Coping: Advanced Studies of Subtle Energy

We received a lot of emails and reader comments about our recent post explaining why modern homes may have something of a “trap you in bad/dumb energy” system built-in because of the open door between many home’s bathrooms (and specifically toilets) and the master bedroom.

The idea went that bad “Chi” of Feng Shui was in human waste and that if it slips unopposed into the bedroom, it will cling – in the energetic sense – to people who sleep within straight lines from the throne.

One of the best emails came from a reader named Ken who shared this expert view:

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Normally we don’t supply links like these, but the topic is a very interesting one – and our work continues on using Feng Shui to improve investment results, It’s a long work in progress which will be written up and put on the side of the house one of there weeks. But the gestation period is undetermined.

Oh, and as long as we are on the sleep side of things…

How Slow is George?

Plenty damn slow.

You may have already figured as much, but I just Monday out why directions in my dreams are off about 90-100 degrees off from where the cardinal directions should be.

First, a snip from a recent dream. (Go with me on this because you’ll see it relates.)

In the recent Dream, Elaine and I actually made it up to the Pacific Northwest this summer. And since the 49th reunion of my high school will be at a restaurant in Renton, Washington, the dream dealt with flying into the Renton airport.

I learned to fly in this area back in 1971 at a place called Hangar One which was over at the north east side of Boeing Field, basically just over the other side of Beacon Hill from Renton.

Since the planes I was flying were all rentals at the time, and all based at Boeing, I think I’ve been into Renton airport only once or twice – and that was when I was flying an amphibious plane and doing landings on Lake Washington and Lake Union.

Which has what to do with The Dream?

Well, the field (Renton Airport where the 727 assembly line was and I think 737’s are still coming out of there) is aligned North and South.

EXCEPT, in my dream a week or two back (post surgery) the airport was laid out so the runway heading was about 255-degrees.

Then – as I was thinking about the discussions we had a while back about how people align to the local magnetic fields it slapped me upside the head:

We need to rearrange our bedroom here at the ranch.


Because we sleep with out heads WEST.

Which is likely why the runway in the dream wasn’t lined up right!.

The reason for the error off an even 90 degrees?

Don’t you get it yet?

90-degrees off would be ideal…except for the change in isogonic lines between the Pacific Northwest (-13-14 is common) versus Texas where it’s more like -5 or 6 degrees. So that is likely why the Renton airport in the dream was off of proper alignment!!!

But here is the even stranger part:

In order for my dreams to actual work out correctly (you’ll love this) My head needs to be to the South magnetic pole.

OK, strange on top of strange…yeah, sure.

But then I looked at how I had slept most of my life:

As a kid, 14-years of head north.

In various apartments, head north.

In the 14 year previous marriage? Head south.

On sailboat for 11-years? Head south. (Except for the time in port at SF and San Diego, both head west.)

In Boca Raton, our bedroom was set up with? (*Wait for it…)

Head South!

Now, I don’t know if people get “polarized” over time, or how this all works out but there you have one way of looking at how to align your bed to get in touch with your personal energy.

If you happen to be a science freak…here’s a hell of a Big Data project for you:

Pull together all the hotel layout and occupancy information you can find.

I bet there is a correlation between hotel success (or at the very least psychographic appeal) based on the orientation of the head of their beds.

Weird and a half?

Well, sure, maybe.

But if these were simple questions with easy answers, I’d have no reason to get up and write every day, let alone burn daylight and suck oxygen.

Will there come a time when “sleeping alignment” will become part of how people are “grown?” I expect so. But in the meantime, while I am in recovery mode, there’s plenty of time to mash-up house plans and redesign the joint… This will only be the fourth time, or so…

Around the Ranch

Zeus the Cat is slowly figuring out that something is not quite right around here.

As an “ex nuke” suggested, cats do indeed seem to come in two personality molds: Lions (playful, adaptable) and Panthers (not so much of either) and as luck would have it, old Zeke as he is called now and then is more panther than lion.

The second kitty (Elaine’s calling it Slinky because it, too, slinks around like a panther) is getting a small can of cat food and a bit of dry food.

Meals are served out behind a fence post, so as not to be visible from the house – of Z himself.

Now the odd thing: The new cat (Slinky) goes out and sits off a ways in the front yard and then (what else) slinks off looking for a Nature meal. Shortly after this, Zeus goes out and sniffs the hell out of the same place and then sits there for a while.

As (*James I think it was) suggested, this is how panthers work things out, maybe.

We shall see, but the dance continues…but when they play – if that’s what it is, they are loud as hell.


Meantime, a very different topic: Elaine doesn’t have birthdays anymore. And she doesn’t do big Mother’s Days, either.

So it was just a coincidence, I assured her, that over the past week or two that a couple of hundred bucks worth of art supplies showed up.

Now, when she’s not chauffering me around to the doctor’s appointments and finding things for me, she’s fretting about which style she wants to paint in.

Seems to me it’s not a big decision, but I have all the art sense of a hod full of mortar.

She on the other hand has done stippling (which is tons of dots and takes forever), realism (another time sink), landscapes (but all seem to be grays or blues and greens, with a yellow spot – so where’s the fun in that?

It’s made even more difficult because she has to decide whether to do acrylics or more traditional oils. The latter being more to the purist in her, the acrylics faster drying and easier to clean up.

After her objection about a lack of wall space, a fine clear-thinking suggestion came in from a reader: Have her sell the occasional painting online!

Now why didn’t I think of that? Yep, everything’s a business model.

Here is a sample of one of her paintings and I bet you would never guess what it is…



That is a picture that was in National Geographic or some other rag ago. It is an oil of a picture taken from the Space Shuttle (remember? Back when we were a country and had borders and could actual do shit?),,,

Anyway, picture of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines seen from space minutes before sunrise from the dark side of Earth.

There is a business model problem in this selling painting idea.

I have no idea how to even begin to price such a painting – it’s in my in-house den and works with the colors. There’s a day, or two, of work in it, canvas is budget dust, though it is 18 X 24 and oils.

Then again, there are so many artists out here…it really does come down to a style issue.

Suggestions welcome.

Sorry, Birds

One last ranch note: Elaine has also sworn off feeding any more birds except for the humming birds.

The feeding is attracting other critters including possum and coons that are using everything but dynamite to get into her storage containers and we fear that’s next.

In all, she figures the bird feeding has been $600 per year – not that the budget matters – but more than anything it has been a personal time sink for her. So with art, Ma Nature’s going to have to go back to feeding her own.

All of which will last until the first freeze andf we’ll be hanging out suet again, and one thing leads…well, that’s what the road to hell is paved with: Good intentions, is it not?

Panama and new bride are not feeding the red tail hawk family either.

Just as well…cute to play falconer with a welding glove, but when they start dive-bombing us going out to the mailbox, time to reel-in the sympathy choir.

Weekly Eye Check

A bit of good news on the eyes at the Monday inspection.

The former bad eye, the one with the hard contact is doing 20-30’ish (legal to fly, but the doc suggested relying on a single hard contact is probably not the best idea …quite so…

And the eye with the ulcerated cornea has healed well enough that the clear contact will come off this weekend.

That means on the present trajectory, the insertion of the new implant should be around the first part of June, which brings middle of July travel back into focus, in a manner of speaking.

With the hard contact now running 3-hours per day (and up to five before the week’s out) I went shopping for cheap readers.

I have one of every power available (1.25 up to 3.0 diopters) in dime-store readers.

Consequently, life on the computer should begin returning to normal in coming weeks. I did check the IRS rules on what qualifies for Blind.

I suppose it would be legal to only have good vision for a few hours per day (better than 20/40 for flying) but claim unable to see better than 20/200 the rest of the time. But our tax counsel slammed down the phone yelling “I can’t represent you if you’re going to be a damned idiot…” or something like that.

The IRS is likely the more reasonable agency to deal with. FAA? You’re never sure just what they’re up to. One of these days I keep thinking I will FOI request some key tapes out of Denver Center for…er….oh, we need not go there.

Looking ahead on more realistic topics, the big work project today will be another chapter of the Second Depression Handbook (2DH) for subscribers up tomorrow.

We’re back on half high-octane mixed with half bunker C crude…

Slowly, Changing

Even if you’re not a subscriber, be sure to drop by Thursday because my buddy Vince and I have been talking – and he’s got some damn interesting facts on ocean rise that I hadn’t seen in the media before….

We’ll save that for the next cuppa.

Write when you get Rich…

13 thoughts on “Coping: Advanced Studies of Subtle Energy”

  1. I guess we in Illinois should count our blessings that we are only getting dived-bombed by ground-nesting birds such as red-winged blackbirds. Hopefully our new problem here (turkey vultures) wont start that habit.

    • I enjoy birds, but unfortunately the local raptors and owls will catch and eat cats. I love cats more.

  2. ebay is an auction site. let the buyers tell you what it’s worth. to them.

    our look for a Tyler art club. they sometimes have art shows or even storefronts where you can sell on consignment.

    or a booth at a craft fair, but that is both time and work.

    • I was going to post this, but CPA Prepper got there first. Ebay and/or Etsy, I think. I’m not an art person but the world is full of those that know. An auction is the only real way to appeal to many buyers and achieve legitimate price discovery.

  3. You are on to something with the magnetics. We moved from WA state to MI and I am sleeping head down (south) for the first time in my life. 6 years and I still can’t find north in my own living room without thinking about it. I grew up on the northern CA coast. When I was a kid you could blindfold me, spin me around, and I could still tell you what was north.
    Here, not only is my compass 90degrees off, I feel inverted, inside out. My north is east. My east is west. Lol, south is still south and west is north. I’m seriously considering painting a compass rose onto my living room ceiling. Can’t move the bed, it’s in the only spot it fits.
    Glad to hear the eyes are improving.

  4. read up on good chi/birds/feng shui…having birds around is considered to be VERY auspicious….they also eat lots of bugs/ mosquitos…might want to re-think that one

    • ultimate goal of feng shui is not a big bank acct but rather to live in harmony with universe

      there are TX organic farms to visit and find workers to grade that road while growing organically!

  5. George,
    On head direction- permit me to suggest allowing for pole shifting too. Be flexible. South and West may not always BE that. I wonder if pole shifting also influences ocean water levels….hmmm.
    I’ve been doing the ‘head direction’ dance for 6 months, since my move out of state. I built a futon to make it easier to move my bed every week or so until the electro-magnetics settle down. The dreams I have are a good barometer.
    Additional to Feng Shui there is this information:
    I tried it, though I am not a dowser. Moved my bed again and hung a pyramid over it to mitigate the energy.
    I sleep like a baby.
    However, my ‘panther’ chooses not to sleep there, which makes me wonder.

  6. Another consideration for best bed location [I do agree about closed bathroom door, btw] is to find out where the electrical lines run in your crawl space under the bedroom. This was the issue we uncovered a few months ago after trying several bed relocations. I kept sensing a powerful and uncomfortable energy along, yet a few feet out from the outside wall. Sure enough, that was exactly where the electrical conduit ran along the ground. We were able to move the lines closer to the outside wall and also used a feng shui solution — placed mirrors upside down under the bed to reflect the energy back down. This is actually something anyone with a crawl space ought to do anyway. Much better sleep as a result.

  7. Ocean rise is real . The fancy and muy expensive homes in first Lauderdale are underwater at high tide . The streets that is and it’s just not occasional its more oft than not . I moved here from so cal in 1980 there were never close to 4 ft tides never . Today it’s the norm.
    Where we are the dock is still dry but we are farther north . But it’s close .

  8. Wishing you the best of luck with the temporary eye condition. I ran across this page of Woo-woos and I just don’t know what to think. Seems Reba Mcintyre’s name has changed into Reba Mcentire. Now I swear it was spelled the other way. I can’t find where she changed it. Also Depends the adult diaper is now Depend. Am I just stupid? Am I missing something? I KNOW it was Depends not Depend. And total shock. Pete Townsend is now Townshend. Louie Anderson is now still alive and didn’t die from a heart attack. This is giving me a sick feeling in my stomach.

    Here’s the page where I saw it. They call it the Mandela effect. I guess his name changed also.

  9. it may not be applicable to the bed situation,unless you have major medical issues,but researchers have discovered that more often than not,animals prefer to poop facing north….

  10. You caused me to bring a pair of books down from their perch on a dusty shelf.

    “Pyramid Power” by Max Toth and Greg Nielsen. 1974, 1976.

    “The Secret Power of Pyramids” by Bill Schul and Ed Pettit. 1975.

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