Coping: Meanwhile, Back at Roswell

imageThings are becoming surreal, these days.

We have Russia kicking the butts of ISIS, a feat the U.S. hasn’t been able to do with all of our [purported] might and which the Putin shock troops seem to have accomplished in a month.

The main problem created is what?

The U.S. public – common folks like you and me – might begin to see through the global Kabuki of it all and figure out that what we are fed is not what we should eat.

But how does a security state-framed West go about defusing a serious story like Syria, especially when it is one that could go theater nuclear as early as this weekend?

Well, the answer, strange as it may seem, is to press the restart button on some older conspiracies.

It’s psychological control.  Consider fighting forest fires, think of it as a “back fire” – a little fire, or three – set to deny the larger fire fuel.

Fuel, in the case of U.S. policy is that body of people with operating brains and who will not be deterred by press releases and attempted cover-ups.

Like you and me, they are people who note significant dates on the calendar and then sit back and watch to see how the Uber Government – not necessarily the elected government – pull strings to prevent showing the public who is really behind the curtain and pulling the strings.

One such date coming up is October 22.  On that date, Hillary Clinton has an appointment to appear before the House which is investigating cover-up and misfeasance related to Benghazi.  the smart money would likely still be on Hillary manipulating events so as not to appear….and continuing to pull sheep after sheep over people’s eyes on he email fraud.

That’s not a big enough “back fire” however because the Internet is a thinking mass consciousness movement now and enough people are plugging in to a wide enough variety of apps and alternative thinking amplifiers, that it’s becoming very difficult to control.

In the midst of all this, the stock market has climbed to completely unjustified levels on the expectation that things won’t end badly – even if the U.S. has not idea what it is doing.  It’s a fine example of massive division and conquering.

Even this may not be enough, though.

So here comes a report on how Japanese researchers have discovered a memo that suggests that the U.S. government has been lying about the supposed UFO crash in  New Mexico virtually since day one.

A key quote from the article in the British Daily Express is as follows:

“The original 1950 memo suggested the US military found three metallic, saucer-shaped objects, complete with occupants, near New Mexico, in the USA.

The memo revealed US radar equipment in the area was believed to “have interfered with the saucers and brought them down”, according to the Journal Telegraph.”

The thing about UFO’s is it continues to be a nearly infinite time-sink for good researchers to plow their way through.

One of the best alternative theories, by the way, if the book The Day After Roswell by LTC Philip Corso is a little too direct on body recovery and technology reverse-engineering, may be sound on the Douglas Dietrich website.

Here, things turn a bit odd.  Dietrich, if you followed his story, held that the Third Reich never died, and he pointed out the high probability that the Roswell crash(es) were not UFO’s at all, but rather remnants of a massive Japanese balloon program that was designed to build lighter-than-air craft which would bring bombers and fighters across the Pacific, from which they would be launched to attack the American homeland.

It was a good enough tale that Elaine and I bought the DVD and still have it.  Dietrich himself made a couple of appearances on Coast to Coast with George Noory, and there are some good interviews with him on YouTube.

Not that the Dietrich view wasn’t controversial – it was.  In fact, long-time UFO personality John Lear purportedly accused Dietrich of being “a Navy disinfo agent” as it was posted over here.

I say “purportedly” a lot when writing about UFOs for a good reason.  Many of the personalities who make splashy headlines are hard to confirm.  Sometimes, a charge like this one about Dietrich being “disinfo” are hard to figure because it’s not possible to confirm the post actually came from John Lear, or whether it was someone posing as Lear.

Nevertheless, the two interesting items about UFO’s and Roswell that we note in passing this morning are…

A) The report of the memo on hiding the evidence.

B) Is even more interesting.  Go look at the Douglas Dietrich website:  Seems all the content is gone and there’s nothing but a “good luck on new ventures” note on the site.

Having watched his DVD’s and heard several interviews, I am, frankly, at a loss as to why the website would be taken down.  It costs only a couple of hundred dollars (tops) to keep a site up, and I would have thought there would have been ongoing sales.  Maybe not, though.

If I get some time today, I’ll see if I can track Dietrich down and ask him what the “new adventures” are and see what he’s up to.  Although his account of events surrounding UFO’s at Roswell is distinctly different that the mainstream UFO evidence, it’s still doggone interesting because certain historical facts do support the large balloon theory.  Let’s not forget that the Hindenburg was from Germany and the Axis was known to share military secrets.

As to the “absolute” truth about Roswell??

A number of readers of this site have fairly good intel on how things work in that shadow-world.  In fact, just this morning, one of our extremely well-informed readers sized up this “fresh report” about Roswell this way:

Well, this is silly.  This FBI memo has been around and known about forever.  I think that it was even featured on the FBI’s site under the UFOs link.

It’s useful information like this that points us on the path to look for what else is going on. 

The same citizen/reporter/ (and lawyer, BTW) also mentioned this part in another email on a different topic, but it definitely ties in with our discussion here, since discussion of the JFK assassination is likely another “disinformation/back fire” being fanned at the moment in order to keep serious researchers preoccupied with just enough kibbles to keep the truth of our corporate-governed country from eating our freedom-loving hearts out:

“…When I was in UCLA Law School, I was a research assistant for Professor [redacted], who had been one of the four investigative counsel to the Warren Commission.  One afternoon, I was in his office and brought up some of the more prominent evidentiary paradoxes in the Commission Report.  At first, he grandly dismissed the contrary evidence as things that had been pressed upon them and rejected before, but as I pressed him with confirmatory evidence from other sources, he simply fell silent, in much the same way as my old friend attorney [redacted]’s dad did when we pressed him on his work on UFO propulsion systems while he was at Wright-Pat and wrote his masters thesis on same, which was instantly classified.  The Warren Commission Report was full of crap, just like the 9/11 Commission Report.  Rogue elements within and without our government screw us and then set up a commission of prominent citizens to misdirect the public’s attention from the truth….”

I’d sure encourage this reader to do a more full-length treatment of how there may, indeed, be multiple conspiracies all designed as a population thought-control framework.

At the core of this dilemma is “Who is behind it all?”  In my research, I’ve made-up the name Directorate 153 – which would be a continuity of government operation, heavily fortified with computational horsepower and continuously modeling our future. 

Much as I’ve concluded that the Federal Reserve has a basement operation which runs a small supercomputer General Stochastic Dynamic Equilibrium model to call rate and intervention points, so, too, would a continuity of government operation employ such techniques to control the operations of the country.

Are such models real?  Can  they indeed model futures and suggest spin and intervention?  Why, of course!

Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modeling (abbreviated DSGE or sometimes SDGE or DGE) is a branch of applied general equilibrium theory that is influential in contemporary macroeconomics. The DSGE methodology attempts to explain aggregate economic phenomena, such as economic growth, business cycles, and the effects of monetary and fiscal policy, on the basis of macroeconomic models derived from microeconomic principles.

While traditional macroeconometric forecasting models are vulnerable to the Lucas critique—that prediction of the effects of an economic policy based on aggregated historical data is unfit of the complexity of microeconomic systems—microfounded models should not be. Further, since the microfoundations are based on the preferences of the decision-makers in the model, DSGE models feature a natural benchmark for evaluating the welfare effects of policy changes (for discussion of both points, see Woodford, 2003, pp. 11–12 and Tovar, 2008, pp. 15–16).

As yes, if you’re wondering “Can modeling markets be considered analogous to modeling mass human behaviors?  Is there an analog to the Fed’s DSGE modeling at a broader, government continuity propaganda control level?

Almost certainly.  We’d be fools not to have such a tool.  Would you really trust people like Boehner, McConnell, Pelosi, and Harry, along with the passing tenant of the White House with the actual levers of power

I think not…that would be a formula for disaster, and indeed while that seems to be what we have, it could no doubt be worse.

The existence of such a program would entirely explain – in a credible manner why – from a policy standpoint – neither the democrat nor republican congress, and neither Bush foreign policy or Obama’s are distinctly different.  The clear lack of range of variables argues for an off-stage force calling in the plays.

Computer simulations don’t care whether they are processing bank balances or numerically quantified psychological data.  Model one and you can model all.

Complete faith in the American voter?  Pah-leese.

Minds worried about the details of things like Roswell and the JFK hit won’t be looking as closely at the gory details about how the U.S. shot up a hospital in the Middle East.

With of our best independent-thinking minds preoccupied with the sparkly new “facts” sure to come out under Computational Distraction Theory, the utter hypocrisy of a President promoting gun control in Roseburg, Oregon with tearful victims, while orchestrating massive warfare and getting a hospital in the process, will not be called out for what it is.

Damn shame, that.  Reality, though, must be hidden behind constructs like national interests.  Those are simply model outputs.

“Do as we say, not as we do.”

The serious research into current events is often unpleasant.  As was the case in the Miriam Carey death a couple of years ago, now all but wiped from the public mind.

But other cases remain: “Pull it” from WTC-7 is only the tip of another iceberg. And we have plenty of ice to study.

Little dribs and drabs of information are always available for public release – and like the back fires they keep us in  the “looker and gawker” mode that instantly chokes freeways at the slightest fender-bender – there’s a point to it.

We should get a fine sense of how the “Manufacturer’s Resource Wars” in the Middle East and Africa are going by simply judging the relative activity around past conspiracy theories.  The hotter they burn, the more poorly current events are likely going; behind the mainstream media charade which has reported Russian and Chinese involvement in the grab for Middle East oil on a massively time-delayed basis.

But that’s how it works when you “command the information heights.”

Such is the power of the Powers, as now and ever shall be.

A Reading Note

You may notice a series of arrows appear in this morning’s report.  These indicate off-site links to source material.

I was thinking this may be convenient, especially for readers who are sight-impaired and those who are color-blind, or like me “color-ignorant.”

If they are too much of a distraction, drop me a line. 

OK, time to go create things of personal value.  A long weekend of final tweaks on my novel DreamOver – the first of the David Shannon adventure series. 

With that character and the tools established, the second novel in the series will deal with (go ahead…guess….)

You got it:  Directorate 153.

Write when you break-even,


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  1. “Well, this is silly. This FBI memo has been around and known about forever. I think that it was even featured on the FBI’s site under the UFOs link.”

    Funny.. I have said all along.. My theory is nothing that is suppose to be secret is secret.. math just says that.. the only secret is one you never tell anyone.. in a government setting everything is done it triplicate and has several departments and the people working there involved there are reports and reports on reports the actual people working with a project or problem etc etc.. .. not to mention the task forces that are created to determine how this should work or will it work.. Instead everything is exposed given to the people as a minor story on page eighteen of the paper then discredited as false.. the more spent to discredit a story is what makes the story more credible and interesting to read.. in the movie men in black.. there is a scene where they go to get the latest top secret information so they go to a gossip rag at the checkout..interesting odd stories that are discredited regularly.. .. Just eighteen small articles are definitely more interesting than page one..

  2. A fellow member of Mensa, twenty-something young man, asked for help in a recent meeting. He wanted suggestions on how to go about getting info and financial help for his doctorate program based on computer modeling of public response to use of military. He had already spoken to DARPA with no assistance there. Is computer modeling real? Damn straight.

    • MENSA.. nice group.. when I left it was because they use to razz my tail for not making something of myself Hope he gets his help with his doctorate.. that he needs DARPA is a pretty good group to get with if he can..

  3. This is what keeps one coming back to Directorate 153 and George Ure. I can only warn you that the the older one gets, it becomes harder and harder to keep one’s ear to the rail. This includes friends, interests and physical location. My blessed mentor, Dad, more than once told me that after 80, life gets harder: many of your friends have gone and they can’t be replaced; info has changed; and the”younger generation wants to do every thing their way and you are isolated.

    Remember this when looking back or forward. Especially when planning your later years.

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