Please, brethren of the software forest, pay attention.  Ure is not happy  with ya’ll.

Not that I don’t love Windows 10.  I like it – lots.  And, for that matter, I totally “get” the Office 365 product which we run on our machines here.

But there are multiple areas where you need some guidance from real people and not “professional beta testers.”  You need to fire them and put up a real, more direct path into product development.  Let me give you some examples:

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Let’s begin with Outlook.

It was a great program.  Note the past-tense was.

When the newest versions of Win-10 Outlook (in 365) came out three things went completely off the rails here.

First, the program decided (rather than the user – moi) that we needed to convert to IMAP for email.  No, no, and HELL NO.  POP is fine…or was.

I don’t want my emails which may contain things like, oh, user issues, account balances, passwords and such, left on a server managed by a bunch of half-wits at  Dear God…save us from that fate.

It took me hours to get rid of IMAP email.  Which gets me to the…

Second Point:  Who the hell dreamed up the double-thinking piece of crap called the “Mail and Calendar” App?  That turns out to have been one of the hang-ups in getting rid of IMAP (spawn of the IT Devil itself) from my machines.

Workaround:  I think Microsoft, in the interests of Transparency, ought to include in all future updates something like this BEFORE the installation happens:

“Hi Microsoft User (Paying Beta Testers)

We’re going to screw up your computer in the following ways with our latest attempt to lock you into our computing environment.

  1. We are going to put in Xbox compatibility all over hell and gone.
  2. We’re going to screw up your mail by making Mail/Calendar fight it out with Outlook for supremacy.  Not going to explain how that battle will take place, either.  We’ll just guess at what’s best for you.
  3. When you burn a DVD of data, we’re going to leave a message laying around “You have files waiting to be burned” the will persist until the Second Coming or later.
  4. When you get new software directly from a trusted source (CCleaner, Nuance, etc.) we’re going to put up another horrible nag screen about not getting it from the Microsoft Store so can you trust them any more than us?  If we can get you out of manufacturer-direct habit, we can build another revenue stream!  Adds cost to you, but gives us a story to tell investors at the next dog and pony show for investment firms and that’s a Biggy if you’ve been watching the market here lately.
  5. No!  Stop asking!  We’re not taking the damn App Store off your machine or put it in some place where you can find it to delete if you want.
  6. We’re expanding the useless roles of Cortana.  We won’t go over and have lunch with Bezos’ crew and use a good, existing voice platform like Alexa (Echo, Dot, Spot, etc.) and bridge right to Skype because instead we wish to be a “own a software eco-system” trying to make it in audio Vegas.  Sure: Siri’s class, Alexa rocks, and the recognition rates of Nuance are spot-on.  But we don’t support cooperative computing if it costs us on the story side or in Accounting.  We want it ALL.  Like North Korea.  Following?
  7. We’re not going to turn off every SVHOST call until you specifically approve it because you’re a victim, not a customer and you can’t be trusted.  We know best.  You don’t.
  8. We’re not going to hold vendors like NVIDIA from running more than one app at start-up in their efforts to cram 3D rendering into the marketplace despite the fact that in Ford and Chevy Land, there’s no product worth installing yet. May never be.  But come on, don’t you want to see you’re kid’s face when you open the fridge?

If you agree to us screwing with your computer, please click “Agree” and make our day.  We’ll hop to it.  Otherwise, do nothing and we will screw with it anyway at the next update time which we’ve made about non-apparent to override.  Seriously, you can’t be trusted to decide how you want a computer to work.  It’s not up to you.  Go buy an Xbox and stop all that bothersome thinking in your life…

[   ] Agree        [   ]  Decline  (System may puke)

There are answers.

I was able to get part of my PST contacts back from a backup.  But the method of adding one PST to the current PST file in Outlook makes as much sense as Barney Fife who may have moonlighted.  Remember how simple field-level imports are in SQL?  Not in email, lol.  Ask Apple how it’s done.  See how Open Source works?

Now to the useful part of this morning’s rant.

To get rid of the files to burn nag, try this: Hit Google’s results here and go shopping.  The “Shell:CD Burning” option didn’t work for me – but going into the drive and removing stuff did…but then they came back.  So good luck with that.

Huge amounts of data on the SSD being eaten by updates?  Oh yeah…

I gained 4.2 GB by removing the Windows Update temp files. That’s a decent gain. Why am I having to do othat?

When done with your clean up, do a whole fresh system restore point…can’t be loose on those.  The more the better.  But even with a fresh one, I’ve had a computer fail to restore.  Go figure. Do another backup to the NAS (network attached storage) and go to church.

Then I got rid of unwanted programs (the mail/calendar that fights with Outlook, the Xbox junk, the App Store, and more) by using the remove programs tool in CCleaner. But some came back.  What to do? Ah…

If you use CCleaner, look for the Tools tab (on the left) and then visit the Uninstall tab on the top.  This will get rid of lots of stuff.  I know, 3D mixed reality sounds like fun, but seriously?  Where are the Bluetooth head-on displays that make this work wirelessly in my office for under a zillion bucks and a processor upgrade?

Go to and look for CCleaner links.  Defraggler is good, too, if you’re on an (ofd-fasioned) hard drive.

If you find nuisance programs keep re-appearing, there were some things on my system that I had to remove manually using PowerShell (be sure to right click to run as Administrator) and then get rid of offending junk.  Great resource is and How-To over at:

Well, now that your computer is screwed up, it won’t matter that last week was a four-day workweek, will it? I mean, if your computer’s down for maintenance, can’t work can you?

April Fool’s Day

Judging by the headlines, it has been extended to this morning.

Was it a coincidence Easter was April Fool’s this year?

Off to see the open…maybe stocks will be “risen.”

Write when you get rich,