Coping: Moving Pieces Around the Ranch

Oh boy…lots of moving pieces around here, Life lately has been like falling into a blender.

Moving Approaches?

Panama and his wife are nearly ready to close on their new home – a very nice place in town and close to everything.

That – and the arrival of cooler weather – will result in a massive outpouring of productive George time in the shop. Topping the list will be transforming Panama’s space into…well, that’s open to discussion still.  Elaine’s the master planner on this stuff.  I’m the ‘arm-strong.”

The odds are good, however, that the big treadmill in my office will go over there along with Elaine’s free weights and such. A view of the woods while walking on the treadmill will beat starting at a large shelf of software.  Always something going on in the woods…aliens (joking), deer, possums, raccoons, cats, birds, occasionally the big owl but he’s more an early mornings feature..

We are thrilled for Mr. and Mrs. Bates as their house will be nicer than ours…and they deserve the finest in life.

Having 7 (or was it 8?) previous house deals fall apart, well that was really something…this one was worth the wait.

The Wild Cat

Zeus still hasn’t come to terms with new “other” black cat – astray from the woods – who hasn’t gotten any closer to the house.

Near as we can figure, he’s having a tough time of living in the woods, but even with twice daily feedings, he isn’t coming closer. Looks like he might have had a run-in with a possum or coyote, too. Scratched his eye and left him with a wounded leg. Still, won’t let anyone near enough to help.

We’ve named him “Scrawny” for now and I have plans for a simple shelter for him when the weather turns.

Mt. Hoodlum Expedition & Other Ham Radio Exploits

My life-long chum who lives up in Gig Harbor was down at Mount Hood through Sunday morning. While his wife was working he took their dog and the short bumper-pull down to a little known campground that I’ve been sworn to secrecy about.

Using just his Icom 7000 and a BuddyPole antenna, we were able to knock off good contacts two out of three afternoons between what I referred to as the “Mount Hoodlum Expedition” and the ranch.

To be sure, I don’t know that we could have made it without the three element beam on the tower and the kilowatt amplifier at this end, but the point is it worked.  Just the ticket for when the big quake comes…

A word or two about calling plans: We have been hams long enough (50+ years) that we set a time (17:15 at the ranch) and then three frequencies (14.285, 14.275, and 14.265) which would be tried on successive five minute blocks until the bottom of the hour.

Too many people – new to radio schedules – try to set their calling schedules for the top and bottom of the hour which is about the dumbest thing you could do in the event of a real radio emergency since everyone and their brother would be looking during those windows.

One exception is the emergency nets and the Maritime Mobile net on 14.300 (website). There, you get in when you can (and net control opens things up to all stations wishing to check in) and then you list your traffic. (“Request contact with xxxx”). If that station checks in, Net Control will arrange to move your traffic off the net frequency.

There’s a real art and craft to emergency communications. Knowing radio procedure has been a really useful thing, whether chasing ambulances and fire engines as a reporter, or working with air traffic control during the morning block of departures from an airport we’re flying near.

I haven’t had much time for hamming lately and regrettably missed the local club’s VHF simplex (no repeater used) contest this weekend. I also missed Field Day which is when hams all over the place take to the Field with portable gear to yak and be yakked.

It’s fun.

Personal Satellite Weather

As long as we’re on radio kinds of things, part of Monday was spent getting the spare computer up to speed. It has been gathering dust for some months while upgrades to the Mother Ship computer were in process.

Now that it’s all back spiffy, time to move on to this one which will be used for three main missions: One is to update firmware on my favorite (for now) radio, a Kenwood TS-590. Second function is to run Ham Radio Deluxe software which I haven’t used much.

Mission #3 is the current one of interest: I have an old Icom PCR-100 all band receiver. It’s far from perfect, having no BFO for SSB of CW signals.

More than making up for this is the “wide FM” setting.

Since the radio covers 137-138 MHz, you can see where this is going, right?


(Awe come on…think about it…..)

Direct Satellite Images from the NOAA weather satellites.

THE definitive website for weather bird chasing is Here you can find the things you will need including instructions on how to build your own quadrafilar antenna.

“A what?”

Short explanation: Radio waves are polarized. Some vertical (from vertical antennas, duh) and some horizontal (like from beam and dipoles and such). But then there is circular polarization.

I’m going to try and receive using a high gain 2-meter antenna (since the 2 Meter band is nearby) but in the end I’m probably going to build the quadrafilar and use that. (Like we need ANOTHER antenna, right?  Come to think of it, do we need another project?  No, this is insanity already – but a fine coping skill…)

Still, setting up and using our own direct satellite imagery to an UrbanSurvival web page will be an interesting distraction from the important stuff in life.

Antigravity Experiments – Oh Those….

I’ve finished up the odd looking coil and it’s ready for testing.

In addition to the antigravity testing, I plan to use it to do some antenna tests on the ham bands as well.

You see, there there are two general types of antennas in the world: E-field (voltage/current antennas) and H –field (where the H is for magnetic).

If you’ve read Maxwell’s Treatise, I’m sure you caught the reference to the B-field which is what he believed to be the force that pushed magnetic lines out from the surface of bar magnets, for example.

As a practical matter, the B field is prevalent when magnetic fields are in opposition.

And then we get into the Tree of Life for a second…not to go too far down a rabbit hole here.

But did it ever occur to you as odd that there are often a six-sided figure and an eight-sided figure in the Tree in graphical schematics?

Now we come to the thinking:

What is the minimum number of coils that you would need in order to create an “circular B-field” area?

Why, the answer is six.

And the next largest would have how many sided?

Eight.  Which would give you an enclosed region.

So this is where my thinking goes…except for the addition of the other coil.

Take a look at the Boyd Bushman patent here and then study his device:


Take away those four magnets that are in opposition and arrange them such that they are in a circular fashion – with eight magnets in opposition – and it becomes (at least in the novel outline for the next book) a B-field projector and if that could change the apparent mass of things, well, that would be just fine.

A reader sent along a link to the work Dave Pares is doing up in Nebraska – Facebook page here.

Peachy-keen, neat stuff!

I am impressed with their results, but the reason I am using a zero-beat crystal oscillator for detection (rather than a laser-based system) is that antennas, especially fractal antenna which this approach to Warp seems to be heading for, may develop very high voltages at particular spots along the antenna.  Ultimately these are limited by dielectric breakdown voltages of things like air….

Well, the thing is, if you use the RF pumping approach, is it really a dimensional warp?  Or is it just a variant (extremely well-engineered) of the already well know Biefield-Brown effect? That would account for the peak in their results around the 3.7 second mark if I read their data right.

High voltages exhibit antigravity effects.  Been known since the 1950’s.

Oh yes, they have lift. Yes they have directionality. But to my way of thinking, a dimensional warp might be best detected using RF from inside (or closely proximate to) the field) …or at least that’s where my thinking has been running lately.

I’m just an idiot on this stuff remember. And I agree with their read of the Gernon (The Fog) that the “stuff” seemed to be a warp that somehow “attached” to the plane. And they point out there are cases of other aircraft moving a long ways at unexpected speeds in the vicinity of thunderstorms, so there may be some naturally occurring effects, we just don’t know about yet.

Are these a strictly high voltage effects?  Or is there something else going on…perhaps another field interacting just so…    My money is on a complex interaction. It would be more graceful and rare…which would fit the historical-speculatively linked events.

I’m very excited for the Pares/Nebraska team – and the results they have recorded so far, though.

I’m fortunate to have a couple of big amps and plenty of ham gear that can be used for experimental purposes…but like I said, extreme high voltage on a fractal antenna isn’t intuitive to me as a warp.

Multiple  crossed fields?  Well, that’s what makes for a slow speed horse race.

When Panama is moved, the treadmill is next door and I tweak on the ham rig to make it suitable for testing…I’m thinking Octoberish…then I can start running the basic experiments.

Mostly, for now, as time (and distractions permit) I’m working on the equipment so when it comes time to run the test plan I can do that fairly quickly.

It just takes three power sources – from DC to Daylight – and some weighty/mass measuring tools.  And that crystal oscillator and remote receiver.

Or not.

It all makes grist for the next novel, no matter what happens.

Oh,….and what a promotional idea for a book:  Spread the word that there’s a working approach buried in the novel. 

The “Sweet 16” of whatever t hat book by Coral Castle Builder Edward Ledskalnin was a piece of junk.  But how many experimenters have read it hoping to divine some great secret from within?>?

Everything is a business model.

All the messing with anti-grav becomes moot in 10-years or sooner anyway when the two technologies described in Peoplenomics this weekend come to pass.

Well, back to real work:  Have to finish Peoplenomics for tomorrow and that one will detail the tech changes that will put a lot of pharmacists on  the unemployment roles.

Did I ever Mention

That when we get back into water well digging I may go down 100 feet with a ground system?

Yeah – seems the Tesla transverse wave antenna is predicated on an ultra deep ground – not this surface stuff widely used.,

It just never stops… (the good news is I don’t plan to die till I get it ALL done…)

Write when you get rich,

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  1. I think that is the most motivational thing I’ve ever read ,WOW ,you got me fired up and ready to go, okay. , I will plant a seed today!!

    • Oh, and if someone does get it right, blitz the internet and hopefully as many people as possible will download it in the first 5 minutes, because the government(s) will pull it down FAST.

      With this amount of global corruption, there will be no profit for anyone except the funeral parlor.

  2. “Take away those four magnets that are in opposition and arrange them such that they are in a circular fashion – with eight magnets in opposition – and it becomes (at least in the novel outline for the next book) a B-field projector and if that could change the apparent mass of things, well, that would be just fine.”

    this same idea was used by a friend of mine in a science lab.. except it was in an experiment on a perpetual motion motor use.. it worked great.. and at speeds that he hadn’t imagined possible and a tork of several hundred pounds .. after about two weeks.. of non stop working motion it started to slow down and eventually it stopped..
    after checking for some sort of change he discovered that some of the opposing magnets had flipped polarity..Now magnets can be attached with like polarities by placing a metal center… or turned into a directional magnet by shielding the magnet.. and one important tip.. if you have two magnets with a two hundred pound pull.. make sure your fingers are clear of being between the two.. seriously.. that is a serious tip..

    • Did your friend gain any knowledge from the Edgar Cayce Readings? Edgar Cayce did readings on the perpetual motion device. I continually keep an eye out for this device to be made by someone/anywhere because what an incredible invention it will be.

  3. Regarding the anti-grav experiments – sounds like a fascinating project and you have just enough knowledge to make progress I believe. However, please make sure that you’ve drawn your own mental line in the sand on this though. Meaning, that should you have some significant breakthrough, give serious consideration as to what and how much you elect to tell the world via this site – lest you have an “unfortunate accident” or are otherwise “disappeared” because you’re getting too close to something that might threaten a few industries’ hold on energy. Tesla, the guy up in Maine that built the Orgone devices, and others might attest to that danger if they were still alive!

  4. ‘Yeah – seems the Tesla transverse wave antenna is predicated on an ultra deep ground – not this surface stuff widely used.,’ Ah. Kinda like VLF subcoms. Just don’t forget Newton’s laws of motion/force with regard to projecting signals (the ground wave ‘mirror signal’) and the piezoelectric effect (move the crystal/rock, generate electricity – input electricity to crystal/rock, cause same to flex/move/vibrate.

    Good luck!

    Robert in WA state

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