Coping: “Dimensions Next Door” Released

A super-short column this morning since it’s a crazy-day around here.

I’ll be on CoastToCoast with George Noory tonight talking about the book (and probably markets, too, since we’ve been spectacularly right on those) – and since that means I will be up more of the night, I try to “bank some sleep” ahead of time.

A few words about the book:  Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time.  It’s non-fiction, 377 pages in paperback, more than 250-footnotes, and an interesting premise.  Here it is in a nutshell…

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I was looking around for a good plot for the second novel in my David Shannon adventure series.  The first book was DreamOver: Action-Adventure on the Frontiers of Reality.

I needed a plot that would stand up to some scientific scrutiny because that’s one of the things I look for in a good novel:  credible plot.

A lot of authors do that:  Michael Crichton did it with Timeline and the newest Clive Cussler novel, Shock Wave is based on problems of acoustic rock mining for diamonds.  Science makes for a solid plot…

What I decided to do was line up all the big “woo-woo” stories I could think of on an “evidence table” just like Crime Scene Investigations or Bones episodes.

I run through the phone book:  My earliest near-near death experience (near-NDE) due to asthma as a child.  Long Delayed Echoes in ham radio.  The CERB (bigger hammer) approach to finding the “God Particle.”  The so-called “vile vortexes” around the world.  The Philadelphia Experiment (all three ships worth, which most people don’t know), Montauk…the list went on.

Then I went through Bruce Gernon’s flight (Dec. 1, 1970) through a time anomaly off Andros Island in the Bahamas which yes, is in the Bermuda Triangle.

But it didn’t stop there:  Went into “foo fighters” of World War II and cases where people driving across the country suddenly “wake up to discover” they’ve driven past their destinations.  When they turn around and get where they were going, they’re shocked to find they are actually early…not late as you’d expect.

Along the way, I talk about the possible electromagnetic links between phenomenon.

As the book progresses, yes there are some interesting phenomenon, but here’s the bottom line to the book:  The more credible finding is that there is often sound involved.

For example, one of the big observations in the book is that the same series of Curtis-Wright 2600 series Cyclone radial engines powered the DAP-9 Beaufighters of World War II (which reported foo fighters) and the missing Flight 19, that disappeared in the Triangle.

It’s things like that which got me excited.

As I mentioned in a recent Coping section report, Chris Tyreman of, went back and looked at ancient Hebrew and found that there’s a mark around some references to the Ark of the Covenant that means “…the to begin to sound…;”

This implied that the Ark was sounded.

One of the things not in the book (because at 377 pages in the paperback, you have to stop writing sometime…) is that there has always been a debate about just which “Cubit” length is the “right” one to use when building an Ark.

You see, when “sounded” the voice of the Almighty reportedly appeared on the top of the Ark between the two (gold, so metallic) cherubim (angels) that were at either end.

In the preliminary work I’ve been doing in Old Man Labs (a pile of test equipment out in my shop) the idea comes that what we may be dealing with is a novel “acoustically-pumped, cold plasma.”

This cold plasma seems to have special properties.  Just as electricity has electrical and magnetic properties “enfolded” within it, I propose that acoustically-pumped cold plasma likely has space-time “enfolded” somehow within it.

Besides Bruce Gernon flying a plane through the time aspect of such a phenomena, there is also the levitation effects reported as Tibetan monks blowing a specific arrangement of trumpets and beating drums was documented “throwing stones” 500 feet up a mountainside in Tibet in 1939…

There are lots and lots of footnotes, too, so you can go back to sources for more exploration on your own. There are 262 footnotes, if you’re interested in sources.

There – that’s the pitch.

Go buy the book…..and when you’re done, favorable reviews (5-stars!) are always welcome.

I think you’ll enjoy it – it’s a way different view and proposed set of conclusions.

It’s also available in paperback – $13.95, but if you get the paperback, the Kindle version is free with it, so you get a two-fer.

That is, when the paperback publishing gets sorted out… but that’s how it goes:  Somewhere in the background, I must be saying something that isn’t supposed to go “too wide.”

Not only doesn’t the paperback publishing part want to work, but I’ve blown up four audio amplifiers making sounds into the six Bose/Interaudio speakers out in the “lab.”  And a 55″ UHD TV in the house quit working and we’ve had lights going out, too…

All a coincidence?  Uh…..can I get back to you on that?

Tomorrow on Peoplenomics, I’ll get into the one chapter I didn’t put in the book.  That one deals with?   Music…which if you hadn’t guessed, is where all this leads eventually…but that may be a second non-fiction book.

All this because I wanted to finish the second novel…sheesh!

Write when you get rich…

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  1. Final exam/presentation today for me, so I won’t buy anything this morning. Maybe later on. I’ll definitely be buying the book soon. I really enjoyed the first book and the preview too.

    Does it help if a sale posts today?

    • Yeah…actually it seems to. That drives up the rating of the book and that in turn brings more readers…

  2. I strongly recommend that you ‘cease and desist’ from any more lab work during this particularly potent Mercury retrograde. No telling what you may unwittingly blow up or set on fire.

      • I agree. Something else is going on in addition to Merc Rx. I have been feeling something resembling Merc Rx for two months now.

  3. George, I have been anxiously awaiting this book, sadly Amazon says it has no paperbacks available, and out here in the boonies we need real paper and ink materials. I will put it on my wish list though, and I simply cannot wait to get it.

  4. , put it on a USB thing and I’ll give you whatever it’s worth I want something tangible not something that’ll disappear with an EMP, got you, you got my address send it to me buddy. Lol

  5. Music?

    ‘Sounds like you either read Arthur C Clarke’s “Tales from the White Hart” – or you should… At least the short story called “The Ultimate Melody”

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