Coping: A Silly UFO-Calling Experiment

Take a deep breath. This morning’s column is going to be one of those sit down, strap in, and pay attention columns where a whole bunch of weird stuff is going to fly at you all at once.

But I’ve been thinking out the project, buying a few parts, and doing a bit of “personal regressing” to get myself thinking in some new directions.

Something has been bugging me, ever since I did the article (while on vacation) about Long Delayed Echoes. You might want to start by skimming that article over here as a warm-up.

The second thing to be aware of is the admittedly odd work of Dr. Fran Acquino. His website over here describes him as “Professor Emeritus of Physics, Maranhão State University, UEMA and Titular Researcher (R), National Institute for Space Research, INPE vv.”

None of which sounds particularly interesting until you glance through his “Gravity Control by means of Electromagnetic Field through Gas or Plasma at Ultra-Low Pressure…” paper. Things become, how shall we say, interesting.

Even more so because of what is on page 25 of a claimed patent for a gravity control cell (GCC) because Aquino clearly has found something interesting about the effects of low-pressure gas plasma and gravity.

A side note to the non-scientist. Most people think of matter as having three states: Solid, gas, and liquid.

There is a fourth state of matter called plasma which has a number of unique characteristics which you can find discussed in a Wiki article over here. As you will read, there are a whole bunch of odd things that happen with (and at the boundaries) of plasma.

All of which doesn’t exactly get us to UFOs, but in a way it does.

Something I haven’t mentioned before…

At about the time of my experience with the Long Delayed Echo phenomena, I was living in the basement of my parent’s home on Beacon Hill in Seattle.

My ham shack was pretty well powered – and I had a good antenna that was an “inverted vee” which was hung from a 40-foot section of 4” aluminum irrigation pipe.

Because it was “fun” – and to a teenager the definition of “fun” is kind of loose, I had attached 4-foot fluorescent light tubes with electrical tape to each end of the antenna.

When I talked, these would light up.

I called my friend from back in the day, since we were both super into ham radio at the time, and asked him what he could remember about the timing of three things: The installation of fluorescent tubes on the antenna system, the occurrence of the Long Delayed Echo on the 20-meter ham band…and my run-in with an “alien.”

Oh-oh…I didn’t mention that before, did I?

Well, there’s a piece of the puzzle that has been bugging me for more than 50-years that I ought to mention: It was in this period that I had what can only be described as a personal “alien encounter.”

I had laid down on my bed – off to the side of the large radio collection in my basement ham shack – and was taking a nap. It was the afternoon….best I can remember it was about 3:30 PM, or so, and it was a Seattle gray day.

I awoke…and there, at the foot of the bed in the doorway to the rest of the basement was a 4-foot high reptilian type who was holding some kind of weapon across his chest. He didn’t have any clothing on, other than a purple iridescent quilted vest type garment.

He looked at me with the alien type almond eyes, then turned his gray-green scaly face over what would be over his right shoulder, as though speaking to someone behind him, and announced “This one must Die…

Scared the living shit out of me…right down at the soul level.

He then shut the door, leaving me laying on the top of my bed (clothes on, this was a nap remember) and as the experience began to sink in there was a terrible and growing unspeakable fear that followed.

Took me a minute or three to compose myself.  Then I quickly got up…threw the door open. But there was nothing there.


The only way out would have been through the “cat window.”  There was a six-pane, 3-foot square window we had taken the top center pane out of…it was so the cats (Ralph and Suki were Siamese) could come and go without us playing doorpersons…  No sign of aliens.

Fully awake and shaking with fear, I began the rationalization…which continues to this day.

Could it have been an encounter? Err…probably not would have to be my first answer.  Or at least most likely NOT.

More likely?  It was probably just one of those flights of imagination from reading too much sci-fi – which I read widely in while a teenager?

To this day, I don’t know.  I don’t talk about it often…didn’t then, except to my buddy up the street who thinks it may have been real.

Most of the time, I pass it off as a waking-state nightmare . But here lately, as I dig back into some of the things I’m working on, I can see – at a minimum – the outline of my second novel taking shape.

(BTW If you haven’t read DreamOver, my first novel, please give it a go.)

The plot of the second novel is already taking shape:  Might go something like this…

A ham fellow who lives in a remote area discovers that by calling CQ (ham radio for “anyone there who wants to talk?”) he can induce Long Delayed Echoes.

He then discovers that it works only when the Black Knight satellite is within his radio horizon.

Turns out, of course, that there is no Black Knight satellite – and much effort has gone into debunking it.  Or it is real, non-local, and it’s being debunked in order to keep the alien/human agenda from popping out as too large a meme.

But there is, turns out (in this gotta write it yet) novel, that there are a series of trans dimensional satellites.

As the novel unfolds, the connection between RF excitation of low pressure plasma begins to bring on strange phenomena…and the hero(s) in the tale eventually figure out the common element between the Bermuda Triangle, the Philadelphia experiment, and the ham radio antennas with fluorescent light tubes taped on them.

Remember, the high voltage mercury vapor rectifiers used on the “Eldridge?”  Yeah…another link to charging of plasma…

Eventually, they design and build a device to open dimensional portals based on “plasma RF mixer” technology – which I’ll be tinkering with along the way.

What better place than the upper reaches of Mound Prairie Creek?

As the novel ends, the hero invents something called the “Dimensional Mixer” which is based on doorway effects in the area surrounding a plasma RF Mixer which has one frequency exciting one end of the plasma and a different specific frequency charging the other plasma.

As the fields are joined (my sliding the feed coils along a fluorescent tube) the effects of time, gravity, and dimensional warping begin to appear…

Got to admit, it’s a “novel way” to  build a novel (find weirdness and water frequently) it also has some potential to find odd effects. After all, John Kanzius discovered that 20-meter ham RF could break down water into Brown’s gas.

If RF can directly break down salt water, can you write something creative about plasma?

That there might be other effects with more complex materials, especially excited at more than one frequency? Well, that’s the stuff of really good fiction to me…

In the meantime, if the little 4-foot gray-green dude with the purple quilted vest and the ray gun slung across his chest does show up again, well…that’d be an interesting story, too.

And if we get an up-tick in UFO sightings over Texas when I put this puppy on the air seeking a Long Delayed Echo?

Well, remember where you read it first.

Oh…and Zeus the Cat is trying to get me to write his great uncle Herbert into the story, too.  As Zeus tells it, there are giant cats in East Texas and what better critters to work into the dimensional portal parts…especially down by Mound Prairie Creek?  He cites reports the Texas Cryptid Hunter’s website as  source material….

No such luck for Zeus, however.  I’m more likely to use a composite critter based on Anderson County reports in the North American Wood Ape Conservancy archives… we need to stick close to the facts, lol.

Though the ground fog here might be cast more of the type associated with Bermuda Triangle aircraft reports with dimensional effects associated with it.

Write when you get rich,

16 thoughts on “Coping: A Silly UFO-Calling Experiment”

  1. Mr. Ure (nuts), I have been reading and following you and your writings for years now. I am now convinced you need a trip to the Funny Farm! I’ll place a sarc tag so you don’t take me seriously.

    Here is what I saw in the sky on a clear day about two years ago now. It was approximately 10:00 am one morning during the summer months, up in the sky I saw a bright light, I knew it wasn’t a satellite nor a planet, not even a plane, I couldn’t quite figure out what I was seeing.

    It was a glare, a reflection from the sun’s rays.

    I just kept looking at the glare, extremely bright, so I decided to stop my vehicle and exit to have a clear view. As soon as I began to slow to stop, the glare began to move. I then could see a shape, two sections, definitely a flying machine, I estimated the altitude at 80,000 feet. It moved to the west northwest at a high rate of speed and disappeared in less than ten seconds.

    The UFO was near a military installation, so I believe the craft is man-made.

    Definitely not seeing things, not just my imagination.

    Have a good day drinking beer.

  2. With all the stories of electronic brain hacking and brain mapping this week, maybe you induced something along that line. I never forgot one C2C caller, who stated she had a visitation of that sort. But mid-way through, the reptilian turned into a buff military type guy who was agitated that “something went wrong.” (Reminds me of an early Fringe episode involving a walking-through-walls bank robbery).

    I often wonder if DARPA or some other breakaway society has long mastered non- Newtonian physics.

  3. Remember the excellent sci fi flick “Unforgotten”? We are just lab rats being played for gambling purposes by “others”. Your visitor may have been one of the “others”. Or, it may have been that hypnogogic state where the veils are open and we see everything.

  4. I read Dr. Fran Acquino’s paper you cited and saw references to “Graviphotons”. That made me think of very recent news stories on how scientists were able to merge electrons with photons. Electrons have mass, therefore they have gravitational mass. This raises the question: are “graviphotons” the same as electron / photon hybrids?

  5. More high strangeness to be found in an entertaining
    presentation/lecture by George Knapp on Hunt for the Skinwalker where the premise that ufo’s,big foot,poltergeists,strange creatures,orbs,etc… are
    somehow all linked together.

  6. George – Whatever you do, if you stumble across anything, however mundane, be certain to make it public, as soon as possible. Those who make unexpected breakthroughs, and don’t make it public, have an uncanny knack for ending up dead

  7. Maybe you could include, as background, a future Olympics where the swimmers have been genetically altered to have webbed fingers and flippers instead of feet. For some reason, I flashed on that while watching the games.

  8. “I awoke…and there, at the foot of the bed in the doorway to the rest of the basement was a 4-foot high reptilian type who was holding some kind of weapon across his chest. He didn’t have any clothing on, other than a purple iridescent quilted vest type garment.

    He looked at me with the alien type almond eyes, then turned his gray-green scaly face over what would be over his right shoulder, as though speaking to someone behind him, and announced “This one must Die…”

    My thoughts are this was just a dream only a dream.. Now I do believe in alien encounters.. there are so many sightings from as far back as the Sumerians..
    I think of the black knight that has been around monitoring us since before there were satellites.. it just seems silly to assume we are alone in the universe of universes.. Now my point.. if the earth is just a science experiment.. and the watchers are real.. why haven’t they intervened in stopping the insanity that is unfolding around us..
    the horror of it all.. you can’t turn on the news today without seeing a horror story unfolding before your very eyes.. the power hungry greedy killing for a few numbers on a screen or sheet of paper.. the starving..those dying of thirst while others sit on a lake of water..
    You could think.. why if the earth is such a rare planet why would they let us destroy it in such a perverse way. for such an idiotic thing as a number..
    or for power over everyone else..

    • Here’s a must-read for anyone interested in Alien encounters, “Secret Life-First hand accounts of UFO abductions” by Dr. David Jacobs. He’s a retired professor from Temple U and has interviewed over 1,500 people who have been abducted. There are also several interviews with him which you can find on Utube. Fascinating stuff, because the Aliens have been developing a race of hybrids over the last 40 years!
      From my comprehension of his book it sounds like your experience was a dream because otherwise they would have taken you for one of their little “exams”.

    • Ever thought that Aliens do not need to invade or conquer the Earth? They watch us for one reason alone. We are entertainment. Think about it: a whole world full of living Soap Operas. So, occasionally, someone says ” how about another war in such and such country?” Or, “let’s watch a series of juicy murders”. And the programme makers comply.

  9. George, I’m thinking that all states of matter exist within the states of time and space. Do be mindful when you set about fiddle-dicking with plasma. Give some thought to the nature/state of Wilhelm Reich’s ‘orgone’.

  10. Never forget my Dad holding a florescent bulb next to his car ham radio, I as a kid totally amazed. W4DNM, RIP 7 ‘ George.

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