Coping: Climate Drift, Hiyah “Bill” & Bad Pope

The sound of an old Southern Pine cracking, falling, and taking out several smaller trees as it fell got our attention Monday afternoon around 5:30.

The winds had piped up to gusts of 35, or so, and the old tree which was home to its own little ecosystem, just wasn’t up to the task.

Normally, we’d be inside in the sun room (which is shady in the afternoon) have a libation, or two.  But Monday found us outside, sweating, and putting in some additional flashing over the sun room/to/house joint.  A month back, a semi-tropical sideways rain had moistened a spot on the sun room ceiling to wall joint.  And we had found the culprit.

So when the tree let go with a “CEERRAAACK” and the following sounds, there we were:   Me doing the low work (gooping up my just bent aluminum flashing) while Elaine (who just barely outweighs a hummingbird) doing the high work, screwing the flashing in place.  It was starting to rain.

Everything went exceptionally well; when  you’ve done as much construction as we have, things work smoothly.  One person “owns” the project.  The other just does what’s needed.  You work into such a relationship over time.  Most folks get into trouble when both spousal units try to be in charge at the same time.  So we have spaces where each of us in “in charge” and that carries over to projects, too.

The reason to be outside is that another dose of tropical storm-like weather is due to arrive here today.  Looking at the local forecast, they’re telling us there’s a tropic storm watch on for tomorrow when something like 3+ inches of rain is expected.  Not that today won’t be damp, too- there’s talk of an  inch and a half, or so.

They’re calling this named whatchamacallit tropical [whatever] Bill.  And Bill is apparently lazy:

Bill has changed little in organization on satellite images over the past several hours. Most of the deep convection is occurring over the eastern semicircle. Radar data show some banding features over the southern portion of the circulation. Surface observations over the western Gulf of Mexico suggest that the intensity remains near 45 kt. Since there is little time remaining before the center reaches the coast, no significant increase in strength is likely before landfall. Weakening will commence later today after the center moves inland over Texas. There are some differences in the evolution of the cyclone over the U.S. In the global models over the next few days. The official forecast shows the circulation dissipating within 5 days, which is a blend of the GFS and ECMWF predictions.

All of which is refreshing in the same way to some people in the Northeast look forward to the first Lake Effect snowfall each year.  Mainly the insurance adjusters.

Our prep work today with include a video walkthrough of everything, not that we expect any damage, but still, a video inventory is a good thing to update at least once a year.  And we will make sure the just-renewed homeowners insurance is pdf’d on our grab & go flash drives, as well.

Four years ago, we were in a drought.  They happen from time to time.

And here’s a shocker for you:  They happen more when the kids are playing with climate engineering (chemtrailing).

Despite a growing body of evidence that geo-engineering is at work, we can’t help but comment on the pope’s latest climate “teaching. “

Not that it was supposed to be out yet…but an Italian magazine busted embargo and leaked how Pope Francis has swallowed the climate Kool-Air, hook, line, and sinker.

Just a couple of problems with it:

1)  Most of the climate data has been adjusted.  The climateers and climate hype-ologists keep jiggering the data to show that the world ought to be ending any second.  Yes, these are the same terribly wrong nerds who said (1984) by now (2015) New York City would be under water.

2)  The ACTUAL data says that the USA has been in a COOLING PERIOD for the past 10-years.

There seems to be little recognition that the climate change is simply a result of long-term cyclical action of solar output and these are given away in sunspot counts.

imageAs you can see can in the chart off to the right, there, the solar cycle has gone limp since 2000.  As a result, we are seeing the very thing that accompanies such declines in solar output, global cooling.

Moreover, data on other planets confirms that THEY TOO are cooling in a roughly similar way.

Now, I’S not DENYING that we have been terrible stewards of the Earth.  I am not saying that we are not running at full-tilt today the end of civilization when we eat the last bite of available food, or break up the last small country like Bolivia which has a resource we need.  (*In their case, Lithium for batteries…)

BUT I can assure you that there is a very unethical core of very power and rich men, who have become so addicted to power that they will like cheat and steal…using every tool at their very rich disposal…to enslave everyone on the planet.

They are doing this by instituting global governance.  There are a couple of avenues of attack, on this.

One is climate change.  Cloud seed and chemtrail enough to really screw things up and people will be easily led around by the nose and be coerced into paying a climate tax.

Then, 10-years later, since we are entering a quiescent period of solar activity (the Ure Minimum) they will be able to take credit for the natural cycle and further reinforce their bullshit claims of leadership and superiority.

The other track they are on is bring any truly autonomous governments to heel by instituting Constitution-busting “free trade” bills.

The way this one works is simple:  While the USA used to be an autonomous country – and could be self-sufficient – the oligarchs of commerce, many of whom of global socialists like George whozzit – invented holding countries hostage and prison labor in China and low labor cost elsewhere, then turned the technological advance of the Internet back on the American public.

You see, free communications may seem like it’s a good thing if you’re a neighborhood organizer from Chicago who wants to be president.  But, if you’re a steelworker from Ohio who just wants a reliable job so you can have a family and go fishing now and then….well, sorry buddy, you’re screwed.

The jobs get exported to China and elsewhere…this is step one.

Step two is to sell a Gobbels –sized BIG LIE that we can get our jobs back if we just sign away our freedoms to the globalist cabal.  Hell, even Nancy Pelosi admitted as much when she voted down the trade-displaced worker comp in the TPP Swindle.

These two tracks will come together as follows:

The TPP will be passed, over the objections of thinking Americans.  Reason?  The Congress is owned by corporations.  Corporate chiefs want TPP because it will fatten their profits and it will come at YOUR expense.  Money changers are not only in “the temple” but all over the place on latter day Earth.

Then, the results of weather engineering (HAARP-like projects which are still online) and chemtrailing) will induce people to support falsely labeled “climate initiatives.”  (See map here).

Operation of an atmospheric heater should be banned by international convention and subject to nuking for violations.  But that won’t happen because there’s too much power and money involved.  We vics don’t count.

But, as usual, there will be a half-truth involved:  Yes, we really are screwing up the planet, but no, you can’t just write a check and fix it.  As the whales how international agreements have been working.  (they don’t)

I don’t mind people being ignorant, but I draw the line at stupid.  This will all come to pass in coming years and yes, we will have summer (it will be hot and with brownouts easily choreographed, the criminal corporate coup will have no problem reinforcing their climate tax claims).  We will also have winter, again, easily manipulated to seem worse than ever with high clothing and energy prices, and the whole corporate-owned media that “names” any weather event larger than a fart.

Like “Bill.”

By the way, when Bill is done dumping (if you’ll pardon the pun) we should end up with around 41-inches for the year to date around here.  That will make us an astounding 11-times wetter than Los Angeles and about 2 1/4 timers wetter than Seattle.

So the bottom line of this morning’s view is yes, we are crappin in the punchbowl of life.  But no, there really are evil people who are playing into the hands of the globally sick elite.

We are being “worked.”  We is corporate field hands, yassah.

But if the Pope would stick to his subject matter expertise, I’ll stay out of religion.

If not, then Ures truly will commence to issue encyclicals about religious topics and I’ll be harshly direct with folks who use religion to out populate everyone else, which in case you haven’t noticed leads to war and resource depletion.

It’s a tactic presently used by Muslim fundamentalists in places like Yemen, and a whole bunch of no-birth control preaching envoys in South and Central America.  Feed ‘em & breed ‘em is terribly immoral.  So out comes the bait and switch to climate?

No. Thanks.  Time we GTFU and got real about human conduct at all levels, even the high and holy.

Gimme an Amen.  Gimme some unadjusted science while Ure at it.

And now May the Government bless you, and keep you.  May the government employ you, and May the Government make its free lunch to shine upon you.   And give you Bigger Piece.

In the Name of the Dollar, the Markets, and the Holy Basis Point, Amen.

Write when you break-even.. or convert to fundamental realism.  Nail, theses, and doors optional. But apparently it didn’t completely sink in the first time.


15 thoughts on “Coping: Climate Drift, Hiyah “Bill” & Bad Pope”

    • The original St. George was a fine bit of PR . . . I’ve got more faith in the dragon . . .

  1. Dang it, George! You really are determined to step on ‘the third rail’, aren’t you . . .

    First off – religions, all religions – not just ones based in Vatican City (which is a political entity at the very least) will advise their adherents on a variety of topics, including science as they see it. If you have faith in a particular religion, than you will take heed. If not, then don’t . . .

    Secondly, if Pope Francis issues the encyclical – and Italian newspapers’ report on such doings as rumors ALL THE TIME – it will pertain to Catholic belief – and even though it is supposed to reflect ongoing policy of the Catholic church – many, if not most people who are nominally Catholic in the United States will say ‘that’s nice’ and go back to doing what they normally do.

    The problem lies in calling the man – ‘bad pope’ – it will get some people irritated – including myself. As someone who stopped ‘being Catholic’ decades ago, I still have respect for the position, as I do for the American president. One may disagree with the person holding a particular position, but have respect for the post. Any person who holds a post of such power (and responsibility) is subject to ‘advisement’ from all sides – expert and not-expert – and will speak from that viewpoint. He will have thought about it deeply . . .

    • In management, we learn all about how to manipulate positional authority.

      We also learned early on about Separation of Church and State.

      Positional authority tanks when we don’t respect Separation of Church and Science.

      Maybe if the encyclical would weigh in on Monsanto and GMOs I could take it more seriously.

    • “First off – religions, all religions – not just ones based in Vatican City (which is a political entity at the very least) will advise their adherents on a variety of topics, including science as they see it.”

      How’d that work out for Galileo?

  2. You’re right on, George, and I say that as another former Catholic. The present pope, while building an image of himself as a champion of the poor, appears to me to be simultaneously promoting the NWO. He reminds me of another leader, closer to home, whose words and actions are diametrically opposed.

  3. You fools! Can’t you see? The global elitist will reduce the global human population to 500 million by pitting climatologist against climatologist. I’m just thankful I am not now nor will I ever be a climatologist. I just hope I can survive the climatological debate war.

  4. The pope has now established himself as just another elitist gasbag with a private jet and an entourage who somehow feels entitled to lecture people with real jobs about how big their carbon assprint is (his is the size of Jupiter.) When he decides the “crisis” is serious enough to ride the bus to work, I’ll take him seriously. Until then, he can shove his encyclical up Al Gore.

  5. Hallefreakingluia!

    I know somewhere in the Sriptures it is said, Be wise to the ways of the serpent., or something to that effect anyway.

    As long as I’m still breathing and have a half an ounce of sense I will continue to question everything, believe only half of what I see and none of what I hear. WTF is wrong with these people? Those globs of goo inside the skull were not given to us to take up space. Well maybe some of us…… Think!

    I am a dumb Cathoholic, but I sure as hell aint a stupid one. I may be my brothers keeper but I am not his enabler.

  6. If you do not think commerce is controlled, then let’s do a thought experiment:

    One of largest oil producers on the planet launches an air war on its neighbor in spite of failing to secure any allied ground troops to support their air strikes – and no change in oil price

    Same country suffers counter strikes into its territory, losing military bases and personnel – and no reflection in oil prices

    Scud missile is launched into territory of oil producing giant – and oil price barely fluctuates

    The head of this country’s Air Force is killed by a ‘heart attack’ during this war – and oil prices are unchanged

    Large portions of producing country are threatened by the neighboring retaliation with missiles and the areas remain undefended – and yet oil prices barely flicker

    The King of the oil producing, war mongering country died, and there is an internal power struggle ongoing while the country is attacking its neighbor – and oil prices reflect nothing

    Yet the Strait of Hormuz remains one mile wide, as it cannot be propagandized any wider….

    I remember when hurricanes raised oil prices – but they don’t matter anymore. Apparently, nothing matters that is not on the agenda…

    • Oilman 2.. very astute observation, but also concurrently, oil prices remain unchanged essentially since last fall, when gasoline/diesel prices fell temporarily to under $2 a gallon. But meanwhile, every few weeks they somehow “jack 30 cents, settle down over a 2-3 week period to maybe 10 cents over the previous high, and “jack” again by 30 cents, rinse and repeat, until today here in Illinois they are now back to around $2.80, showing no sign of slowing down. And every excuse in the book is used for the jacking.. “its seasonal”, “its because we have to add special summer additives” ( this one is also used in fall and winter, so how true can it be); “its the threat of war in the middle East”. ad infinitum. How stupid can one people be to suck this all down like a cold bottle of brew? We are our own worst enemies because somehow government has disengaged our brains except for the part that keeps us working and buying. Everybody needs to switch to voting with their wallets, much more effective!

    • With the help of the enslaved corporate owned media, the megacorps and corpgov have learned how to f*ck the public and make ’em like it!

  7. Yes…and did you hear in Austin, that Laura Pressley figured out how the Die bold voting machines were purposely manipulated during her race to give her votes to the other candidate thus causing her loss? It is quite fascinating…she is raising money to fund her 2nd lawsuit as the judge threw out her first one. She is actually smart, like you George, and can really take this to the top of Texas and beyond…it is quite amazing what she has found out and how our own legislature does not enforce our voting laws. I hope you highlight her situation, because we think we live in a land where our votes matter, but if our votes are all going to be ‘hacked or changed’, what does voting really mean anymore? We keep hearing that obummer wants all the illegals so they will vote democrat…I do not believe that since they can hack and change the votes to put anyone in office they want to, so why fill the country with illegal voting democrats? There must be another reason, tied to your article and comments on TPP….it is to ‘turn’ the country and bring America to its knees. Our freedoms and way of life was what had to be changed and controlled. Adding illegals and all manner of refugees, immigrants, etc., just helps stir the pot…not the melting pot, we do not melt anymore, we jostle, shake, stir, and riot. Also, in Costco today, I saw my first completely covered up Muslim woman…now, I have traveled to Egypt to visit Cairo and the surrounding sights, and I only saw 2 women in 10 days who completely covered themselves with only a slit for their eyes…so it is not a required covering over there…yet, here it was in Costco…I REALLY wanted to go up to her and ask permission to take her picture and show myself as a fat ignorant American…but I held myself back and just stared in amazement….yeah, that is what is here…and it is NOT assimilating!

  8. @ Tom
    Brokers collude with media and others to try and get a controlled rolling price. They try to get this going with EVERY publicly traded company – I have seen it for 20 years. It only hit the oil markets when stocks forced some out with HFT. Once they get that rolling price, then it’s BTFD until the stock loses luster or they find a prettier bauble. If you got 30 stocks where you can BTFD reliably, you have a lot of regular income.

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