Communications:  We begin this morning with an interesting phenomena up on the “gurney” here at  Cleat Through Labs.

We look at the problems around us and wonder how much of it is being whipped up by electronic versions of mob rule?

Let’s back up for a second and understand how it happens.  Maybe the best place is to consider a few thoughts about “flash mobs.”  These things never happened before the arrival of “smart phones” – which in the hands of dumb people can be used for all sorts of nefarious purposes.

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I must be the only one to see the clear and present danger in cell phone use beyond minimums.

Why, just this morning we have in our pile of “nice to get too it, if we only had more hours in the day…” pile:

Life-Time Dosimetric Assessment for Mice and Rats Exposed in Reverberation Chambers of the 2-Year NTP Cancer Bioassay Study on Cell Phone Radiation

Good distractions: Testing the effects of listening to an audiobook on driving performance in simple and complex road environments.

Teens’ distracted driving behavior: Prevalence and predictors.

This last one is pretty good: Gets to the idea that in 58 percent of samples, the teen drivers were engaged in secondary tasks (think dialing, redialing, texting, searching, yada, yada).

The reason this is so damn interesting to me is it puts some legs under our newest crackpot theory.  This proposes that…

Every demographic has a problem coming at it in the opposite lane about 50 percent of the time…”

In the 1970’s, for example, the young driver in the oncoming lane was either stoned, high, ripped, or smoked, often with beer.  Presto!  Along comes MADD and other right-thinking groups and here comes the education and DWI rates go down…

B U T…

In their place comes the distracted driving void which is likely to hit you with about the same frequency, damage, AND impact on insurance.

So here’s an easy prediction to make from the data:  Within a very short time, telecom providers will be able to hook up to insurance companies.  And, if you are texting and driving more than 2% of the time (allowing for an emergency, right?) then Ure rates would go up.

Credit where due, BTW: OM2’s son listens to audio books which allows his eyes to be on the what?  Oh-oh…not everyone has good genes, we’re sorry to report.

Oddly, there hasn’t been much in the journals (except for older work like Adolescents texting and twittering: the flash mob phenomena.) because why?  (Economics at work here!)  Social Media purveyors and the like don’t want people seriously looking at how our behavior gets all twisted around the axle by social media.

It’s Really called “Ultrasociality” by Experts

Try on The day of reckoning: Does human ultrasociality continue?

To counter human ultrasociality, alternative communities can arise (ongoing), and, unlike insects, lower echelons can unite and rebel. Examples include movements such as: “Black Lives Matter,” “Fight for $15,” “Occupy,” and the “Village Movement.” To strengthen ultrasociality, a surplus bottom echelon can be reduced: for example, by means such as imprisoning Blacks, deporting immigrants, wars, and the Holocaust. Alternatively, a new structure could be created, for example, ISIL (even more ultrasocial?)..

To be sure, it’s an early 2016 paper, but it gets to the point:  What is ultrasociality other than an e-mob?

And if you’re wondering by now (depending on the caffeine loading dose for the day) “Where did ultrasociality come from?” get a gold star because here is a POSSIBLE anwer:

A book (Ultrasociety: How 10,000 Years of War Made Humans the Greatest Cooperators on Earth) may hold the key to explaining how “social at all levels” could be the “new fire.”

Not saying it is, though, because just yesterday we had another radicalized gomer try to off himself and others in NYC at the bus terminal.

Which does (eventually) get to this morning’s hanging question:

What is ahead of us as a society?

Ultrasociety (and ultrasocial specifically) explans why someone can have an injured dog and raise thousands of dollars with a “FundMe” campaign.  While, at the same time, people are living in their cars…The key difference being one group is already into the new Ultrasociety and is ultrasocially connected, while the others are not able to afford even a laydown phone.

Which (thankfully) gets us to the nubbins of this morning’s discussion of internet access.

We can pretty clearly see (who wrote Broken Web The Coming Collapse of the Internet, right?) that a kind of socioeconomic showdown is “on the way.”

One might even go so far as to postulate that Bitcoin is the new currency of the Ultrasociety.  Which is a problem because the Old Guard, that thing we call The Network which is the interlocking directorships and offshore weasels who make the real dough and can afford to live out of the US and lie with impunity about their real incomes…well, those people won’t share power because (like a bad stock deal) they see shareholder dilution.  And, at least for now, they have all the shares.

The Left (and this is actually to the credit of people like Bernie, though much lesser so the Obamites and Gorists) have seen Ultrasociety early because they’ve been cobbling up a shaky foundation for their version of Utopian seems like foever…

For them, it’s a simple shift to swap out revolutionary causes (whose mom was a lefty?) and replace it with ultrasociety goals like breathable air.  Why, it’s almost graceful in an October Revolution sort of way.  And with the same political results on the way.

The drivers are obvious – and there are three right “in our face” this morning.  I mentioned Bitcoin is the money of the International Ultrasociety.  Sadly, there is a serious criminal element to it (which everyone wants to deny got Bitcoin going – Silk Road and all that).  But, back to the yin and yang of it all, it’s what gives the PowersThatAre a case.

The second is the Climate Mob.  This is made up of mostly dupes and dolts, who don’t see the larger game in play.  At the front on the socialist revolutionaries, who will take ultrasociety in lieu because they will be going with a tide.  Then, it will be a leadership swap and presto!  Done deal. They have managed to fund pro climate change (only) research, so we sit out here at the tree farm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  We pray that carbon credits will get a Bitcoin-like bubble.

The third is the Republican party is imploding.  Oh, not here in Texas, but in the case of Moore a few states over, that’s a mess.  Problem is, people have heard enough of the touchy-grabby that anyone tainted by that broad-brush of personality assassination is toast, at least if the Ultrasociety does e–mobbing around it and actual gets out and votes.

So our bottom line?

Just wanted you to have the thinking tools in hand so you could see “the factions” that are duking it out on prime time news shows.

In their typical ignorance, the MSM (mainstream media) has failed to label the good guys and the bad.  But here’s a hint:  They’re all bad and they have all forgotten the basics – things like the Constitution.

So,  instead of investing in Bitcoins, damn shame we can’t invest in a company called Biofilm, Inc.  Because they have just the right product for times to come.

They make?  Astroglide.

Write when you get rich,  (or, at least tell Rich ‘hi’ for us…) (rim shot)