It all started off so nicely: There was a bit of real work done around here Saturday. Panama had the big orange noise and dust-maker out, so the area looks like a golf course.

Elaine come through with perfectly sautéed mushrooms to top a perfect steak and baked Yukon Gold’s on the BBQ.

A movie capped off a perfect day; my snoring wasn’t bad during the second half.

Yet with the reports coming in Sunday morning, it was clear America was passing another epoch.  I decided to enjoy what would be left of the passing period  – a time when “the War of civilizations” was still dawning on most Americans….

The weather hasn’t been all that bad this year. Sure, a couple of days with the comfort indicators over 90+ but it’s nothing like the heat waves in India…so we count our blessings.

As Sunday morning rolled around, I had promised myself I’d get Elaine’s audio cassette series on investing in the stock market (an oldie but goody from Louis Rukeyser picked up on eBay). But somewhere around 9 AM, the day ran completely off the rails.

Since the four eye surgeries (another exam is due Wednesday) I’ve been inching back to sight – 20-80 at the last check.

Still, the computer in the music room has been down with hard drive disease, and before I could even begin thinking about loading up the cassettes for a roll-over to MP3, I had to (gulp!) replace the hard drive.

Turns out, taking hard drives out of an old main computer was a fair chunk of work: There we three 1 TB drives…two of which are now awaiting execution by Mr. and Mrs. Bates down on the rifle range. The third is disconnected but spared termination by pure laziness.

Putting in the new drive, even sight-impaired, wasn’t too bad. But then I got around to installing Windows 10 – and by the time the updates were loaded…well, you get the picture.

Time flew by to 10:30 AM, and one thing led to another…where’s that FireWire driver? Then at 11-something, it was time to move the music from the 4 TB network attached storage onto the newley refurb’ed machine.

I gotta learn to read the fine print: 2+ hours even on a fast network. I didn’t realize the size of the MP3 collection.

Once that was done, I figured I might as well add Amazon Music which had been working fine with Win 7 updated to Win 10…until it didn’t. Kiss off a more time there, too.

Hint: It seems to make a difference whether you download the Amazon music app first and then bring in the backups, or bring in the backups first and then install the app. Don’t ask me why.

Somewhere about here, it got to be lunchtime, so while playing a fine assortment of music from the 80s, a bowl of chili and a glass of milk later, I ran across the recording software for the studio. The self-talk began.

Well George, as long as you’ve gone this far, why don’t you just install Samplitude now so you don’t have to do it later…besides there’s a good CD burner in there…”

“Yeah…what the hell…”

This short task was blown out of schedule compliance when a 96 mb update had to be downloaded installed three times – nowhere did anyone mention that it would need to congitate for 5-minutes to sort of what was where on the drive. If you quit the app when you think it’s done…sheesh.

At last…no, wait: As long as I had Samplitude X2 up and running, why not just in the additional 12 GB of samples from Independence for MIDI because composiing music is something that…


Elaine came in from outside about 3:30 just as I finally got Independence installed correcly.

With martini time fast-approaching, I skipped the reinstallation of Garritan Personal Orchestra and swore I’d get to it later.

This was not difficult…just damn time-consuming. Problems I had figured out a couple of years back, but solving them now seems just a little bit slower.

The lesson from all this: Henceforth I will no longer make a To-Do list on Weekends. Sound Reasoning is this:

I didn’t have that glow of personal accomplishment that should come with the end of a weekend. I didn’t get a single project off the list. Future projects? A few avoided.

Panama takes the bow for the yard, Elaine for nursing her tomato plants, and I still hadn’t gotten the MP3’s rolled off.

I did damn near everything else you can do to a computer, but the one action point that comprised the Sunday To-Do list?

I was up late last night.

But it never ends… I’ve got this morning’s To-Do List and it’ll never all get done today.

Perhaps I think of it as a personal reason to get up on Monday.

The good news is I won’t die today: The Programmer in Chief wouldn’t let a tortured soul die with such a long To-Do list.

I’ll be sure to put a couple of more items on the list for today, just in case. Don’t want to take any chances…

As the death toll from Orlando passed 50, it became clear that in the larger scheme of things, Sunday had been a meaningless day, at least as measured by history.

Yet to me, it wasn’t.  It wasn’t the end of the weekend.  It was the end of a time.  It marked the end of America being somewhat safe.  In a sense, it marked the end of America’s leader’s contract with the electorate.  That has been breached.

They had misjudged the seriousness – and even today, Trump and others -point to high office holders including the president for refusing to say “radical Islamic terrorism.”

But events have spoken clearly and anyone who denies it now is but a liar and deceiver.  The war of civilizations I’ve been writing about for more than a decade has taken another (and decidedly major) turn for the worse.

Now, not only will we face the resource depletion issue, the unavoidable crack-up-to-come due to compound interest on cumulative debt, bit now we have death squads as well.  One (San Bernardino) could have been a fluke, but two and we have a pattern.

America’s leadership has failed to get it right; it has failed to paint the honest picture o0f the threats, and we are now sliding into the morass of our own making.  Unwilling to “win” we are forced into loss.  Slow loss, perhaps, but clashes of civilizations take a while.

Western war-making has forced the Middle East wars to our homeland and the original mission – keeping America safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic – has been ground-up into a useless stew of political correctness and mindless genderism. In case you haven’t noticed, this is failing us in the end.

Mission creep?  Or was it the mission all along?

I don’t expect to hear from many liberals this week, because I hold them largely to account:  How in the wake of Orlando can they  continue to promote the Obamanation’s massive immigration (largely illegal and with sanctuary cities) on the one hand, and persist in the mass marketing of genderism?

Even the melting pot has capacity limits.  Mission creep needs to be dialed back and the basics of nationhood taught and understood.

So do the dynamics of market differentiation:  When you create new classes, you create new opportunity for conflict.  The inevitable result of marketing of wars and genders has just collided and only a pitiful few will see this in the broader context of civilizations at war.

In the banal word of sports, it would be high-time to get back to basics, work on the fundamentals, and do some blocking and tackling.

But the revealed reality is that mission creep has sold us a bill of goods.

Write when you get rich,