Coping: Homeward Bound, and a Rain Hold Possible

P070815_1858(Missoula, MT)  This place is a post-card.

But getting here?

Well, that’s another tale…

We got out of Tacoma Narrows Airport about 6 AM and managed to claw our way up to 7,500 feet and followed IJ-90 over to Ellensburg, WA.

The old Beechcrate ran perfectly and fuel consumption was “right on the numbers,” too.

And about 11-something local time (Mountain) we showed up at the ramp at Northstar Jet Service where ground-boss Todd served up the best customer service you can get, along with the rest of the crew.

From there, off to the riverside Doubletree and the view (above) which was from the window at dinner last night.

Visibility getting to dinner was less than ideal, however.

Smoke – from multiple fires in the Omak and Central Washington area – meant having to drop altitude and remain nap-of-the-earth for a good bit of the Ellensburg to Spokane leg.  Things didn’t really clear out for good flying until we were 70-miles east of Missoula, again, following I-90.

This morning, an abbreviated column, since the hotel courtesy bus will be departing the hotel at 5:15 sharp.  And with Todd’s help at Northstar, we should be fueled and wheels off by 6:00 AM, or so.

I’m  figuring the flighty this morning will only make it to Sheridan, WY because tomorrow morning there may be adverse winds and rain.  Saturday morning, we’ll press on to Dodge city and then home to the ranch Sunday.

We’ll see about getting out tomorrow, but a day of writing Peoplenomics would be useful since there is much to learn from the micro-calamities of the markets this week.

More important, however, is what is ahead – which is always useful to game out.

Saving Your Vacation

There have been a lot of useful comments about recent columns.  There are found on the “comments bubble” but one set of remarks from long-time reader Ray H really stands out (as always) since he’s about the closest thing to George-think you’ll find:

Greets, George…

‘Don’t like ccard fraud; it’s inefficient, and a pain in the butt (and yeah, I have the T-shirt, also.) I avoid this now for pleasure trips, by using a debit card that’s on an insulated account. Before a trip, I’ll spreadsheet the trip, cover every eventuality I can think of, then budget an additional 25% and shove this total into my account. I then pull cash for running fundage and bury it somewhere it’s not likely to be stolen (usually a very deep pocket.) This is what I use for restaurant tabs & rummage sales. I trickle it into my wallet as-needed, so whether I’m carrying $200 or $2000, nobody sees more than necessary. The card is never out of my sight, but if it does get nipped, I have both VISA’s, and my bank’s protections. Note, not recommended for business trips, but they go on their own card.

That I have both emergency get-home cash, and a get-home card, securely hidden, should go without saying…

BTW I don’t trust RFID wallets. I had a couple RFID cards — cut ’em up and requested mag-strip-only cards. Even HSBC complied with my request. Pocket-sniffers can’t read strips. A sniffer attached to an ATM can, though, so I avoid outside ATMs whenever possible, and check slots when I can’t. I DO, however, trust lead-lined film bags (but you knew this, already) and having been a photographer in a past life, have several SIMA bags laying around — ’nuff said…

I’m embarking on a program to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, every day for the next 100 years…

Speaking of “food…”
That $56 bucket o’ chicken is only $35.95 here, but that’s still too rich for my blood, or wallet, or digestive tract. Growing up, my folks would patronize Harland Sanders’ establishment roughly twice a year. That’s about how often I go there, for a “grilled” box meal only (it’s not really grilled,

They have a press which resembles a George Foreman grill. The bird parts (“original” recipe) are pulled out of the deep-fryer, then slapped in this grill for 3mins.) Between the genetically-modified rapeseed oil in the fryer, the “honey” made from GM-soybeans, and the TVP which they foist off as “gravy,” I always end up somewhere between terminal indigestion and severe gastritis, for two days afterward. I’ll also visit Lee Cummings’ (‘da Col’s nephew) establishment (Lee’s Famous Recipe) about twice a year.

Slightly more-expensive, but it is da Colonial’s family’s actual original recipe (the chain which uses him as their figurehead abandoned his eleven herbs & spices, shortly after buying Mr. Sanders out) and Lee’s carries the original menu, complete with the original livers, baked beans, and potato salad. Not a big chicken liver fan, but the beans and tater salad were the two best things on the Col’s original menu…

Leave and take the hot weather with you? That’s silly. That hot weather is the norm for summer. Folks in SeaTac just didn’t notice ‘cuz that Pacific breeze blew it all away. Got’s news for all dem Washingtonians: Texans didn’t bring the hot weather with them — we’uns in the Midwest jes stole all yer cool weather (and unfortunately, damn’ near all your rain, too!) The temps in the 60s and 70s are great for outdoor work — or would be if anyone could work outside. However, this rain thing? More daily records fell yesterday, all over the Midwest. We’ve broken weekly rainfall records now for nine weeks running. ‘S no wonder they found a shark in the Ohio River — poor thing probably thought Misery, Illinois, and Indiana were part of the friggin’ Gulf!

I copied and printed your Wednesday PN, to show to my kids — ‘Hope you don’t mind.

BTW, does anyone with a functional brain, who’s not currently doing ostrich imitations, actually believe the “glitch” which caused the Dow shut down wasn’t called “Hang Seng…?”

LOL, oh yeah…that

Another set of wallet protection ideas came from the Radio Ranch in North Carolina…


   Here’s what we do:

1) We maintain four cards.  Two Visa, one Master, and one Discover.

     We keep any others at home in a drawer and use them once or

     twice a year to keep them alive.  We pay off 100% of all balances

     every month, early in the billing cycle — like within a week of the

     bill arriving.  My credit files are “frozen.”  (see Clark Howard.)

     (Don’t EVER lose the thawing passwords…)

2)  I keep one card in my fat wallet, along with a hundred bux or so in

     cash.  I keep on my person, in a separate pocket, one more card

     and another hundred bux or so.  This second wallet is VERY thin

     and in a deep front pocket.  All my membership cards and other

     trivia and effluvia is in the fat wallet.  If mugged, I give up the fat

     wallet, which includes a very nicely faked (Photoshop) laminated

     driver’s license with the wrong address and op number on it.  My

     real license is in the skinny wallet.

3)  We have NO auto-pays.  None.  Got burned seriously a few years

     ago, so I’m a real fanatic about this.  Some companies have a Hard

     Time with this.  Too bad, Sparky…  I don’t know what I’ll do if they

     ever demand auto-pay as their ONLY acceptable method.  I’ll burn

     that bridge when I come to it.  But, for now, it’s paper bills and mailed


4)  I have little doubt The System will forcibly convert us all to digits at

     some point, but I’ll resist as long as I can, as I stuff my wooden shoes

     into their gears where I can.  I am prepared to die rather than accept

     a sub-cutaneous chip.  I recall the wisdom of a Big Time Security Guy

     who said, “The best ID is not something you have.  It’s something you

ARE.”  Meaning bios of one kind or another.  Very hard to fake.  They

     can scan any bio-feature they want; and cattle and my cats are chipped,

     but I won’t be — it would signify “ownership.”

Who’d a ever thunk it?

Well, someone thunk it:  Check Mark of the Beast on any search tool and you’re sure to find the warning labels…been around for a couple of thousand years.

On that note, the back-up wake-up call just came in.  Started with a commercial…which just shows to go you, the programming of us uprights is pernicious.

We made a couple of hotel improvement ideas to the staff at our hotel, already.

The first was that screaming mee-mee music with one-note talentless vocals is not what people want to hear in a restaurant.

We suggested cool jazz would be much more to our liking and if we want alternative screaming mee-mee’s, we’ll be ordering hemlock, not Captain and water, thank you.

The other suggestion was a nit…but parking the window-washing hoist out of the prime river view from the restaurant windows just kinda-sorta made sense to us.

Now, having a produced commercial as a wake-up call…well, any more than three customer experience  improvement ideas in a single stay, and I start to charge.

Off to the wreckage of markets…

Ya’ll come back tomorrow and we’ll see what we shall on the way to Bozo Montana and civilized parts southeast from thar…

Write when you break-even, too.  (Or, want a confessional platform and you’re a Fed member or PPT worker…)


4 thoughts on “Coping: Homeward Bound, and a Rain Hold Possible”

  1. The way you folks are handling your cash and credit cards are exactly the instructions given to tourists traveling in a third world country.

    Bet your kids don’t do all that crap.

    Reminds me of my 93 year old mother, she used to keep her credit card buried in her purse in a cloth wrapper WITH A SAFETY PIN ON IT!

  2. My My With all of your instruments you are flying IFDR? ( I Follow De Roads ) I 90. Way back in my childhood we flew IFDRR ( I follow De Rail Roads )Prior to that we flew I haven’t the foggiest idea of where I am at any given time. Have a good trip

  3. I’m a southerner and I always thought my mother had the “Screaming Meanies” Sounded about right to me.

  4. George, don’t fall for the Alinsky (put the focus on one thing while doing another):

    While everyone focuses on the crisis in Greece, China’s stock market falls apart.
    China’s stock market has lost more than $3 trillion in one month.
    The Shanghai Composite has lost 32% since June 12th and the Shenzhen market, which has more tech companies and is often compared to America’s Nasdaq index, is down 41% in that same period of time.
    China has started its own “capital control” with big shareholders not being allowed to sell for 6 months.

    Rick in North Georgia

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