Coping: With Media [ Mob ] Rule

Communications:  We begin this morning with an interesting phenomena up on the “gurney” here at  Cleat Through Labs.

We look at the problems around us and wonder how much of it is being whipped up by electronic versions of mob rule?

Let’s back up for a second and understand how it happens.  Maybe the best place is to consider a few thoughts about “flash mobs.”  These things never happened before the arrival of “smart phones” – which in the hands of dumb people can be used for all sorts of nefarious purposes.

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I must be the only one to see the clear and present danger in cell phone use beyond minimums.

Why, just this morning we have in our pile of “nice to get too it, if we only had more hours in the day…” pile:

Life-Time Dosimetric Assessment for Mice and Rats Exposed in Reverberation Chambers of the 2-Year NTP Cancer Bioassay Study on Cell Phone Radiation

Good distractions: Testing the effects of listening to an audiobook on driving performance in simple and complex road environments.

Teens’ distracted driving behavior: Prevalence and predictors.

This last one is pretty good: Gets to the idea that in 58 percent of samples, the teen drivers were engaged in secondary tasks (think dialing, redialing, texting, searching, yada, yada).

The reason this is so damn interesting to me is it puts some legs under our newest crackpot theory.  This proposes that…

Every demographic has a problem coming at it in the opposite lane about 50 percent of the time…”

In the 1970’s, for example, the young driver in the oncoming lane was either stoned, high, ripped, or smoked, often with beer.  Presto!  Along comes MADD and other right-thinking groups and here comes the education and DWI rates go down…

B U T…

In their place comes the distracted driving void which is likely to hit you with about the same frequency, damage, AND impact on insurance.

So here’s an easy prediction to make from the data:  Within a very short time, telecom providers will be able to hook up to insurance companies.  And, if you are texting and driving more than 2% of the time (allowing for an emergency, right?) then Ure rates would go up.

Credit where due, BTW: OM2’s son listens to audio books which allows his eyes to be on the what?  Oh-oh…not everyone has good genes, we’re sorry to report.

Oddly, there hasn’t been much in the journals (except for older work like Adolescents texting and twittering: the flash mob phenomena.) because why?  (Economics at work here!)  Social Media purveyors and the like don’t want people seriously looking at how our behavior gets all twisted around the axle by social media.

It’s Really called “Ultrasociality” by Experts

Try on The day of reckoning: Does human ultrasociality continue?

To counter human ultrasociality, alternative communities can arise (ongoing), and, unlike insects, lower echelons can unite and rebel. Examples include movements such as: “Black Lives Matter,” “Fight for $15,” “Occupy,” and the “Village Movement.” To strengthen ultrasociality, a surplus bottom echelon can be reduced: for example, by means such as imprisoning Blacks, deporting immigrants, wars, and the Holocaust. Alternatively, a new structure could be created, for example, ISIL (even more ultrasocial?)..

To be sure, it’s an early 2016 paper, but it gets to the point:  What is ultrasociality other than an e-mob?

And if you’re wondering by now (depending on the caffeine loading dose for the day) “Where did ultrasociality come from?” get a gold star because here is a POSSIBLE anwer:

A book (Ultrasociety: How 10,000 Years of War Made Humans the Greatest Cooperators on Earth) may hold the key to explaining how “social at all levels” could be the “new fire.”

Not saying it is, though, because just yesterday we had another radicalized gomer try to off himself and others in NYC at the bus terminal.

Which does (eventually) get to this morning’s hanging question:

What is ahead of us as a society?

Ultrasociety (and ultrasocial specifically) explans why someone can have an injured dog and raise thousands of dollars with a “FundMe” campaign.  While, at the same time, people are living in their cars…The key difference being one group is already into the new Ultrasociety and is ultrasocially connected, while the others are not able to afford even a laydown phone.

Which (thankfully) gets us to the nubbins of this morning’s discussion of internet access.

We can pretty clearly see (who wrote Broken Web The Coming Collapse of the Internet, right?) that a kind of socioeconomic showdown is “on the way.”

One might even go so far as to postulate that Bitcoin is the new currency of the Ultrasociety.  Which is a problem because the Old Guard, that thing we call The Network which is the interlocking directorships and offshore weasels who make the real dough and can afford to live out of the US and lie with impunity about their real incomes…well, those people won’t share power because (like a bad stock deal) they see shareholder dilution.  And, at least for now, they have all the shares.

The Left (and this is actually to the credit of people like Bernie, though much lesser so the Obamites and Gorists) have seen Ultrasociety early because they’ve been cobbling up a shaky foundation for their version of Utopian seems like foever…

For them, it’s a simple shift to swap out revolutionary causes (whose mom was a lefty?) and replace it with ultrasociety goals like breathable air.  Why, it’s almost graceful in an October Revolution sort of way.  And with the same political results on the way.

The drivers are obvious – and there are three right “in our face” this morning.  I mentioned Bitcoin is the money of the International Ultrasociety.  Sadly, there is a serious criminal element to it (which everyone wants to deny got Bitcoin going – Silk Road and all that).  But, back to the yin and yang of it all, it’s what gives the PowersThatAre a case.

The second is the Climate Mob.  This is made up of mostly dupes and dolts, who don’t see the larger game in play.  At the front on the socialist revolutionaries, who will take ultrasociety in lieu because they will be going with a tide.  Then, it will be a leadership swap and presto!  Done deal. They have managed to fund pro climate change (only) research, so we sit out here at the tree farm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  We pray that carbon credits will get a Bitcoin-like bubble.

The third is the Republican party is imploding.  Oh, not here in Texas, but in the case of Moore a few states over, that’s a mess.  Problem is, people have heard enough of the touchy-grabby that anyone tainted by that broad-brush of personality assassination is toast, at least if the Ultrasociety does e–mobbing around it and actual gets out and votes.

So our bottom line?

Just wanted you to have the thinking tools in hand so you could see “the factions” that are duking it out on prime time news shows.

In their typical ignorance, the MSM (mainstream media) has failed to label the good guys and the bad.  But here’s a hint:  They’re all bad and they have all forgotten the basics – things like the Constitution.

So,  instead of investing in Bitcoins, damn shame we can’t invest in a company called Biofilm, Inc.  Because they have just the right product for times to come.

They make?  Astroglide.

Write when you get rich,  (or, at least tell Rich ‘hi’ for us…) (rim shot)

12 thoughts on “Coping: With Media [ Mob ] Rule”

  1. The democratic party is in equally dire straits as they cannot seem to come to grasp why they lost nationally and have been losing at the state & local levels.

    Trump basically ran a 3rd party campaign using the republican party as a shell. Time will tell if the party gets remade of collapses into irrelevance.

    • Just like Banks & Insurance Companies, the Republican & Democratic Party are too big to fail. Also, since they are in the process of giving the Corporations a big tax break, they will be looking for their share in the form of political contributions to refill their coffers to overflowing.

  2. Your Dir.153 could be related to ‘Book of Qanon’. Need your insight on same. Nexus? Plexus? Hocus POTUS?

  3. As Charles William King said, “In an insane world a sane man must appear insane.” And that means trouble for the sane man. A corollary would be “In an dishonest world a honest man must appear dishonest.” Which also means trouble for the honest man. I think I am sane and honest, though normal is really a statistical construction. Glad I live in a net food producing region away from population centers. Food for thought, the carrying capacity for the northeast and California is less than one tenth of the current population. If something prevents the heartland from sending food guess what happens to those 2 regions.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

    • Considering .. Restricting the transportation of food… since the USA is so bent on selling our toll roads to companies outside the borders of the USA. could that be a potential future threat to the USA..
      a good road construction undertaking that could take supplies thousands of miles away or slow down traffic to the point that there is a possibility of spoilage.. or travel so far that the costs variances make the products to expensive for the average person to purchase.


    My mom was decades ahead of herself. I remember sitting in front of the tv and her yelling.. sit back further or you’ll get sick and go blind.
    When I was a teenager I’d take a fluorescent bulb and run around a utility transfer station. Lol
    Thinking about it what is sunlight microwaves the solar system the atom..
    I am pretty positive that spending millions to study something that common sense says it’s dangerous. When I worked making pesticides, cleaning chemicals etc. we were always joking about the labels. If it stinks don’t smell it. If it tastes bad don’t eat or drink it, if it hurts don’t do it..
    Cell phone use in excess has to be hazardous..the fact that it gets warm in your hand should be an indicator. It’s all harmonics. But then it’s all my opinion

    • Humans have been poisoning themselves – in all sorts of manners, legit and not – for thousands of years. Mostly not involving electo-magnetism. Hell, even regular animals are attracted to naturally occurring ‘stuff’.

      (I was just thinking of some getting blotto on fermented grain and fruits . . .)

  5. ???? Are the parties imploding???

    God I am going to hate myself in the morning..
    Everyone knows I don’t have any faith in the actions of the macarena group..
    Anyone that can vote in crap that they do without any knoweledge at all of what the policy includes is not only ignorant of what they are voting on but to lazy to care..having said that..


    In my opinion Not a one of them went into office with the idea that they were going to be as worthless as they have become..
    I think the problem lies in the work environment they exist in..
    and total power.. many that are being brought up for sexual misconduct at the time thought it was the action that was acceptable by everyone the same thing with presidents having concubines on the side. Just look at the Fake news last year.. yeah right the deeper you dug the dirtier it got by the very people that were involved.. it was cleaned up and forgotten to much power.. how to you go after your bosses.
    I remember while in DC one of the ladies I knew was picked up by a senator.. he raped her in the car and tossed her out with a warning that she wold pay if she ever brought it up.. distroyed her mentally.. that was forty years ago.. a year ago a lady I had met was busted by dc cops she to was raped who paid the price when she tried to report it.. she did.. having brought that up.. the residents of our political system have gotten in the idea that they are above the law including things like check kiting. including voting that they don’t have to participate in the obamacare..

    Even today.. theres what ten percent of the people that think our congress is effective and doing their jobs..

    I personally think these are biased.. yet even with an acceptance level so low what over ninety to ninety six percent will be reelected no matter how crappy a job they have done in the past.. so are the parties in trouble not on your life.

    The problem I see is time and environment..
    Future Congressmen run for a job get elected with high hopes that change is forthcoming. go to a job that they initially see themselves being able to make huge changes to work for the people.
    but when they get to DC they discover that what they seen as an honorable job has many faults. one.. they don’t have to work its done for them.. they have this unimaginable power and the time away to do what they want. free airfare, gifts and vacations all paid either by the puppet masters or the people.. I get almost every day of the year to do what I want..
    the bills that the lobbyists propose are so large and long and written so complicated that to understand them takes a team of Harvard lawyers to even dig through them. these are written that way on purpose to get passed a law that will benefit the puppet masters that asked them to get it passed..
    the system they work in is so Kafkaesque that they eventually bend to get something anything done.

    Then the Jim and Tammy moment..
    Jim and tammy.. they had a wonderful plan.. when they first started they were going to make so many changes to spread the word of god.. and they did.. then the money gifts .. it was flowing in by the millions.. and millions.. and eventually the environment they lived and worked in led to them being swayed and greed set in..
    then there wasn’t enough more to make them happy..
    even though I don’t approve of what the Macarena group is doing..
    it isn’t their fault it is the fault of all of us the voters.
    we should vote out anyone that isn’t doing a job.. if they are missing to much work.. then fire them they should be made to punch a time clock and be made to read the bills they vote on and write them in a language that an average high school graduate can read and interpret. even this is hard since our society has been working so hard to dumb down the average joe.. I think that is because what was it I read if you can make three generations ignorant you can enslave them. .

    Can it be fixed by those leading us.. Absolutely.. can we rebuild our industrial complex again absolutely.. but it would mean change of attitude and them to work together for a common good of the people..
    Will they. well change is a tough one on anyone. why give up the free airplane rides the vacations the free meals and the donations to their favorite causes.. heck I can tell you that even though I feel I am pretty moral in most ways that if someone tossed a bag of money on my lap or asked me to go on a great vacation at a luxury resort to do research.. I would be there in a heart beat.. if they did it twice they have me.. eventually you get use to it.. kind of like working a continual percentage of overtime.. eventually it becomes part of the budget.. then your caught.. that is just my opinion .. and even though I don’t approve of our leaders actions they can’t be held responsible.

  6. I’ve told my kids:

    Are you on a Fortune or Forbes list?
    Is your chauffeur a member of the Secret Service?

    If neither answer is “yes,” there is no phone call or message you will get, which cannot wait until you are parked.

    BTW, probably doesn’t work.

    It’d be really simple to install a cell blocker in every PMV…

  7. And for those of you who want to make more money then investing 1000 for 10 years for for the in take the 1000 invested in Bitcoin and then follow George ure survival charts on people nomics and instead of 4 million you’ll get about 40 billion.
    So as you can see in the future we’ll have plenty of not being there but trillionaires and then shortly after that will have those few call quadrillionaires which is supposedly how long our knowledge of our existence on this universe has .been…… but then again there’s no beginning and there’s no way I can so no one knows even the ones who have recorded their existence back to quadrillions of yours they don’t know either.

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