Convoys? No. GlobalRev? Yes.

With odds of war in Europe edging higher (quickly) we are seeing what could easily morph from a “string of bad luck from the fish market” into a full-blow Global Revolution.  World War III on phones.

This is “big picture” stuff.  But here are the elements:

  1. Canadian Truckers have not only made their point, but the outrage is also spreading and growing globally.
  2. Similar “convoys” are popping up in Australia, France, and other spots.
  3. Fears are growing of a Freedom Convoy wrecking this weekend in Los Angeles.
  4. The Russians are in field position to gain territory.
  5. The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” is poised to enter runaway and meltdown mode.
  6. The U.S. government already has contingency plans, which as a Citizen you need to be aware of and keep center of mind in these uncertain times.
  7. And if that’s not enough, the US Fed is sliding the slopes of moral hazard pointing towards a bitter end.

That’s the high-level view of event flows. Now the details.

US Worries About Convoy

Not much to say that isn’t captured in a few headlines:

We could expand almost infinitely how this is all facilitated by the ubiquitous smartphone.  Revolutions, as my consigliere often reminds, tend to follow advances in communications by one or two decades.

He points to examples – like this one from telling us how “…In 1843 the American inventor Richard March Hoe builds the first lithographic rotary printing press, a press in which the type is placed on a revolving cylinder instead of a  flatbed. This speeds up the printing process considerably and 22,000 to 24,000 impressions per hour can be achieved….”

Watch closely:  Two decades later the American (*un) Civil War was in play.

We’re actually a bit late to the party for Tech based Revolution.  A high communications speed in society seems (paradoxically) to slow cycles, not speed them up.  Reduction of information asymmetry. History of Smartphones – What Was the First Smartphone? | SimpleTexting.

Convoys or Overthrows?

Let’s ask the socialists, shall we?

Far-right “Freedom Convoys” prepare to occupy capitals across Europe – World Socialist Web Site (

Meantime, scanning Al Jazeera, we find The Establishment mighty worried.  And worry means the Old Paradigm takes the gloves off: Blockades by virus protest convoys banned in Paris, Brussels.

There comes a point in an online uprising (as happened in the George Floyd case) where you have a “kindling event” but at some unknowable critical mass of phones, it becomes camp to be “part of the uprising.”  This can be traced back to the flash mobs on public transit fueled by social media/SMS.

What happens next is the “issue” (Covid lockdowns now, but previously issues like Floyd’s death, unanswered election questions, and so forth) have hit this “tipping point” and become viral.

We figure things are pretty close right now.

Super Bowl Jits

Whether this is a real grassroots uprising, remains to be seen.  Could it be the media itself has some skin in the game?  On Thursday, NBC rolled Trucker protest could begin on Super Bowl Sunday in Los Angeles, officials warn. Is this legit, or scaremongering?

We will know Sunday.

But here’s the thing:  We see a case that an actual ground war in Europe could light off any weekend now.

Marines on Liberty

While plays out, the ground war timing is slowly coming into focus in Ukraine:  Called a ‘Dangerous moment’: Russian naval buildup near Ukraine hits Cold War levels – Politico.

What’s even more interesting is how Joe Biden has already, in effect, run up a surrender flag in Kiev: US says Americans in Ukraine should depart immediately.

For now, we have six Russian landing craft, topping off supplies and forces as  Detachment of Ships of the Russian Navy Completed the Transition to Sevastopol – Oreanda-News,

Our best guess is things will begin to light-up if truckers in L.A. disrupt the Super Bowl and begin a convoy to D.C. which could take a week.  Which would put Putin’s ideal window of opportunity on a three-day American weekend leaving prospects the course will be clear by Estonia Independence Day.

Reset Rebuked

What the World Economic Forum (elites caring for elite’s interests in a nanny state way) have overlooked is that once a revolution begins (and make no mistake, this is a highly communicable Digital Revolution/Uprising) control comes from (to paraphrase Chairman Mao) the point of a gun.  Or now the clicks of the phones.

The Elites don’t have a meaningful “gun.”  They only have marionette strings into governments.  But those strings are easily cut by people who (as we pointed out earlier this week) are pissed and doing something about it.

Have a look at polling data and you already see the breakdown of the Great Reset power grab:  Voters Reject ‘Great Reset’ Agenda – Rasmussen Reports®

Voters have cellphones and the flash mob has good guiding principles in the Constitution.  But America’s Constitutional Government has all but abdicated on matters like public health where science-based medicine fell to totalitarianism in support of a Big Pharma agenda.

People are broadly angered by injustice that runs a wide spectrum: Fauci and Gates, Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, Hunter’s laptops and money to “Pops” – Insider trading and all the rest of it.

Government Defense – Game On!

The Digital Revolution will, at some point, likely result in the government having to pull the Internet Kill Switch.  Because people just can’t have this much freedom to think (and act) on their own.

In a .mil quad-chart, one axis is the moneyed interests – because there’s a war on over whether traditional money will even survive, or whether digital will rule.  And after this comes another axis: Loyal to the Constitution.  Promises to be a worrisome mess.  But at an absolute bare minimum you need a plan for internet disruptions and banking holidays, no way to clear purchases and all that.

Yep, gonna get ugly.

As our oak-leaf cluster (retired) expert explains:

“Smile!  Ure on CIA Camera!

Read: Senators: CIA Has Secret Program That Collects American Data | Political News | US News.

This news is nothing new to those of us who are or were cleared into the 3-letter agencies for one reason or another.  During my days working with the intel teams, I was more than a bit surprised to learn that, as U.S. intel agencies are forbidden by-law from direct collecting against American citizens, the agencies supply sensitive data to our allied intelligence bureaus which may contain information pertaining to or involving U.S. citizens.

The twist comes into play when our allied spooks find data involving U.S. entities.  There is no restriction from the ally transcribing the information and handing it back over to U.S. authorities or intel agencies.

Snowden blew the lid off of much of the data collection subterfuge, which is why he was a marked man.  Now, with so much more info being collected, ‘accidental’ or peripheral collection is expected and generally tolerated by most legal principles.

It’s also good for U.S. folks to know that if they get a call from a friend, family member or colleague from overseas, that call will likely be tapped. Same goes for emails.  And if you travel overseas and call or send email back to the States, same thing goes.

So critical political and military joking about our motherland when speaking to someone not from here or when vacationing over there is definitely not advised.  It can bring much more attention than you ever wanted, for longer than you ever imagined possible.”

Long ago, we explained why Menwith Hill and Alice Springs (Pine Gap) even existed – maybe you have forgotten.  Short answer is?  This allows non-U.S. citizens to eavesdrop on any and everything, then pipe it right into the US intel warehouses, which then matches up data in government server farms *(like Provo) and then lay out action plans.

Fighting a Digital Insurgency

As we have pointed out, the basic tools of (modern) social control are – first and foremost – digital.

Which is why you need to have I.P. addresses in numerical form in order to avoid the easily spoofed DNS (domain name servers).  This can be a problem for many lower-level businesses because DHCP (dynamic host control protocol) is much more efficient than static IP addy’s.  But it necessitates the DNS layer which is where the problems start for nonpartisans in this digital coup attempt.

Now, as for the mechanics of how government will work?  A couple of decades back – after 9/11 – the US government began to “build a file” on each and every one of us.

Thing is, how does all this get collated and put into actionable plans by local law enforcement which will be tasked with figuring out local digital cell leaders?

The answer from another retired military expert reader:

“RE: NGA and Local Target lists
Public announcement last year that NGA was developing a simulation of both geo_ and social infrastructures may apply. Using the DHS Critical Infrastructure list in layers (by categories) as feeder data could easily form a “Target List” for any specified geo area from Eagle Pass TX to Lansing MI, or Spokane WA to Bangor ME. Just thinking on the edge of the box.”

Although we don’t pattern our hypothetical military-economic modeling unit (Directorate 153) after the great Americans at, if you put them out at Vint Hill Farms station, you’d see enough pieces to follow along.

Fed Botches Policy

Let’s see:  Russia and China have military plans, totalitarian policy blowback hobbles civil leadership of America (aided by sellouts to foreign powers as outlined in “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win” (Feinstein, et al are all in there, along with mentions of what’s now meat-a-verse and such and Gates and…).

But the roots of this go back to the early power sell-out lick Slick Willy and the supercomputer scandal and so forth.

Throw in follow-on house cleanings of America’s military by the Obamanista’s and you can only then begin to appreciate the  barrel of shit we have landed ourselves in as a freedom-loving country.

Congress, which effectively abdicated on January 6th, failed to protect freedom of choice, the Modern Mengele Madness, and the loss of real money and so much more (illegal “mandates”) it makes me cry.

Just in time, though, in popped a note from my Deflationist Pal Jas Jain:

Fed Losing the Super Brawl 49 : 6

At the 2-minute warning.

The financial markets have turned unruly and engaged in a brawl. In the last two drives Powell has thrown an interception and fumbled the ball.

Trump and Powell are two people with top powers that are dishonest in addition to incompetence. They don’t give sh*t about America or Americans. They are power-hungry crooks and dopes deserve what is coming to them. It starts with d.

Both know what I have known for 25+ years: How easy it is to con the American population. One can read Fantasy Land by Kurt Anderson.

Betting against the Fed!”

Unfortunately, things remain unchanged from a decade back when an insider (of the intercontinental Gulfstream class people) told me:  “Not hard to see who wins:  First you need a Navy…”

Markets @ A Week from 73

We will be reducing our columns (ShopTalk Sunday is under the microscope).  I plan on semi-retirement including two mornings a week with no writing in the coming year.

The question is whether markets will hold together to the 74th birthday.

For now, whether we begin a long, hard Wave 5 down from the highs a few days back or whether we rally further remains to be seen.

In my personal view – never trading advice- something like a rally into the afternoon today ahead of a possibly difficult next week would be bear bait I might nibble:

  • The Super Bowl Indicator could whack markets – or save them,
  • Ukraine foreplay is likely to increase ahead of President’s Weekend.
  • A pre-emptive unscheduled Fed rate hike can’t be ruled out.
  • BTC looks ready to fall, as well.  As people start reading articles like Wired‘s The DOJ’s $3.6B Bitcoin Seizure Shows How Hard It Is to Launder Crypto, perhaps sanity will return.  Or not.

One Last Worry:  Drought

Hell yes, Truckers are important.  But so is weather.

We’ll be putting up our hanging pots in the veggie grow room this weekend.  Our advice to thinking people is very simple, when comes down to it:

True Wealth is in your Heart and between your ears.  That can’t be seized by anyone. Not a lot to say for 73-years but seems important every day.

Especially on Valentine’s Day Monday, I’m thinking about tossing a prime rib roast in the oven for Elaine.  And a glass of her favorite Barefoot Bubbly.

Write when you get rich,

121 thoughts on “Convoys? No. GlobalRev? Yes.”

  1. “I plan on semi-retirement including two mornings a week with no writing in the coming year.” George, There is no time like the present! The big 64K question is will next year as we know it even going to get here? April 1 is just over 6 weeks away and its a Friday. Do the Saturday and Wend. column for those of us that have plunked down our iron men and Monday Friday for the other bits and pieces. I doubt there is anyone that is a subscriber who would mind you taking a well deserved semi-retirement regardless of where there renewal date was on the calendar. Just pull the trigger and have another rolling rock!

    • I think with all the TURMOIL going on in the DEVELOPED nations, it is time to include this info again; just in case, you want to prep MORE. IF it doesn’t happen, great, you have preps; if it does happen, great you have preps (for yourself and others).

      From the above link:

      “Historical documents show that the unzipping of the New Madrid Fault Line in 1811-1812 took 8 weeks to complete. We are not allowed to give a specific timeline, other than our statement that the unzipping would start during a 3 week period that would spread from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022. This happened, and our statement that this unzipping process would not stop has been confirmed by the constant, almost daily process. The Isthmus is snapping, the Cocos Plate fracturing, and the entire Mainland Portion of the N American Continent pulled into a diagonal.

      The New Madrid Fault Line periodically has adjusted, but this time it is within the context of the Nibiru passage. The Daily Earth Wobble has all the Earth plates moving. The African Roll in particular will affect the Fault Line rupture in process, tearing open the mid-Atlantic while it aggressively tugs on the SE Portion. We are not allowed to give specific dates, but can address a sequence of events, which we have done re the unzipping coming “up from the Gulf” and thence up the Mississippi River. This will be sudden, but we can confirm there may be pause points during this process.”

      IF you look up earthquakes in Mexico, in that special ISTHMUS ZONE; you will see how many have happened in the last MONTH!!!

      Forewarned is Forearmed!!!

      • While we’re looking ahead some people are expressing concerns about February 19th. Something that may involve Biden and realizations that have finally come to everyone’s attention after being ignored up until now.

  2. What a glorious day to be alive G-pops, friggin glorious!

    My bright and happy heart is laughing again at the horror show that is our president , Lets Go Brandon!
    Daily reminders that we are indeed in the “Upside Down”…for todays reminder I give youse Sam Brinton, new Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposal at Energy Dept. Office of Nuke Energy, he is also a well know Pup Handler.. When I first saw this picture, I immediately thought of SF realestate brokers for some strange reason..

    And zo the “Experts” are finally beginning to realize that infLATION will lead to them having their collective faces ripped off..literally. Think they are going to do anything about it ?
    The homocapenis(BH) want MOAR, MOAR inflation, make it so expensive only the wealthy will be able to travel.
    Cant help myself ..going Long for Longer – SPY/USO/GUSH – inflation baby if it dont kill U, can make U rich. buybuybuybuy..

  3. I was cruising CL ads and noticed ask on some 2 year old used Cadillac Escalades is over $100,000.

    Ask on 5 year old Escalades is around $50,000.

    There’s a lot of financial activity in the car market.

    • Shoot.. that’s really odd..
      I test drove a 4 year old Bentley with all the perks.. that originally sold for 267 thousand for 15 grand..
      It had 24 thousand actual miles on it.. whoever owned it rode the brakes.. the dealership only wanted the cost of the brake job out of it..for us to test drive it to Walmart cost at that time 20 bucks..
      Caddies… no one wants a used caddy they usually sicker single women into buying them.. it’s the cheapest car on the lot.. daily costs are out of the realm of an hourly wage earner and those with the funds doesn’t want a used caddy.. there’s no real hey lookie at me and what I have effect for a used car..

  4. George,
    Daily posting and moderating our nonsense has got to be a major time suck for you. So, no objection here if you want to cut back. Good for you. Maybe Lady E would like to fill in on your off days with a kind of “Dear Abby Meets Letters to Penthouse” post. I have a friend who….

    How are all those protesting truckers supporting their families while they hold their events, not to mention paying for diesel, food, etc.? Same question for the Antifa’s and BLM’ers. And where do I sign up to get that gig? Maybe from the same source(s) that pay for those cool preprinted protest signs with pictures of the victim du jour.

    “Congress, which effectively abdicated on January 6th….” Are you saying that Congress SHOULD have caved to the adolescents occupying the Capitol halls and offices pumped up by Donald (THIS time I’m being honest with you) Trump and QAnon election fraud hokum?!? Say it ain’t so.
    It’s been over a year and all the recounts, audits and lawsuits have produced zilch. If there was massive election fraud on the scale alleged, why weren’t the other races affected and why did so many more Republicans than expected get elected? Focus on the future – you can’t drive safely staring in the rear view mirror.

    • AG “Dear Abby Meets Letters to Penthouse” post. I have a friend who….” or how about Zeus does cat prints from the litter box once he figures it out!

    • Tale of Five Cities:The demographics of Cleveland are similar to those of Atlanta,Detroit,Philadelphia and Milwaukee.The last 4 had turnout rates from the high 80’s to the mid 90’s.Cleveland turned out 51 per cent.Could the disparity be that the last 4 cities are in purple states while Cleveland resides in deepening red Ohio?No amount of ballot harvesting can account for that difference.Plus,it’s not just Cleveland.The top 50 urban areas’ turnouts more closely resemble that of Cleveland’s.

      • Correction – “Mail-In Rates” dem ole blu cities like Philthydelphia, really know how to “stuff a ballot box” – been doing this shit for ages. Cant keep track of all the “scandals” in Ph ill politics over the last 20 years.
        Its soo easy – even soreass puppets schmear/piglosey&cocainemitch pulled it off in 2020.

      • Ohio isn’t red at all. “republican” Gov DeWine is known there as Marxist Mike. He used tax payers money to hoard HCQ and then banned it, then unbanned it. He sent his AG to SCOTUS where he begged SCOTUS to allow “the state” to mandate killer jabs. He destroyed our economy, etc, etc, etc.
        Now, let’s talk about the majority of the Ohio House and Senate republicans: They are in the process of screwing over Jim Jordan by redrawing districts that favor Democrats. Now, how is it that Ohio is and has been controlled from top to bottom by R’s for a couple of decades, but they redraw districts to favor D’s?
        Maybe it’s because they’re not a red state?
        I could go on forever on this.
        Sad part is, DeWhiNO will get re-elected because there are two other people running for the seat and the incumbent wins in a 3-way.
        Oh, almost forgot, DeWine’s son is an Ohio Supreme Court justice who failed to recuse himself from the case where his daddy wants to redistrict in favor of D’s. DeWine bought up land in Little Darby and then tried to sell it to the federal gov’t while he was in the Senate. His amendment to do so was soundly defeated on the floor of the Senate. He and McCain worked with Hillary on what became RomneyCare and then ObamaCare. He’s a Catholic gone wrong as are ex House leader John Boehner, retiring US Senator Rob Portman, the previous Ohio govermoron, etc.
        And, marxist mike threatened our school boards and superintendents if they didn’t go along with masking our kids. This is AFTER our school district, um, the one Mike DeWine lives in and sent his kids to (with my kids), had a 96% vote by the parents to not do masks.
        Ohio’s population might be red, but its leaders are cowards.

  5. The coffee is strong this morning G. Started a post yesterday but got disgusted and erased it only to see my thoughts echoed here today. The gist was ‘how did we get into this mess?’; no doubt Slick Willey was an inception point.
    The long game (which we seem to have quit playing) belongs to the Chinese and their influencers, if left in place, will be the victors. To the victors belong the spoils and spoils is a fitting description.
    Life skills for the future: morphing, cheer leading, languages.

  6. The Oak Leaf Cluster is correct,,, Five Eyes, the spies the conspired together to spy/lie
    You can not trust this government or the main stream news media

    they made lying,,,,LEGAL
    so you’all keep believing the NYT, Washed up Post, CNN MSNBC, AXIOS, and etal, ya bunch of never Trumper, rinos, Demonrats,,holding hands and singing Kumbye , thinking you have won, when it is only half time. Trump is NOT done.
    How’s that Zucker doing? CNN has been taking an ass whoppin. Is Bezos the bozo as in Clowns In America/CIA going to survive?
    If only someone would create an uncensored platform for We The People’s voice vs Big Tech’s/Government Corp voice,,, HONK if you agree

    How many mask mandates and vaccine passport requirements died on 2/10/2022?

  7. Happy Friday, Friends and neighbors. I know that many of the people that post here and I’m sure a good percentage of the daily readers of this blog are smart enough to know that we’re in a real mess. It’s almost a situation of being locked in a burning building.

    It’s beyond my modest skills to see how this all turns out, but I don’t see a way out of the highly complex mess that western civ has become without direct deity level intervention.

    The barbarians are through the southern gate, we have unsustainable levels of debt, global financial collapse is upon us, the forces of evil are furiously hacking away at the cultural foundations of the world, WW3 is staring us in the face, even the sheep are starting to figure out the game is rigged and the toilet is plugged up.

    What can you do? Die in place in a loud, grotesque military manner, I suppose.

    • Hello Maj13…
      I agree with EVERYTHING you say today. You and I can only keep sounding the alarm, but I will go down fighting the evil bastards anyway I can. It is frustrating that people just don’t see it, but they don’t have the reference points we do.

      Take care soul bro disconnected at birth lol.

      • Lord, make me fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me. Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to do harm to me and mine. Let not my last thought be “If only I had my gun” and Lord if today is truly the day that You call me home, let me die in a pile of hot, spent brass.

    • The problem is: They don’t just have to see it, they have to believe what they see, and the vision is so grotesque that few can.

    • “I’m sure a good percentage of the daily readers of this blog are smart enough to know that we’re in a real mess. It’s almost a situation of being locked in a burning building.”

      Boy do I agree Maj.. I can honestly say I am really worried about this mess.. We are definately in a precarious position.. From my perspective.. IF.. we just leave and back away.. we would in essence be leaving NATO on their own and our image will be forever destroyed.. We will also look weak to the other countries where we have caused so much damage that are seeking revenge for our destructive nature….
      Then as we build up our forces everywhere else we leave the homeland open.. If what I assume is going on is..( putin and Xi have said as much indirectly) and on those cargo ships are containers and container missile systems have been deployed around the country we would essentially be chasing ghosts…. Has anyone considered at all WHY Putin didn’t do what was done in the sixties and put missiles in Cuba.. Hmm.. maybe because he doesn’t’ have to.. .. we would be open to the poison pawn trap and if it is the poison pawn trap.. then why go after Ukraine Or Taiwan..when the the king has been exposed checkmate in three our forces gone chasing the pawn …… especially after JB snuck in hundreds of thousands of military aged illegal refugees from countries that have openly told us that was exactly how they would have their revenge with a caliphate from within our borders.Just how long would it take to get our forces back home to protect our homes….
      Then on the other side.. IF the countries that supply our goods just come out and say they won’t accept our unbacked security the dollar bill is essentially shut down worthless…. we are screwed and massive shortages in three days..
      IF Kammy is smart she will negotiate for a total with drawl of our nuclear missile forces that we set up.. that is what Putin has asked.. you parked missiles on our porch..
      the thing that truly worries me is… Are we beyond the tipping point.. I don’t believe that Putin wants to destroy mankind.. and if it does go hot..and it was all over some rotten business deal that has been suggested about his kid wheeling and dealing .. Then Just what was everyone’s lives worth..
      Biden has spent his whole life as a public servant.. where he could ask for what he wanted at the beltway feed troughs.
      and people of power and wealth would hand it to him. I believe that He gotten his way the vast majority of his life and has no real image of the value of the dollar or what it takes to make an honest dollar. Even though he was raised in a middle class household……
      He is not a tactician and probably has never even read any of the bills that passed by him good lord knows from reading a bunch of them.. anyone with any sense reading the crap that is in them would not sign off on them…. I try to stay away from the news.. but keep getting drawn back into this frustraitng mess that is going on.. .. and the sick sad thing is.. It looks like everyone is seeing this as a winning event and no one from Congress is talking about it.. it did come close when they asked biden to take a cognitive test….
      NO ONE WINS and those that are not concerned or scared to death.. are really out of it..
      I pray that this all gets resolved.. and if it doesn’t and it does go hot.. It has been a pleasure to have had the ability to view each and everyones posts .. god bless you all and give each of those around you a hug and let them know that you do care..

    • It can be that it’s a generational thing. Nothing has been done to correct obvious flaws in our political, financial and social worlds because it would require an effort on the scale of WWII at this point to properly correct it – and that is if enough of us properly understood it. I was going back over Penny Kelly’s latest “Look See” and she made a point that Baby Boomers are not inclined to take such drastic proactive steps because we absorbed so much of the horror of war from our parents living through WWII. How Viet Nam figures into that I’m not sure but it was clear half way through that conflict we as a people had had enough. Gen X’rs are too busy now that they’ve stepped into running this World that they can barely see it but their kids are developing and storing up anger in the form of “change energy” that will be used in ways other than kinetic warfare. Once our old generation is no longer able to control things and keep everything on an even keel these youngest generations are going to change the World to something we’d never recognize. Whether it will be for good or bad remains to be seen but the oldest generation’s reluctance to communicate and enforce the philosophies, moralities and strengths that have brought us this far, especially in the face of a government that has been openly hostile to any and all of them for decades now, means that the free-floating youth of today will find themselves on a shore of a new land where they will have to re-discover all that has been lost all over again. Such are the rise and falls of empires.

  8. Hey thanks for reminding me it’s the superb-Owl this weekend. And valentines to boot. Give a hoot and don’t pollute!

    Gooooood morning! Today’s is my 12th birthday! Of sorts. I am 2 years old today. Marks the anniversary of NDE #12. I woke up hearing the song. Happy Birthday to you!

    Originally born on another day. But I consider everytime I return back to life another birthday. Whoo! I’m 2! Today. Happy Friday!

    I was talking with THE DUDE, and HE was reminding me about all those times I said off to grab 18 gears and how that relates to the current circumstances with truckers. And how some stuff is the long game and some stuff is instant. Like me getting off Facebook and them dropping in value. Happened the same day. And how I worked at Microsoft for 2 days left and then 6 months later they released windows 95 and I worked for 6 weeks at the #2 Home Depot store ever built and 13 years later they building stores in China.

    Oh I must not forget having 1000 shares of an online book store then selling them when they hit $25 a share for lifted gas guzzling monster truck. And alot of other things.

    I was wondering what to do recently about a website and something else. Standing out on my Porsche of the office and a friend called me and said Andy, you should have your own show and do a podcast. I can get ya listed on Amazon Prime. I laughed well I kinda did one in my car and recorded it on a walmart track phone. He said you need a professional one. I said ok, we will. see. When back to my thoughts and the neighbor buisness lady walks by and says. Good Morning! Were you just talking about doing a podcast? I said ohhh maybe I don’t know. She says we have a fully professional podcast recording studio in my office next door. You do so much great stuff for our community and that Voice of yours. You can use it anytime you like. I said thanks mam. Will do.

    It’s beautiful day here at the beach with the waves coming in, a tug going by out on the sound. I’m off to the land of Faith this morning. Potatoes to see some friends.

    Really good day to be two. The party is on teusday, 02-22-2022. But I am 2 today. I’m speaking tonight. Im take 4 days to relax. Away from things here. 11 days between now and the 22.

    Moved to the penthouse at the beach. The view is much better here. Always reminded of the AMAZING GRACE, that saved a wretch like me. Probably why I don’t stay dead.

    2 years clean and sober. And I paid this day to reflect on what’s going on with the truckers now, when I used to be a trucker 2 years ago. And what I’m doing now, and what it will reflect in 2 years.

    Let’s make music!

    Went from:

    Infinitely NOW!
    Off to grab 18 gears
    Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, you are as well.

    Cue: ~ Rocket Man ~

    Elton John

    • Andy,
      You are the best. Love your positive attitude. Wish mine was still like that. Guess when you have been in as many battles as I have, you become a little skeptical that the bad guys have finally won. Do the podcast….too many synchronicities.
      The Dude knows what he is doing…and congrats on your second bd.

    • Andy: Podcast, you are a natural. Good looking, Good voice, & a fountain of knowledge. Just my opinion, but you need someone knowledgeable in podcast success to make it work. Your entrepreneurial side needs guidance so decisions are made logical not mystical.


    “Read a book on growing food from scraps. (LikeFood Scrap Gardening: How To Grow Food from Scraps, Reduce Waste and Feed the World). Low odds of it coming to that, but…”

    I do that.. had a couple of Garlic that was getting to the point to toss out.. they went in and are rooting now.. the same thing with my celery.. quick note on celery.. once it roots and starts to grow.. take a disposable water bottle and cut both ends off and put over it.. that will keep the celery bunched..

    OH.. here is a recipe..
    One from ancient Egypt the pharaohs feast..
    Fish in Papyrus.
    8 thin slices of fish
    3Tbsp of ground dried lemon
    1 tsp. of cumin
    1tsp salt
    2tsp of honey
    2 large Papyrus leaves.. ( since they ate the leaves.. consider Cabbage leaves)
    4 Tbsp. Mint
    1/2 cup ground walnuts
    1tsp of olive oil
    1 tsp sweet wine
    1 tsp of soy sauce
    Rub the fist with salt,cumin and dried lemon add honey place on the leaves then cover with the other leaf.
    Put the leaves in a hot wood fired oven for 1/2 hour till the leaves are cooked tender..
    mix the rest of the ingredients well and as soon as fish is out of the oven split the top leaf gently then drizzle the mixture on top of the fish.. serve hot..

    4 cups wheat flour
    1 1/2 tsp salt
    1 egg
    tsp yeast
    1 cup of honey
    little olive oil
    warm water
    Dissolve yeast in a glass of warm water ( Egyptians used a yeast similar to sour dough.. and a half cup of yeast)
    In a bowl mix salt with flour. Add water (around 2 cups), egg, olive oil. Using a spoon make the dough slightly soft (the consistency is same as for lqeimat). Cover and leave for 30 min.
    Heat a flat round . Prepare a bowl with water. Once the tawa is hot. Deep your hand in water and then take a hand full of dough. Place it on the tawa and then push it around the surface, making a thin round layer. Put the left dough back to the bowl. (At this moment you can top the bread with a thin layer of cream cheese and whisked egg, Honey or leave it plain). a sort of crepes..

    • LOOTB
      I am really interested in the Sumerians. Supposedly they planted all the edible grains for man to eat. Do you have any bread or oat recipes that are that old? Thanks

      • I absolutely do….

        1¼ cup of stone ground oat flour
        ? cup extra-fine semolina stone ground wheat
        1½ cup whole milk (or more if necessary)
        1/2 cup of yeast… or 1 teaspoon active dry yeast if you don’t have the foamy yeast starter.. then you will need 1 teaspoon baking powder
        1/2 cup of Honey… or 2 tablespoons sugar
        For the cream
        1 cup ricotta or cottage cheese..(they made a sour, salty cheese that dates back to the 3rd century BC. The story goes that a desert traveler discovered it accidentally after filling sheep stomach saddlebags with milk, before setting out on a journey.)
        ½ cup heavy cream
        ¾ cup whole milk
        2 teaspoons extra-fine semolina flour
        3 tablespoons orange blossom water (or rose water)
        ½ cup chopped pistachios (or finely crushed)
        For the syrup
        1 cup of honey or 1 cup of sugar
        1½ cup water
        3 tablespoons orange blossom water (or rose water)
        A few drops lemon juice

        the king himself took the handle of the seeder-plow, after offering sacrifices for the success of the new agricultural season. Sowing was done with a plow, driven by oxen, and fitted with a funnel to drop the seed into the furrows. The scene is clearly represented in an oft-reproduced cylinder seal of the University Museum.
        Dilute the yeast in half of the milk, warmed at 95 F (36°C).
        In the bowl of a stand mixer, whisk all the ingredients together: flour, semolina, remainder of the milk, sugar and yeast diluted in the milk.
        Cover the bowl with a cloth and let stand for 1 hour at room temperature and away from drafts.
        Heat a pan over medium heat.
        Add some batter without spreading out. The goal is to obtain pancakes and cook on one side only until they turn golden.
        Do not place the pancakes on top of each other while they are still hot. And do not cover them right away either. Set aside.
        Heat the milk, heavy cream and semolina.
        Stir constantly until obtaining a thick cream.
        Cover with plastic wrap on the surface of the cream and set aside in the refrigerator.
        When the cream has completely cooled, whisk in ricotta or mascarpone. Set aside.
        In a saucepan( ancient summerians used clay pots heated in a wood oven), heat the sugar, water and orange blossom water. Bring to a boil and boil for several minutes until the syrup thickens. It must not be colored. Add the lemon.
        In the center of a small pancake, place a tablespoon of cream. Fold the crepe in half and pinch to seal the edges but only to two-thirds, in order to get a cone shape.
        Roll the top of the cone in the pistachios.
        Renew the operation until all the pancakes are used.
        Refrigerate for 4 hours. ( ancient summerians used Yakhch?l evaporative cooling for refrigeration and preserving food .. we can still make them out of clay pots.. one filled with sand with the other inside.. then wet the sand the evaporative cooling will drop the temp by about twenty to thirty degrees.. to the wetbowl temperature.. keeping the food fresh)
        Drizzle with syrup when serving.

      • OH.. the sacrifices for the feast… was not the killing of an animal.. but a portion of the feast.. similar to the Vikings.. a crock of beer and a loaf of the finest bread.. wages were simple.. you were paid not with gold silver but of food according to your labors and the harvest. In some african tribes it is still like this.. the tradition is when there is a harvest of food.. everyone takes turns taking a bite.. with the hunter that gets the first bite…. later that changed and SALT was used as a form of payment because of its value to everyone.. which is also where the term Salary came from…. and was paid well according to the harvest….. building projects was a community event.. to help build a families home.. or a temple..
        barley and millet are some of the most common grains.. wheat and oats..

      • I’m in a trollish mood.

        The stone tablet should be easy to find but I’m pretty sure the bread is no longer edible.

        If I recall, the gods introduced agriculture to the Sumerians, the cradle of civilization.

      • If you are fascinated with the Sumerians, then you’ll love the Zacharia Sitchen series of books. Fact or fiction, who cares? They make great reading.

      • Eleanor – old nat geo program on sourdough bread throughout the ages. They traced back the oldest starter ever found/known on Earth. It was found near the valley of kings/great pyramid. You can buy this ancient starter..ed woods International Sourdoughs.
        Ure other original ancient grain Einkorn, can be found in most health food stores.
        ?Who taught the Sumerians what and how to growing Grains? Let alone how to make/forge/fashion copper/tin/bronze/iron into Tools & Implements?

      • “?Who taught the Sumerians what and how to growing Grains? Let alone how to make/forge/fashion copper/tin/bronze/iron into Tools & Implements?”

        You forgot that in their central metropolis of Ur, private dwellers had hot & cold running water and flush toilets — 1500 years before the Birth of Christ.

        “Sumeria” (from beginning to end) is a fascinating subject…

      • Yes I am Jester…. I keep hoping that I will get a bit.. with a crocked yeast.. you do have to feed it. you can let it go dormant then revive how they did.. .. but to keep it going for use it replicates fast.. my thought is .. they were able to obtain it a couple of years ago.. just like the sour dough of 1887 in san fran.. it is still going strong today.. I have used that yeast starter to bake bread.. my hope is to one day see a small jar in the mail from contacting the prof’s about it.. so it would be pretty sweet to bake a loaf of bread similar to the one that Tut would eat daily..
        Joe.. I totally love Zacharia Sitchen book series if you haven’t gotten a chance to listen or read one.. get ahold of the lost realms. they have all of them on Audible.. I could advertise for Audible.. LOL… I have a victor reader mobile stream… great book reader.. I have never used the belt clip.. didn’t want to loose it.. so I keep it in my pocket or in the car where I just plug it into the radio..
        which reminds me.. I have to take my ebook reader with all the childrens books on it to get a new battery in it.. I have about 1200 books on that one.. mostly fun stuff that the grandkids would enjoy..

  10. “If there was massive election fraud on the scale alleged, why weren’t the other races affected and why did so many more Republicans than expected get elected?”
    When thousands of ballots had only one candidate (Slow Joe) marked, they had zero effect on any down-ballot races. That is one of the proofs of fraud.

  11. Wow there is a whole murder of Crows at the gas station. Hundreds of them. Louder than F.

    Wonder what that means. Last NDE I was told If someone whacks me I will be back here and extend my stay past 118 years to 3033. Let’s hope that’s not the case. I don’t really want to live on this planet for 1000 more years. LOL

    So fuck off birds. In having a wonder.. …..hoollyyyyy Cow! Look at the turd cutter on her!!!! Damn! That a beautiful woman! Damn she is hot as F!

    OK well I have to go to go strike up a conversation and use my telepathy on those panties.


  12. The thing that worries me about a potential conflict is that NATO is hyper focusing on Ukraine while Russia is calling this “The Second Cuban Missile Crisis”. What this suggests is that the potential is there for a front that extends from the Black Sea to the Baltic, from Odessa to Riga. Actually the front could stretch from the Indian Ocean through Iran to Estonia. It’s much more a WW1 scenario (without trenches) than a WW2 scenario.

    WW1 featured stand off weapons like mortars and artillery and aircraft and long range airships. The front lines were relatively immobile. This means that while nobody would construct trenches today, vehicles are limited in range before supply lines and logistic difficulties limit movement and resupply of forces.

    I certainly don’t know what planners are working on. But, I do remember the Desert Storm battle of the press conferences, where Baghdad Bob would make laughable claims of victory and the press conferences where General H Norman Schwarzkopf talked about “The luckiest man in Iraq” and throwing a “Hail Mary Pass”. Wouldn’t it be “Ironic” if NATO’s opponent saw that press conference as well?

    • “NATO is hyper focusing on Ukraine while Russia is calling this “The Second Cuban Missile Crisis”.

      The poison pawn trap!!!
      If your everywhere your weak everywhere..
      Leaving the king exposed for checkmate.. The sad thing is.. it always seams to deal with one of the few laws of the creator.. thou shalt not covet!! And it seams as if all of it deals with someone coveting what someone else has.. so we go steal it and destroy their way of life to get it..

  13. George,
    Didn’t you decide to go to three days a week a couple of years back, but the amount of news brought you back to full time. Hahaha. Don’t you think a war or a stock market crash would do the same thing?

    • Damn, Eleanor. It MIGHT but I really am planning to spend more time in my shop and in the studio and with Elaine.
      I really enjoyed writing my first novel (DreamOver) and I’d like to do another. No delusions about being a Cussler or du Brul, but if I can cover finance, I’m as good a storyteller as any of ’em.

      • Ure definitely a good storyteller, and newsman! I did enjoy DreamOver and the other ebooks you’ve written. I tend to lead with my left brain so I enjoy the non-fiction, but I need to rescue the poor right brain that got left in the dust.

        I definitely respect your right to write as much or as little as you choose to. If you write less, I’ll have less to read and have to do real work! Regardless, I do enjoy the words of wisdom and/or wit! I do hope PN continues as it has and perhaps you could invite other family members to write on those days you wish not to. Their choice of course, and Zeus might want a bit of help with editing, but in all, it could be a fun twist to this website. BTW, I’ve found Shoptalk Sundays to be very helpful. It does engage the readership and there’s a lot of worthy cross-pollination. If Sunday needs to go away, perhaps that focus could move to a less alliterative day.

        Today is beautiful, and I had a truly important conversation with a close friend. I hope it’s similar for all of us!

        Now it’s time to get back to plumbing.

        • No changes on the Peoplenomics side…if anything, more material there, less here on Urban
          Money talks, bullshit walks, and Ure still believes in good value.

  14. Based upon the responses on my post Tuesday about Cryptos, there are 3 Crypto fanatics on this site on a regular basis. Their answers are the typical Crypto answers to any objection raised about Crypto that I have heard over the last 4 years, but the answers do not answer the questions (like internet down or ransomware) to give someone a warm fuzzy feeling that they are not going to get screwed.

    Crypto fanatics are into the now and do not consider the future. Net up or down doesn’t matter to them because they are currently up and they think the race horse is going to run forever. Some even point out that they have the wisdom or insider knowledge to sell at the top and then buy back in at the bottom. Perhaps they are a relative of Pelosi, insider trading et al.

    George’s site among other things is about warning people to prepare and pointing out how to survive if SHTF. What does the future hold that could totally wipe-out Cryptos…many things including wars, depressions, Solar flares, EMPs, earthquakes/earth changes, cyber warfare, internet down (including trading or credit cards), objects from space. Any of these events could wipe out many other classes of investments as well. It has happened before and it will happen again. If you want to invest or trade in Cryptos, go ahead and keep enjoying your trades, but don’t try to convince me or others in or close to retirement that this is a good use of funds as pointed out in just a few of the articles below.

    Crypto holders, UNTIL THEY GET BURNED, are gung ho. “Don’t bother me with mundane details”, says the Crypto crowd. Like an ostrich, “I have my head in the sand counting my paper profits with my ass in the air where the brush hog can run completely over it.”

    Cryptos are reminiscent of Goldman Sachs and the Mortgage meltdown. They were out hawking the mortgage backed securities to sell to insurance companies, pension funds, and other investors, while at the same time they were betting against the same MBS’s they were marketing. Like a broker hawking their book to keep the firms position in a new issue pumped, or the hosts on CNBC hawking a stock in their portfolio by continually beating the drum on how great it is to get buyers buying the stock running the volume up and the resulting price stabilization or increase. Yep, and they do it in reverse to also cover their shorts.

    The reason the Treasury and the Privately owned Central Banking Cartel would come with competing Cryptos is to fund their New World Order. They can track all money transfers, and clip a tax every time a transaction is made. If you think existing Cryptos today would survive a combined effort from all the Central Bankers and Treasury departments to create Cryptos, you just don’t understand the evil that exists behind the veils. Central are already the biggest purveyors of digital currency. $9 Trillion was not printed by the Fed but was processed digitally to keep the fraudulent plandemic from crashing the world. They click the computer and it goes into the Fractional Reserve Banking system…the ultimate Ponzi. From there it is used by intermediaries to drive markets up or down, including Cryptos.

    Break down the volume by Institutional Funds vs all the individual investors. Strings are pulled in markets by relatively few individual companies. BlackRock alone manages over $10 Trillion while BlackStone manages over $387 Billion. Two individuals, Fink and Schwarzman, basically control what it would take tens of millions of individual investors to do. The crypto market is a peanut on an elephant’s ass. Also, it is spread among relatively few investments, and with too many purveyors of the cryptocurrencies where fraud can appear. It doesn’t hold a candle to what BlackRock invests.

    The thing I love about this site is George and many other wise individuals that post information on here have been through bubbles, have seen Ponzi schemes, experienced military and big business successes and failures, and we are here to get ideas on what to do when SHTF, including growing food, and storing food supplies. I guarantee you when it does hit the fan and it will in the very near future, physical assets in hand such as currency, gold, silver, diamonds, etc. will buy you essentials or can be horse traded for them. Cryptos remain at the bottom of that list. A print out on a piece of paper with a code is not holding an asset.

    My purpose in posting on here about Cryptos is to dampen some of the Crypto enthusiasm so that many retirees, or those within 10 years thereof that are getting screwed in the fixed income market are not tempted to get on the speculative Crypto bus. Not investment advice either way, but please check carefully before investing in Cryptos.

    Below are bullet points that point out why I have been posting on Cryptos this week. Some items hit the press after my post. After seeing how many people have had their Cryptos stolen, or funds wiped out by lost passwords, I will keep a lot of my money near and dear…not tagged with some QR code or password I can no longer input because the electrical grid or internet is down taking ALL transactions with them, including Credit Card transactions, and ATM withdrawals.

    On Tuesday, Zero Hedge posted an interview with Wall Street legend Jim Rogers. Rogers who is a household name in the investing community given his staggering returns – 4,200% over a single decade was asked about Cryptos:

    Kim: “Looking at another type of investment… What are your thoughts about cryptocurrencies?”

    Jim Rogers: “Well, a lot of people I know have made a lot of money trading this stuff and I read about them. I have never bought nor sold any cryptocurrency. And the reason being, I’m not a trader, I’m a hopeless trader, so there’s no attraction for me. And as you know, many cryptocurrencies have disappeared and gone to zero. There have been hundreds of them. I’ve got plenty of other ways to lose money… I don’t have to go use somebody else’s invention to lose money.”

    Jim is right.

    The mysterious Satoshi Nakamato designing Bitcoin was perhaps one of the best designed traps in the world to track drug dealers profits, illegal arm sales, money laundering, and tax cheats? The chickens are coming home to roost as shown below in a few highlights.

    *According to CipherTrace, criminally associated bitcoin addresses sent over $3.5 billion worth of bitcoin in 2020, the last year reported….that they know of. Just a few

    * Eight men have been arrested in the UK for their role in a spate of hacks on US celebs, per Europol, after the criminals broke into the victims’ phones to steal over $100 million in cryptocurrencies. The suspects, aged 18 to 26, were part of a larger gang that was also busted in Malta and Belgium and mainly targeted high-profile Americans, including sports stars, influencers and musicians and their family members.

    * The Web is full of articles on Crypto fraud and Cryto thefts. The article below is about the downfall of BitMEX, the Bitcoin exchange that folded and how they caught one guy that was part of the fraud. The article also discusses Jon Corzine, the slimy ex Co-Chair of Goldman and Governor and Senator of NJ who took MF Global into the ditch for $1 Billion and left many investors holding the bag with $0 including futurist Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal who lost over $100,000 when they folded.

    *WASHINGTON/NEW YORK, Feb 8 (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday it has unraveled its biggest-ever cryptocurrency theft, seizing a record-shattering $3.6 billion in bitcoin tied to the 2016 hack of digital currency exchange Bitfinex and arresting a husband-and-wife team on money laundering charges. Cases like these demonstrate that the Justice Department “can follow money across the blockchain, just as we have always followed it within the traditional financial system,” said Kenneth Polite, assistant attorney general of the department’s Criminal Division.

    Like I said Tuesday, Caveat Emptor.

    • Thanks for the crypto FUD/sourgrapes post

      – Ure info is redundant as the day is long, beating a dead horse seems to be fav sport on this board. Criminals use FRN’s, Bullion, Oil, Slaves – stories in the news everyday – what U think the Cartels are shipping back to Mexico in the cocaine subs? crackpipes?
      I have argued time and again here with Mr Narrator about transparency how BTC it is NOT the Criminals money of choice.

      Nobody wants your funds or any oldsters money- Ure gonna need it on the other side !hahahah

      – BTC is about Verification/Unconfiscateability & UnHackability – We (Bitcoinerz) dont Trust anybody or anything – and that seems to be Ure real rub..

      Look at the Ukraine – not the lamestream, on the ground reality…They are all going to BTC.

      Might wanna think about that – as to why people in a modern war zone are utilizing Bitcoin..

    • Right on, Hoss. As I’ve said, cryptos are the love child of Barnum and MacKay. But now apparently, the CIA was the midwife.

      • =more FUD from the clueless..

        -Satoshi = J.Kemeny, A. Burns and A. Greenspan, there is a fourth person maybe female.

        next up – realizing the CDE has already been unleashed..covert19.

    • WTHS thanks for taking that through to a logical conclusion; something which is absent from most crypto pitches. Almost without fail the whole shtick is FOMO, you’re going to miss out – imho if you’re not already in crypto you already did miss out. Pump and dump works best for those who got in early.

      • FOMO ?

        Ure not going to miss out on anything, if you dont believe (participate) in the first place.
        Early – what is the current Network Effect usage rate amongst gen pop? Less than 7%, easy – Seven friggin percent.
        Nobody is pumping and dumping BTC, futures manipulation? sure thats why the govmint approved trading Futures in BTC in the first place.
        Bitcoiners HODL (HoldOnForDearLife) – the fact that some got in on the bleeding edge is the reward for taking All that Risk in the first place. Think you would understand Risk vs Reward calculations, being a successful business owner.
        Bitcoin is still in Early Adopter stage..

        Governments WILL come for Ure lone Gold & Silver coin . They Aways have(historically throughout the Ages), they Always will – You can count on it.

    • WTHS,

      I hope its a soft landing for everyone, but some people sure don’t seem to be heeding the “fasten seat belt” warning. Like the saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make it drink”.

    • If you got in with lunch money, it’s just a matter of waiting. Only one strategy in a proper SHTF situation is bullion cubes and metal as an important part of a well balanced diet in Max Max world, I’m slightly more optimistic the PTB will still have digits and energy. LOL. I encourage everyone to do their own research. Not advice.

    • “physical assets in hand such as currency, gold, silver, diamonds, etc. will buy you essentials or can be horse traded”

      That is one reason why I learn different skills.. liquor has always been a tradeable asset.. having experienced a few catastrophic events opened my eyes on what we actually take for granted about our way of life..

  15. RE: “History of smartphones.” Uh, no, Meghan says in her article “personal cell phones have been around since the 70’s.” No, Meghan, they haven’t. Just another millennial who didn’t live through those times acting as an “authority” by misinforming and reshaping history. The first cell phone call was made in 1983 in New Jersey. Work had been on going for a number of years on the technology but no one had a cell phone until 1983 or so. We, and I speak from experience, had IMTS that was on, in our local area, VHF and UHF bands and was half duplex RADIO for all practical purposes. You subscribed to the mobile phone service and had the mobile phone installed in your truck. 110 watts out into a 5/8 wave antenna with 3db of gain. Now THAT was a phone. Later, I carried a 4 watt handheld. The mobile phones in the 70’s and prior, you had to call the mobile operator and have him/her place the call for you. To see this in action, watch the movie “Blue Thunder” where Roy Schneider is in the helicopter and calls “Los Angeles mobile” to make a couple phone calls for him. That’s what we had. Mobile phone technology goes back into the 1930’s, and in no way resembled “cell phones.” But, she just told a whole new generation of her version of history and this is what gets us collectively into trouble. I’ve always said ” If you want to know the real history, read the writings of someone who was actually THERE.”

  16. George,
    You said..”People are broadly angered by injustice that runs a wide spectrum: Fauci and Gates, Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, Hunter’s laptops and money to “Pops” – Insider trading and all the rest of it.”

    Really? What has Fauci done that is so abhorrent? I listened to him everyday , agreed with most of what he said and my life was pretty damn great during the pandemic. My business hit record highs…I took vacations to Montana, Colorado, Mexico, Idaho, several trips to Napa, Carmel and San Diego…went on business conferences to Austin, New York and Atlanta…attended about 30 Giants games, 20 Warriors games, 6 Niner` games and last weekend went to the Pebble Beach Open and my sons is off to this weekends Super Bowl in L.A. I followed the rules, which were as easy as putting on a seat belt, and went about my life. I didn’t make it an issue and a violation of my freedom because it wasn’t. Bunch of whiners.

    And Gates…does anyone want to say that his vaccine initiatives have saved 38 million lives worldwide in developing countries? No , they want to spew doom porn instead.

    And Biden did what Bush, Obama and Trump could not do…Get out of Afghanistan. It wasn’t going to be pretty no matter how, when and what was done. We are out…enough said…

    And Hunters laptop? Hahaha. Is that any worse than the worlds most corrupt human…Trump…and that was before he was President…trying to overturn a completely legitimate election, inciting a insurrection…(you are all idiots if you don’t beleive it wasn’t a planned insurrection by the former Bloviator in Chief), violating the Presidential Records act by destroying and tearing up documents in 15 boxes of presidential documents that had to be seized at Mar a Lago…where they should have never been. I hate Hillary, but her deleted emails is nothing compared to This. Trumps former staff is speaking out finally…It won’t turn out well for him.

    So the next time you try to blame the present administration…they are a walk in the park compared to the sh#@ show of the last one.

    • 1. Fauci oversaw and funded bioweapons work (gain of function) and allowed it off US soil. If you want to back bioweapons, have fun.
      2. Gates was – by multiple accounts – paling with Epstein. I hear Melinda will not be funding a certain foundation when that divorce settles out.

      It’s clear you haven’t read Kennedy’s book, and if you had read “Red-Handed” as I referred this AM, you would be less impressed with Silicon Valley’s role in setting up digital partnerships with China.

      Look, I’m glad you traveled. Glad you got over Covid.

      But government (Trump, Biden, Fauci, et al) screwed the pooch repeatedly by failing to hold medicine to the high standards of science. Talked at length with a leading doc yesterday and she’s appalled as a thought leader in her field at the crass disregard for medical ethics, constitutional rights, made-up mandates, and the arrogant disregard for science-based medicine throughout this whole fiasco.

      Elaine and I are N95 users, have not compromised our immune systems, and no, we don’t travel as you have. But, we haven’t had Covid (yet, knocks on wood) yet, either. We knew with even our modest medical education exposure that cloth masks were (and remain) an ineffective charade acted out before a mainly IQ 100 and lower audience.

      Glad you are on to comparing Trump to Hunter. At least that’s a start.

      And the National Archives v. Trump? Political shit-show, trying to find some excuse to hold the House after this fall’s elections.

      And where is that sense of outrage over protesters denied constitutional rights after Jan 6? You’ve been played as have so many other. Political prisons in the very Cuban sense. Bail not jail, charges not charades. Trials not democrat tribulations.

      • The protestors weren’t denied constitutional brights. There is clear video of them breaking windows, beating cops, and audio of them chanting death threats. Evidence equals probable cause. Those losers got what they deserve and the leader of the pack….The former idiot in chief should be sent to the dirtiest , most disgusting vermin ridden maximum security prison for it.

      • Also cloth masks are not useless. I am in front of Hundreds upon hundreds every week. Masks won’t stop everything but it does considerably cut down the number of virus particulates that can infect our bodies. Our immune systems can handle and fight off the smaller exposure. I did Open Houses where 200+ people would come though each day. They all wore KN95’s because I had boxes of them out in front for them to wear. Many already had KN95’s or better. You know my sales numbers, so you know my extreme exposure. I never got Covid during that time. I just got the recent Omicron with zero symptoms. In fact my whole family and about 20 of my friends had it at the same time. The worst symptoms amongst them was a two day sore throat and then complete recovery. I am in the top 1% of exposed people in my job…and in my social life. I have been at sold out baseball, basketball and Football arenas and stadiums with zero affects….because we were wearing Masks!!! They work people!

        • “Results: Fourteen studies were included in this study. One preclinical and 1 observational cohort clinical study found significant benefit of masks in limiting SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Eleven RCTs in a meta-analysis studying other respiratory illnesses found no significant benefit of masks (±hand hygiene) for influenza-like-illness symptoms nor laboratory confirmed viruses. One RCT found a significant benefit of surgical masks compared with cloth masks.”

      • “we haven’t had Covid (yet, knocks on wood) yet, either. ”

        Thank God to George… dam.. I was so sick.. and I will always have lung damage because of it to…

      • Note that Mark gave up on defending Fauci and Gates, so more progress has been made. I can’t wait to hear from that new Mark again, with his neo-Stu patter.
        The cloth masks are maybe a 50% filter media. The blue procedure masks are better, and type 3 surgical masks are very good, by anyone’s standards. I keep a box of each in the car. I use the type 3 masks for pharmacies and medical facilities; otherwise, I have slowed down on using them.

      • @LOOB

        “I really liked Reagan.. if congress and industry had actually followed what his vision was.. I believe things we ould be vastly different today..
        I believe that he didn’t realize just how corrupt our political system is..”

        As I have reminded folks several times, it is always a bad thing when your second-in-command has a higher security clearance than you. Reagan’s single biggest flaw was his VP.


        Let us ignore the story in the link [propaganda that doesnt know Q from the anons], just look at the photo. John jr and Donald were BEST friends, BeBest, Jr knew who killed his father. How do you pay that back? chess moves, Art of War? Q? It will take a team, an Army. You are fighting a global criminal cabal, that rules over nations How do you expose the enemy and defeat them? show the people the TRUTH! Let there be Light,, Bring down the whole diseased temple of, royalty, bankers religion leaders, fake news media lying scribes
        I still remember the day, they KILLED my president. In my little world, Trump is the 2nd man that I consider to be the People’s President during my life time, some like Reagan, I am still conflicted about him, the rest are deepstate criminals.
        Igor Danchenko, read his last 3 twitter posts Feb 3, Durham has caught him
        dominos are falling, is he on a suicide watch?

        Our government should be passing out Ivermectin instead of crack pipes. I have Ivermectin, are you prepared?
        Be of good cheer, it always darkest before the sun rise

      • We have the best political system that Money and gifts can buy…
        they don’t even have to hide it anymore..

      • Per Pogo: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”
        We’ve all been pandered to and co-opted by politicians, and WE LOVE IT. That’s why no one is burning their Social Security and Medicare cards or sending the payments back. Even Ayn Rand wasn’t immune.
        What’s really pissing us off are all the other, less deserving (in our view) hogs at the trough.

      • “the People’s President during my life time, some like Reagan,”

        I really liked Reagan.. if congress and industry had actually followed what his vision was.. I believe things we ould be vastly different today..
        I believe that he didn’t realize just how corrupt our political system is..and underestimated the depth of greed in industry..deregulation and nafta really screwed the people..
        So his mistakes and selling out the people wasn’t intentionally done.. he believed in the plan..

  17. Alright which one of you changed my phone. All the numbers turned bright green on my phone. I didn’t change anything. Now when I write 222200000344 it’s all in bright lime green on my phone.

    I didn’t change it. Someone did. Hmmm. Even one of my business partners said whoooaa all the numbers on your phone are bright lime green. How did you make it look like that? I don’t honestly know.


  18. Gee wow golly gosh what an absolute bullsheet day so far . Ohh yeah yellow dog . Whoppee Farken doopeeee ! Ray Stevens . Everything is beautiful
    In its own way !!! Till the mushrooms blow it all away . Sing it gold sheep

  19. I was using a Palm Treo in 2003. I had apps before apps were called apps.

    It was the first phone with a contact list, calendar and notes that would sync with MS Outlook.

    There was an entire library of not-yet-called-apps that could be installed, including games. Mileage tracker. Time tracker. Expense tracker.

    We’ve come a long way, but Steve Jobs was NOT the pioneer; he just brought it to the masses.

  20. Golly bullsheet!! Sheetcoin backed by gold . Golly all happy little cowboys !!!!yeehhhhaaa ride that cow dung .!!!$ yeeeehhhaaa . Flateing my ass

  21. Comrades,

    Oh, oh, the horses are rounding bend and here’s how things are shaping up on the Olympic tally board positioning:
    Russia #3
    Canada #4
    USA #7
    China #11 (incl 1x Cali gold medal)

    What will The Party think?

    As an aside, Mr. Putin’s alleged current partner and winner of a gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics at Athens 2004, was known for her execution of the back-split pivot with hand help. One recommends caution of course to fellow readers and the editorial board in any reconstructive endeavors.

  22. Looked the new DOE person, and read about they/them. Never read anything where pronouns were actually used … but I found something. While I was reading, those pronouns popped up and I admit, I thought I’d missed something and went back to see who these other mentions are as, “they and them” … but nope, just one person claiming to be (several?)

    Nothing like desecrating the English language to make someone feel better ….

    Ever feel like you awakened on another planet ? That’s me, today.

    Anyway, thought (someone) might care to read this.

    • He is definately well qualified for the job I hope he does really good at it….
      For the Job he seems like his mind is in the right place… It would be wonderful if he could figure out the waste disposal.. at this point in my life.. I don’t think we know enough about nuclear energy and it is to cost prohibitive and dangerous to use..
      even though radiation is always around us in various forms..

  23. Yo Jorge, place your bets, place your bets…..what entity will be the first to indict and arrest Dr. gain of function for murder and crimes against humantiy? Will it be the International Criminal Court? The police in the UK or the Sheriffs Department in California? Once the shark lawyers smell blood in the water many more players will get involved. As far as your email, texts, voice mails, or any thing online, like LCDR Johnny Walker said when busted for espionage “color them gone” to the highest bidder. Lastly, I believe I have identified my “joker in the deck”. Seems the Self Organizing Collective (SOC) has been secretly devolving the situation in a pragmatic and effective approach.

  24. How many people are in on the ballot thing?

    It’s got to be near the same amount who faked the Moon Landing…. hundreds?

    Or the many thousand’s of people, perhaps millions covering-up Flat Earth Great difficulty to workout a maths system that hides the plain in plain sight.

    Millions are in on hiding Aliens too. We all know. Just because we lookup and don’t see Aliens doesn’t mean Aliens aren’t staring at us.

    Some people think splitting the atom was faked. Some think there’s no such thing as a ‘virus’.

    Shared reality has everything and also nothing.

    • “the same amount who faked the Moon Landing…. hundreds?”

      I had the privilage of knowing one of the top scientists that planned the lunar moon landings.. his texts are still used in colleges all over the world.. great guy.. we use to sit out and watch the stars and discuss various subjects late at night and drink coffee..
      He would get frustrated because I didn’t have an interest in quantum LOL LOL ( he would be surprised to know that I did read his books LOL) anyway his favorite thing to say was…”have you ever thought about it “.. working in the healthcare field and with people for a long long time.. I can tell you.. he wasn’t lying and we did go to the moon.. NOW… did we fake a few photo’s to make everyone else think we were more advanced than we were.. Absolutely I believe we did.. I believe that we had faked a few photo’s..

  25. Surprised nobody brought up the Illuminati card game, yet. I wonder which cards and counter cards are in play today?

  26. Filled the tank with push water.

    When the war breaks gasoline might triple-pop. Or lose pricing all together and become rationed. Contract law was changed to save the GM Grifters. Authorities will bust-out oil trades in the name of national security.

    Has anyone run the numbers and figured out the price per gallon when the suburbs collapse?

    • “When the war breaks gasoline might triple-pop. Or lose pricing all together and become rationed. ”

      I actually had someone in DC give me a call and ask about solar.. He realized the importance of energy and is worried about future power failures… ( what he hasn’t considered is.. DC.. what is what target 1. the same as Delaware .. if it goes to that length.. ) anyway he ordered a system with plenty of battery .. three power walls and plenty of solar 15 kw of solar.. dam I wish I had the coin.. they had a sale on the power walls and solar..

  27. Comrades,

    The sun is shining amid blue skies and crispy temps here. The downtown protest continues and I saw some new dually farm pick up trucks driving into the city from out in the bible belt ways. Someone had fashioned together minty lumber into flagstaffs supporting truck bed length Canadian flags. Those people are the foundation support of the ruling provincial government. Should be a barnburner.

    Anyhow, out of the blue, a screaming loud jet goes overhead of my place, outside the usual landing pattern. Checked the flightradar24 webpage and sure enough, there it was. Canadian Forces Top Aces trainer C-GWZY stopped in from Alberta. It spent the afternoon out on the range west of the city buzzing around the riding of the interim leader of the federal opposition party. What a day for Mr. Trudeau to be honking his horn.

    I have popcorn in stock for the weekend.

  28. ” Blockades by virus protest convoys banned in Paris, Brussels.”

    If’fn I were a participant, this wouldn’t bother me a bit. You don’t have to rile the folks in the city. Just block every point of ingress and egress. Park them there trucks nose to tail, every lane, shoulder, and median, and 100 trucks deep. Within a week, hungry folks in the city will be eyeing their neighbor’s dogs & cats (and they WILL be hungry.) The party atmosphere in Canuckistan is fine for them because Canadians are notoriously laid-back, but the tactic which they’re really employing is the -=SIEGE=- and sieges do not require that the Achaeans and Spartans actually be inside the city — especially in Paris and Brussels (and D.C.)

    I just hope all those truck drivers realize that once they embark on such a mission, their only chance to stave off State punishment is to stick together and ride the “protest” out until their draconian overlords capitulate completely.

  29. “On Thursday, NBC rolled Trucker protest could begin on Super Bowl Sunday in Los Angeles, officials warn. Is this legit, or scaremongering?”

    It is scaremongering.

    The trucker staging is set to begin on 3/1, and rollout on 3/4, which (as far as I’ve been able to discover) hasn’t changed. However, the idea, once NBC put it out in Universe, may come to fruition as all those (already pissy) PoLA truckers contemplate kicking things off 3-weeks early, while 42 cameras are rolling and 100mln people, watching. ‘Twould not be the first time a news organization seeded the clouds on a news story upon which everybody (including their competition) was compelled to report…

  30. It’s a bloodbath on the crypto market today. Hahahahahahahaahhaha. Wow! Hahahahha

    Market: “Ohhh you think so punk? You feel lucky? ”

    Me: hell yeah bitch!

    Market takes a total dump!


    • I think I’m getting the hang of this.

      Buy high and sell low. Right?!


      Gosh i will have to change my sage advice. When people ask me about taxes that come to work for me. This what I tell them.

      I don’t give tax advice. However, this is what I know:

      Nobody fucks you harder than Coccain and the Goverment.

      I try to keep that in mind when doing tax stuff.

      I guess I will add the market to that knowledge.


      • “I think I’m getting the hang of this.

        Buy high and sell low. Right?!


        Heck Andy and I thought i had the reputation of being the only one doing that wrapped up lol lol lol lol

  31. “Our best guess is things will begin to light-up if truckers in L.A. disrupt the Super Bowl and begin a convoy to D.C. which could take a week.”

    Disrupt the Supah Bowl? Now, that means the sh… ’s gettin’ serious now!

    The Dupe-Us Bowl has become the closest thing to a National American holy gathering like the multitudes who assemble on Christmas Eve in Vatican City every year. We come together to worship at the feet of our National NFL-Bread-and-Circuses, Corporate mind control selling-and-attitudes-and-memes-and-predictive-programming manipulation on a Global Scale, the worship of military might with the fly-overs and all those guys formerly directly on the Government payroll who fill the aisles and watch with binoculars and sunglasses on this holy unholy LA pageant with their various Dark assignments and surveillance toys.

    Can’t let those terrible trucker disruptors get away with this ‘insurrection’ any longer! We demand order! We want FOOTBALL! We’ve got our priorities in order.

    Forget about war against those dangerous neo-Soviets! Forget about what That Big Asian Nation is planning to do in the coming days and years. Forget about runaway inflation and empty shelves. Forget about being stuck in our never-ending loop of anger and shame and endless apologizing over race relations. Forget about the fact that our dollars no longer buy anything. Ignore the ever-increasing number of death notices in the paper…


    Sorry, Truckers. You had us for a while. But disrupt the… ‘BIG GAME!?’ That’s just going too far! Bring us our chicken wings right NOW!


      OMG I can’t believe that you totally forgot about the cocktail hotdogs in barbecue sauce and salsa cheese dip..

  32. I did a bit of reading on the Civic (CVC) token, as I told Andy I would. I found something interesting which I had not run across before:

    I don’t have a Coinbase account, but it looks like it may be tradeable.

    In comparison, I can show you an example of another crypto which I have seen touted due to volatility, which can’t be legally bought here:

    Weiss gives no “A” rating to any crypto, and only gives a “B” rating to 14 cryptos. But of course, if you are looking for volatility, high ratings get in the way.

    I am not moving off the sideline. This is not trading advice. Buy and sell anything at your own risk using your own research. Not buying poses risks as well. I could have bought Bitcoin at very low prices, because I was aware of it’s existence before a majority of other buyers were even dimly aware. I can say the same for any number of trades I casually rejected which would have made me filthy rich. This is starting to get depressing. In conclusion, buy low, sell high, and if you do anything else, don’t blame me. Signing off.

    • ….previously the Facebook link was viewable without logging in. Now the page edits to grey unless one logs in.

      No thanks. Just passing past the metaverse, Mr. Z.

  33. Ontario premier declares emergency, tells truckers to go home and end protest

    Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency on Friday and said he’ll use all government resources to end a two-week protest by Canadian truckers over Covid-19 rules. Ford said the trucker protest amounts to a “siege” of downtown Ottawa and the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor and Detroit. “It’s an illegal occupation,” Ford told reporters. “This is no longer a protest.”

    Ford is threatening vehicle confiscation, $100,000 fines, and a year in jail. Protesters in Ottawa have grown to >100,000 and have now clogged Montreal and Toronto.

    Again I ask: Where is the impound lot that’s big enough, and which Canadian jail can hold, what is now in excess of 150 thousand people? Oh, and by the way, what are the folks in Ottawa and Montreal and London &c going to eat when there are no trucks bringing food in?

    If Turdhead calls in the military, what are the troops going to do? Arrest the protesters, force them to move their trucks or disband? How are they going to do that? Threaten to shoot them or beat them up? Hell, they can’t even threaten to drive the trucks off, themselves, ’cause thanks to the Ottawa Police fuel confiscations everybody is out of diesel. Wrecker owners refuse to move trucks, and I heard some idiot leftist say the PTB should slash their tires.

    If I were the truckers’ spokesman, I would tell both Ford and Trudump that there will be no arrests, or fines, or incarcerations, no actions of any other kind against the protesters, the mandates will be lifted and never re-imposed, every truck will get a free tank of fuel, and the Province will pay to repair any damage done by the cops, RCMP, or any other State agent — and that these are the absolute minimum actions required to end the protest, and are non-negotiable.

    The Ottawans are getting hungry…

    Most of the trucks in Toronto are semi tractors. I noticed nearly all the trucks on the Ambassador Bridge are dragging trailers.

    I expect Castreaux to capitulate without violence because he’s not going to get Canadian soldiers to shoot their country-men -women -children, and if he doesn’t, he will have no chance at a future political career — psychological death for a political animal. ‘Might take him another week to figure out he’s impotent. By then the starving Ottawans should have the guillotine built.

    I don’t think American truckers will be that lucky because Creepy Joe will get pissed and give the orders, and there are enough psychopaths in the SS that someone will choose to obey an illegal order and start shooting truckers. I shan’t be there, but if I were, I would invest a few thousand bucks in buying plate steel and having it installed around my cab and engine, and maybe have a 20-30 gallon reserve tank installed under the sleeper bed…

  34. As I watch the increasingly strident US screams of “THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!”, it occurs to me that all Putin has to do is wait. He has made his point about the Russian need for border security. He doesn’t need to invade Ukraine. All he has to do is wait… for NATO to make the first move. And if/when that crosses the Russian border he is prepared to bitch slap them. NATO and US is trying every trick in Vichy Nuland’s playbook to provoke Russia to make the first move…. but I think Putin is smarter than that.

  35. White House still urges US citizens to evacuate Ukraine, offers up a number of methods

    There are roughly 30,000 Americans in Ukraine, and now the White House is urging them to get out as soon as possible. “I think what we’re encouraging American citizens to do is depart now,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.”Obviously, there hasn’t been an invasion, and we don’t know that there has been a decision to invade. Obviously, we have a range of diplomatic presences, not only in Ukraine, but in neighboring countries that are always available for a U.S. citizen should they need assistance.”

    According to two officials, if Russia invades Ukraine, the White House has approved using thousands of U.S. troops in Poland to help those Americans evacuate.

    BTW we’re sneaking another 8000 troops into Poland, among them, exactly 37 troops from the 82nd Airborne (which I’m having a hard time understanding…)

    • If the Russians can prove that any provocation has originated from the US – I still believe Ukraine is meaningless and any attack will be directed at us and NATO as a total kill shot – any attack in the Ukraine would just lead to escalation anyway ….

    • 37 airborne troops from the 82d Airborne Division? Might be pathfinders, specially trained soldiers who go in early to set up landing zones for the airborne parachutists.

      • Okay. I thought of spotters but didn’t know we had LZ specialists. Hannity commented the other day that there were 33k Americans in Ukraine, including ~1800 soldiers, of whom a hundred some-odd were SF… Haven’t heard or read corroboration from anywhere else (but I also haven’t looked…)

    • The Army has specialists for everything, LOL! When it comes to the (historic) special forces, the rapid force 101st Airborne Division is air assault (helicopter insertion) infantry, the 82d Airborne Division is parachute insertion infantry, the 75th Ranger Battalion are the heavy club shock infantry, the Special Forces are actually trainers/military advisors to foreign armies, and the Delta guys are the no rules, simply take out the bad guys precision anti-terrorism brigade. Each of them have specialists that serve as advanced parties or scouts. Some guys start their careers earning their badges and patches while in ROTC and serving with each of these types of units before retiring and going to work for the Federal 3-letter agencies. Earning these credentials and being healthy at the end of a career indicates how physically and mentally tough these men truly are. It’s no small feat.

      • Local sheriff is ex-SEAL. He teaches karate to little kids, on the weekends, for free. Rumor has it, he’s not one to mess with. We’ve talked a few times…

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