Elaine and I have both been working our tails off on projects around the homestead this week, so pardon the short column this morning.

The biggest item left on my to-do list is getting the new 55” UHD monitor installed in the office.  It will replace the four existing monitors – 3 x 24” and a single 32”.

All those monitors were a blessing when I was going through the eye operations last year.  Now that the recovery phase is complete, the 55” will allow me to keep working even when the contacts come out.  Generally at the 8-10 hour mark.

That may seem a sufficient time to create mischief enough, but when you start writing about 5:30 AM, 8 ½ hours only gets you to 2 P.M.  Too early for “adult beverage” time, as the Major points out.

The computer surgeries are a day-long process.  The supercomputer I use presently has four video outs from a pair of Nvidia 260 series cards.  They wolf up lots of space.  Two slots worth.

The new card is a GT730 with 2GB because it takes more memory to map to the 4000 pixel wide screen.  Then, an HDMI Capture Card will go in the other slot and let us snag pictures from Iranian television.

Turns out (such is the world of “progress”) that you can now spend more on a graphics card than the big UHD display – depending on what your screen tastes run.

I keep hoping that the curved screen makers will see the wisdom of a HUGE desktop curved screen – something that would fill a whole cubicle and maintain even sight lines.  But what is an obviously-needed next generation of product to you and me, especially those with limited hours of seeing well…somehow dies in marketing studies.

My buddy Gaye over at www.backdoorsurvival.com was out looking at TVs recently.  Ended up with a smart 55” but not curved.  The experts she and the survival hubby talked with  guided them to the flat displays.  Something about edge distortion.

Never satisfied with just getting a solid report from a long time (40-odd year) friend, I got out the inch-stick and did some measuring.

Assuming I watch the TV from 12 feet away, the curve worked out to only an inch, or so, either side of center – hardly enough to bother with since most people’s eyes can’t tell the different in such a small change of focus.

At a desk?  Different deal entirely.  There, I could use a 55” that has a full foot to 14” of curve to it either side of center.  Think immersive.

Of course this would be a real manufacturing nightmare.  Besides, I’d never get it past Elaine.

She’s the only thing I’m allowed to watch with 14” of curve.

For now we’ll be patiently waiting for someone besides you and me to figure this out because it would be a GRAND thing to have what would amount to an IMAX-like experience on the desktop.  Completely envelop you.

People who live in microhomes would sit in front of these things, plug into those ultra-high resolution streaming networks, and pretend to be at the Grand Canyon (or wherever) from the comfort of the only chair in the house.

If you haven’t tried it yet, get a 4K television with some 4K scenic motion content and look at the center of the screen from about a foot away.  Impressive.

A 65” super-curve for couples might work, provided they both agreed on when to eat garlic.

Years ago, Pappy warned us when the television show The Untouchables was on that we kids (my sisters and I) couldn’t sit any closer than 6-feet to the television.  “Sit too close and you’ll get blood all over your clothes,” he explained.

Whenever the series was on,  the next day at the fire house there would be an hour or so of discussion among the crew “How many did you count last night?

“Twenty-three,” I think was Pappy’s top.

My but times have changed…

A body count of 23 in today’s world doesn’t get you to the first commercial break.

The good news is that since the original black and white Untouchables was on, we’ve evolved the brightest reds this side of the coronary care unit.

Yes sir, this is gen-u-ine progress – a real elevation of the human condition – and I know just the company one of these bright display outfits ought to acquire to spur the next jump in television technology.

See http://www.quikclot.com/.

Write when you get rich, or the bleeding stops,