Shame on you. The only one upholding the law and their oath of office is Kim Davis. If as you say she folks in Kentucky should follow the law, could you please quote the law that she broke? You will not find it because it does not exist. You will however find a Kentucky law that clearly states that marriage is between a Man and a Woman.

    Americans are so brainwashed by the media, (yourself included) they have forgotten how laws are made. The supreme court can only issue an opinion. They can not issue law. That is for the legislative branch to pass and the Executive branch to sign.

    If as you say that the Supreme Court can issue a law, then the Dred Scott decision, which has never been overturned, would be the law of the land. Therefore Blacks would still be only 3/5 human….you want to try and explain that one and stay philosophically consistent?

    It is all about are we a nation of laws or not.

  3. As per the ‘illegals’ situation here in the US, I certainly can’t argue your numbers…regardless whether they are accurate or not. Yes, Obama has exacerbated the problem, just like every president before him back to Holy(neo)Conservative Ronald, who started this border security/immigration BS. The biggest lie per illegals that I like is the one that puts forth the idea that it’s all done for votes (because voting isn’t rigged, just look to Austin for proof)… yeah, businesses/corporations who hire them and destroy the wage levels and local employment have no skin in it, right? The majority of business/corporate are what? That great ‘free’ state of Texas has traditionally (behind the scenes) fought any kind of border change tooth and nail, as opposed to the public passage of the anti-anti-fracking law. Apparently, voting for the American people and against corporatism means nothing. Blather is the all important thing. Take Mr Carson for instance. How many ‘conservatives’ are singing his praises? How many know this ‘conservative’ supports mandatory inoculations, with 0 exceptions? Cruz: how many know that he is married to a VP of GS and that he gets a big chunk of his money from the very same people as Hillary? Tom Cotton is bought and paid off by big corporations (pro TPP) and it’s only a co-incidence that he is all for getting on the ground again in Iraq/Syria in a big way. Didn’t he just return from a trip to Israel? But don’t go for Sanders because he’s a socialist, forget that he wants us out of the ME militarily and voted against Iraq ‘war’ resolutions, Glass/Stegall repeal, etc. The major gripe I have with Sanders is his stance with Israel. Perhaps it is a smoke screen, knowing anyone not kissing their ass is doomed, but I doubt it. But I like your term ‘socialist surprise’…tell me, could it be worse than the outright ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ lies we are being fed on a daily basis? God knows Bushco didn’t lie about border control. I dare not get started on Traitor McCain and his ISIS and Ukrainian BS. I can’t see how your description ‘spoiled’ really applies to refugees. Closing all borders and keeping civilians in theater only results in massive casualties and no changes in policy. Refugees results in the same way everywhere: Wage debasement (international population indenturement), siphoning off of governmental funds (ensuring economic enslavement to the cabal), division of the population along rhetorical/class/ethnic lines (for chaos and control)…not to mention the local goals (pipelines, resources,etc) Why are there refugees??? When it comes to that ‘cancer’ you spoke of, look at who is causing all this strife and misery. Multinational Corporations. Predominately American, using the US MIL,NATO,NSA,CIA. American cures for these malignancies is much like our medical system. Keep (publicly) treating the symptoms, not the causes. All this discord in the middle east/eastern Europe is in keeping with corporate PNAC policy. I have to go with Ron Paul, who supports the Iran deal (“they’re terrified peace will break out”). But then again, he’s been marginalized because he’s not in with the ‘in-crowd’ and he’s a nut. Israeli talking points are factual and reliable and they wouldn’t lie to us anymore than Bushco did over 9/11, Al Qaeda, WMDs or Obamacorp ala ACA, Osamas’ death. None of this matters in the end because the next election will be Hillary/Jeb. That’s where the real money is. Yes, George, Donald will fold like a cardboard box when he gets the same message that Perot got, I don’t care how good at making money in real estate he is. In the end George, YOU have been duped into thinking that the topics you mention are only ‘liberal’ caused. What a joke. You act as if Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes never existed, or is it your position they are liberals? These are NEOCON CORPORATE agendas begun in the 1950s. You postulate our problems are due to political math and reading skills. Nothing is further from the truth. These people are all LAWYERS, they know exactly what they are doing. It’s an AGENDA, period. 3 card Monte and you fall for it. Every person you’ve rooted for recently is part and parcel to the problems we face. Division. The only way meaningful change will come (if ever) is through verifiable voting by an intelligent electorate or nuclear war.

    • I’m with you! George can’t seem to see through his anti-liberal bias to the true causes of most world problems. He continually says everything is a business model, but fails to realize that it is the business model of BIG businesse, i.e., corporations, that is destroying everything conservatives claim to value. The irony is that almost all corporations are controlled by conservatives, yet he claims that liberals are causing the problems!

    • I agree with most of what you posted and come to the conclusion that nuclear war, because humans are just too stupid, will change a lot of issues. Also, keep in mind that everyone (or most of us!) have to make a living, therein lays much of the problems humans face.

      Keep thinking, Brunp

  4. Uh, today Germany closed borders because they’ve had 450,000 refugees this year. They’re not all from Syria. You do the math. They also have a smaller land surface to feed them with. And of course WE do have a huge problem as well.

  5. I love how you use math calculate the percentage of illegal immigrants in each “country” (EU vs US)

    Then pretend to use the same “logic” when it comes to gays having babies. Evidently you’ve never heard of turkey basters, sperm donors or surrogate mothers. Adoption, of course, isn’t net increase in the population, so there is no need to discuss it in this context.

    In reality, the LGBT population hovers between 5 and 10 percent. Let’s call it for the highest possible end. If only half of that particular population decides to reproduce, that means an approximate reduction in the US population of 5%.

    The 3% increase through illegal immigration off sets that, so the decrease is down to 2%.

    But if we stop all illegal immigration, that leaves legal immigration to bring in about 1 million people per year. 3% per year.

    So, I’m pretty much calling b.s. on your fear mongering screed.

    The current drop in hetero breeders popping out offspring is the biggest driver in the population decline. This is attributed to the lack of a living wage according to the think tank the Urban Institute. More working class people are cutting down on the number of children they have because having and raising kids costs money.

    People aren’t stupid. Given that the average age of a person earning minimum wage is 32 years old, they’ve got some life experience under their belts. They know that if they can’t afford an apartment and basic necessities for themselves, they definitely can’t afford those things with another human to care for. There is no state in the US where minimum wage at 40 hrs per week (- if you can get 40 hours per week, HA!- because full time means benefits) will pay for 1 months rent.

    You want a population increase by legal means? Support a living wage.

    • Excellent points! In my little corner of world I have 2 nieces, 1 has 1 child and the other, 2 children. Both are gay, both are military vets. On the other hand, I have several friends (3 offhand) that are DINKS and have 0 children. Their reasons? Large white elephants (homes) and expensive cars prohibit children. All are in their 30s. As Penny below states, gays have always been here. Although in the past some chose to marry, so as to be successful, I doubt that their numbers impact population counts. Even if there were a leaning towards gay lifestyle, that in no way translates to more people being gay…unless you’re one of those like Mr Moral Majority who swears it is a choice…which begs the question: How does he know?

    • You forgot the birth rate of the illegals. They have NO problem in popping out (your term) 5 or more babies and they start earlier and end later. They LOVE having those babies cause it costs them NOTHING and it costs US, the taxpayers, everything! So, our POOR American Citizens cannot afford to BREED, but we watch the illegals and refugees, especially the 4 wives refugees, breed like rabbits. It ain’t about a minimum wage, it is about corruption. You just lost me at minimum wage; what a joke and crock of crap! These illegals and refugees do not need jobs, look at California! They just need freebies and our country is giving it out to them! The ones that do work, DOUBLE DIP! The women and the men get benefits even if one or the other or both happen to work. They live better than most American Citizens, again another reason for the citizens declining birth rate!

  6. The entire Western World is being overwhelmed and invaded by an unlimited number of “migrants”, some of whom are refugees from poverty and repression but includes an unknown segment who have no intention or desire to assimilate – they are here to exploit and then destroy Democracy.

  7. You really may be on to something George when you give the options of a bad ending. If I just add up what you said to what this author says of ‘The Great Filter’ here- , it sort of makes sense. ‘Their’ population which has hardly contributed to any scientific developments recently might be the reason a species gets wiped out of existence before they truly become ‘advanced’-not the oil guzzling types but the galaxy explorer types. Would love to read your thoughts on this in Peoplenomics!

  8. George,

    In your thoughtful and compelling piece on Coping [With your calculator] you struck a nerve or three with me. The comments regarding the [suddenly global] immigration crisis and lack of leadership were spot on, as usual. You know, as I read of the EU’s illegal issues [pun intended], I’m reminded of a word I first heard over at HPH: “diaspora.” Perhaps the data was simply misinterpreted again?

    Anyway, being a 62yd-old out [for over 40 yrs] Gay Male and recent retiree I had a couple of other bones to pick with you.

    1. In reality, if the Gay community [notice I don’t use “LGBT” -I’ve always HATED that foolish acronym that grows every few years to include yet another whiny splinter group demanding equanimity!] were to actually impact the birth rate as you suggest would that be such a BAD thing? Remember: the WHO issued a warning several years ago that our dear old Terra Firma simply couldn’t sustain the population growth of the human races for more than a few more decades. Besides the hump-like-bunnies attitude of 3rd world nations we have a buffet of human evils that portent the demise of civilization… ocean depletions and deforestation alone have wreaked havoc on our planet. Factor in lovely atmospheric additives such as Fukushima or even the now-common volcano and the outlook for even the not-too-distant future starts to look bleak. I’ve always maintained that this is precisely why TPTB are formulating their plans for WWIII – to reduce the global population by a couple of billion or so to get things “back to normal” Whatever that Utopia may be.

    Having said all that, maybe that’s the overall plan: the Gays reduce the population which makes room for more illegals! That would certainly explain why both factions are politically favored? Hey… it could be true!

    2. The $100,000 Question. The one with the 5-year expiration date. Seems to me you overlooked the obvious… that instead of risky investing or socking the cash away in a low-yielding bank account you do something else. Pay off ALL your outstanding debts [as I have], keep a little cash in the bank but have a nice study safe at home with lots of small bills. This variation on the old First National Bank of Sealy Posturpedic joke still works: a. you always know exactly where your cash is at all times and b. you can access the full amount in an extreme emergency. Of course -just for sociability- I also maintain modest balances in my credit union accounts, but the bulk of my cash is stacked neatly on sturdy little steel shelves behind a very heavy door. [BTW: as popular as precious metals may be, just remember Sutter’s Mill and how many people had their nuggets stolen by “honest” Assayers – the same thing will happen again when Gold/Silver become a bartering currency. Until -of course- some form of official regulatory standard is enacted… cycle complete!]

    Thanks for listening and keeping my synapses firing, George!

  9. Don’t get too carried away by those GDP stats. The real number are comparative buying power, which puts the Chinese economy out in front. Basically, in China, a worker can buy a shirt for $5. An American worker may not be able to find any shirts for less than $10. So which is the stronger economy, the one that can sell 500 million shirts every month, or the one that can only afford 100 million imported shirts with the price jacked by taxes and overhead.

    Secondly look at the tax numbers. In the USA, the governmentS are harvesting off over 40%. In China, that might only be 15%. And keep in mind, you are using government numbers for your reality.

    And as for the European immigration issue, again you are using government numbers. We have a native Italian family living in one of our apartments, and they communicate regularly with friends and family. For an American who has not recently traveled to Europe, and is using government numbers and MSM information to opine about the situation is laughable. If you don’t communicate with someone who actually owns and runs a business in Europe, you don’t have a clue. Germany, europe’s most prosperous economy, with one quarter of the USA population, now has twice the sales of gold and silver one ounce coins as the USA. This is from a traveler who returned just last week from Germany and has a relative with a coin shop. And yes, premiums are running more than $50 over spot.

    Best to just stick with the USA, where you can have direct experience with your fascist government running a Zimbabwe economic policy filtered by a Zionist media.

    And for the stock market, just keep in mind that most of the recent gains, and much of the dividends are the result of corporations buying back their stocks with zero interest dollars to keep their numbers looking good for corporate bonuses. When interest rates finally break out, those boys are going to have one hell of an interest bill, and debt that will put them on the market at fire sale prices. Apple, with over $200 billion in cash, floats bond issues to pay their dividends and for stock buybacks simply because those numbers work. So those minuscule dividends you are talking about can vaporize at the speed of light when the algos turn or get triggered by those big boys with their positions appropriately placed for the turn. All those trillions floating around the world looking for a return must get deflated out of the world economy, and trust me, it’s going to be your wealth that gets deflated first, not theirs.

  10. Go back to the old saying CYA as the government goes on its merry way screwing up everything it touches.

  11. I love the story of Kim Davis and her religious views.. Now I don’t have a problem with lesbians and gay males getting married to one another. they should have the same rights as anyone that is in a family relationship. what I get stumped over is the argument of religion and the legal standpoint of separation of state from religious beliefs.. Needless to say they obviously haven’t ever read the bible they are just taking into accounts a few verses they have been fed.. without getting into a huge conversation on religion that always strikes a sour note.. Christ was executed by Crucifixion because he didn’t bow to the religious beliefs of the church.

  12. Re Kim, who was elected to do a job, not express and opinion; those who quote the Bible as the foundation of their thinking often miss the bigger picture: in the “good old days” a woman would not have a job with remuneration [pay] or any authority. She would not have many husbands [unless she risked getting stoned to death] but would be one of may wives [if she married up].But she might have been murdered for trying to have a job, let alone with equal pay.We are alive now, not then, and really can’t begin to imagine life then.

    Re the gays, lesbian, trans thing: they’ve always been in the shadows, and unless bi, as you said, never reproduced, so there is no population loss issue at all.

  13. RE: Kim Davis,

    Judicial fiat is not law George, and i think you know that. They do have the guns and can enforce it, short term, but it is not the “legal” law of the land. Witness Dred Scott (1857); it took a bloody civil war to upset that. Roe V Wade is another accompanied by much bloodshed. The current homosexual fiat will prove no different in its outcome.

    • Well, if you want to be King Kanute standing against the ocean – have at it! But don’t be whining and crying if you get wet . . . the world doesn’t revolve around your sun!