Coping: Is Life an “Escape Room?”

Woo-Woo: A reader was wondering what I thought of this idea.  Of course, you need to know what an “escape room” is, if you don’t already know.

“An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms. Escape rooms are inspired by “escape-the-room“–style video games. Games are set in a variety of fictional locations, such as prison cells, dungeons and space stations, and usually the various puzzles and riddles themselves follow the theme of the room.”

Here lately, escape rooms are evolving into interesting “mixed rooms” – some of which include a murder mystery as well as food, drinks, and who knows where the evolution will end.

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But, the point is, the “escape room” is a neat metaphor for where the world is.

Think of it this way:  We are all “in the room” – that’s clear since the furthest we have gotten so far (if you believe the escape room narrative) is “the moon.”

Even those few who escaped that far had to return to the “room” here on Earth to get fresh food, water, and air.  Side of gravity with that, too, please.

Like the “escape room” there’s something – likely in plain sight – that most people miss.

Moreover, it is likely something cultural because when you study escape rooms, you’ll find there are certain mindsets, ways of seeing, thinking, and following logical pathing that work better than others.

In fact, the logical pathing most of the civilized world is trained in now involves looking at a screen 20-inches from your nose and doing things like swipe this and tap that.

Here’s a shocker (and seriously, this isn’t apparent to a lot of people- impossible as it sounds):  Tapping and Swiping is NOT going to get us out of the present Room (Earth).  It probably won’t even HELP.

That’s because whether you call it Great Evil, the Nahkash, Devil, Azazel, dungeon master, PTB, Elites, Banksters, or Rothschilds…everyone has a model… it’s NOT IN A PHONE OR DROID.

This isn’t a HUGE thought for this hour on a Monday, but it’s something better to think about today than the same-old same-o.

Organizing a Search Party

If you’;; acquiesce to the idea  “OK, so Earth is an Escape Room…” the next step is to come up with “How to Solve for an Exit” before game time is up.

(Game time is up when you die, and to keep the room exciting, everyone’s time’s up will happen at unpredictable moments.)

Since I’ve been reading on mudras again – the Indian discipline of finger power signing, which purports to be Reality slightly through hand signals –  the topic came up around 3 AM Saturday morning as either one of us could sleep.

Do you think it’s possible that some big breakthrough is just waiting to be found – hidden on some part of our bodies?

I mean think of it!  What if you could touch the little toe of your left foot to your right elbow!  That’s something that would almost certainly never happen, right?  But maybe – and this is just a far out idea sure – maybe when that Religious Fellow was off wandering around the desert for 40-days a couple of thousand years ago he got bored and connected two unlike parts of his body!  Can you see how that could complete a circuit at some cosmic level and then bring forth this outpouring of all that followed in his life after that?  Amazing thought, huh?”

“…go back to sleep…”

Then think of all the breakthroughs that could happen between humans.  I’ve been thinking about that, too.

Take you and me.  We’re simpatico…so what keeps us from doing something like the Vulcan mind-meld from StarTrek?  What is it about the nervous system that let’s consciousness level the brain – travel down your arm to – let’s say your hand – and then back up to the brain again?  Hit your hand with a hammer…and you’ll feel it…your CONSCIOUSNESS moves to the pain.  So why can’t it move further?

Is it possible that there are different body parts – ones that aren’t usually connected, even between consenting adults – which are build so that consciousness can flow from one person – into another and back again?

Think how long we’ve been alive – almost 150 years between the two of us – and never in all that time have I heard a word of research on this.  Not one!

Maybe it’s hidden in some non-obvious way.  Like the little toe to the right elbow…you know…statistically improbable, right?

When was the last time, for example, that you put your left kneecap behind my left earlobe, for example?  Or, have I ever placed you big toe on my L-4/L-5 spinal segment?  See what I mean?

Why, telepathy could be right there waiting to be discovered!”

Would telepathy wake me up?…Leave me out of this.  Go back to sleep…”

OK, so the conversation was maybe a bit onesided.  But, and this is weird, like the book I just wrote on the lack of continuous broad-spectrum wave interaction research from DC to daylight, is it possible that because of curious cultural blinders we have missed actually doing a computer-generated COMPLETE inter-human connectivity study?

The idea is, if nothing else, novel.

And given how we will all be watching the silly numbers run our net worth up and down this week, it seems like it’s a useful question to keep handy in case some mental-processor clicks come up free, with nothing to keep them busy.

I’ll get to work on the algorithm for this right away.

Hmmm…Test #739:  Place right ring finger in left nostril.  Test #740:  Place right pinky finger in left nostril.

This could take a while.  But if I get swept up in a cloud and get tempted, I’ll try and get some pictures.

Meanwhile, enjoy your time in the other escape room (work) today and…

Write when you get rich,

OOPS.  Almost forgot.  Time for Test #741:  Remove tongue from cheek.

39 thoughts on “Coping: Is Life an “Escape Room?””

  1. My experience ‘on the other side’ (having had 10 NDE’s) is there is no communication via the voice box ie Aether chakra. All communication when I visited life after death was via telepathy.

    Not only that, there are thousands of cases of people having “flatlined” and were hovering over their bodies. They could see, smell and hear everything in the room. Using no physical eyes, ears and nose. That has also been my experience more than a few “times.”

    The mind of the soul sees in perfect clarity using no physical eyes.

    In Pam Grouts book E2, (9 Do it yourself energy experiments) there is one where you make these metal ‘dousing rods’. When you think in one direction the rods turn that way, when you speak negative or concentrate on negative feelings the rods turn inward. When you think positive or talk positive the rods spread wider paying out. All while holding the rods at chest level, where the heart is.

    The body is just a machine. A fabulous, wonderful device. But it not you. You are the ghost in the machine. Lol

    • P.S. remember the ‘third eye’ rests in the sinus cavity. The frontal lobe while the physical eyes process information in the back of the brain.

      • Thanks for the head’s up on Pam Grout! I’d never heard of her – for some reason. If I can learn the art, then dousing would be truly helpful to help locate a deep sewer line and septic tank. I’d rather not do that with the tractor. I’ve had altered state experiences, but no known NDE’s, though I’ve been saved by miracles more than once. I have no understanding of the source of those miracles but have great gratitude for it.

      • I’m just here for the laughs, hot chicks and cold beer man. I was also sent back here to bring your heathen ass back to God!
        *joking. Hahahahahah

        I’m here for a bunch of reasons all working toward a single point. I’m here for a series of tasks like a butterfly effect. More so for the people around me to get where they need to get. Kinda like that show “quantum leap”.

        What I do know is this: I’m friend of God’s. HE won’t let me die until the appointed time. I’m not here to correct my karma, I won’t reincarnated here and I am not here to win my salvation. Im not here to save anyone’s soul. Im not here to be a prophet. All that stuff was taken care of.

        I don’t always know the tasks I’m here to do. I know you know, I can see the future. Sometimes amazingly well in full 4k ultra HD. Other times it’s a surprise. Sometimes I’m here to just listen to someone tell me their whole life story because that is what they need to do to get themeselves pointed in the right direction. Sometimes I’m called to be a warrior to defend the helpless. I’m one tenacious mother f’r. Probably the most tenacious person you will ever meet.

        I don’t eat healthy, I drink red bull, I drink gallons of coffee, chain smoke Marlboro reds, chew grizzly green every now and then. I eat burger king, taco bell and I love Kentucky fried chicken. I do go to the gym. And work out, because I like it.

        I don’t do much of anything all the guru’s do. Like yoga, eat vegitbles only, fast, chant, adorn myself with salt lamps and crystals and stuff like that. That all seems pretty silly to me.

        I have had more than a few tell me I’m immortal. Had carbon monoxide poisoning 55% at the artery once. 4 times the lethal limit and I was walking around talking like a normal person. I knew who I was and what day it was and where I lived, who was the president etc. Etc.

        Here is 1 small weird example. To jog Georges memory. I went to change the guide rod/spring out of my spring field .45 (engraved job 38:11) with a 22lb wolf spring and a solid guide rod. I accidentally chambored a round and my old spring field pistol had to be dry fired to pull the slide. I ended up blowing off the back of my hand (the moon part for the palm readers) with a .45 hollow point. Sent George a picture after it happens. That is the day i met my second wife. She was my wound care specialist. Didn’t date her for another 3 years. But that is how I met her. I remember seeing her and thinking, Wow! How come I can’t have one like that God? 3 years later, we started dating. My life is a series of events just like the above. Gave a guy hitch hiking a ride from down town Seattle to stanwood once ended up being my father in law 7 years later. 10 years before I would ever meet his daughter. Stuff like that.

    • Working in healthcare you see a lot of NDE .. some well most hang on for loved ones to come. One story I was called to another area. The tech there had never experienced someone passing and they wanted me to prepare the patient for the journey to the mortician.
      Anyway this patient was very fussy with their bed,it had to be perfect. The daily routine was up at four coffee morning news. Bed had to be tight enough to bounce a quarter.
      So when I was directed to prepare this patient the normal routine is to bath them ( many pass bodily fluids etc.) get their clothes ready etc. so I got the warm water. The bath blankets, towels wash cloth’s etc. picked the patient up from the chair and gingerly laid them down on the bed.
      The patient leaped up and said … what do you think your doing… I about had a coronary said getting you ready why. The patient then said you messed up my bed. I seen it all. I asked where were you.. oh up in the corner with the angel watching you the whole time.
      Needless to say I fixed the bed then went for their morning coffee.. coming back the nurse mortician and staff was at the desk and asked.. what are you doing.. I said they don’t intend on going anywhere before they have their coffee.. lol
      Spirits.. just ask anyone that works the floor it’s common. For the unbelievers we would leave them at the desk to run rounds. There was an exercise cycle in storage waiting for family to pick it up. At one am you could hear this bike going at full force lol lol lol.. yet when you looked at it nothing and it would stop. Especially on stormy days with a lot of electric activity.

      • It was.. everyone was amazed.. that person lived another four years.. then the perkins pancakes.. LOL lol.. woman minutes from death.. four respirs per minute.. family all crying in the room.. one of them says.. well maybe we should go for breakfast at perkins.. the woman opens her eyes.. PERKINS.. PERKINS PANCAKES.. I have to have perkins pancakes gets up has to get ready and they leave to have pancakes.. a year later.. she is near death once again.. the kids all walking down the hall.. and one of them says.. not one word about Perkins.. LOL LOL LOL..
        anyone working the floor and doesn’t believe there is an ever after hasn’t worked very long on the floor.. the exercise bike.. that was just trippy we would get a rush about the time you would hear that darned thing.. one night it was late.. but oops it wasn’t it was the clocks batteries just needed to be changed LOL.. after forty years I could tell you stories.. you can feel the spirit to when it is close.. kind of like seeing aura’s around people. my daughter came across a guy.. he had been driving drunk over a hundred miles an hour.. went into a ditch hit a culvert and was ejected from the car hit the pavement over 75 feet later. the car had flipped end over end three times over a three hundred foot space.. when he hit his leg was shoved up and out through his abdomen. flight for life was called .. I get this frantic call asking me what to do when she came across it I said call 911 which she did.. the next morning she tried to find out what was going on with him.. of course they wouldn’t say a word so she asked if I would check on him.. up to that floor I go.. walk in and ask everyone working I knew.. I had worked with everyone on the floor that day including all the doctors and flight attendants etc.. well I get the run down prognosis wasn’t good at all.. they had never seen anything like it.. he hit his head broken most of his bones etc.. they put him in a coma..
        the rest of the story.. HE WALKED OUT in three months..
        another story guy is at his desk it was a busy day.. he got a cup of coffee set it down went to sit and missed the chair.. bumped his head.. he didn’t make it.. we never know when it will be our time.Only our heavenly father knows for sure.
        I am a pretty practical person.. and a lot of friends in the scientific realm give me a little guff because it doesn’t fit with science.. Yet with what I have seen and experienced it is not only possible but very much real.

  2. How do you keep from falling asleep when you meditate? 5 minutes of quiet with my eyes closed and I’m gone – even with a pot of coffee in me.

    Also I’ve wondered, with the possibility of extensive editing at Nicaea, what if the Satan was actually Jesus’ trainer/sensei and those 40 days in the desert were a final exam?

    • Both excellent questions.

      I don’t have an answer for the second, but I have a suggestion for the first.

      I very recently heard a recommendation to get a hand drum, or a rain stick, or a soft sounding rattle, to play while meditating.

      With the hand drum you are more stroking the drumhead than tapping it. You want instruments that take very little physical movement to produce a little sound — just a little rhythm to rest the attention on and maintain focus and alertness.

    • Oh my.. I’ve had that happen.. but normally you drift into a state of self awareness.
      I actually learned how years ago in a study to see how far the body could be pushed with sleep deprivation. They must not have gotten the results they were seeking and shut it down. I in turn went through a period of desperation and decided I would use deep rest and meditation that I had learned. Lived most of my life using what I learned. (It takes a toll on your health living like that.. )
      Once you find your space you’ll know.. it’s wonderful peaceful and twenty minutes feels like eight hours of deep sleep.

      • The scariest time was in 94.. I accidentally scheduled myself straight shot.. After 48 hours it was like a light switch had been turned on. I was brilliantly awake. No sign of tired everything was as clear and sharp..I don’t know if it was an adrenaline rush or what. After the two week period I went to lay down and had a couple of people sit and watch that was familiar with CPR just in case.
        A few years ago I wasn’t doing very well at all.. My best friend at the time was attempting to do the same thing I did. I lectured him to not do it. But he did. Where I thought I wasn’t going to be around I got better.. He in turn laid down and had a heart attack and died.
        It became a way of life.

      • The times I may have been close to meditating, mostly as a kid, what I became aware of was mostly thoughts, problem solutions or insights that wouldn’t have occurred to me in a normal, “busy mind”, waking state. It also happened occasionally when I was putting away a fair amount of brandy a few years ago, too. The latter was interesting but I didn’t want to be that hard on my liver for an excessive amount of time. The modern world is just too busy. I do miss simpler days!

      • I really, also, think that Christian prayer has been neutered almost to the point of uselessness. I believe it, originally, was more a form of meditation rather than incipient petitions to parts unknown. Like “Double E” said below – you have to know where you’re going.

      • Chop wood and carry water. I have practices meditation for over 20 years. I pray daily for eyes to see, ears to hear, a willing heart and a mind to comprehend. I have prayed that prayer for over 20 years.

        I only say 2 thing when I actively meditate. Show me, I’m willing to listen. Then I lay with my head facing magnetic north and feat south. I fold my hands upon my chest and sit still. Sometimes I get visions and sometimes things occurs to me. Sometimes I get noth ing but later in the day something will come to me.

        Sometimes I fall asleep too and I wake up and be fine meditating again.

        I have gotten out of my body more than a few times and walked around only to realise aftet a few moments I wasn’t in my body and I wasn’t asleep. I have seen plants that don’t exist in my house, cats and other creatures and even beings and children that don’t exist or can’t be seen with the physical eye. There is this white shaman like dude that visits me from time to time. All white, dressed in white, white hair and albino looking. He has never spoke to me. But I get a sense of peace from him.

        When you actively meditate daily, it has been my experience you meditate all day. I basically meditate all day. Like the saying “chop wood and carry water.” Ad you go through your day when things come up ask what are you showing me. Atleast that is what I do.

    • Meditate, fall asleep, wake up and keep meditating. To truly meditate you need to have a goal for your meditation. Otherwise you are like the USA in Afghanistan, what does success look like?

  3. George,
    I seem to remember a process known as “the laying on of hands.” It was a teaching for a healing process.
    The ‘laying on’ part was the hands of one or more persons placed upon the ailing one in specific ways to promote the removal of that which caused the ailing one to suffer… Seems like you may once again be onto something that was hidden in plain sight.

  4. The subject has pretty exhaustively been documented and rehidden in Chinese Alchemy. If you look at Qi Gong, Tai Chi and their views of energy as usefully utilized in Acupuncture and Acupressure, its pretty much all there. Combined with Tibetan Buddhism shorn of its cultural metaphors and you have a pretty rigorous cosmology that dovetails with emerging quantum physics and the mathematics of multi dimensional reality.

    There are a variety of Tai Chi and Qi Gong energy exercises that culminate in the release of the Jade Baby up through the spine and out of the top of the head into the (something or other) Garden that is a clear metaphor for so called astral travel. How did they get all this knowledge……. The world is awakening! Where did the expression “I just know it off the top of my head.” come from? Its all there.

  5. The answers you seek are not in the 3D material realm. I suggest you go deeper into the esoteric occult area. Ask for guidance and follow the path your inner knowing displays. Our bodies are delimited by 3D; the Universal Consciousness accessed by spirit is not.

    I have read great works by Blavatsky, Steiner and Ivanhov. Find the right teacher for you in 3D; the Tibetan monks always have a mentor partly for safety reasons. Hint: Temple of the People in Ojai.

    Keep your pineal gland healthy and strong; it is the antenna link. Do an elimination diet and follow what you learn to tune your instrument. Work towards only positive, loving thoughts. It’s doubtful you will reach perfection this lifetime, but in the reaching, will go farther than not. Learn how to ground yourself.

    Here’s hoping for beneficial results for you on your path.

  6. Everything goes through change yet everything stays the same.
    I believe that we have spirits or angels that watch over us. Guide us.
    I’ve read a theory that was put out suggesting that life is a program that we are nothing but a simm character or character in a game program like second life.
    As our nation toys with entering Thucydides Trap I wonder is there a safe room.

  7. George
    The Human race may have missed a Big Clue back at Shorty crater, (on the Moon), back in 1972.
    Think droid!

    Food for thought. This stuff regarding the escape room. Few excerpts: The inability to leave your physical body and wander off at will is not natural. Something or someone is trapping you in your one physical body until you die. This is a prison.
    Life here on this Earth, and perhaps even this entire physical universe, is not natural. It’s not the default state of being. Our Earth and perhaps the whole universe can be likened to a forgotten cabin in the woods far away from civilization; a fenced off farm with guards surrounding it, a basement in a crazy scientist’s lab which is isolated from the rest of the world, a “Truman Show” set, a “Matrix”, a computer simulation where we are stuck in one game unable to access other games. At some point in your history, you were a free wandering healthy Spirit fully knowing who you are and where you came from until somehow you fell in this trap losing your memory. How this happened is not fully clear, but it’s likely that there are many different reasons and ways it can happen. There isn’t one story about how people lose their virginity. There is as many stories as there are people.
    Read the rest at the site.

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