Coping: About My Antigravity Project

Can we please set aside the national drumbeats of racism and politics?  At least for a cuppa coffee…

There are much more positive things to be spending our mental processor’s time-slices on.

True, you can tell a fair bit about a person why “where they go” when they are not working on a problem. It is easy to wander off into personal self-criticism and the drama of current-day politics, for example.

But those are what a long-time friend and retired Stanford E.E./MBA describes as problems better left in the “Too hard” pile.  Unsolvable problems are by definition time wasters.

As regular readers know, I have been working on the antigravity problem for a long time. And while we’re not yet able to produce the Back to the Future “flux capacitor” – we do have a fairly simple concept to test bed: Free-space Mixers.

A word about method, first.

As you know, I’ve been tinkering around with the processes by which people frame their worldview for more than 20-years.

There are, for example, the seven major systems of life that I go on about. These are food, shelter, communications, transportation, energy, environment and finance.

If you make seven columns (vertically) and seven rows (horizontally), most all of which we depend on for physical existence neatly maps into a multidimensional grid.

You can arrive at novel solutions at each of these “intersections.”

If you go to the Housing row, and go horizontally over to the Finance column, you will find such staples of life as “mortgage finance” and “home banking” as well as the government’s clever theft of all property not ransomed by “property taxes.”

Lest you think, there is a null set in my matrix approach to mapping of reality, let me assure you there is not.

Take the row/column intersection where “Transportation” intersects. What is an example at the transportation intersection with transportation?

We do a “classification subroutine” here and note that transportation takes place on the planet’s surface (with cars and trains, trucks and what have you). But it also takes place in the skies overhead and on and under the seas. Land, Sea, and air is simple enough.

So now, we construct a transportation/transportation intersection with all three – the land, sea, and air components.

Presto! We are watching the Seattle to Winslow Washington State Ferry and we see a four-wheel drive pickup truck board the ferry hauling a trailer behind it. But wait! What is that on the trailer? Why, it’s a glider! Someone is taking a land transport onto a sea transport while dragging around an air transport.

Thus it becomes obvious that a hangar is nothing more than “housing for transport” and so forth.


Just rest a minute here and let this sink in.

There is a matrix view of the world and it works. It simplifies things immensely and takes a good deal of “mystery” out of things because there is a “physical backplane” that allows us to invent, allows us to map, and allows us to optimize. It just doesn’t happen to be overtly taught in schools, which have a vested interest in keeping the primate-based life forms from taking things to next levels, too quickly. Tenure, don’t you know.

But now let’s move forward to the point of this morning’s discussion: The simple fact of a lack of fundamental and methodical research into the basic sciences.

It’s here that I am focusing my design efforts.

You see, there is a better-than-even-chance that Reality as we know it is nothing more (or less) than a collapsing wave front. And, as such, it is traversable not only by direct means (such as driving a car) but it may be PERHAPS altered a bit by changing around the frequencies that comprise the “wave front of Reality.”

When last I wrote much about this publicly, I had been enthralled with the James Clerk Maxwell discussion of the B-field of magnetics.

Everyone in school has likely seen the “dog bone” like field of a magnet. Teachers love to illustrate this with iron filings on a piece of paper, under which they hold a bar magnet.

Unfortunately, the upright primates missed the Maxwell lecture when it pointed out that while the magnetic lines of force are of interest – and it is after all what make generators work and induce electrons to move – there is something to be said for the B-field. Because that has an ability to “push the lines of force out from the surface of the magnet.”

I’m if anything, a curious sort of fellow. This B-field generation is mighty interesting stuff.

In case you missed it, a former Lockheed scientist, Boyd Bushman, filed a most intriguing patent (“Apparatus and method for amplifying a magnetic beam US 5929732 A”).

What struck me about Bushman’s work was that it would be very interesting not to apply the approach to the magnetic field, but rather to retool the device in order to project the B-field. My buddy Vince and I keep bouncing around ideas.

Now to two major takeaways from the discussion this morning:

First is the notion that there has been literally NO RESEARCH into interactions of magnetic or B-fields using alternating current solenoids.

Picture the Bushman device, except instead of being operated on a single frequency (*to optimize magnetism) the electromagnets were operated on a multiplicity of frequencies, well up into the RF spectrum.

As you should already know, a ham radio fellow, John Kanzius, gas already demonstrated that through RF excitation, salt water can be broken down directly into Brown’s gas under the right field intensities.That’s with one source:  Where are the multiple frequency – multi-source data?

There is a point here: If a single-source oscillating magnet (which 14 MHz is) can break apart water, what could be found by experimentally using three or four magnets with the express purpose of concocting a mass reduction unit?

Oh, sure, the Bushman patent sounds like something out of the old Dick Tracy comic strip. More specifically, those magnetic beam devices sure sound like they might be just the thing for Diet Smith’s SpaceCoupe.

But that’s getting somewhat “out there” and fanciful. We stick to core questions around here, but this brings me to…

The second point: Which is that we have (as curious apes all) not done a very good job of the generalization of knowledge into a matrix that may be readily investigated in a methodical manner.

Have you ever gone looking for a D.C. to “daylight” (including terahertz waves) baseline to see if any frequencies have even the tiniest effects on mass?

Don’t waste your time. I’m planning to do my own research not just using a single frequency, but by using multiple transducers in an arrangement different than Bushmans and using a different principle. But the matrix? The lack of basic research?

To be sure, CERN is big on building HUGE-ass magnetics. And sure, they will find things, no doubt about it.

But is there a possibility that there is something easier? Some low-hanging fruit, perhaps?

While some people waste their “personal processor time-slices) on the latest Trump and Hillary, it really takes us off the task of figuring some way to get out of this matrix.

We already have some good evidence that the “wave front” can be traversed: it shows up in books like The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon where a pilot of a Bonanza flew threw the reported Bermuda Triangle’s odd physicality’s.

It is also reinforced by the notion (supported by pictures) that UFO’s are able to materialize as well as “blink out.”

Are they putting on “cloaking devices” and similar such pap – useful only in that it’s easy to sell to the primate planet inhabitants? Probably not.

More likely, they are simply going to the places we have only heard rumblings about – things hinted at in reports of the Montauk project.

The dimensions next door.

One other shared point – since this should really be an open source effort:

We all know how radio frequency mixers are used in super heterodyne receivers.

Now I want you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine that instead of taking place at the nano level of a solid-state junction, or in the hard vacuum of a tube (I like 6BE6’s in old tube type radios), we instead generalize the effect of “mixing” over an AREA of space. Picture a “Reality Mixer” that would give you a cube perhaps 10-feet on each side.

This gets to be a pretty interesting project at this point, although I don’t yet have a simple “Hollywood name” like “flux capacitor.”

But if you are working on the problem of teleportation which the Russians have made as a national goal by 2035, or if like me, you’re just trying to power up a small DC reality-changer to add 1,000 feet per minute of climb and another 100 knots to an old Beechcraft, try this concept on for size:

Free-space Mixer.

IF there are effects beyond Kanzius, then what might they be?  And do they hold promise of mass reduction at a price-point (dollars and weight) that would be of interest to aircraft owners?

Now go read And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared: TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.

I think you’ll find it worth your time. Regardless of field.

Oh – and don’t waste your valuable processor time on things you can’t fix.  Work on “inventing your way out” of this mess of a planet instead.  Leave the cretins behind.

Crazy Science, II

Here’s an invention for the National Weather Service: Climatological mapping based on women’s hair.

We can tell, here at the ranch, when th heart of summer arrives: Elaine does her hair (fine and blonde) about 8 AM and by 11 AM it’s like she’s walking around with a Brillo pad on her head.  A blonde on…classic BIG Hair.

There’s got to be some way I can package this as a product.

I mean, if Al Gore can monetize global warming, how come I can’t monetize the E-Friz Index of Climate, too?

OK, back to real work now…,

Write when you get rich,

12 thoughts on “Coping: About My Antigravity Project”

  1. “There are, for example, the seven major systems of life that I go on about. These are food, shelter, communications, transportation, energy, environment and finance.”

    That is really wild.. everyone has always teased me because I do just that..I have a similar grid..( for the speech mostly ) the difference is I put communications at the bottom of the list ..instead of before transportation and energy..

    • There really isn’t any ordering to a matrix like this: Because when you do that, you’re beginning to weight the view of the matrix without a solid basis for doing so. That’s why I use a simple list like this.
      As soon as your mind “latches on” to the primacy of one system, over the other, you close off certain avenues of thought. Something to think about…

  2. George, I can’t help thinking you are missing something in magnetics. A&B are fine. What about the C? The rest. If you have push and pull should there not be a neutral phase? A/c, Dc are 2 dimensions, Three phase power is the third. Should magnetics follow. Just a thought.
    Like a famous guy once said, you can’t get to the moon on fractions, it takes whole numbers.

  3. Is Water implied as part of the ‘Food’ system. Reading Victor Schauberger he states Water as the basis for all (biological) systems. Unless it falls under ‘Energy’ category as a living energy. Either way, the seven system matrix is extremely informative at classifying our own strategies in life.

  4. The fish cannot perceive the water!

    I’ve mentioned this before, but with respect, where does Elaine fit in the matrix? I strongly feel that relationship is at least as important as any of the other major systems. Without relationship as a major life system, and the attendant joy of connection and life, there’s far less point in bothering with the other systems.

  5. damn
    you’ve stirred up some of the weirder stuff at the back of my mind, been contemplating making many small tesla coils, combined with multiple frequencies to bend a few “laws”


  6. I wonder if this is where “Texas Big Hair” originated.

    But seriously, I also have a few projects denoted as “pie in the sky” but more humble than antigravity. Since I’ve been using my “cant be done” garage door opener for about 10 years, I’m emboldened to try building a phase-change refrigerator which has no moving parts/no electricity. That will be this weekend, after an Amazon order of rubber stoppers arrives. If anyone has already done this, let me know.
    Here’s a Youtube video of a couple 12-year olds who have inspired me. I built their magnetic rail gun and am trying to make it be a generator:

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