Concretizing the Future

A short lesson today on how the future news events do move in tandem with the future.  That is, if you’re one of the “intelligencia” who understands how news is often-times a sheep shearing tool for the rich.

The word “concretizing” may not be familiar to you. The word, Oxford Languages tells us, really began to ramp-up in the vernacular from the middle 1950s on.

Which really makes sense; that was when America was building out the Interstate Highway system and we were – as a country – in the business of “concretizing” large swatches of urban territory. Which, upon completion, would help to turn major urban centers into “heat islands” which people today get all worked up over.

No, dear Reader – this is cause and effect, complete with a linguistic set of trail markers – on the road to losing our national mind.

For giggles and grins, we are using the verb “concretize” to set up the first half of next week in our look-aheads so that nothing will faze [v, 1] (or phase [v, 2]) you when it gets here.

Double up the bean and pass the Portland cement. We gonna steamroll into the weekend.

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George Ure
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77 thoughts on “Concretizing the Future”

  1. Hey George

    Any news of the Petrodollar Agreement, which is said to expire tomorrow, or do we just wait and see?

  2. Bill Anders passes.

    Has a real Secondhand Lions kinda feel to it.

    God speed and RIP to a human who lived it the best he could.

  3. The green genocide crowd relies on cooked data to justify their political madness.
    Most of the officious temperature measurements are made at airports, which are heat islands in even relatively rural settings.
    Further, the researchers “adjust” the thermometer reading records from days of old to compensate for instrument “inaccuracy”. As if an RTD sitting next to jetport runway is somehow more representative of temperatures recorded off mercury thermometers in an earlier era
    Having said that, I applaud the solar and wind power pioneers, and would hope that someday I can do the same.
    With regard to coal, coal gasification has been around since WWII, is economical, and is every bit as clean as natural gas. It does require capital investment. You want to generate more power with coal, subsidize the coal gasification plants, and let the utility companies finance the power plants the way they always have. This isn’t rocket science.
    Also note that conmercialization of wind and solar generated H2 for power generation is now scaling up. Pipelines are
    quietly being built to bring the H2 to generating facilities. I don’t know of any really good investment play in this.
    H2 generation and handling is too damn dangerous to do at home. Group B electrics are for for professionals, not home tinkerers.

      • High-pressure H2 tends to self-ignite when released suddenly, burns extremely hot, and the flame is largely UV and difficult to see. High pressure discharges will cause schedule 80 pipe to whip around like a rubber air hose with a UV-hot blowtorch on the end. I spent too many years dealing with the stuff. 2000+ psi H2 is not like 250 psig LPG. Frankly, I don’t want LPG on my property, and high pressure H2 in a residential setting is nuts. The pipelines also scare me.
        Group B rated electricals are not something commercial electricians have much knowledge of. Again, handling high pressure hydrogen is something that trained professional do. This is not something that is suitable for self-service in a commercial station, and that is what will cut off consumer development.

        • In grandpa’s garage science experiments.. I wouldn’t even consider high pressure H2 .. I get nervous about propane.
          on the small cells I have built I use a blower and double bubbler to purge the system and magnetic cross field vortex.
          the magnetic cross field vortex also seemed to increase ion thrust on a small plasma thruster experimentation has budgetary limitations.. I use to dream of having a huge shop where I could play around a million ideas and theories..I totally love the Earnshaw theory …

        • One other challenge I always faced was most use high amperage to RIP water apart.Since I don’t have high voltage I had 3 volts 700 miliamps to do the same thing.. which is easy enough .. frequency..

        • Honda will now be selling Hydrogen Fueled vehicles in California … it just began shipping Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered /plug in electric CRV’s from it’s Ohio plant to California to sell

          Toyota is also selling a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (Camary?) in California for $75,000+- (they also sell them in Japan) … but then giving the US buyers a $40,000 rebate.

          Hyundai was/is leasing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in California, not sure if they are now selling them too (ran into a person who had one back in early 2020 and they LOVED IT, said they would definitely be leasing another one once their lease expired).

          Part of the reason for Toyota’s rebate … a single fill up with hydrogen runs about $200+

          (California is the ONLY state where commercial hydrogen fueling stations already exist)

      • LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL did you see how they designed it LOL LOL
        cleaver they are using the same thing that Adolph did on his Luftwaffe planes and tanks LOL LOL LOL a little better and it splits the power to both battery and h2… using the thrust and exhaust of the engine as the blower rather than a turbo charger.. to give a good mix just like the GEET or the system that the gentleman in Texas used to drive across the USA on ten gallons of gasoline.. smart.. now does that mean that they are going to allow the technologies loose that they have been keeping locked up… hmm interesting.. wont be long and you will see humingbirg generators going up at homes to…LOL LOL
        He was going to hand them out for FREE to anyone in the USA that would put them on their home.. the only condition that they be the ones to receive any money generated from the excess energy produced.. gave a demonstration to members of congress and they chased him away.. he went to austrailia and they chased him away from there to.. it didn’t fit the business model.. LOL LOL… same thing with a lot of the other methods.. a friend working for gvt.. had H2 down almost.. he kept wanting to rip it apart.. but he got a nice visit by three guys that destroyed his lab and took his research and gave him a gentle reminder who is in power in the USA LOL LOL
        It took them thirty years to release individual inverters to be used by the home owners and power companies still trying to stop people from having solar installed.. LOL LOL


        Angular force gen.. I know someone that went and looked at this one.. what they told me was this thing was working but was one of the scariest things he had ever seen.. the fly wheel it does have an external power source..
        a gentleman bought their patent and a few years ago was trying to get the US to fund putting up one bladed wind turbines using the angular force .. needless to say we never did it.. and since he bought the patent from them these will never be seen as well..
        brings up the old treddle metal lathes and the treddle sewing machines.. how much force does it need to get the flywheel moving and how much to keep it moving.. a hurricane will twittle out of existence at some point ..
        this guy explains the rail gun and how it works really good..

    • I am for the expansion of coal gasification and coal use.. love the black diamonds.. I get mine from schultz..

      the biggest problem is the cost of shipping..
      coal can be clean fuel.. with a few minor modifications..
      I believe in green technology to.. embrace the old and implement and incorporate the new technology.. now I am not a fan of nuclear power production..

        • Lol lol lol …I see nothing. I hear nothinnng.I know nothing .lol lol hey that sounds like the three stooges in front of congress lol lol Larry curly and moe

        • (“What? Now you’re running for president??? Voh is’t col. Klink?”)

          OTFLMAO… nope.. not Klink.. just look and vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE LOL LOL LOL

        • At a nephew’s birthday party today. Pop is retired cop and very pro Trump. He proudly displayed a big blue flag that proclaimed:
          “F–K BIDEN…. And F–k you for voting for him, too!”

        • @Hank

          “At a nephew’s birthday party”

          I’ve been seeing those flags (more like banners — 6-8 feet high and some of ’em are 20 ft. long) all over OH,MI,IN,KY,TN,WI,IL for months now. What’s interesting is I’ve started seeing them in the cities now, along with a LOT of Gadsden Flags. IMO Midwesterners be pissed…

  4. “Big News on the Alzheimer’s Front”

    Thank you for finding and sharing the article. It is obvious why this disease is flourishing when you see the diet and exercise program of the vast majority of our population. Glad you and Elaine have made this discovery and hope others here will as well.

    I am sending you another email today.

  5. (“The Calendar next week, besides the Fed decision Wednesday, has only a few bond sales Monday.”)

    Ok.. the federal reserve PRINTS money creates money to be loaned out or given.. to other countries.. it is the way.. we created the wealth.. we loan it to banks.. give it to other countries etc..

    SO.. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO SELL BONDS to be solvent…
    that one stumped chatgpt…
    what it came up with was missmanagement of resources.. but then if the federal reserve is the basis of all financial institutions and creates wealth.. why do they have to sell wealth to sustain their wealth..

    • only a Number ? Really ?

      – Why dont you make a couple up, and sell em for $70,000 a piece ?

      How comes- why not, pray tell ?

      Whats amatter ? Its only a number.

      • LOL LOL LOL that is how they did BitCoin..
        just made it up to hide dark web silk road transactions using the monetary systems we use today.. as long as someone thinks it holds value it will.. the moment the web and lets say a huge technology loss happens.. then it is gone for good..

        to give bitcoin a chance.. I actually had thought about getting ten bucks worth of it when I could have gotten ten thousand of them for the ten bucks.. but didn’t because of the dark web connection to bit coin..
        Because of the Dark web connection and the shady things.. I couldn’t do it.. no matter how many numbers it shoved on a sheet of paper.. has something to do with my moral and ethical makeup.. where a gallon of water or a pound of wheat has substance a cartoon coin does not.. it is an imaginary coin in cyberspace.. the same thing goes for gold and silver.. where ancient tribes seen it as a pretty metal.. it has little value.. silver has more value than gold.. in the event of reselling it.. it like most things you have to find someone that wants it .. I once upon a time has some.. when I needed to cash it in for medical expenses.. I couldn’t sell it for what I paid for it.. buy low sell high.. and lost money on it.. I will stick to the wheat and rice..
        a pound of sugar and a pound of coffee which were crucial products during depression times.. so was cooking oil.. peanuts.. hey nut bucks.. we could value the dollar with peanuts.. much better than hot chili farts or the gas of some puppeteer in another country LOL LOL LOL and peanuts could be made into peanut butter.. LOL LOL…

  6. Interesting study. They actually changed 3 things…diet, exercise, and supplements. I recently read a study on Rheumatoid Arthritis which compared a group which took a Biologic drug to a group that exercised and drank green tea 4-6 times a day. The green tea and exercise group did better. I have read studies where alzheimer’s patients did better on a high fat, high meat diet with low processed food plus regular exercise. I wonder if it is the exercise that makes the difference and the low processed foods.

    You do avoid other people. Are you planning on increasing group activities? I recently started increasing my group interactions slightly. I wanted to see if I would be “happier” or more engaged or just more “annoyed “. So far I’m mostly annoyed.

    • You don’t strike me as a person who gives a rip about “peer approval” and when I was on remote site, it was kinda pleasant being “away from the cities” for a while. Out here in the woods with garden, hydroponics, hobby shop, 3d printers, ham radio, electronics, music, and >800 still unread books, we don’t have time to waste with other people who just want to talk about themselves.

      • The article talked about a once a week group activity to stimulate the mind. I mostly find other people rather shallow and stupid. Occasionally I will tell a stranger or a friend what I actually think about a topic if it comes up in conversation. My truth tends to shock them. I have a weekly walking group that provides some social but rather limited interaction. I joined a Bible Study group but it is a video and highly structured so I won’t do it again. I prefer people’s real thoughts about such things.

        • Wow. This is why we don’t hang around people. We (and you’re in this crew, too Elanor) show up somewhere that we raise the average IQ in that place significantly, it was a mistake to go there.
          Elaine and I often talk about maybe being born a bit late – too many average people who haven’t needed to develop self-confidence in their own decision-making. The boorish people we can take, except for the me-me-me stuff. But the topics are drivel! ,
          Stay home, turn on a shortwave or an old GE SuperRadio and become a late night talk radio expert….
          We enjoy your company and sharing, too. But – yeah – we don’t get around much anymore, either… We’re right – and the world’s nuts.

        • E, life is tough dealing with the normies, these people are walking zombies, absolutely programmed (TV, media). I deal with them by presenting facts that cannot be refuted and watch them go through the cognitive dissonance.
          Some will never get it, others have that “aha” moment. I feel sorry for them. We are all on our own journey. No greater calling than service to others…..


      I believe the use it or lose it theory comes to mind..
      I use to ride bicycle everywhere.. bench three hundred go day and night.. I would probably lay struggle today..I know I couldn’t bench two hundred now much less three..
      look how far technology has expanded..cell phone Satellite television EMF frequencies everywhere.. cities are one huge concrete EMF zone..wifi everywhere..constantly bombarded..

      if a faraday cage protects fragile electronics.. could it protect the fragile makeup of our brain..

      • “look how far technology has expanded..cell phone Satellite television EMF frequencies everywhere.. cities are one huge concrete EMF zone..wifi everywhere..constantly bombarded..”

        Seem to have no effect on me, but how would I know for sure? It certainly ‘maybe be an issue’ – but who knows if it’s only repeated hearsay?

        • I have never felt like it made any difference to me either.. Its similar to moon phases… full moon all the nuts come out..
          EMF… The impact of anthropogenic radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF) on animals and plants in the environment has been a subject of research.
          A systematic map protocol was published in 2021 to collate evidence on whether anthropogenic RF EMF negatively affects plants and animals.
          While humans are protected by safety standards based on guidelines from the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection , there are no specific international guidelines for animals and plants.
          The map aims to identify gaps in knowledge, recommend future research, and inform environmental and radiation protection authorities.
          Classic quantum theory models for ionizing radiation suggest that it can cause structural cellular changes due to DNA damage, potentially leading to carcinogenic and mutagenic effects.. such a brain cancers.. we already know we can cook food with the signals.. which was discovered by a guy burning himself.. you can take a light bulb and go up to a transformer substation and the light bulb will light up from free radical emf frequencies/ Tesla wanted to set up towers to send out the free radical ions to be collected at every home and used.. which I believe it could be.. the suggestions that the pyramids were used as just such a thing comes to mind.. and the legends of Atlantis.. look at the earth with the pyramids on it and you will notice a grid fashion making it appear as perfect sense…. considering that.. what affect does five g have on the human body or mind..
          there have been studies done on its affect making people more violent or anxious and paranoid.. the specific link between EMF exposure and paranoia is not directly addressed in these studies,and ongoing research aims to better understand the impact of EMF on living organisms.. the question is still out there.. the same with lunar madness.. even though there isn’t really any proof it happens.. just ask any one working the hospital floors or in a fire department the local ER…
          The idea that full moons lead to more violence, suicides, accidents, and aggression is part of popular legend but lacks strong empirical evidence although.. there is the biorhythm connection to consider. researchers suggest that our biological rhythms, which are influenced by the moon’s phases, may affect our behaviors.
          The moon’s gravitational pull could potentially impact our internal clocks, sleep patterns, and hormonal fluctuations and for night workers is a big deal.. people working late nights have sleep depravation and a lot of that can be because of the change in the gravitational pull between phases.. similar to the tides coming in and going out.. .
          this stuff actually trips my triggers.. I love to think about it.. and the questions what if.. keep coming to mind.. what is right in front of us but yet eludes our understanding.. I would love to go on an archeological dig.. fascinating.. and something I would love to do.. some day I want to go see the cliff dwellings.. some of my kids went to see some of the archeological digs last summer.. and took a bunch of photos for me.. the other thing I would love to do is go see the water gardens of china and the greenscaping of Taiwan.. but those to are a couple of things that will never happen.. I have to wait until others go there and see it then share what they found with me.. either in written or photos.. there are way to many things that interest me..

        • Chock Full O’ Nuts coffee “bricks.”

          They’re roughly 80 of pure tin foil.

          Massimo discontinued “Nuts” bricks about a year ago but they can still be found in stores along the Eastern Seashore, and Massimo’s Hawaiian coffees (Hank’s favorite brews) still come in tinfoil bags.

        • (“Chock Full O’ Nuts coffee “bricks.”

          They’re roughly 80 of pure tin foil.”)

          What’s funny were those coffee bricks were quite common. most stores quit buying them. grocery store outlets and any other bag food retailers are notorious.. bad sales and delivery are like most joggers in competition with other bag retort canning the bag is cheaper than a box.. but they are in competition with each other..aggressive fluffing of their opponents products in stocking theirs.. means a few cracked or broken chips..reduces sales.. we would go help these delivery just to stop the fluffing so each vendor had the best possible product. ( each vendor markets his own product independently) each store sends out ghost shoppers.. they check product display and availability spot on the shelf etc.. these ghost shoppers would poke a small needle hole in the bricks.. didn’t damage the product but after a period of time the brick lost its vacuum it sags.. hard to display and the grocer has to throw them away….or sell them at discount..
          that is why a lot if groceries incorporated deli into their stores.. it isn’t uncommon to see a thousand loaves of bread disposed of a the old days the meat cutter would stock the coolers for the weekend then on Monday what the employees didn’t buy in meat bundles was from d up and sold as discount burger and ground round.. now it goes to the deli and is cooked up and sold.

      • Some people who are extremely sensitive to all sorts of radio waves move to the National Radio Quiet Zone. Radio Wave Emitting Devices are BANNED in the zone which includes not just cell phones and wifi but also ANY radio wave emitting devices at all, including poorly built/shielded motors etc., and of course any sort of 2 way radios.

        They do “police” the zone fairly well since ANY radio transmission device used in the zone will hamper the super sensitive receivers that they are using in the zone (they have been known to criminally cite CB and Hams who try to transmit inside the zone)

        Sensitive people claim to be relieved of their symptoms and their health greatly improves when they are living in the protected zone.

        • If you have metal orthotics, and have late night nerve pain issues, you might try one of these:

          These are cool enough to sleep in in summer weather over a t-shirt. Whether results are real or prophylactic, if you can sleep, who the f cares? I sleep ungrounded; I am concerned about increasing current flow with lowered impedance.
          Out in the country, I have been told I am just downrange from one of the commercial navigation beacons, and on cloudy, stormy nights, when there is a constant rumble of thunder and cargo jets overhead, I seem to have more problems. Sometimes I wonder if I have a 5G altimeter antenna in my landing gear.

        • “Placebo” is probably a better fit to my narrative than “prophylactic”. Either way, it is in Ure head I suppose.

        • Don’t laugh about the rubber wrist bands concept.

          For my sailboat I have several sets of wrist bands that have a pea size protrusion on them which you wear with the protrusion pressing into the underside of your wrist. For many people who normally need Dramamine to avoid seasickness the wrist band with the protrusion works wonders.

          I know they work because I have seen them work with people who ALWAYS get sick if they don’t take Dramamine – but then use this instead. (I have never gotten seasick so I don’t need them – strictly for guests)

          I don’t know much about acupuncture but imo there must be some nerve ending there in the underside of the wrist that it presses on so it must be creating some sort of nerve signal, much like acupuncture is reported to do. If my little wrist thingies can prevent sea sickness with some who are prone to that a rubber band pressing on the same location might help “some” people with balance issues.

          A LOT we don’t know about the human body yet.

        • (“Don’t laugh about the rubber wrist bands concept.

          For my sailboat I have several sets of wrist bands that have a pea size protrusion on them which you wear with the protrusion pressing into the underside of your wrist.”)

          Acupressure.. the acupuncturist has a couple on the forehead to for sinus’s..
          (“Pressure Point P-6 (Neiguan) Pressure point P-6 is also called Neiguan (nay-gwann). It is found on your inner arm near your wrist. Doing acupressure on this point can help with nausea and prevent vomiting.”)

          they sell some shoe inserts with magnets in them saying it is the magnets.. great inserts but it is the acupressure that makes the difference.. I swear by acupuncture.. love it.. I am one of the lucky twenty percent that get relief right away from it.. most its like cbd oil it has to build up in your system.. since doing the thc cbd oil I haven’t had to use any opiates or prednisone in a long time.. best thing ever.. those that will use it for recreation are already so legalize it tax it and do research on the the multitude of great things from the plant makes it a no brainer in my opinion to legalize..

        • Never tried a wrist band. There is actually an FDA approved foot band contrivance which targets a nerve cluster for foot pain relief. That doesn’t work especially well for phantom pain originating from nerve bundles. Stimulating nerve bundles can show up as phantom pain almost anywhere. My issues can be seen on an MRI, so I know where the source is. Figuring out what sets it off can be baffling.

  7. “(with a nuke or three)”

    Good point about not needing a full-blown nuclear roast.

    Is the objective a land grab for Russian resources/a catalyst to get the West on CBDC or an unthinkable (to us) mass planetary kill reducing livestock (us)?

    In terms of a mass kill the Chinese BYD auto production lines are 90% automated and almost fully autonomous. The BYD robots crank an EV out every 50 seconds. No reason why the cars can’t be tanks or missiles.

    BYD won’t show the entire process because it’s “ancient Chinese secret” but the robots are a marvel especially if you’ve ever been in an ‘old fashioned’ U.S. factory.

    The BYD Production Line World Cup

    Using WWII thinking BYD could convert the plants to automated missile production. Dump raw materials into one side of the building then the robots launch a missile out of the other side of the building every 50 seconds. That’s just to say conventional war is obsolete.

    • “That’s just to say conventional war is obsolete.”
      All wars, in terms of technology., are lumped into the ‘Obsolete’ category – by the very next war. Outcome is the same and we learn nothing from it. Except how to kill more, much faster.
      Too bad we can’t make ‘war’ itself obsolete.

      • “Too bad we can’t make ‘war’ itself obsolete.”

        We could — however ‘reasonable people’ sadly never get into powerful positions to be of consequence; That’s the nature of the beast ;-(

        • Y’all are forgetting one of the principal functions of war: “To remove a huge segment of breeders from the local human populations.”

          Until we develop “Carousel” (or pump our food full of estrogen and saltpeter) this is always going to be a “problem…”

      • listen as Ezra Cohen tells of a new kind of war ,he is Quoting JFK, his part starts @3:15
        but I like the beginning with the military branches of jag and intelligence stands with the new President Trump

        We are at war with the hidden hand, the “BEAST” instead of the hidden hand manipulating US into fighting each other
        Yes choices, it is the beast,,, Biblical, is it not?

      • AMEN… can you imagine a world where instead of trying to kill someone we did the opposite.. my.. you would end up with fights.. NO I SEEN THEM FIRST LOL..

      • “we learn nothing from it. ”

        War is the natural result of unfair trade and auto-built into the system.

        • War is the result of unbridled greed.. the insane coveting of what someone else has that you dont.The excessive desire for wealth, possessions, or power, where war starts at the expense of others. Unbridled greed of the puppeteers that have an insatiable hunger for more. Both always lead to negative consequences, affecting relationships and society as a whole just to satisfy their desires.
          Helen of troy is a great example..
          Helen’s story serves as a cautionary tale about desire, betrayal, and the far-reaching consequences of our choices. my daddy always careful what you wish for.. you might just get it.
          Rich people usually are coveted for what people think they have. is some points things that affect the poor man don’t have any debate or urgency as it does for the poor man. what isn’t seen is the issues they face that don’t have any issues for the poor man..each face issues that they must deal with that no one else can see.
          for myself my life things don’t have any real value a thing can be replaced..I don’t care what someone else has..its theirs..

  8. This post is neither pro nor contra Israel because they have been ‘miss character raised’ since the Middle Ages. However, I admire the IDF as a unit to be admired! They have taught the word ‘don’t fuck with us or you’ll suffer the consequences.’ How stupid the leadership & supporters must have been of those people who attacked Israel?? IMHO ;-((.

      • Perhaps they did; Neither one of us where there to witness this, or am I wrong?
        Fact remains that 3rd party interference, for good or for evil, always prolongs local skirmishes that would normally be ended in a month if not week ;-) if it was not for the so called well meaning “good doers” who have issues with themselves that cry out for a timely solution, IMHO.

    • Israel has “so far” dropped 70,000+ TONS of explosives on Gaza, a land area that totals 141 square miles.

      FIVE (5) Hiroshima size bombs is what 70,000+ tons of explosives equal.

      The only thing surprising about the now 37,000+ death toll in Gaza (most being civilians) is that the death toll isn’t 5x to 10x that amount.

      How long is Israel, the supposed “Democracy” going to prevent West Bank residents who have now lived under Israeli military rule for 50 years going to keep those people from VOTING in Israeli elections (“settlers” to those areas can vote) … or finally allow them to have their own self ruled Nation State?

      (fwiw they wouldn’t allow Gaza’s 2 million people to have their own Nation State, which Israel has ruled either directly or indirectly for 50+ years too, either)

    • fwiw:

      btw … Marty Armstrong’s computer model “Socrates” has a HUGE PANIC week that week, but Marty (not the computer model) thinks it is related to Trump’s sentencing on July 11.

  9. ” We (and you’re in this crew, too Elanor) show up somewhere that we raise the average IQ in that place significantly, it was a mistake to go there. ”

    Hello George & Eleanor ;-). Count me in because I so enjoyed your banter about your experiences. I certainly share your opinion that’s why I peruse this threat (even though my time is limited). I do like people to look @, but not talk to them. Whenever I feel the need for people (daily!!) I go a few steps outside of the building to the corner and watch few hundred in very short order. All stay well & wise.

    • Btw. I failed to mention that I also enjoy my large scale TV that shows on channel 223 all of episodes of BAYWATCH 24 hrs. around the clock without any commercials. What more does an old geezer need, one could say. However, the present crop of people bears NO resemblance. How abt. that, whoppy?

  10. oops,,, it was there and then it was gone,, was it Mandela effect or did George post, and then remove till Sunday funday with hot tomatoes, 2 inch beef steaks

  11. Thought I’d share this..,
    A local friend of mine’s daughter graduated from high school yesterday.
    She is not going to college., or a trade school. She is going to do what she has wanted to be all her life. A cowgirl.
    For the last two Summers she has worked on a local horse and cattle ranch – about 60 miles away. She has now taken a full time position there. She has a small one bedroom cabin, internet, electrical, meals – all the basics covered. Drives a completely restored 1959 Chevy Apache pickup.., and makes “a decent wage.”
    She figures that she has enough ‘education’.., she just needs to keep reading every thing she can. Luckily she likes to read.
    I gave her a couple of Krugerrands as a grad-gift for emergency funds [ plus the name and phone number of a guy who will buy them when/if needed. ]
    She loaded up and drove away from home for the last time this morning. Job officially starts in about a week.

    • “I gave her a couple of Krugerrands as a grad-gift”

      that’s a nice gift..
      years ago I worked on a table with a couple other guys.. beautiful table..
      the wood was harvested from Lake Ontario.. the rings on the tree suggested the tree started its life in 1400..
      the guy paid ten grand just for the wood.. anyway we saved the cutoff from it and even the saw dust.. went to give it to him and he said oh just throw it away I don’t want we split it up equally between us.. I make pens to give to my college grads..

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