As we dutifully suffered through the Comey debacle (no smoking gun, just interminable amounts of repeated innuendo and BS) there was one part of the jokestimoney that stood out to a sore thumb to us.

Remember the part where Comey went for the “Rid me of this troubled priest” quote?

If you missed it, scroll down to the Henry III section of this British report over here and you’ll see it.


What bothers me deeply about the senator who just happened to have the quote ready.

When Comey goes to the “rid me of this meddlesome priest” the “independent” senator Angus King goes on “I was just going to quote that: In 1170 December 29 said ‘Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest…”

So here’s the problem:  I don’t doubt that Comey and the Senator involved are bright.  Yeah, sure, you bet.

Vanity Fair as an alternative explanation.  Other than theater for the sheep.  I mean, seriously, think Comey or King watched the movie Beckett lately?  Nope…statistically improbable.

But I would also argue that statistically it is a HUGE TELL that there was likely prior planning of the quote. Comey-King staging seems possible.

Hell, I’d go further and argue that if you were to survey three floors of lawyers in any big city in America, less than 40% of lawyers would remember the King Henry II quote.  Number that would remember December 29, 1170?  Oh hell, less than 3% I’d wager.

Which means what?

Well, to us it raised a hell of a red flag – having the exact day of the quote at hand?

Is this senator psychic enough to have the whole quote and the exact date handy?  Is it likely Comey just pulled that out of his literary butt?

Nope.  Words like meddlesome don’t even move the meter in our Nostracodeus software word-frequency analysis runs.

This is A MAJOR DEPARTURE FROM PROBABILITY unless (and where’s my conspiracy meds?) This appears as it it was all pre-arranged.

And therein is our take on the whole mess yesterday:  Staged bullshit with large doses of missed follow-ons.

The Simpleton’s Party (GOPers who are really moderate democrats flying a GOP flag of convenience)  did not follow up on Loretta Lynch killing the (famous skater) Hillary investigation, and Comey’s admitted collusion with (“Lynch’ed Justice”) to message the FBI director to call it a “matter” instead of a “criminal” investigation.

Why hasn’t congress subpoenaed that stuff?  No, this is being spun into a remake of the movie “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!” Which is comical, given questionable voting comes in via the border not via submarine, but I digress.

So sham of process?  Only the bright and aware will see it, since the sheep may not understand word frequencies or DOJ saving Hillary’s butt-matter after lousy Lynch met with Bill Clinton to “talk about grandchildren” on the tarmac at PHX.  (If you believe that, wanna buy a bridge?)

I wish we could have watched the other hearings.  There must have been an alt-universe event that caused the NY Times to write “Comey Bluntly Raises Possibility of Trump Obstruction and Condemns His ‘Lies’.”  wtf? Didn’t see that as I watched.

We watched the hearings that prompted News Busters to report “ABC Omits Comey Testimony Exposing AG Lynch As Clinton Campaigner.:”   Gosh, isn’t that like a coincidence, lol?

There’s enough bullshit  in Washington now to hide an Amarillo feedlot in.

Say, is it possible Robert Mueller’s probe will be funded by  EPA Superfund money?

But no worries, the NE Liberal press is still turning this into a Trump-bash even with no allegations of anything criminal – bullcrap and innuendo not firmly in charge as the NY Times calls it “Mr. Comey and all the President’s Lies…”

Which is why we tell readers run as fast as you can from the Northeast.

May and Did Not

Meantime, long as we’re on ‘hacked’ elections, we have little faith in the wisdom of the Brits again.

Or was it?

We tend to question “surprise” outcomes when there is a lot of money – tons of money – on the table. Potentially trillions.

And whether admitted, or not, we see the “hidden hand” of the elites influencing the May defeat.

\What is clear is the snap election was all about money.  And Big Money, George Soros Big Money for one, was all over the continued conquest of Europe and the collapse of independent governments.

Here’s one for you: “Election disaster could cost us our mandate for a hard Brexit deal, David Davis admits.”

So how was it a week ago we read how George “Soros suggests that Brexit might never actually happen”?

Lucky guess, or foreknowledge?  Depends what you had in the way of meds for breakfast, I reckon.

Will the Brits have a post election scandal – vote tampering and hacking charges and such?  Stand by for future developments.  Watch for someone to suggest Russians hacked it, lol.

Meanwhile, might be an interesting day to go “put shopping” if you like options play in the global casino: Analysts are calling this the worst possible outcome for investors.  The Pound is down, and life goes on.

May still lays claim to being Prime Minister, but with her majority smashed, life’s got changes coming for the Brits.

Until next week when the real direction of disaster will emerge from the fog of politics.  Then we think the call may be “Look out below!!!”

Economic Fallout?

Naw.  That’ll come next week.

For now, the Dow futures are up 30 and the UK Footsie is up half a percent.

The UK vote is like getting drunk, it’s the hangover (or flashing blue lights in the rearview) that’ll ruin things and those should be along shortly.

The Big Story of the Day?  BTC!

While the Washingbergers are chasing their tails (which is hard to do with their heads up their butts), the real story of the day is the price of nothing.

Oh, sorry.  True-believers call them Bitcoins and other such names.

They continue to act like Tulipmania of 1634 and this morning are quoted north of $2,825 and on their way to $3,500 or wherever the top of a mania falls apart.

BTCs are different from other speculative bubbles in that BTCs are not fungible on utility value.

Take something like gold or silver and they are precious metals because they can be used in superconductors and dentistry, space-based electronics, photography (of the old-school sort) and so forth.

But digital bits?  LOL.

We told Peoplenomics readers when BTCs passed $400 on this run to go play in that street if you must but do remember than when the traffic changes direction you’ll get run over.

That day is not today.  But do you have any idea what the price of a tulip bulb was in Amsterdam by 1645?

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