The Comey “Staging” Coincidence?

As we dutifully suffered through the Comey debacle (no smoking gun, just interminable amounts of repeated innuendo and BS) there was one part of the jokestimoney that stood out to a sore thumb to us.

Remember the part where Comey went for the “Rid me of this troubled priest” quote?

If you missed it, scroll down to the Henry III section of this British report over here and you’ll see it.


What bothers me deeply about the senator who just happened to have the quote ready.

When Comey goes to the “rid me of this meddlesome priest” the “independent” senator Angus King goes on “I was just going to quote that: In 1170 December 29 said ‘Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest…”

So here’s the problem:  I don’t doubt that Comey and the Senator involved are bright.  Yeah, sure, you bet.

Vanity Fair as an alternative explanation.  Other than theater for the sheep.  I mean, seriously, think Comey or King watched the movie Beckett lately?  Nope…statistically improbable.

But I would also argue that statistically it is a HUGE TELL that there was likely prior planning of the quote. Comey-King staging seems possible.

Hell, I’d go further and argue that if you were to survey three floors of lawyers in any big city in America, less than 40% of lawyers would remember the King Henry II quote.  Number that would remember December 29, 1170?  Oh hell, less than 3% I’d wager.

Which means what?

Well, to us it raised a hell of a red flag – having the exact day of the quote at hand?

Is this senator psychic enough to have the whole quote and the exact date handy?  Is it likely Comey just pulled that out of his literary butt?

Nope.  Words like meddlesome don’t even move the meter in our Nostracodeus software word-frequency analysis runs.

This is A MAJOR DEPARTURE FROM PROBABILITY unless (and where’s my conspiracy meds?) This appears as it it was all pre-arranged.

And therein is our take on the whole mess yesterday:  Staged bullshit with large doses of missed follow-ons.

The Simpleton’s Party (GOPers who are really moderate democrats flying a GOP flag of convenience)  did not follow up on Loretta Lynch killing the (famous skater) Hillary investigation, and Comey’s admitted collusion with (“Lynch’ed Justice”) to message the FBI director to call it a “matter” instead of a “criminal” investigation.

Why hasn’t congress subpoenaed that stuff?  No, this is being spun into a remake of the movie “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!” Which is comical, given questionable voting comes in via the border not via submarine, but I digress.

So sham of process?  Only the bright and aware will see it, since the sheep may not understand word frequencies or DOJ saving Hillary’s butt-matter after lousy Lynch met with Bill Clinton to “talk about grandchildren” on the tarmac at PHX.  (If you believe that, wanna buy a bridge?)

I wish we could have watched the other hearings.  There must have been an alt-universe event that caused the NY Times to write “Comey Bluntly Raises Possibility of Trump Obstruction and Condemns His ‘Lies’.”  wtf? Didn’t see that as I watched.

We watched the hearings that prompted News Busters to report “ABC Omits Comey Testimony Exposing AG Lynch As Clinton Campaigner.:”   Gosh, isn’t that like a coincidence, lol?

There’s enough bullshit  in Washington now to hide an Amarillo feedlot in.

Say, is it possible Robert Mueller’s probe will be funded by  EPA Superfund money?

But no worries, the NE Liberal press is still turning this into a Trump-bash even with no allegations of anything criminal – bullcrap and innuendo not firmly in charge as the NY Times calls it “Mr. Comey and all the President’s Lies…”

Which is why we tell readers run as fast as you can from the Northeast.

May and Did Not

Meantime, long as we’re on ‘hacked’ elections, we have little faith in the wisdom of the Brits again.

Or was it?

We tend to question “surprise” outcomes when there is a lot of money – tons of money – on the table. Potentially trillions.

And whether admitted, or not, we see the “hidden hand” of the elites influencing the May defeat.

\What is clear is the snap election was all about money.  And Big Money, George Soros Big Money for one, was all over the continued conquest of Europe and the collapse of independent governments.

Here’s one for you: “Election disaster could cost us our mandate for a hard Brexit deal, David Davis admits.”

So how was it a week ago we read how George “Soros suggests that Brexit might never actually happen”?

Lucky guess, or foreknowledge?  Depends what you had in the way of meds for breakfast, I reckon.

Will the Brits have a post election scandal – vote tampering and hacking charges and such?  Stand by for future developments.  Watch for someone to suggest Russians hacked it, lol.

Meanwhile, might be an interesting day to go “put shopping” if you like options play in the global casino: Analysts are calling this the worst possible outcome for investors.  The Pound is down, and life goes on.

May still lays claim to being Prime Minister, but with her majority smashed, life’s got changes coming for the Brits.

Until next week when the real direction of disaster will emerge from the fog of politics.  Then we think the call may be “Look out below!!!”

Economic Fallout?

Naw.  That’ll come next week.

For now, the Dow futures are up 30 and the UK Footsie is up half a percent.

The UK vote is like getting drunk, it’s the hangover (or flashing blue lights in the rearview) that’ll ruin things and those should be along shortly.

The Big Story of the Day?  BTC!

While the Washingbergers are chasing their tails (which is hard to do with their heads up their butts), the real story of the day is the price of nothing.

Oh, sorry.  True-believers call them Bitcoins and other such names.

They continue to act like Tulipmania of 1634 and this morning are quoted north of $2,825 and on their way to $3,500 or wherever the top of a mania falls apart.

BTCs are different from other speculative bubbles in that BTCs are not fungible on utility value.

Take something like gold or silver and they are precious metals because they can be used in superconductors and dentistry, space-based electronics, photography (of the old-school sort) and so forth.

But digital bits?  LOL.

We told Peoplenomics readers when BTCs passed $400 on this run to go play in that street if you must but do remember than when the traffic changes direction you’ll get run over.

That day is not today.  But do you have any idea what the price of a tulip bulb was in Amsterdam by 1645?

63 thoughts on “The Comey “Staging” Coincidence?”

  1. True Dat, about BTC. Although the other side of that mania is that it will allow the ultimate control of your money transactions, and what government loaded with globalist, billionaire wankers, are not going to support it? Especially in light of the currency collapses and imminent exchange chaos. Fiat money will one day be worthless!

  2. Agreed, collusion. I am well read and English to boot, and did not have that quote memorized.

    • Yesterday I was doing a quick scan of news just to see what various outlets are saying (and spinning) regarding the Comey testimony since I didn’t care to waste hours watching live. After stumbling across this article below I had to back up a bit and consider why a site like Slate would be fawning over the literary devices used in Comey’s prepared remarks:

      Curious that George picked up on something related. George I suspect you’re on to something here. It all reeks of something staged. Not the hearings necessarily, but the quote and the Senator’s response, this Slate piece, and whatever is next in that vein. How many times in the past have we read gushing praise over a politician’s literary prowess? Not what he’s saying but the way he’s saying it in his statement. The article above from Slate, the “coincidental” injection of that quote into the hearings, Comey’s impromptu notes, what’s next? I guess Comey is in the running for the next Pulitzer in literature? Obummer did nothing at all to get his so why not?

      Yup, the ground is being prepared for something and literature is needed for the plan. No idea what, but it’s looking like a way to stretch the press’ meddling via some literary angle somehow. Heads up! We’re about to see the next phase of something in the hearings or connected to them that takes public imagination into new areas. Seems there are footprints of academia or Hollywood writers in this. Smells like a plan afoot to exonerate Comey (or at least make it more difficult to prosecute him for leaking classified info) and it relies upon literature somehow to push it across the finish line. It’ll be entertaining to watch – but it’ll fail.

      • DAMN SMART – Good on you! This is the kind of comment this comments section of Urban is for

  3. No idea what tulip bulbs cost back then or today either, but Bitcoin is a totally unique asset. You can’t compare it to anything else, so I am a true believer until proven otherwise.

    • Because it is slow to clear, has only digits or has no other known use in the Universe?
      $2,826.50 right now. Which puts the IQWW toi BTC ratio at 1:28.265.

      Do I see 1:30?

  4. George,

    As a professional journalist, I’m sure you are aware that the newspaper industry actually offers annual awards for the best-written headlines; a good friend of mine has his own plaque on the wall to prove it. And, that’s all he does at our local version of THE DAILY PLANET. No reporting, no editorials, just headlines.

    When he showed me that plaque, I was floored; couldn’t believe he actually did that for a job, let alone competing for honors therein! I did not ask for details.

    But what I’d really like to know is the criteria for the awards themselves? They must have measurable standards, but what could they be?

    Seems to me that the simple purpose of a headline is to get somebody to read what follows. End of story. “-30-“, in proofer’s marks [interesting history there, George!].

    But, considering that the stated purpose of the MSM is to tell us vacant ones how to think it can be assumed that any good headline also motivates people to react. Just as human-interest plucks the heartstrings, a few desultory words aimed squarely at a target readership is what shifts circulation… and I’m not just talking pulp! My usually very benign blood pressure can spike as quickly as a thermometer in a west TX heatwave when I read some of the crap online-and-off… and I know yours does, too.

    It goes without saying that online the measurement is in the number of hits to the link itself; in radio broadcasting [where I worked for a few years doing V.O.’s] it used to be Arbitron/Arbitrend that baselined demographics. But, newspapers? I don’t recall ever being surveyed about what articles I read in the morning fishwrap, but maybe I was just lucky.

    SO: does the Best-Headline-Of-The-Year-Award committee monitor ER’s for newly-admitted stroke victims, or an outbreak of vandalized newspaper stands [Yeah: they still have these in larger cities, but elsewhere -just like phone booths- are becoming as rare as an honest politico]? Or how about an increase in soapboxers screaming at the top of their lungs in a plaza? There must be SOME methodology in place, right?

    Perhaps there are even categories: “Best Urban Violent Reaction”. “Best Sports Slaughter” or “Best Shameless Promotion Of A Lying concept”! I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a “Best Sure-To-Destroy-The-Reputation-Of-Someone-We-Despise” slot.

    Oh, sure: I could get my queries answered pretty easily just by asking my buddy. But I really don’t want to make him feel more important than he already does.

    Once upon a time, headlines had substance instead of the sliminess of a tabloid – and so did the stories underneath the byline. Just something else millennials will never appreciate.

    And even archived Googled images don’t do a 3″ banner-head justice, because there was an emotional contact when you clutched those flimsy sheets eagerly reading of a war’s end; perhaps a catastrophe, a great scientific accomplishment or plain old simple heroism. Back then they celebrated both the highs and lows of humanity – today we only get the salacious and smarmy, the once-unspeakable tragedies that have now become commonplace. As the years pass, I am increasingly convinced that one curse of ageing is in remembering how things USED to be.

    I suppose the next truly uplifting headline may well be an announcement of the Second Coming.

    If they bother to report it, that is.

    • Sometimes it seems the intent of headlines these days is to raise anger levels. Often times the headline and the story dont match up. The Huffington Post is very much that way. That news outlet also plays the race card and plays into the anti-white, anti-cop narrative as though their goal is to divide not inform.

      • Amen, brother

        (And now watch Jon rise to the religion bait I just tossed…)

        (I think Jon is a paid polarizer who reads multiple sites using that fake personal software dev’ed for the govt some years back.

        In 2011 it was reported that

        “The U.S. government recently offered private intelligence companies contracts to create special software to it help manage a number of “fake” profiles on social media websites.
        The contract opportunity (PDF) — posted last summer at — actually calls for the development of an “Online Persona Management Service” for the U.S. Air Force, a software that would help a single user manage a variety of distinct fake profiles online. According to the contract proposal, the software could be deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, but there is no guarantee it would not be used domestically as well.”

        Jon? what other personas does he op?

      • Since your response doesn’t offer a “Reply” link I’ll drop this in here George.

        Another, and more probable, scenario, George is that Jon is merely the victim of the far Left academic indoctrination coupled with the cherry picking organizations such as “The Agency” and top corporations do as they have a right to. I’m sure Jon was “bullseyed” by big business early on in his college training as one of a particularly bright but malleable mind and his finishing school was his massive paycheck (“I was making 6 figures x number of years after college”). Money conquers all, even loyalty to one’s own country which Jon says doesn’t really exist according to his owners.

        By Jon’s own admission he came out of, at least what he considers, abject poverty, applied himself in school and college and was picked up by a wealthy corporation that pretty much immediately started stuffing his pockets with so much money he actually began to believe, 1., he actually deserves it and, 2., his own personal bodily products have no malodorous effects on anyone, or at least anyone on his socio-economic level. Jon’s revelations regarding his background speak loudly to this. Also his ramblings through your comments section bolster his “street creds” as a liberal in his own mind and community.

        We had a young guy grow up in our little town very much like Jon. His mother was, and still is, a true gem of a person but his father looked down on everyone around him and passed this trait on to his son. The father always reminded me of the famous picture of J.P. Morgan staring down the camera sans moustache. The son was genuinely intelligent, went off to some big name college, became an attorney on both sides of the pond and finally moved back to this side of the Atlantic where he now resides with his boyfriend in what they call “marriage”.

        Oh well, like I said, money conquers all. Once you get to a certain income/asset level you can create your own reality. The rest of us “peons” down here are blessed with knowing what’s really going on as long as the Internet stays up which is why The Elites are trying desperately to regulate it.

      • Yes the daily mail is the same. If it’s a white person that commits a crime, they lead with the word white. If it any other race, the race is left off. I have learned to not click on salacious headlines, and I can now tell fake news from the headlines. So in one way, they save me a lot of time.

      • You finally got it George. The jon the con posts under a couple of names on your site, you can tell by the way “it” types. When “it” has to go do something else besides troll for a living, another troller posts using the same names. We have been waiting for you to figure it out George. My take is you better watch your site and your private info, that is what they are after to hack your site and steal your info. In the meantime they are tag teaming up and trying to destroy your site with chaos, confusion and BS. I know that I see a bully in the comment section. If I were you, I would take his ass(es) down.

  5. How can any Digital Currency be in a bubble, if less than 10% of any population in the world even know what a Digital Currency even is? This is the Global Currency Reset, and you all are still wondering what all the hoopla is about.. coffee is on fire and we’ll past burnt. Perhaps the coffee growers in 3 rd. world countries will sell Ure some beans for digital currency – seeing as how they all got burnt (or will get burnt) holding worthless national currency’s like your beloved US FERN’s. Hahahahahha

    • An even smaller portion owned tulips in 1634. Read Mackay (extraordinary delusions) because it is a pure herd deal.

      In order to be a member of the herd you need only to believe in the lie (free lunch, Obama peac e prize, or Trump’s evil an d BTCs have some intrinsic value that I can’t write with a text editor, lol)

      meantime, Ure went 3X short today as we see
      DOW 21,208.87 26.34 (0.12%)
      NASDAQ 6,203.96 -117.80 (-1.86%)
      S&P500 2,426.16 -7.63 (-0.31%)
      as of 02:40PM EST

      Beer for my horses?

      • Nice trade George. Hope it works out well for you. I might follow you Monday, maybe. I don’t understand why you wont toss a grand or so at crypto and see if you can snag some of the cash as well.
        Its a pretty fun market to trade as its 24/7.
        I’ve been playing the alts and turning it back to btc.
        I have 2 eth miners going mining a coin every 4 1/2 days.
        I still work HVAC ofc, living in Florida would be silly to stop that stream.

  6. Mistaking Henry III for Henry II (who actually was the king who by his careless comment condemned Archbishop Becket to death) is for people familiar with English history and/or American legal foundations like a tech person mistaking a shortwave radio for a telephone – yes, you can communicate with both, but they aren’t the same.

    Maybe I’m weird, but I thought of that classic quote even without the questioning of Comey by Angus King. It is one of the reasons why the Magna Carta was developed. While it is true that the Brits don’t have our constitution, they do have extensive case law going back to the Magna Carta. And I haven’t seen ‘that movie’ for over twenty years . . . bad of me I guess, knowing history and law . . .

      • Sorry, got my ‘history degree’ from PSU, in 1979 – and I read – one of those ‘nerds’, I guess . . . and listen – last job I had – security dispatcher.

        It is necessary to be accurate because people’s lives and reputations depend on it.

  7. Jon, let me tell you about my buddy “the Major.” I called him to weigh-in o n if I had – as you propose – “lost it.”

    Other than being a life-long friend, he went to a Catholic grade school in Seattle.
    Then he went to a Catholic high school (honors)
    And the very Catholic Seattle University where he graduated (not kidding here) Magna cum Laude.
    And then a masters of psychology from the University of Chicago.

    So a very (once upon a time) Catholic guy of considerable mental acuity.

    His view? I and 95% likely right in my assessment and maybe 5% that you are right. The Major hasn’t read today’s column , vaguely remembered the King II, associated it with the movie and has never had occasion to pull the quote out of the air, although he could, he supposed under an extraordinary event. But with a DATE?

    What I don’t like Jon, is where you assert that “… I personally have used it hundreds of times throughout my life…” I gotta call BS…

    Jon, if you took statistics and behavioral economics as part of your college work, you might write in for a refund.

    When you have a 5% chance (one use of the quote) and a 1% chance (knowing the precise date) that’s a 0.05% chance (0.0005) and THAT simply doesn’t happen but one in 2,000 such hearings. And those odds are far too long to be believed as not coincidental.

    Send me part of the college refund, though, would jah? They owe you.

    • Did your masters include any studies on Selection Bias, George? I’ve not used the meddlesome priest quote hundreds of times (maybe half a dozen?), but, the lady (or George) doth protest too much, me thinks :)

    • Were you fired & your former boss still working there? He must have used the quote too.

    • I recalled the quote.

      I did not recall the date, however.

      My mis-spent youth was largely involved in a mediaeval recreation group (which is probably why I remembered it).

      Sounds to me like someone was careful to study what showed up on a bootlegged copy of the exam.

      BTW, this whole thing leaves me wondering how these guys expect Trump to emulate Henry’s subsequent penance/mortification?

  8. Hell, Jon everyone knows my BRAIN HAS BEEN HACKED BY THE RUSSIANS lol

    (they wouldn’t have if I had sold them 20% of America’s uranium, though…)

  9. before we can go any further this talk about who you back or who backs you ,
    do you back the Federal Reserve system that is a corporation individually home by people who don’t even live in the United States whose only goal is to destroy us and use us as the military might then we can start making assumptions we didn’t get ready for ,to Jon the neophyte and most disastrous on political references where do you want to start John ,I prefer to start with where the money is made, or as some say made up from compared to where the right way is our government can make the money up from our own Treasury and not from an outside Corporation source

    • And by each government making making their own money source they have the right two take any patents and make them come forth and compete with another Nation compared to now where you believe that you want a global rule which restricts how far you can go out into the universe but me I believe each country has the ability to make their own money and has the ability to use other countries patents free so that we may expand and not be enslaved on Prison Planet but neophytes such as you John have been trained and to a certain area of what exists and what you’re able to do and what they want you to do when you go to college you learn those things you are not free you’re a prisoner of what you have learned that is why you are a neophyte that is why you come to urban survival and meet Georgia and Bryce from the lazy porch garden and a host of other people who can tell you what do you know is half right so now the part that you have to discover is how to write the other half that you have been taught so wrongly

  10. George, Not sure what world you live in, but your guy cleared the room of witnesses so he could ask the FBI director to let a potential criminal under investigation go.

    Aren’t you running out of lipstick over there yet? Mike.

    • Comey WORKED FOR TRUMP in the Exec Branch Mike…fergawdsake didn’t you go to school?

      Trump could have told Comey to screw a knothole if he felt like it…because you ingrate, the president is THE PRESIDENT and that’s what Being in Charge is about.

      Jeezzuz how many snowflake with no common senseare there?

      • You don’t understand chain of command. In a MORE structured environment, you’d get fired.
        Bet you weren’t in the army or officer material, lol
        Me? Nope, not in the .mil. But did have equivalent rank of a major at age 18… someone is keeping MS-13 from your home Jon…and I’m pretty sure it ain’t you

      • George, the issue not whether Trump has the power or authority to fire Comey, but rather whether Trump obstructed justice of a criminal investigation. Two different issues. Mike.

      • If you have the RIGHT to cross a street and refudse to yield to other opinion, is that obstruction? No, of course…

      • What does gunwalker have to do with a loyalty test for the FBI director? Do you seriously think the FBI should be cowed to any Pres whims? That all positions, even those that were somewhat independent of (but still reported to) the executive branch should be assigned based on a loyalty test?
        Regarding your misdirect to gunwalker (I’m assuming “Fast and Furious”?), sure, the Repubs control two of three branches, and ideologically the Supreme Court — that can and should investigate if they feel crimes are there. A whole bunch of lower level people were blamed: simply indict them, squeeze them, see what comes out. Simple. I suspect they won’t, for the same reason Benghazi and the email scandal will be dropped: not enough there to get anyone close to the top, and if you go that route you clear them and can’t keep raising the specter to rally the base every time you need to…

    • Sure the FBI reports to the President. It’s still seen as an independent investigative organization – and needs to be to maintain confidence in the Institution. I suspect many here would sing an entirely different tune if a Dem were President. By the same logic Obama could have (and should have) simply ordered the FBI & Justice to stop investigating Clinton. The hypocrisy seems to run very, very deep.

      • Instead, he and Holder skate on massive crimes like gunwalker… but that’d make any critic racist, right?

      • Jeff-

        FYI: Until this time last year I was a Democrat for over 40 years – having switched parties at the end of the Nixon-era; but, party affiliation aside I have ALWAYS voted for the POTUS candidate I felt would best represent the country as a WHOLE and not just my own personal interests. That’s why I had a very brief dance with the Liberatarians when John Anderson ran and why I was a local campaign manager for Independent Ross Perot. As an American I believed in them, pure and simple. A lack of belief is also why I only voted for Obama once – you see, I LEARN from my mistakes!

        I’d always been a light-footed political activist until Perot’s no-nonsense approach and that’s what moved me back then to work on his behalf. Flash-forward to last spring when I attended my very first caucus and luckily found a seat
        about 30′ away from Donald Trump. Let me tell you honestly: I haven’t felt such a presence from another human being since many years before, when I passed Mother Theresa as she humbly strolled a filthy SF sidewalk to her newly-opened mission. I kid you not: truly great people do resonate a palpable presence when you get close enough to feel it yourself!

        When at that same caucus I witnessed the rude devisiveness of the Ted Cruz posse -and their own resonance- my decision was firmly made.

        I should also mention that most of my life was lived in a notoriously red state whose Republican majority dates back to the Civil War, so during my Demo-years I learned a thing or three about enduring a government that doesn’t represent my personal ideals. But it never crossed my mind to take to the streets screaming invectives like a spoiled child who didn’t get his ice cream cone on a hot day.

        And, over the years -as a Gay man- I’ve also taken some serious heat from my own community for following my conscience instead of mindlessly following the other Lemmings. Currently, due to my support of President Trump I have lost two friends – one of which I have known [or thought I did!] for over 50 years. That too opened my eyes.

        SO: let me tell you something Jeff… I can see more clearly now than I ever did in my now-distant, idealistic youth.

        BTW: your last line regarding Obama’s inaction toward the Clinton investigation should more accurately read, ‘The duplicity seems to run very, very deep.’ But, that’s just my own decades of observation talking!

      • What exactly does gunrunning have to do with the Pres administering a loyalty test to the FBI director? It’s not that hard to answer, is it? Should the FBI be cowed to the whims of a sitting Pres? Should loyalty tests become central to who sits in these roles?
        Maybe you are simply not counting on being around next time a Dem is sitting in the corner office. Or maybe you believe there should be two sets of rules, one for Repubs and one for Dems (I mean, Dems aren’t even people, are they).
        Regarding your deflection to gunrunning, hey, the Repubs control two of the three branches (and ideologically the Supreme Court). If there is something to gunwalking, then they should have at it. There were several lower level people blamed, indict them, squeeze them, see what comes out. I suspect it doesn’t go very far up because if it did they would have gone this route earlier (and once cleared, it’s not really a useful political weapon that can be used against them / others that are still politically active, now is it). Same with Benghazi & emails. Have at it. Doesn’t seem like they are so anxious on those either, given the scores of man years spent and that they haven’t exactly drilled gushers there have they.

      • Gregory,
        Not sure what any of that has to do with anything I posted.
        I don’t really care if you voted for Trump, Clinton, Obama, Romney, or whoever else.
        I am fascinated, however, with how quickly people are tripping over themselves to justify things this Pres is doing & saying. I mean come on, a loyalty test for the FBI director? Really? Good idea?
        But regarding your post — the best laugh there was regarding the “spoiled children”. You didn’t say specifically, but I’d guess you are from the boomer generation. Your peers sure tore it up during the 60s, eh? Personally I don’t think the current crop is any more spoiled than the tea partiers before them were racists…

  11. John I learn from the best and I have real estate you do not put anything in your name I learn from Rothschild who has trans and Trans in Dallas with a real estate and stocks and every conceivable manner so that’s what I do you won’t find me owning anything you put it in other people’s names because when someone files a complaint or a lawsuit it cannot be applied to your property because your name’s not there or you can just change one letter on the Manifest and you cannot be traced so what do you want to talk about John ,our neophyte friend and the reason I say friend is because you live in the United States I assumed and if someone was hurting you or hurting me we would back each other up in that department to defend our families so we’re getting personal here John who is hurting you and who is helping you that’s what you have to decide

    • Ok when I was a kid about seven years old I lived in a place called of de vill la france in France not too far from nice and right around the bend was a man who owns the whole point his name was Rothschild and he would come into the Villas la france at the stadium soccer stadium and show off his manly Hood this he would get on two hands and walk across the field and little kids like me say how did you do that and I asked him he said you can do it here let me show you so I got up in the air and he held my feet up in the air and let me walk around a little bit and you said yeah you can do it but before that he ask me who I was, I said Bryce and uses what are you doing here and I said my dad’s on the ship out there and I said who are you a policeman you said no I own this place (now let me put some imagination in here this guy was with the Rothschild I said are you the police who said no my name is mr. Rothschild and then he told me because I was carrying a Colt 45 revolver pistol toy he said you better be careful you better look out for what you have or someone might take it well that day when I went home I didn’t have the revolver with me no more some other kids took it they gave me something they didn’t exactly take it like you would say it was more less a magician trick hey put your gun over here and look over here at will give you this and when I went back the gun was gone mr. Rothchild was right be careful or someone will take what you own which is the Federal Reserve System

  12. Jon: Who you see…you be. You are seeing your shadow. You can either heal it, or give others some slack (because you behave the same way sometimes).

  13. And the way to survive in this new age is to become a first hand common Man

  14. “Dear Jon” (letter),

    I don’t agree with everything everyone says either. Just a suggestion is that this “tribe/ community/ blog/ website” is Not the Hotel California: anyone can both check out anytime they like And they can leave. It would lower your blood pressure. I don’t have time/energy to pick a fight with you – I’m merely helpfully saying that somebody (maybe George?) can help you find your way to the perimeter of Uretopia blog if needed and see you off. Just a thought – you don’t have to be miserable here, we don’t have to be miserable here.

    • A jon the con came here to do exactly what he is doing disrupt the positive learning curve of this site. Bryce is so nice to call him a neophyte, I’d call him an asswipe. He has shown his one-track brain and inability to learn over and over again. Neophyte’s are hungry to learn the deepest secrets of life and they dissolve their ego as they grow humility. Never gonna happen to jon the con. We need to get back to the basics here. This tide cannot lift all ships, cause jon the con’s is filled with the Con-crete of ignorance.

  15. George,the trolls are out. You are dead on with your premise. Your detractors are obvious shills. keep up the good work.

  16. And the way to survive in this new age is to become a first hand common Man
    John I’m glad you came home to this website to comment because you have awoken a lot of people up who are sitting out there in the bleachers going what the heck is this and like we said you or in need and you will find it here that’s what you seek for people always seek and they always find some sooner than later like me I was seeking to make money on urban survival of stock market thing but I wouldn’t into the groove of that as such would have it so but everybody’s got their own Groove that they seek and search fine and reconfirm and reevaluate and that’s your go right now I know you came here with the goal to change the world on this site but the facts are John you will be the one who will be changed as horrendous as that may seem to you you will be the one that will be changed everyday you click on this site you will find something that will change your little bit over into another Direction people who don’t want to be changed don’t click they just go on about their business and do whatever it is they do but sent you click that means you want to be change and you looking for answers and I confer with you on that one

  17. Actually, Jon, he’s doing fine. So what cities were these where you live in crap holes and saw Trump the terrible monster?

  18. I have a friend who is diving deep into the crypto currencies. Every day his excitement grows over all the money he is making. Today he posted a piece about how someday bitcoin could be worth a million dollars. I, as a good friend, tried to point out the bubblicious nature of it’s rise and he was so offended he deleted my caution. Lol, I have a wallet, with some fraction of a coin. I’m thinking about asking him if he wants to buy it. ;)

  19. Um Hillary Holder and Obama and gunwalker ring a bell? It’s al;l a feed lot in disguise, I tell yah

    I*’m gonna start the rumor you secretly married married to Debbie wasserperson Schultz, as you sound like it here lately Jon

    • Trump has done no crime, merely his job as the bosss.

      It’s trolls like you Jon who would have us overlook the missing “smoking gun” – yet Debbie wasserperson and Hillary run criminal enterprises and skate?
      Better yet, put me on the grand jury to drain the swamp.

  20. It is tulip mania in Holland to this day.

    In exchange for one desirable tulip bulb known as a “Semper Octavian” or “Semper Augustus”, a Dutchman paid “two wagon loads of wheat, four loads of rye, four fat oxen, eight fat swine, twelve fat sheep, two hogheads of wine, four barrels of beer, two barrels of butter, 1,000 pounds of cheese, a marriage bed with linens, and a sizable wagon” to haul it all away. All this for just one tulip! This transaction was not unique.

    There are many surviving receipts and contracts from the period showing that people traded large houses, businesses, ships, and farms for a single tulip bulb. People also borrowed huge sums of money, regardless of the terms of the loan or the interest rate, to speculate at the tulip market.


  21. George-
    You are spot on yet again! My hero.
    I agree there is a concrete possibility that the ‘script’ was in place for the testimony for what reason is yet to be discovered.
    1. Comey met with his 20 yr buddy Mueller to ‘vet’ the CYA ahead of time.
    2. He didn’t seem to pause/take a breath during testimony or react naturally (except the ‘lordy’ meme.
    3. If ‘Deep state’ is out to finish this coup, its all orchestrated most likely.
    4. Are any of these congressoid committees holding court/theater doing so with ‘clean hands’?
    Seems the Awan brothers/Wasserman/DNC-DCC intrigue implicates lots of them.

    As for the bitcoin- I’ve been watching for years and agreed with the tulip theory myself- innately. It smacks to me of the stock market emotional frenzy. similar pattern of buy and sell.

    I have a real ‘gut’ feeling about all of this crypto-currency especially researching and finding that Goldman Sachs has spent billions to develop their own along with other central banks in order to get in on the game.
    Tell me HOW is this form of currency backed with anything tangible?
    Thanks for all you do dear, BTW my dreams are getting really precog on all of this as of late.

  22. Are you seriously citing that dumpster of a news cite while you hate on people that watch Fox? If your obsession with this site and Trump wasn’t enough to make me question your credibility, this garbage is.

  23. Trump doesnt employ mafia style management, he’s employing corporate style management. He reminds me of my life when I worked in corporate America. The problem with liberals is they see leadership as autocracy and think that underlings should have equal say so.

  24. Suggestion: Put the first post on top and the last post at the bottom for this thread and others. Thank you!

  25. You are the con man, jon. I don’t believe your sob story. You are too filled with hate, you are a certified, self proclaimed, troller globalist rino! With no humility, just a trash talker. A jon the con boy walking all over this comment section with bile pouring out of his heart.

  26. Poor G seems to only feel safe “playing” in rigged or controlled markets. Old dogs and PTBers seem to fear a free market. I wonder why..
    Can’t imagine what will happen when the 1% try to convert some of the 90% of worlds $ into Cryptos, let alone when Central Banks start. Hmmm

  27. Don’t forget the HSBC scandal, wherein $20 billion was moved out of Russia between 2010 and 2014 in an operation called “The Global Laundromat”. Wait did I just mention Russia? Why didn’t the honorable senators have any questions for Comey about that, given his past relationship with HSBC. I predict that the RussiaGate investigation will quietly wind down with no conclusions reached. Whether Trump is guilty of anything or not, there are too many rabbit holes for investigators to avoid. It appears that the HSBC scandal may have been like a huge octopus that reached its tentacles into many governments around the world, including our own. No way any investigator is allowed to go there. You can’t selectively go after one politician when so many others may be also implicated.

  28. “Why hasn’t congress subpoenaed that stuff? ”

    It depends on what the puppet masters want.. what money wants money gets..

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