Coping: Dancing on the Edge of Anarchy, Trolls

imageWe seem to have tweaked a nerve in the Monday discussion about borders and calculators.

While tomorrow’s Peoplenomics report will deal with the rise and fall aspects of borders – which gets into the whole notion of “property” and all, thence to economics – this morning we should revisit a number of key points because the issue promises to be around for a long time.

First, a word from a troll.  Trolls, in case you haven’t figured it yet, are the creatures that live under the internet, write mostly snide (or “me-too”) remarks and contribute little to the discussion in terms of facts.  Most often, their stock-in-trade is the personal attack. 

“hello mister georgie porgie,

been reading your blog for a few years now.  

maybe, just maybe, you might want to relax a bit, because you and your texan and murKKKKin neighbors do not have a clue about what is going on outside of dfw and usa.

but keep writing and cruising.  it’s nice to see and hear how the .00001 perceive their dream reality.


chico chico

I’m quite relaxed, thanks (125/70), I am not a Texan in the pejorative sense, and the state is actually not a murKKKin place as alleged.  What’s more, our network of sources is wider and higher ranking than you’d think.  And in term of living in a “dream reality”?  Thanks, but no thanks.

When comes to politics, our thinking is mostly a cross between three labels:

1960’sd Time Magazine Republican (strongly pro civil and other Rights yet at the same time very strongly pro small government and balanced budgets.

Henry M. Scoop Jackson democrat, which is about the same thing, with a bit more weighting toward the working class.  He was predicting a showdown in Hormuz during many interviews is 1970-73.  A man ahead of his time.

And finally, we are very much pro-process and anti-violence.  Which doesn’t mean we are unarmed.  Quite the contrary.  We get more than our share of ORM-D packages to “feed the range.”  But, like morphine in the end stage, violence is an absolute last resort and violence of any kind is eschewed.

These cornerstones aside, we do use a calculator to approach many policy issues such as the European (and Mexican/S.A.) illegal border crossing.

Let’s revisit that, shall we?

Greetings Sir,

I have never found reason to disagree with you. However, once in a while I might see an administrative error. This is one of those emails.

Monday you presented the calculator method of determining immigrant percentages compared to populations. The premise and calculations are correct, and I agree with it. But the numbers were wrong for Europe.  I use this recent article as an indicator of ‘numbers’:

“Asylum applications in Europe have surged this year – with numbers for Germany and Hungary already exceeding their totals for 2014. Altogether, 438,000 refugees had applied for asylum by the end of July – compared with 571,000 for the whole of last year.

According to figures from the UNHCR, Germany continues to be the most popular destination for migrants arriving in Europe. It has received the highest number of asylum applications, with more than 188,000 by the end of July 2015 – 15,416 more than in the whole of 2014.”

It looks like you’ve picked up the Germany numbers for all of Eurozone.

Thanks for all you do,

Some EXCELLENT points!

Let’s see where the numbers take us, shall we? 

First, however, realize that reporting on issues like immigration to Europe are emotionally hot. And therefore we must be extraordinarily precise in our thinking.

Let’s take the number of refugee “applications” as an example.  This is definitely NOT the physical number of persons.

Let’s say that this (more thoughtful) reader and I were two arriving immigrants.  We looking at the European Union and decide it is a better place to live than a bombed out hovel in Syria.  So we take a boat to Greece or simply hoof-it through Turkey.

Arriving in Europe, we begin making application for asylum.  My first application goes to The Netherlands because of the red light district and the “coffee shops”.  My more moderate companion applies for asylum in France because he has good taste in pastries and the art at the Louvre.

We then consider our positions.  The Netherlands may reject my application, so I clone my brother-reader’s application to France.  After thinking through red lights and “coffee houses” my companion applies to the Netherlands.

As two war-weary travelers, we have done what?  Two “immigrants” have generated four applications.

Except we don’t stop there.  I like Italian food, so we apply there.  Swiss chocolates aren’t so bad, so we apply there.  And since some from Austrian can become governor of California, we apply there.  And then, in quick succession, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, until eventually we apply and have made application to each of the 28-European Union members.

Which is not to say this IS the case.  BUT when journalists report applications we need to be very specific in our wondering whether this is a count of pieces of paper or whether it is a count of total bodies.

The two numbers may be hugely varied.

Then we have to look at the physical locations of persons part of the equation because oftentimes, in a single news story, you will find conflicting data.

Take this story from BigThink as an example.  Here are two “problem-scaling” numbers pulled from the same article:

1.  “On Monday, the EU called an emergency session to deal with the onslaught of refugees attempting to enter Europe. Their temporary solution to relocate the 40,000 migrants from Italy and Greece is a first step to sharing the responsibility of this escalating humanitarian crisis. “

2.   “Many European leaders are scrambling to find any solution besides accepting displaced people, but with 4 million refugees and growing, the problem is beyond containing it to Syria and the region.

Adding insult to injury, this article penned by a New York-based writer then goes on to opine that America needs to be less isolationist than in the past;  a point I strongly disagree with.  And that’s purely a matter of opinion, a label which is disappearing quickly with internet New Journos.  Embracing invading hordes is not a ‘self-evident’ need, particularly when the data is not clear.

We can compare the numbers used in the Monday column with this data for Italy and Greece and the quoted “40,000 migrants” but even here we have questions as to the source of the data which is not cited.  Is this strictly Syrian fallout, or are there others (former Libyans, or whoever) included in this “migrants” count?

Even so, we can rerun the numbers:  The population of Italy is what?  59.83 million.  And the population of Greece is  11.03 million.  Total:  70.86 million.

If we use the “40,000 migrants” number, we quickly see the result is 0.00056449336 and sliding over the decimal point two places to the right gives us 0.056449336% – 5/100th’s of one percent which is not too far off from our Monday column of 2-100th’s of one percent.

However, let’s see how this works out if each of the people involved (the 40,000) each applies to all 28 of the European Union countries plus a few others, like the United States, where the Obamanizer is inviting 10,000:  1.12 million applications. That doesn’t include U.S. applications.

KEY THINKING POINT:  Applications are not People.  The ratio may be as high as 30 applications per person.  That would be all the EU country applications plus the US and Canada which will be sucked into this head trip.

Suddenly, we have a much more “saleable” story.  We can cite “more than a million refugee applications” which is a catchy headline, indeed.  And that’s not including US applications…we don’t need to make up numbers.  Using the same population, we can now write (with a somewhat straight face) that “more than a million applications are likely in Europe.”

There are two additional points that must be emphasized here.

The first is that in most of the pictures that are “wide shots” you will see something is missing:  Woman and Children. 

This is concerning on two levels.  First is that most of the incoming are young military-aged men.  Secondly, it means that officialdumb (sic) in both the EU and USA know that since most of the men coming in will come in, get a “ticket to ride” and then follow on by importing the rest of their families, that this is indeed a serious problem.

A cold beer bet on the side says the 10,000 the US is talking about allowing will then bring in at least another 30,000 of “relatives such as wives and children “ and so on.

The second thing is that since these are young military-aged men, there will no doubt be huge numbers of jihadists in the mix.

imageThis is incredibly important since Europe seems to have forgotten what happened in the Moorish Conquests.

In the case of the (weak-minded socialists who are) French, they insisted that the 2005 riots were not “racial”

Yet the Wikipedia report on events was pretty even-handed:

The unrest started on 27 October at Clichy-sous-Bois, where police were investigating a reported break-in at a building site, and a group of local youths scattered in order to avoid interrogation. Three of them hid in a power-station where two died from electrocution, resulting in a power blackout. (It was not established whether police had suspected these individuals or a different group, wanted on separate charges.) The incident ignited rising tensions about youth unemployment and police harassment in the poorer housing estates, and there followed three weeks of rioting throughout France. A state of emergency was declared on 8 November, later extended for three weeks, and the government announced a crackdown on immigration and fraudulent marriages.

Those of high mental acuity can see that behavior belies the Truth and the crackdown on immigration and fraud marriages speaks volumes.

Not to pick on the (weak minded socialist) French, but they also seem to have forgotten the 2013 Trappes riots:

On 19 July hundreds of youth throwing rocks, reportedly mainly of North African ethnicity, attacked the local police station.[1]

On 20 July[5] 20 cars were burned in Trappes.

Just as the bleeding heart types in America don’t want to believe that illegal immigration from Mexico accounts for a huge portion of the US Gang Problem, we need to also be clear that immigration like this is an economic tool wielded by The PowersThatBe.

Without illegal immigration, the drugs, the violence, and mayhem that follows, people in the United States would not be troubled by imported violence from the likes of MS-13 and that whatever it is Street gang.

Absent those,. and professional agitators to stir up American violence, we would have little cost-justification for massive surveillance, huge spending on things like M-RAPs for local police departments, new riot gear, and all the rest of it.

Time out!  Without that spending the folly of our economy would be exposed.  Our economy would fail instantly without multiple wars and massive crime!

Let’s be honest here:  If people just minded their own business and got on with building a happy future where people could focus on developing their highest talents, the corporate greedster world would fail in a heartbeat.

I’ve said for years that crime is symbiotic:

“In biology, symbiotic refers to any diverse organisms that live together, but in this case, the relationship is not necessarily beneficial to both. Parasites, for example, have a symbiotic relationship with their hosts, but only the parasite benefits.”

Unlike biology, however, the Hosts (*the PowersThatBe) actually benefit as well.

The Immigration “crisis” of Europe will give the European Union more powers and with it, more control.  It’sd a way to “roll-back” the “open borders” that were such a cornerstone of the European Union sales bullshit.  Having grasped power, the EU can now toss out its foundations into the regional dictatorship with its own flavor of phony money to compete with other scam blocks.  People will cheer the fraud on…as they are being conditioned to do, even now.  We go back to the Europe of the 1950’s but a new layer of Bureaucracy is in place.

Is this the ultimate Three-Card Monty, or what?

Immigration nonsense gives opportunity for bleeding heart media to continue to “sell” crooked information because most people don’t take the time to look through the data and assess the larger game.  In the case of immigration it is (in part) to ensure the people in power remain solidly in control since people will “demand order” as Hitler described so well in his less read second book.

Until now, I have focused this morning’s remarks on Europe.  The same errant thinking can be found when we look at the Mexico and S.A, illegal problem in the USA.  A reader sent this:

“Germany was, as of about 5 days ago, supposed to be taking 800,000 refugees this year; use that number. Also, use 50 million illegals as that will include the ‘anchor babies’ which anchor them just fine to our dime…I mean DOLLARS. They have had 20 years to get to 50 million and my guess, the number is HIGHER!”

As always, this is a “divide and conquer” exercise that will ensure the genuine global problems are orchestrated by the Few at the expense of the Many.  And the beat goes on.

Yet away from the discussion is the deeper question of Order and how much Disorder a Complex System can endure before radical change arrives.  Today is it NGOs and Foundations that move society…away from control by governments.  They form thought which is then channeled as the Commanding the Heights people wish.

A number of readers have challenged my thinking on the Kentucky Clerk on similar grounds, saying a court order is not enough.

Yet I maintain it is.  If a decision is deemed bad, then appeal.  But we have order and the attacks are on that and the goal is to make extra-legal (outside the system) the new norm. 

To hold otherwise is to commend working outside the system and from there we are into moral quicksand.

We may not like the Law as presently interpreted, yet it is within the Power of the People to vote in Outsiders, as is likely in our presidential election in 2016.  With Hillary on the ropes over email server and classified information abuse, the odds of an Outsider (Trump and Carson) has risen dramatically.

The Washington-based system of corruption, namely lobbyists passing out votes instead of money, has passed its prime.  To borrow a Trumpism, the Silent Majority is back.

Or is it?

Liberals have had their run, ever since JFK was assassinated for reasons the government has still not come clean on.  The Corporate Takeover, however, has been an abject failure to deliver with poverty as bad now as it was at the beginning of the Great Society.

But the Big Lies about Progress continue.

The JFK assassination was a turning point.  Back then, a new car cost, on average, $3,500.  And according to this website, a lot of other things were different in 1964:

Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 874 Average Cost of new house $13,050.00 Average Income per year $6,000.00 Gas per Gallon 30 cents Average Cost of a new car $3,500.00 Loaf of bread 21 cents United States Postage Stamp 5 cents Average Monthly Rent $115.00 Ticket to the movies $1.25.

Yes I used 1964, not 1963 data.

The problem is always economic in nature:  How much are people given in return for their hard work, belief, and lawful participation? 

Government, by ceding its lawful control over money to the (not really) Federal Reserve, has quietly stolen all our gains by through inflation.

What cost $100 in 1963 now costs $772.45.  Even those figures, too, are suspect.  I figure the Truth is closer to 10-12 times, not eight.

When you do that, the Big Lie is that in half a century, there’s been very little – if any – prosperity progress. 

Richard Heinberg brilliantly and presciently describes where we are in his book Peak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of Declines.  I know…you’re too busy to read a whole book.  It’s useful, though not popular in flash-in-the-pan culture.

The utility value of a home, a car, a steak dinner hasn’t changed.  We still work more than 40-hours a week (especially if you have any commute at all) and yet our money is buying only one-eighth as much.

We fail to apply calculations on a regular basis at our peril.

Crooked leaders, crooked money, and unbalanced budgets reap a bitterly small harvest for working people.

But to keep us all in line, immigration – invasion from poor countries or theft of manufacturing – are the new tools of choice.  Those immigrants will steal our jobs, create crime, and thus jobs.  Those are the steps in the slow-motion death dance of America and Europe.

Eventually, resources depleted, pseudo-leaders will go to war and we will all be toast.  In the meantime, I urge my friends and children to live apart, run the numbers and stay out of the line of fire to the greatest degree possible.

Over time, the positions will harden.  Freedom will be less free, the demand for more Order will be played like a fiddle, and the lot of humans will decline.

The Great Society will have blown up bankrupt, the entitlements gone, masses indentured with student loan debt and all the rest, will be easily manipulated to elect the next “entitled Aristocrat” and there we will be:

This is the high tech version Feudalism, manipulated with people and money yet without precision of thinking which makes it all so easy to pull off. 

Without a war in Syria, without funding ISIS and AQ affiliates, we would have to immigration crisis in Europe and without that, no need for greater Order and no acceptance of additional Government Control.

But enough. 

Tomorrow we’ll talk about something more practical in Peoplenomics – where to make your stand and what it could look like.

For now, enjoy the day.  But it comes with what my friend Gaye calls the “terrible burden of knowing”.

And worse?  What the hell do we do about it but prep and remain apart?

Write when you break-even,



Coping: Dancing on the Edge of Anarchy, Trolls — 16 Comments

  1. Pedro exists in someones imagination.Very eloquent for someone whose never been to college and found his way in to stocks in a short time.

  2. Sorry George, I got riled by the ‘chico chico’ smug comments. I distilled volumes into a few sentences by the end of the day when I commented.

    I won’t do that again.

    Thanks for all that you do to educate us.

  3. ‘chico chico’ — have you heard about the return of Cortez? Try not to wet yourself while running when he does. We know, you wanna be, we know.

  4. Awesome, George; thank you for both columns and for explaining things in a way that EVERYONE can understand. Your long-term readers can spot a troll a mile away. I guess in the BIG scheme of things, to have your column targeted must mean that you have landed on the ‘paid troll attack honesty radar detector’ which means they will visit often just to try to throw a wrench in the motor. However, you and your readers can handle it or them just fine. There are some good sites that get awash with the trolls, they start coming on and fighting with each other and the conversation takes a turn and nothing is learned and people leave the column after being attacked and line ganged by trolls. Thanks for highlighting your troll; kinda funny, wasn’t it? So out of touch; that is one lazy incompetent troll.

  5. I have to agree with your thoughts on numbers but in a different way. Take the GDP compared to the total population then move the decimal point to the left 3 places. That number is the problem. Too damn many people taking and not enough making.

    Unfortunately the only thing left is that big red reset button.

  6. the number of red lights now blinking at us, largely ignored by those who are supposed to be flying this thing, is growing all the time. It is not that any one of them is a clear harbinger of the end but taken together they paint a dismal and coherent picture – of a system eating itself.

    What I mean is that every political and financial system, every bureaucracy, public or private is originally set up to do a necessary job. And the duty of those who work in it is to make sure the system doe that job. But when the challenges facing the system change so that the system begins to no longer be able to do its job, those in it have two choices: they can work for the greater good and help change the old system into a new one better fit to the new challenges, or they can ignore the problems, and forget the reason they and the system were created in the first place and instead seek merely to get as much as they can from the failing system before it implodes.

    It seems obvious to me that is where we are today, both politically and financially. We are living in the End Times not because some angry supernatural being is coming to punish us, but because we are living in a system, a machine, which we built and therefore can change, but we have forgotten this. Some time in the recent past we crawled inside our machine, closed the last hatch to the outside behind us, and then forget there was an outside. Our leaders are the worst of us. They are the lords of the machine and they are sure outside there is only chaos. We must all save the machine. Their power and wealth demands it.

    And yet they do not know how.

  7. Hi George,

    Noticed a phrase I am unfamiliar with, probably because I’m not a peoplenomics subscriber. But perhaps you can clarify these statements for me?

    You said, “I urge my friends and children to live apart” and later, “What the hell do we do about it but prep and remain apart?”

    Precisely what are you meaning when you say “live apart” and “remain apart”? Who should be living/remaining apart from what?


  8. George,

    From the top down, everything is a corporation – the US Government down to the states, counties, cities and people, have all been corporatized. My city incorporated in the 1960s… and even though there is a city council, the city manager runs the city, with his direction coming from the hierarchy. They all Do business in the corporate capacity, once again proving all is a business model. The private money we know as FRNs are notes you do not own. You own nothing, not your home, land, vehicles, thus, why you do not hold actual titles, only various types of certificates. The legal system is how they control, whereas the missing link is the voice of the people via common law. When something is said to be “law” when coming from the system, they really mean legal. Note, legal rhymes with regal. Almost forgot, your straw man (created when they corporatized your birth certificate) is the capacity you do business in the legal fiction. Proof of this, the words (appearing dotted line) stating, “authorized signature” on your checks.

    Thus, voting is a facade and why they take polls of the US citizens (derived from “city”). You must be a US citizen (corporate – legally recognized) to get a voters card, as opposed to being a national. Voting only brings more grief as we see it doesn’t matter which party is in office because operation earth is a system with a plan. Tracking is the name of the game and soon electronic digits will be what is only allowed. Your every move, expenditures will all be recorded as you shift around digits. As is now, we’ve learned the bank can take your so called money… And, people think “interest” is money made on bank savings/deposits – no – they provide a pittance so you have to report it, (only if you volunteer) thus they know how much money you have. Their interest as to what you have deposited is what so called paid “interest” is all about.

    Thank you for allowing commentary. People have a lot to learn from one another as we figure out this stage play earth… In order to change the system we have to stop using or depending upon it.

  9. A long exposition to try and avoid the issue that you are in a country in a position where there simply no good decisions left to be made. I love seeing all the blather about the immigration issue by people in denial about the cause, which ties directly back to the economic rape of the refugees’ countries to maintain the blatherer’s lifestyle of conspicuous consumption.

    Where to go, you have two choices. Do as Jim Sinclair has been preaching for a year, get out of the system, which means quit playing the markets and move to a position to preserve what you have so you can actually participate when you crawl out of the rubble, or else just leave the country, just like your ancestors did, and then decide to actually produce something to provide some value to the world.

    It is simply not possible to produce in the USA anymore, because you will be cut off at the knees by all the taxes and regulations in place to insure the big boys have no competition. If you are a pepper and have not made any provisions to insure the survival of a family with small children, you are irrelevant to the scheme of things, and are simply a resource to be targeted by those who have. Your economy is based 70% on services, services I might add are not even available here in Ecuador, NOR DO WE EVEN MISS THEM!

    As I wrote years ago when I told a friend here in Ecuador about your site, he said, “do you really think a site named after one of the biggest oxymorons of the time really has something to offer?”

    Yes you do George, you are one of the canaries in the coal mine for me. It’s interesting to see how you react when you get hit over the head with information. Being out of the USA is like being on a hundred foot tower watching people walking in circles in the woods, looking for that “good” decision. Occasionally they stumble over one, but manage to get up again and continue the search. Like the doctor who saw so many sick people, when a healthy person showed up, he diagnosed the condition as a new disease!

    And as for that hundred dollar pen. Do you buy your flying sunglasses for $5 from that Mexican guy on the corner? Apple will sell a million of those pens. Three years from now you will be raving about that great stylus Amazon has for your kindle. Spare us now, and spare us later, please.

  10. Wow.Excellent tirade; I mention this stuff to my wife and she asks the same question- what can we do about it? How can we defeat rigged elections and controlled media, a mostly ignorant population and incompetent, unresponsive bureaucracy? And this is besides trying to survive with zero yields on money etc. etc.. Answer that and we all will be in your debt.

  11. Mr. Ure,

    On the 5th wave & staying long (or short) on stocks:
    You have mentioned several times that there might possibly be one last blow-off top 5th wave left.

    Let’s say one were to have money invested mostly in stocks for building retirement money. Would your opinion mean that, in theory, one could possibly leave that money invested in stocks until the next big rally (18,000’s?) and then exit the market at that time? or would one be best served by moving out now before the next lows come along? This conjectures are all assuming that this money is invested on stocks mainly thru slow-moving stock Fund retirement plans and such (no fast trading apps or similar).

    On the never-ending whine on immigration:

    I happen to be one of those brown-tinged folk who can speak some West Germanic languages and several Romance languages as well. That the pendulum will swing the other way is not a matter of *if*, but *when*. My birthplace is of no importance, but I will say for the benefit of the less educated among your readers that I am an American citizen just like my mother and father were, and their mothers and fathers as well. Not highly educated, mind you.
    Just a guy born at the crossroads of two Empires none of which really care much about small territories. Armed with lots of the common sense that humans *can* develop when subjected to prolonged periods of scarcity and poverty, I realized early on that one should be fluent in the language of the coin of the realm if one wants to get ahead of the rabid, hungry pack of dogs biting at each others legs.
    I agree with you on the point of the laws *must* be enforced equally to all, citizens and non-citizens. What does it say about a group of people when they decide to enforce the law differently based on the origin or social caste of the natural person committing the transgression? Part of what makes the US society better than the next one is precisely the equitable application of its laws, at least in appearance.
    I suppose that if I really wanted selective application of the law based on the shade of my skin, how marketable is my last name, and how many people *owe* me, I could pick dozens of Central, South American or Middle Eastern countries to live in.
    While I did not have to bribe my way into the US, nor take a swim across the (mostly dry) Rio Grande, I did make a conscious *choice* to live in the US. Why would I come to the mainland and pretend to live or do things like the place I came from? That boggles my mind.

    On the other hand it also boggles my mind how a part of the US is constantly making a big deal about letting immigrants in. Seems like there are three camps: The “Do not let any non-whites in, period.” camp (arguably the most ignorant of the bunch), the “OMG we are so sorry for America’s pecadillos. As sacra facere, please come in and take all the benefits of what we have accomplished for free!”, and the third is those like Ure’s truly: “Justice is blind and all men are created equal” camp. I happen to think that what makes the concept of “America” great is that this country was based on the philosophy of Justice is blind and all men are created equal – not that the record is unblemished, but the *marketing* and general *intention* is (or was?) consistent.

    Sometimes I seems there is some dark, unnameable force at work to undermine America from within. Although I am a healthy skeptic, I am not a fan of the unnecessary complications needed to assume any particular conspiracy theory is behind this. Maybe it is something as simple as plain *greed* (or run-away capitalism?) from those who have not *really* experienced hardship that makes them market half truths and outright lies in search for either the almighty click-for-$$$. Or is it all just a well executed long-term campaign of product placement (if you buy *this* then you show support for *that* kinda subconscious manipulation), I am not sure.

    I am nearing my mid 40’s. Since coming to the mainland (and Texas, thank God), I have grown from a debt-ridden, homeless, bankrupt young adult to a debt-free, employed, productive person. I do not even have a college degree yet (its in process though). I live in a small acreage lot which I own outright in a rural setting near the city I work in. I have a small, but productive garden in the back. If I wanted, I could quit in the next year and just get by doing odd jobs to bring enough money to pay the yearly rent owed to the government of The People. No loans nor family help nor hand-me-downs were used to realize *my* American dream, just hustle (in the honest way), sweat equity and get-it-done muscle. It helps to live below your means, and to realize that more often than not, *marketing* is bad for your pocket. Luxuries and shiny trinkets are for shills. If you want to spend money, spend it on *memories* (travel, education, and spiritual enlightening). Give back to The People, do things that *help* others in a meaningful way – start with your neighbors and your town.

    I happen to think that critical thinking, prepping (the “hope-for-the-best-prepare-for-the-worst” kind), and good old fashioned hard work is what will see us thru this period of crass in-your-face social agnotology.

    • Pedro, you are a rare American, regardless of national origin, gender, or any of the other divisive games. Thank you for your excellent comments!

  12. Just curious, why do you think JFK was assassinated? Notice i did not ask who did it – I pretty much think I know who was behind it!

  13. I haven’t had my third cup of joe, yet…but…

    Open borders are a wonderful idea, if you still believe in fairy tales. The real world is a bit more hard-nosed and pragmatic. Immigrants take exception to the religions, ideologies and personal and cultural traditions and habits of the nations they…er…choose to visit. In turn, the people of those nations take exception to the habits, cultures, ideologies and religions of the ‘immigrants’. Conflict is always a result of such interactions.

    In a dream world, we’d all just…get along and be happy. In the real world? ‘Immigrants’ (read: Guests) will use their religion, culture, ideologies and traditions to attempt to control the lives of their hosts, often enough, to the detriment of those others.

    Good fences make good neighbors. You don’t enter my property w/o my approval, and if you do, you are here solely at my sufferance. You have no ‘guest rights’ until I offer them. …and when you start to question or try to change my own traditions and beliefs, you will be – politely, at first – asked to leave.

    Until people begin to act like adults with brains in their heads, them’s the rules. W/o such rules, in view of the human condition, all that remains is chaos, death and destruction, whether it be on private property or the borders of nations.

    Just my opinion. YMMV.

  14. The FED could do what should be done if one really wanted to stimulate the economy, give money to the poor. But there is no interest in that and not much in taxes either.