Coping: Friday in the WoWW

The first stop (after the headlines, o’ course) is in the World of Woo-Woo (WoWW) where things continue to heat up. 

Reader Dian’s got a case here which defies explanation:

Hi George,

I’m a long time reader and I’ve always been interested in the WoW reports. I don’t know if mine counts because it isn’t about any disappear/reappear event. Tuesday morning I was in the shower getting ready for work, and expecting the appearance of my house cleaner. I heard a woman’s voice say, very clearly, “May I come in?” and although a little surprised (we have two bathrooms) I replied “Of course”. I peeked out from behind the shower curtain, and no one was there. The house cleaner didn’t show up until 2 hours later, so I have no idea who the new lady in the house is … just thought it was interesting.

Hmmm…the obvious question:  Any details of the voice?  Young/old, cute, ugly sounding?  Impressions?

Young, soft, female, friendly – not anyone I know or have known and no Texas accent – but loud enough to be heard over the sound of water in the shower.

Yep, that’s an odd one, alright.  Let us know if you hear the voice again.  Ask something liker “Come on it…and gimme them Lotto numbers for Saturday’s drawing…”

(If that works, send half, lol)

How Reality Works

Reader Bill’s been looking at all these WoWW reports and he’s come up with a theory which I kinda thought was self-evident:

image…spent my early career years partly on a “6-plate, flat-bed Movieola” 35mm filmediting bench.  So, when I saw your graphic representing the Universe bifurcatingupon someone, somewhere making a Quantum Observation (a.k.a. “decision”). and two film tracks proceeding forward in time forming a “Y” at the decision point, it fit right into my World View.

Now, here’s the New Idea:

While folks discuss the split point voluminously, they never mention the two  tracks reintegrating, rejoining, a bit down the road.  No reason I can see to forbid a Perfect Reintegration — and maybe several more splits and splicings as we bump along on the road to wherever we’re all going…

In one track, your keys are on the table. In the highly similar but different and parallel track, your keys never existed in that form, or “always” were somewhere else. It’s you doing the track hopping. Your keys “never” moved.

OK, far as it goes.  But how do I get on the track with the winning PowerBall ticket?

(Why all the gambling references this morning?  Is time short for all of us?  UIhhh…..)

Vertical Uplift

imageTime for another pilot discussion here, since a reader sent in this picture:

Saw this yesterday as the temperature hit 93 in Redwood City. I see a Chem trail with a cloud under it. Notice the Chem trail ends where the cloud like substances do. No trail beyond the “cloud”. What do you think?

Oh, boy…here we go again.  Ground school time, which every pilot knows.

When you see an area of the sky that is hazy, like this cloud, what does it mean?  The answer is simply it’s where the air is down at, or below, the dew point.  That’s when moist air is cold enough to become a cloud.

It means a patch of cold air, in other words.

When the ground heats up, you get warming, but it’s never universal or even.  It’s “lumpy” and this is one of those lumps.

Now, the hot exhaust of a Pratt, GE, or Rolls – that comes out of a jet – quickly condenses into a long stringy cloud called a contrail.

While chemtrails are likely real, this picture isn’t going to sway the jury.  Send more.

Electric Airplanes are Coming!

Check the vid:

I bet it would fly even better without the 3 pounds of stickers on it…

Got Gold?

We’re pleased to announce a new sponsor – CB Mint which you’ll find linked on the supper right hand side of this page.  And their prices make sense, as low as $2.49 over the spot market.

A few readers will no doubt raise an eyebrow since I have mentioned gold could go lower than where it is now.  An astute observation.  But here’s how the real world works, as I see it:  I always like to dollar cost average coming into a major low and then sit back and watch the net worth soar down the road.

Last night, the Fed came out with its H.6 Money Stocks report (as it does every week) and it shows the short-term money printing (M1, annualized, basis the 3-month average) is still 15.9%.

What the Fed is likely to do, seems to me, is continue their policy of “stepping on the gas via the printing press” until the economy is on solid ground again.

And, “Hello Houston, we have a problem…”  That’s because so many of the “new jobs” being created are down in the dregs of minimum wage and so even more printing becomes almost inevitable.

And that gets me to why own gold.  I think anyone who puts gold and silver down as “just metals” hasn’t looked carefully at the long-term money debasement rate which averages 3.4% per year (*including the Great Depression years) since 1913.

Inflation, you see, is NOT how the economic grays of yesteryear claimed.  Thinking Keynes and others here.  They held to the simplistic view that inflation was a “general rise in prices” and such poppycock.

Economic history suggests something that it’s time for me to remind you of:  The “mainstream” of economic thought loves toi promote self-serving ideas.  If Keynes, or any of the other “greats”  (we’re still in an economic blender, right?) had been more honest they would have used a more honest explanation of inflation:

Inflation:  Stealing your money’s purchasing power over time by “watering it it down” – just like a heroin dealer cuts the smack with some powdered sugar.  Except, in this case, the sugar is “paper money” which they are addicted to with similar, not so pleasing results.

All of which is a longish tout for gold.  But I haven’t sold my lone gold coin, nor my lone silver one.  You see, unlike paper, gold is fungible, divisible, and holds value.  Which is a hell of a lot more than what can be said about paper, new cars, or damn near anything you can sink some savings into.

And so yes, it’s perfectly logical that we would have a reputable gold site advertising here.

Panama:  Still In

Thanks for the prayers and suggestions about Panama Bates’ health.  He’s still in the hospital where there are a wide range of bets ranging from walking pneumonia to delayed onset of Agent Orange exposure (*still killing after all these years…).

But, frankly, we don’t know much of anything yet.

I got by to see him for a while Thursday and there were very respectable young elders from his church on hand talking of churchly matters. 

I managed to carry on polite conversation for the better part of 15-minutes without my usual Tourette’s –like spew of offensive language.  After about a quarter hour of polite speaking though, I felt like my head was going to explode, so I excused myself and returned to the car where I could safely curse anything and anyone who dared cross my path when grumpy.

On the way out I told Bates to be sure and ask if his stay counts toward Hilton Honors points or whether hospitals have some kind of useful reward program like that. 

Would that be slick, or what?  Imagine a buck a point after some major surgery.    That might be enough points for a week in a really grand hotel, know what I mean?

I’ll go visit again today, but I expect they’ll kick him out, saying his condition has improved as a result of sleeping with O2 and whatever mainline cocktail they’ve been pumping in him.  I’m always skeptical of pronouncements on health on a Friday since medical places like to pare down patient loads on the weekend.

I could be wrong of course.  I was, once, you know…

Islands of Self-Sufficiency

Next item on our discussion list this morning is the 99-cent sale on the book Gaye Levy ( and I wrote a while back.11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life: A Guide to Survival During Uncertain Times.

This book is something I’d call “Comfort food for the brain.”  It gives a list (and details) about 11 specific things anyone can do, scaling to your circumstance in life, to be prepared for the big whatever.

Like, for instance….

Say Ukraine blossoms into mushrooms this weekend.  Or, say there’s a banking failure that’s so big that the whole economic system has to shut down for a couple of weeks.  Those kinds of things leak out from behind the headlines every morning.

If you don’t have a strategic plan (which we’re huge fans of) any one of those headlines (20-inches of rain, remember?) can leave you and your tribe stranded with little or no warning.

A lot of people are “addicted to the news” but they don’t get off their personal lard storage units (PLSU’s) and actually DO something about the stress that is media.

We do…and that’s what the book is about.  Metric to think about: if you couldn’t unplug for two weeks to a month without having any major disruptions in y0ur life, then you are (hate to break this to you) never going to be CEO material.

Prepping is something “C-level people” do.   Think ahead, game it out, action plan, becoming personal survival specialists.   CEO types think of their families (and companies) all the time and are always fine-tuning ways to make themselves “islands of self-sufficiency.”

If you haven’t set about building your island yet, believe me when I tell you the money you can save on Tums and self-medication will pay for a good part of prepping.

OK, off to research Peoplenomics for tomorrow…If you’re not a subscriber, boo-hoo and you miss the other part of the projects around here.  But this column will return Monday, as always, so come on by for coffee ‘bout now, then. 

Or not:  If I keep writing columns like today’s, I might become the first American renditioned by Grammarian extremists intent on erasing their opposition…I’d plead I’m not that type writer…Period.  (boom dash/rim-shot)