Coping: Global Warming’s Return?

It’s a holiday.  Well, kind of, sort of, and in a way.

Despite that, I need to draw your attention to the fine work being done by colleague Grady over at the site.

I was going to put out a “heads up” on Friday when we started seeing a lot of “earthquake” mentions in the data – in the absence of a quake (odd thing, that).  And so this morning (more on less as expected, the quake headlines are all over the mainstream with events this morning down in New Zealand.

To be sure, this is not to make any claims that Nostracodeus can actually see the future.  We just notice that often times, in advance of a major news story (Death of Nelson Mandela, for example) we get lots of “dead” and “president” popping up in data runs in very close proximity.

Which gets us to a couple of items pending which should be make headlines here shortly.

One was something in the Saturday report, another report of a “president” and “dies” popping up, but we have no means to know is that is somehow related to today’s holiday (and the coming President’s Day next month) or to something else.  We shall wait and see.

And WRF does this have to do with global warming?

Ah…I was just getting to that.

The really tweaky thing to pop out when Grady ran data Sunday was “Out of Hibernation” making its arrival.  More over here.

Here’s how being a Junior News Detective works:  You look at Nostracodeus results and spy the words that are bubbling up out of the noise.  Like Hibernation.

Then you notice the weather:  Grady’s not too far from Edmonton in Saudi Alberta, which we call it because of all their oil resources.  And up there, the weather has been warmish the last several days.

Not only that, but down here in Texas, we’ve had a week or longer of what Pappy would have called “good working weather”  Lows around 50, highs around 70…just the ideal conditions to be doing outside work of almost any sort.

Couple all that with the drought building out west, the lack of rain in the Central Valley of California, and the prospect of sky-bound vegetable prices, and you can almost get the sense that maybe the animals (and bugs and snakes…) will come out of hibernation earlier than usual this year.

But wait, putting on the Sherlock hat, a quick search of Google’s news indexing shows that “hibernation” is not breaking early, just yet

Instead, there’s a pile of news surrounding the European Space Agency’s “Rosetta” spacecraft which is waking up from two years of what?  Hibernation.

But our quest doesn’t end there.

Another lead to follow shows up in The Guardian which proclaims that “Unchecked global warming ‘will double extreme El Niño weather events‘”

All of which leaves us with a big “bag of evidence” to ponder. 

We know that Rosetta is the source of a lot of “hibernation” lingo.  Yet, we also know that down at the “Humans as co-creators of reality” level, ideas mush, mulch, and meander.  This gives us strong reason not to be surprised if reports of animals coming out of hibernation early begin to appear.

And that will spell the return of the Global Warming Panic that the transfictional media keep trying to whip up.

One of the best views on the whole Warming thing come courtesy of read Joe M…


Just read a British news article about the West Coast drought.  That led to the Maunder Minimum which led to the Little Ice Age (LIA) which was preceded by the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) which according to Wikipedia was similar to our climate today.  Anyone living during the MWP would certainly be concerned about global warming.  Anyone living during the LIA would certainly be concerned about global cooling (and the increase in volcanic activity…).  Those caught in the middle would be confused.

Thank the Renaissance and advent of good, scientific recordkeeping.

Throw the MWP and LIA onto a time graph, map meteorological and crop data, overlay a K-wave or five and adjust to fit, insert Elliott waves, and adjust further for man-made interventions.  Because humans en masse are predictable, voila! I do believe you might end up with a good market model and an excellent PhD thesis.

On a different topic, Gerald Celente predicted we would as a society trend this year towards self-sufficiency and simpler, communal lifestyles.  You are currently covering this with your “minimalist” moniker for our younger generation.  Just saw two movies that didn’t get a lot of coverage in MSM but definitely hit the us vs. me buttons:  “A Joyful Noise” about a church choir and “Pitch Perfect” about, of all things, a capella singing groups on college campuses. Both movies were about young people turning to socialization and low tech entertainment.  I might get a chance to (re)live the 60’s as an adult this time around!

Everyone has the gardening thing worked out but we are still woefully uninformed about alternative sheltering.  Not much difference from a scientific standpoint between a one room cabin and an insulated cardboard box.

Joe’s remark about people in the middle between climate periods being confused is the whole point of this morning’s discussion.  I can find almost as many Global Warming deniers as there are supporters.

There are even sites like “Skeptical Science which is “getting skeptical about global warming skepticism.”

Me?  I’m stuck in “data collection mode.”

Note that California is getting record dry, but down on the “lower half of earth” (Chile, specifically) things have been happening on the other extreme.  Check out the Chilean flooding that occurred in 2013 and how a desert there received unusual rains and even snow…While California suffers, a desert may perk up.

Maybe there’s a third track to the “hibernation” language popping up.;

Maybe it simply means with a holiday today, I should go back to bed…and hibernate until this time tomorrow…

Write when you break even… I’m off to do some pillow compression testing.