Don’t we all work hard enough for “the man” as is?

Tomorrow is one of those days I hate.

It’s a semi-vacation day.

The rich (and those who make it possible for them to be so) down on Wall St. will have tomorrow off.  The Bond market will be closed.

Worst of all, most Americans will be stuck at the grindstone, nose hard at it.

When you think about it, there’s something asymmetric about the day:  Why should government offices be open while the secular markets and banks are closed?

Seems to me a direct conflict between the whole notion of separation between church and state, at a bare minimum.

The U.S. is not alone with the problem.  Most of the markets in Europe will be closed tomorrow, as well.  So instead of our usual two-part Friday epistle on the human condition, we’ll post only a single report tomorrow at our usual 7:55 posting time Friday morning.

The “coping” part is just figuring out who’s open.

The mail will show up Friday, which is either a good thing, or bad, depending on your spending and bills.

The FedGov is option as well -with the Cost of Living due out.

Unfortunately things are equally messy at the city and state levels, too.

Wikipedia has done the work on part of this:  “12 states observe Good Friday as a state holiday: Connecticut, Texas, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina and North Dakota.”

Ah, so it is a state holiday here…would someone tell the lawn?

I can understand it in the Bible Belt states, which explains most of it.  But Connecticut? Home of the gnomes of high finance in Greenwich?

Digging into the global angle, we find that the U.K. has the most scheduled holidays of anywhere: 28 per year.  “Employees are entitled to 28 total working days (5.6 weeks) of annual leave.”

In second place is Australia which runs from 25-30 depending on seniority. “If the employee has less than 25 years of service, he is entitled to 25 days of annual leave. If the employee has 25 years of more, he is entitled to 30 days of annual leave.”

Comoros, Denmark, Djibouti, France, Luxembourg, Norway, São Tomé and Príncipe, Sweden, and Finland all have 25-days.

Georgia – the country – has thoroughly recovered from communism with 24 holidays.  Iceland, Malta, and Syria also have 24 holidays per year, except that I don’t know as anyone really gets holidays when cruise missiles are landing…so the Syrian claims is a bit far-fetched.

Libya, Iran, Kuwait, Cuba….all these have two things in common.  Lots more vacation time than the USA and they have also at various times been objects of American wrath.

Does it have something to do with vacation time?  Not as outlandish a thought when you look at the data which supports the claim to some degree.  Yes, kiddies, time off is anti-American.

Yes, of course we have issues with Yemen.  They get  22 holidays per year.

The United States by comparison offers a scant  zero universal holidays.  Why?

There is no statutory minimum paid vacation or paid public holidays. It is left to the employers to offer paid vacation

That’s all over the board.

A few companies my corporate lifetime offered 8 paid holidays plus vacation time which was a couple of weeks. Most, though were six days plus 5 days of vacation Year One.

No, I’m not fomenting revolution here.  I’m just saying that  we should look at some of our “enemies” closely.

Like Russia: “Workers are entitled to 28 calendar days (including Saturdays and Sundays) of annual leave and 12 paid public holidays.”

To be sure, China is American Harsh: “The duration of the annual leave entitlement is: (a) 5 days for employees who have accumulatively worked for 1–10 years; (b) 10 days for employees who have accumulatively worked for 10–20 years; and (c) 15 days for employees who have accumulatively worked for more than 20 years. Employers who offer more vacation time are legally obligated to grant it.[42] Every worker is also entitled to 11 paid public holidays,”

It’s something to think about if you have to work tomorrow.

My takeaway is we need more holidays.

It’s hard to sell the U.S. as a “worker’s paradise” idea when  Iran has more official holidays than we do.  Yet we insist they are the uncivilized.

You want to tell me again how that works?

Zeus and the Love Juice

As you know, for about six months we have been feeding a stray kitty who is also coal black, short haired, like Zeus who currently rules the grounds of the Uretopia Estate with a firm paw.

Zeus, turns out, has an abusive streak.  When occasionally found “trespassing” he’ll strike out at the stray opening up serious neck wounds which the stray won’t allow us near.

We’re in something of a box here:  Stop feeding the stray and the coyotes will get it in its weakened condition.  But put out food so it can regroup and then Mr. Abuser will tear into it.

We’ve been looking for an answer.

Kudos to daughter Allison for coming up with the possible winner.

You can buy “cat pheromones” as a collar to be worn by the aggressor.  Makes him smell like lavender, too.

We don’t know how well it will work at toning Zeus down, but he is a neutered male age 8 or 9 and we’re hoping he will lighten up on the other cat so we can have a little peace and quiet – not to mention no bleeding animals – around here.

We’ll let you know how it works out.  By the Amazon reviews, we figure about a 60% chance.

Which, coincidentally, is about the same odds we place on the North Korea nuclear test due perhaps this weekend.

OK, time to work on the “real” news…

Write when you get rich,

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