The more I read in the area of quantum mechanics, the more it becomes clear to me that while science and religion were once on divergent courses, since the revolution in quantum theory beginning in the 1920’s, they are once again headed towards convergence.

This is not to suggest that you should throw off any notions you presently hold about how the AfterLife part of existence works. But there are a few challenging facts of physics that you might wish to consider along side whatever your “faith of choice” is.

Everyone gets to choose what they believe, of course, but in general the “Ten Commandments” are a good starting place. Toss in “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…” and you’ve got a passable code of behaviors.

Other cultures (and belief systems) hold to the same general idea. But if I have a quarrel with religion at all, it is this toll road system they employ.

Admittedly, I am no fan of taking public money, public bonding authority, building a road, and then selling it off to a (foreign) corporation which will then exact additional tribute for its operation over its operating lifespan.

The way I look at it is the religions largely do the same thing. I would point to the sorry truth in the Led Zeppelin song which advises us to be on the lookout for people who’ve missed the point: “…and she’s buying a stairway to Heaven…

The physics and religion convergence is working toward the idea that the “essence” of who we are/is/were is a kind of “energy.””

Since it is considered a rule that “Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed” (but it can change form), we need to consider (as we did tongue-in-cheek in this week’s piece that asked “How much does work weigh?”) what energy is this Observer and what sort of energy is it?

It’s a powerful question.

The role of the Observer part of our persona is critical because quantum mechanics convincingly demonstrates that our “expectations co-create” the world.

Getting to “know” your Higher Self is really a life-long job. Sadly, I didn’t spend enough time on the quest myself, although I was already asking questions about it in my early twenties.

The most fascinating part of my personal voyage has been learning how my personal Observer puts things together and rehashes them – making projections about the future – in the dream-state.

I’ve had so many “flashes of future” in the dream-state that they are now difficult to count.

Nevertheless, if there is a “missing Commandment” from the Christian/Judeo approach (both operate “toll roads,” BTW) it is the critical Rule “Control Thy Inputs.”

An even assessment of Life Since Marconi – LSM – suggests we are in a new Era in terms of human development and evolution. Sure, BC or B.C.E. dating is will understood, as is AD or C.E. date referencing. Most, though miss the point that the C.E. period ran off the rails when the runaway train of ideas began when we entered the L.S.M. period.

One of the reasons scholarship was so different in the evolutionary days of the American Melting Pot than it is today is the shear amount of available information. At the time of Plymouth Rock, almost all of what was known – and this is since the beginning of history – would have fit on a couple of high capacity SD cards as text files.

The explosion of theory, fact, mathematics and so forth continues to gain momentum. But we have a terrible trade-off in play along with it. While great minds (I like Thomas Jefferson’s) once had the lack of distraction that enable high degrees of focus on problems, we see modern-day officeholders distracted by terrible electronic noise.

That’s where the large flow of Trummer (or chest-Twrumping) comes from. Ben Franklin had times where he had a couple of weeks of downtime, like when crossing the Atlantic to visit with France. No INMARSAT, no phones, no faxes, no texting, hence an amazing ability to focus on the one-thing-at-hand and manage it.

Which gets us back to out topic this morning: Controlling your inputs and “idea collecting”
for the AfterLife.

We have a pretty good idea what the AfterLife will be like. I have read hundreds of accounts of it and if you haven’t, I would suggest you go back to Dr. Raymond Moody’s “Life After Life” which came out in about 1976.

The research is ongoing, even today. But it seems to be very much like “dreams on steroids.” Largely defined around the edges by religious belief held by a dying person, across cultures, the process is very similar. There’s a moment of death/darkness. Then you see a light and move toward it. A feeling of overwhelming warmth and love spreads through you. There may be a Life Review – where that “saw my life flash before me” seems to come from. And then there is a Joyous Place.
It’s not a toll road, by most accounts. You may see (project?) a religious figure, though.

Which is why dreams are so important to me. I’ve come to view them as a kind of “Practice for the AfterLife.”

Like the “life review” part of the Near Death Experience (NDE) they involve how you sort out what you see, internalize, and hold in your heart.

A fine point of language here: Although the term Near Death Experience (NDE) is popular, it is a bit misleading. When you read enough reports it becomes clear that what has really happened is “Dead And Back Again.” DABA would be a better way to put it, methinks.

Over the second half of my life, as I was working towards this, I realized that if I didn’t want to carry “bad stuff” in my head, I needed to turn off those inputs and “keep it real.”

The human mind seems to call to itself that which it thinks about most. It’s a core principle of “as above, so below” but it also works on negative forces, too. Those who plan and plot violence almost magically call [guess what?] into their lives.

Thursday morning I had a very disturbing “look-ahead” dream into a world going to global war. It was from the vantage point of one of my children and it was in the foothills of the Washington Cascade range. Off to the west of the foothills, the flash of nuclear weapons was happening and mass death was coming…

Since I don’t put that kind of thinking into my head, like in prescient car accidents, “knowing” of the Gulf oil disaster in advance, or having foreknowledge of other events, I place this one solidly in the “look-ahead” pile.

It ain’t pretty.

So the reason for sharing this discussion this morning is simple.

Please consider adopting the 11th Commandment which is simply “Control Your Inputs.”

For it we do not, and if enough of us hav e “bad future” programmed into our Observers, when the time comes, we will flip the world into something we very much DON’T want to experience.

The future of the world is in our dreams.  “Day Residue” – crap in media – is constantly trying to infiltrate that personal holy space.

Thank you.

And have a great weekend,