Coping: Monday in the WoWW

Ure’s Grand Universal Theory of Reality (GUT-OR) was shaken from the ether at exactly 12:56 AM this morning.  A time that will live in infamy.

There I was, laying in bed as a huge lightshow appeared outside and a few minute later the rains arrives, part of that weather system that’s now killed about 20-some people as it meanders up the midsection of the country.

A few minutes on from here, the soft “splaht, splaht” of rain on the screen porch metal roof changed to “ting, ting” as barely pea-sized hail began falling.

You’ve got better hearing that a dog sometimes,” she offered.  “Why is it you can’t hear me when I ask you to…”

Oh-oh…Quick!  Time to fake a ‘snork’ like I’m only half awake.

But I was more than half there.  My brain was working through the arrival of UFO’s over the Roswell NM area in 1947 only about 94 miles from the Trinity Test site where the first atomic weapon was exploded that eventually was credited with ending World War Two.  Would something like that happen, oh, about now?

The mind was working through the odds of a UFO being brought down in one of our fields in the Texas Outback.  You’d assume they wouldn’t crash at an airport or in a big city, if possible.  But there was something about electrical discharges involved and my mind then went to work on whether that indicated that antigravity was ultimately going to be solved with a static discharge system like the Biefield-Brown experiments, or whether it would be broken with the rotating B-field theory that my buddy Vince and I keep working on.

Somewhere about here, the B-fields (turned so as to make a spacetime vortex pulled into the lead as I thought back on an email that had some in Friday from reader Warren.

Warren, in case you’ve misplaced the memory, was the fellow who took his lawnmower out a while back, mowed a BIG yard, and put the lawnmower away.  He then discovered (later) that the mower had use no gas.  Zero, zip, nada. 

That was Warrens first face-off with the World of Woo-Woo, but his note Friday revealed it was back…

Has anyone else been ‘gaining’ or ‘losing’ time? e.g., take a look at the clock and it’s 12:30 PM, look at it again an hour later and it’s 11:30 AM. That sort of thing? That’s happened to me several times over the last week or so…

Nope. No ‘free’ mower gas this year…not yet, anyway.

And that got me back to the lightning storm going through here overnight.  Will be have an uptick in WoWW reports this week because of so much “static” around with the tornadoes and such, or at the WoWW events more likely because unlike 1947, when they showed up too late, are the UFO drivers making a baseline survey before 2015-2016 when some of our remote viewing readers have run into a “road block?”

WoWW 2

And that gets us to another intriguing report…this time from reader Dana…

Dear George,

Your reader Mark, whose books and almond butter disappeared/reappeared, asked if anyone else had two or more items go missing at the same time. A couple hours after I read that post in your blog, I had a WoWW of my own:

Working at my home office desk Friday, having a cigarette while doing a writing assignment.

About 11:30, went downstairs to replenish coffee cup & get a new pack of cigarettes.

There were two packs in the pantry. I took one, removed the cellophane & foil, grabbed coffee cup

and returned to desk. Finished the project and emailed it to client at noon exactly.

Reached for a cigarette…the old pack was empty, so I tossed it in the trash and reached for the new pack I’d brought up. It wasn’t there. Checked the trash to make sure I hadn’t absent-mindedly tossed the full pack. Nope. Carefully examined desktop, nearby horizontal surfaces.

Stood, walked around desk checking the floor to see if cat had batted pack off the desk.

Even got down on floor & peered under a wheeled file caddy.

No cigarettes anywhere….but there on the floor, about 2 feet from my chair, in plain sight, was a gold Cross pen that had gone missing the previous afternoon! (I’m up and down from my chair constantly throughout the day, and the pen was in my direct line of sight, so I’m certain it wasn’t “there” at any time in the prior 24 hours.) I grinned at the thought that the Universe had maybe “swapped” the cigarettes for the pen….and felt grateful, since the pen was my dad’s, and it has sentimental value for me.

I put the pen back where it belongs, then retraced path downstairs to see if I’d left the pack of cigarettes in the kitchen, or somewhere along the way. Nope.

Double-checked pantry. Found the one pack remaining, as expected. But the original pack I’d retrieved was nowhere to be found. Went back to desk, still searching along the way.

Was puzzled, I “seemed” to clearly remember bringing the pack up to my desk, but it just was not there any more. Pulled my chair out, sat back down at the computer feeling high “strangeness”.

Checked email, surfed some internet news & weather, just to distract myself from the strangeness.

About 12:30 pm, went downstairs & made some lunch.

At 1:00 pm, went back up to work. Headed for the desk chair, and –as you may have expected– a pack of cigarettes was on the floor, in plain sight, about a foot behind the desk chair. Yes, it was the new pack from which I’d removed cellophane & foil. No, it was not there when I checked the floor earlier.

So now I’m also wondering if anybody else has alerted you to similar experiences, especially if they happened between 12-1pm (EST) on Friday April 25? Would be interesting to see if multiple discontinuities in reality-as-we-perceive it (?) happen more or less concurrently…or if maybe a “wave” of discontinuity travels incrementally across the land & time zones?


OK, we have several items to discuss on this which are incredibly important.

1. Dana, you have got to quit smoking.  Frankly, I don’t care if you do except that if you come down with hack-a-lung, then I lose 20% of my audience.  I’m a selfish prick that way, so please quit so I can maintain my shaky web rankings.  Thank you. 

(Smoking is often the result of a vitamin issue or lack of exercise, or both… My treadmill in the office works great (in spurts, the rest of the time it’s a large coat hanger).  Read the Gabriel Method and apply it to smoking.).

2.  Damn fine idea…so yes, if you run into one of these WoWW events, please include the dates and times.  We might learn something from the clustering.

3.  Seems to me one of our “suspects” in all this ought to be the Sun.  Let’s start with Solar Influences Data Center reports leading into Friday (I have the damnedest things on file here, lol)  {skip this if you’re in a hurry and don’t care about sunspots and flares}

April 22:



SIDC FORECAST (valid from 1230UT, 22 Apr 2014 until 24 Apr 2014) SOLAR FLARES : Eruptive (C-class flares expected, probability >=50%) GEOMAGNETISM : Quiet (A<20 and K<4) SOLAR PROTONS : Quiet PREDICTIONS FOR 22 Apr 2014 10CM FLUX: 154 / AP: 006 PREDICTIONS FOR 23 Apr 2014 10CM FLUX: 149 / AP: 005 PREDICTIONS FOR 24 Apr 2014 10CM FLUX: 144 / AP: 005

COMMENT: Eleven C-class flares were observed, with 6 produced by NOAA 2035 and the other 5 by NOAA 2038. NOAA 2035 produced the strongest flare at the end of the period (C8 peaking at 11:37UT). The strongest flare from NOAA

2038 was a C5 flare peaking at 20:02UT (21 April). Together with NOAA 2045, these active regions have increased somewhat in sunspot area and magnetic complexity. The other sunspot regions are stable and/or rounding the west limb. Based on the currently available SOHO and STEREO coronagraphic

imagery, no earth-directed CMEs have been observed. Further C-class

flaring is expected, with a chance on an isolated M-flare. Solar wind

speed declined further from around 600 to 450km/s. Bz was mostly positive, with values up to +5nT. Geomagnetic conditions evolved from active to

quiet. Geomagnetic conditions are expected to remain mostly quiet.


April 24



SIDC FORECAST (valid from 1230UT, 24 Apr 2014 until 26 Apr 2014) SOLAR FLARES : Eruptive (C-class flares expected, probability >=50%) GEOMAGNETISM : Quiet (A<20 and K<4) SOLAR PROTONS : Quiet PREDICTIONS FOR 24 Apr 2014 10CM FLUX: 132 / AP: 006 PREDICTIONS FOR 25 Apr 2014 10CM FLUX: 129 / AP: 005 PREDICTIONS FOR 26 Apr 2014 10CM FLUX: 127 / AP: 005

COMMENT: Six low-level C-class flares were recorded over the last 24 hours, mostly produced by active region NOAA 2035 which was also the source of the strongest event (C5 peaking at 13:06UT). NOAA 2044 was the only other region producing a flare (C3 peaking at 23:53UT). Imagery from the SOHO and STEREO coronagraphs indicate that the associated CMEs are directed away from the Earth, with any glancing blow not expected to affect the

geomagnetic field significantly. There’s still a chance on a C-class

flare. Dourbes recorded a brief period of active geomagnetic conditions

(00:00-03:00UT; K=4; Kp=3). The source of this disturbance is uncertain, with no obvious signature in the solar wind (ACE). For the remainder of the period, quiet geomagnetic conditions were observed. Solar wind speed oscillated between 400 and 450km/s, with Bz varying between -6 and +5nT. A small equatorial coronal hole passed the central meridian last night. The

geomagnetic field may be impacted starting around 27 April. Geomagnetic

conditions are expected to be quiet.


And Today’s update:



SIDC FORECAST (valid from 1230UT, 28 Apr 2014 until 30 Apr 2014) SOLAR FLARES : Eruptive (C-class flares expected, probability >=50%) GEOMAGNETISM : Active conditions expected (A>=20 or K=4) SOLAR PROTONS : Quiet PREDICTIONS FOR 28 Apr 2014 10CM FLUX: 120 / AP: 014 PREDICTIONS FOR 29 Apr 2014 10CM FLUX: 124 / AP: 008 PREDICTIONS FOR 30 Apr 2014 10CM FLUX: 124 / AP: 005

COMMENT: Six sunspot regions are visible at the front side of the solar disk. All have a simple alpha or beta magnetic configuration. The background of the GOES Xray flux is at B-class level and no noteworthy

flares were measured. A weak CME erupted towards the north, first visible

in LASCO/C2 at 5:36 UT on 28 April. It can hardly be called a partial halo CME and does not seem to be Earth directed. C-class flaring activity can be expected for the next 48 hours. Solar wind speed is relatively stable with values between 300 to 350km/s. The magnitude of the interplanetary magnetic field was maximally 5 nT with a mainly negative Bz. Geomagnetic conditions were unsettled and are expected to remain as such. An isolated time slot of active conditions is possible at arrival of a high speed stream related to the coronal hole that passed the central meridian early on 24 April.


If there’s a solar connection there, it’s non-apparent.  BUT that gets me to yet another point – and this is a “biggy.”

4.  The events in Dana’s case seemed to have occurred when his “mind went into virtual space” and then “re-emergence in Nowness.”  In other words, is there a “trickster” of some kind that can  reach in, alter reality ever so slightly when we are not fully, mentally, present?

One of the common elements of one line of our research suggests that this may be the case.  You get engrossed in some “deep thinking” or “wholly engaged” video game, such that the waking state is there but you are (as Elaine says of me oftentimes) “somewhere else.”

Is it possible that our mental state is what makes up reality and that if we give ourselves permission to experience the extraordinary, that at some level where consciousness reduces the “waves” of life into the agreed upon group reality, that we can “permit” a different kind of reality to arrive?

5.  And this leads me to one of the most enthralling thoughts in a long time. 

Since you and I are still here (and you are reading this morning’s column) does this mean that we will all live infinitely long?  In other words, suppose you go through life and you get to be older.  I’m 65, for example.

Then one morning, I wake up and I notice “Hmmm…I’m not dead yet…”  People around me are coming and going, but I just keep living longer and longer, and longer…

Until at some point, say 90 something, it begins to dawn on me that “Gee, I really ought to be dead by now…but I’m not…:”

And then comes the 100th birthday.  And I’m still going.  And the 120th, and so on. 

Over time, we would each create a world where we would become more and more unique, wise, and, well, nearly omniscient having seen so much of life that no one around us has.

The line of inquiry is not mine alone.  You might (when the boss isn’t looking, or you take (ahem…) “lunch”) this old Twilight Zone episode:  “Long Live Walter Jameson.”

6.  An alternative explanation is that these cases of WoWW begin to happen as we approach death….as a kind of “warm-up” exercise for when we go to a space (death) where thoughts become things without what magicians call the “rings not pass” that at least in Present, keep us from just materializing things into this plane of existence.

Exception:  Yogis and others who can materialize ashes or flower petals.

Let me know next time you run into something oddly out of place that “Just shouldn’t be so…” and include the date, time, and location to help us with our research.

More on Liquid Meals

Reader Keith, down in Western Oz, came up with the ideal W.C. Fields quip regarding our recent discussion of liquid meals…

“Who took the cork out of my lunch?

Broiled, due, broiled.

[Fortunately, this is a see-through shameless promotional scheme on the part of Ures truly.

I figure every child-rights activist in the world will get me for “Abusing children” (which, no, I’ve never done, actively condemn, and yada, yada).  But it oughta cause huge buzz, get a million people to look at the site, and this in turn will increase ad revenues and all’s well that goes kah-ching!

And thus, brothers and sisters, concludeth today’s reading from the Bible of Binness, chapter 1 the Book of Revenues, verse 126..]

“Friends of the Clintons”

H/T to reader Chris for spying this on Pinterest:  “A quick refresher course ‘lest we forget’ what has happened to many “friends” of the Clintons.”

The true democorps will call it a republicorp slam and vicious yada, yada.

The republicorps will be calling it a lesson in memory enhancement (let’s toss in the Citizen Benghazi report, too…).

The rest of us will likely say “None of the above” but first we have to make it to November of 2016 and that is looking like a stretch in here.

Linked-In:  Who to Include?

I dunno about this invite from Linked-In:

Hi George,

I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.

j d — retard at drool on your shoes

Hmmm…I’ll take your advice on this one.  In or out?

Meantime, kudos to Linked-In on figuring out how the cost of annual maintenance on the old Beechcrate works out.  One of their smart ads showed me this and it’s almost psychic, don’t you think?


The more accurate graphic might have been:


And speaking of things that fly (Like airplane money units):  I spent a lot of time this weekend wondering about whether  Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax 845 is the best possible thing to try and slip another knot or two out of the old ‘Crate.

And, if you go to the trouble to rub out the whole plane (never really been done before, or at least recently in its 47-year history) would you put “Slick Air low drag coating” on TOP of the Insulator wax?

I could just say screw it, save myself five hours of labor, and admit that an old widebody baby Beech is never going to place at the Reno Air Races…just go the 131 MPH/114 knots and call it good (it’s also book numbers).

If anyone has a wind tunnel I could borrow for an hour, or two, that’d be nice. Otherwise I will be setting up an experiment with Elaine ShopVac (hers is cleaner than mine) in the garage.  Seems an odd thing to do, but I specialize in odd…  Anyone who says you can find answers to everything on the net just has a terribly limited philosophy of inquiry!

More tomorrow (assuming I don’t electrocute myself in the lab)…