Coping: Calling Bullshit on the Senate Climate Scam

(Payson, AZ)  To borrow a phrase from Ron Paul, time for a little Texas Straight Talk.

No, this is NOT a fictional paranoid rant about how there’s a dark conspiracy to take over the world, strip people of human rights, turn everyone into a cash flow automaton who only consumes, votes in sham elections, and thinks in a particular way. Programmed by the mind-control box in the living room.

That’s because so far, all of those things are factual, demonstrable, repeatable, and predictable.  You know: the kind of stuff science is made of.  Remember that?

Let me lay out “The World According to George” in a simple way that will put the latest Washington power-grab into clear perspective.  You need deep historical context to follow it.


Capitalism is a great system when there is opportunity for growth.  If you need to roll out incentives, get a country built (without too much regard for indigenous peoples or resource depletion) then capitalism is your baby.

But capitalism has a major flaw:  It works best when the rate of growth is right around the interest rates paid on money.  The problem is that there is interest paid on a nation’s money…a fee to the bankster class. 

We have had two presidents (Kennedy and Lincoln) who paid the ultimate price for trying to wrest interest-free national money from the banker class.  Whether Greenbacks or trying to get Congress to reassert its lawful duty to issue currency. the link between the banker cabal and politics is demonstrable and factual.

From Wikipedia if you doubt me:

Executive Order 11110 was issued by U.S. President John F. Kennedy on June 4, 1963.

This executive order delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury the president’s authority to issue silver certificates under the Thomas Amendment of the Agricultural Adjustment Act, as amended by the Gold Reserve Act. The order allowed the Secretary to issue silver certificates, if any were needed, during the transition period under President Kennedy’s plan to eliminate silver certificates.

Also as soon as Kennedy’s coffin was cold, LBJ Revoked Kennedy’s brave effort:

E.O. 11110 was not reversed by President Lyndon B. Johnson and the section added to E.O. 10289 remained on the books until President Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12608 on September 9, 1987 as part of a general clean-up of executive orders.[14] E.O. 12608 specifically revoked the section added by E.O. 11110 which effectively revoked the entire Order. By this time, however, the remaining legislative authority behind E.O. 11110 had been repealed by Congress when Pub.L. 97–258 was passed in 1982.

That’s why the Pauls have not been able to get an audit of Fort Knox, and that’s why your money says “Federal Reserve Note” instead of “United States Government” on it.

And the closeness of the tie-in between government and the banking cable becomes apparent when you see how the bankers now have the federal government at their beck and call as “enforcers” in a way that would make Frank Nitti proud. 

Try to print up some of your own “reserve notes” and pass them in circulation and it’s not banker folks who will come after you:  It’s the US Government itself which has granted a franchise to the money cartel. It’s a blood money deal with Lincoln and Kennedy as proof.

I can’t change that and but it’s why has a coping section.  So that we can be honest (wink-wink, budge-nudge) about how it all plays.  We don’t have enough money to matter. And do you really trust voting machines?

Globalism is a product of the 1970s.  In the wake of the Vietnam War, industrialists changed their bogeymen from “communists” (who they quietly funded, but that’s not this morning’s story) to things like inflation, the environment, and oh yes, let’s not leave out the need to develop the Third World.

This was a two-edged sword, however.  Two aspects of globalism  were terribly attractive:  Consumer protection laws were non-existent in the Third World and because most people were living in shit-holes, the unit labor cost was cheap. 

This is why people in “emerging countries” are still emerging, and why most smoke like chimneys:  They haven’t had the tobacco lawsuits yet because these new lands of paradise don’;t put up with the kind of legal recourse that is American.

Oh, did I mention offshore accounting keeps money out of IRS’ reach?  Apple and other good companies are expert in this regard.  Gotta love the Caymans, Ireland, and Grand Turk.  Been there, done that.

Resource Wars

The downside of globalism is that once fed and given jobs, the Third Worlders screw their frigging brains out and make more what?  Third Worlders

This is exactly why Yemen is growing like crazy, a true hot bed of militant Islam, to boot, and that has been fine because we need the Hegelian Dialectic excuse to rip of other countries and a fine enemy which we can conveniently package into a love-hate relationship that is designed to keep thinking people all twisted around the axle of political correctness, deeply conflicted  in thought, confused, and thus, easy to slip it to on more fronts.

Under the Hegelian Dialectic, you make up an enemy (and anything will do…we’ve just had the first 14 years of “militant Islam is bad” and that’s because We (the West led by alphabet agencies) founded it and paid for it.  It was going to be a tool against the Russians and that didn’t work out so well.  But that was cleverly flipped into the Security State.

So now (turning our eyes to Russia, which is being reinvented as our Born Again Enemy) we see that Vlad Putin is in a world of dung because he dared to resist absorption into  The Enterprise.

The Enterprise, in case you missed it, is the unelected government that was formed from the Japanese Gold hoard that was picked out of the Philippines (mostly looted from China)  and which funded (through various government alphabet groups) the outspending of Russia in the Cold War (serves ‘em right for not knowing who the boss is, right?) and then the money was directed into the takedown of Europe.

Nowadays, the EU has evolved into a curious hybrid where the little people think they have power over government, but in reality, it’s a sham and the EU government has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Beast. 

For this reason, we have the Ukraine and all the fun to come.

Which left The Enterprise (which really recovered from its low-T complex under vice president Bush the Elder) with a major problem:  Since Capitalism only works when there is growth (read up on the Great Depression if something isn’t clear here) we need a new “growth industry….”

And that’s why the “war on terror” has been such a useful mind-twist.

All the Powers needed to do was wrap up 19 Saudi Arabian nationals into a put-up job (or what would pass for it on television) and presto!  Off we go to invade Saudi Arabia!  No?

Of course we didn’t do THAT!  That would make sense.  So instead of wiping out the Saudis, who hold the leash on militants to this day (can’t end the bogeymen yet) the US decided to take on Iraq.  A key oil competitor,. and yes, they were not nice people, don’t get me wrong.  But we did invade the wrong country

What you (or at least most people) didn’t notice that and we went only to have a marvelous war in Iraq and an even longer war in Afghanistan which has only two major assets we (or should I say The Enterprise) wanted control of:  Some oil & energy routes and nature resources and what else? 


Which is why US soldiers were either guarding (or teaching to guard) the crop, which is why Ures truly gets a little fed up when US Attorney Eric Holder pontificates on how heroin has become a national problem. 

The answer – to anyone with a nickel-bag worth of brains is upstream. We need to kill supply.  Instead, we’re going after the supply chain, and you can safely bet your ass it will be the upstarts in the supply chain who aren’t going along with the “planned economy.”  Capishe?

So where does “Climate Change” fit?

Ah!  We need to examine Adolf Hitler first because we can answer what the democorps of the US Senate  are up to (besides being elected by massive campaign money, not actual voters, since they are persuasion blocks, and I can write a check and buy as many of those as you please).

What made Hitler such an inspiration to current generations of megalomaniacs is that he was the be-all, end-all at the Hegelian make-up-a-scapegoat.

No, he was not a nice person, I’m not saying that.  BUT what he did extremely well – masterfully so – was he laid most of it out in his second book which most people haven’t bothered to read because he was such an evil dude.  Smarter’n shit, though.

He made up enemies and rolled his “will” backed up by screaming nationalism (think back to 9/11?)  and that got him (briefly) most of Europe, depending on how we score Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and England.

We nominally “won the war” and punished the Enemies, but we also adopted huge portions of their military doctrine. Ask the Palestinians in Gaza about this point.

And now we can (finally) get around to Climate Change.  A clip from last weekend’s Peoplenomics report should help wake you up.

Talking “Warming” into Consciousness?

A very odd thing may be seen with SecState John Kerry talking about the need for US envoys to bring (even more) talk about “climate change” into global politics.

The Heartland Institute recently noted that “The Period Of No Global Warming Will Soon Be Longer Than the Period of Actual Global Warming” and they cite data.

So with the pile of data (which has dropped global warming and is now talking about global climate change instead) we wonder what agenda is running – undisclosed as to its true nature – in background in order to usurp more tribute (taxes) or greater powers of control to the central government of the US and, by extension, the West/EU/globalistas?

A pretty good proxy for  (look afraid, now) “climate change” might be the historical record of major floods.  Yet, when we look at the list, we see that the number of floods has fairly-well tracked the development of media, more than any other single factor.

So is it likely that since the “wow factor” of live media has increased, the odds of demigods to use natural events as a political/mind control tool has become likely?

There was a 1931 flood in China that killed upwards of four million people.  Yet, the people of China did not run off sloganizing about climate change.  So what’s different?  Media, for one.

And when the Mississippi experienced a terrible flood in 1927, what happened?  Dams were built to prevent a replay.  No slogans, just fix the problem.

So no, nothing new in terms of dead people and flooding.  Or dead people and climate. 

But like the War on Terror this is an open–ended, unsolvable problem we can pour money into to our heart’s content.  But there’s something else in play, sorry to report:

The mind-f—k goes on at all sorts of levels.  Notice how winter storms now have names for crying out loud?  I lay this before you as proof of media complicity and tell you this is how low- level conditioning works.,  You can’t see the forest since you’re already surrounded by leaves and named storms.  Following here?

All but four Senate democrats have been wrapped too, surrounded by simple minded parroting aids. Mostly kids, mostly programmed by some of the finest schools out there. And when the lefties get up to do commencement speeches telling the kids “join the collective” they’re just not getting what a “collective” is.  Look up hive mind.

The Real Deal

Is there a climate crisis?  No.

Instead, I would put my money on this climate scare tactic to be used to put together a global TAX SYSTEM which will further usurp the rights and freedoms of Americans.

It starts with building codes and now a season creek that dries up 3 months out of the year is a “navigable water of the United States” and no one seems to particularly care.  It’s the war on freedom wrapped up in a war on environment and war on climate.

In order for an unelected layer of government to rise to power, all they need is a source of revenue and for the globalists, chanting of “climate change”  is working just dandy.  Every time a cloudy day brings more than last month’s rains, the term climate change can be bandied about and presto!  Name that cloud will be along because we’ve about done “name that storm” and even the west coast has “Pineapple Express” storms and shortly these ought to have names, too.

1) Make the term “front of mind through repetition.”

2) Wait for there to be normal deviations from the mean.

3) Wrap it up under “climate change” to fund a multinational solution and thus, usurp local control from normal folks. 

There go national boundaries.  Ask Europe how that illusion of being in control is working out…

You can already see how this is working out in Ukraine, Africa…well, just sit back and watch over the next 5-10 years as our rights are, one by one, taken out back and shot.  Rights are being quietly sacrificed one bullet at a time for climate change.

And now we get to the repugnant game in Washington where instead of dealing with epidemic corruption of America’s core values, by outlawing interstate funding of local and state offices, we instead see the charade of an all night talkathon about “climate change.”

The good news about this is that there are four democrats who didn’t bite on this latest lefty baited hook.  They showed independence of thought.  But four out of how many?

Global climate change is going to be the excuse.  It’s going to be the focus of a new Climate Corp which will give the Army Corps of Engineers more to do.  It will ensure Al Gore speaks more on the rubber chicken circuit.

And it will all be wrapped up in the groupthink so that no FACTS will be needed.  I can see the Gay Pride Supports Climate Change March already.  I can see Hispanics for Climate Change.  I can hear this becoming another broken plank in the nation’s policy – like afford healthcare…which in case you haven’t noticed has benefited the insurance industry more than regular folks.

And then will come the global climate tax.  I shit you not.

Go read the op-ed by Ralph Nader in the Wall St. Journal circa 2008  “We a Global Climate Tax…”  The foundation is laid.  It’s Game On.  And only a damn fool who can’t read history would believe this is anything other than a NextGen power grab.

Politicians don’t do anything that is not in their self-interest.  Money and power.  That’s what’s at play here and I am deeply disappointed that only four democorps stood up to the sham.

I am disappointed that no one is correlating the Sun output to global temps.  I am disappointed no one is wondering why SO4 and suspended particulates from a volcano are good for climate and SO4 and suspended particulates from the US are bad.

I am disappointed no one is following up on the criminal conspiracy to spray large portions of the earth with chemicals.

I am disappointed we’re not taxing imported goods at sufficient rates to offset 40-years of job losses.

But the good news?  I know there are four reasonable democrats out there.  Maybe a like number of republicorps, too. 

Hitler taught us we can’t victimize Jews when governments go off scapegoating.  Bush (1) proved that we can invade the wrong country if we do it just right.  So relax and watch the rollout of the new Enemies of the State (Russia and Climate) while we use America’s bipolar relationship with Islam  and Reconquista to keep the masses confused.

Including, I regret to inform you, a good number of US Senators.

So there.  I think that hard review of the facts ought to piss off just about everyone except for the half dozen, or so, of us intellectually honest people who read history, love America, small government, honest currency, the melting pot concept and grok the Big.

The objective is global tax for climate – and then everything else follows.  OneWorldOrder and you’re not in.

Fart freely while you can, because within 20-years you’ll be referred to mandatory medical treatment for an environmental disorder and resisting treatment or paying your carbon tax will be a class 2 felony or worse.

Go ahead: Laugh while it’s still legal.

Maybe THEY are right.  Maybe you can’t handle the truth.


Off to work on Peoplenomics which is about where to invest while all of this crap is rolling in the center ring of the Big Media Circus.

Write when you get rich, break even, or get a wild hair up…