Columbus Day Rewrite

While this is a state and federal holiday, the forces of political correctness, particularly what some academics call The Network’s embeds in the national media, will have no problem using the occasion to bash the Trump administration because (in case you’re too distracted to notice) Trump, el al, don’t have any problem being sovereign individuals.

The Network, as it’s called in the literature, however, loves dependent people.  That’s why through their control of the Congress, they have prevented this dangerous “sovereign individual” stuff from becoming more widespread.

At the same time, their hand picked “put-ups” – the only ones allowed to run for office had funneled billions into their wars and empires, while failing to fix any of America’s basic problems (poverty, racism, excessive taxation) while running under the false banner which is merely a continuation of the Johnson Great Society fraud.

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So, $15-trillion dollars in “war on poverty” later, we still have (come on, take a guess) what?

The game, for those not following, began with the installation of Woodrow Wilson as the first globalist-controlled president.  Remember under whose administration the Income Tax and the bankster takeover of the nation’s money supply was enacted.

Toss in the forerunner of Global Government – Wilson’s League of Nations – and you can begin to keep this stuff in pretty clear perspective.

Since this is Columbus Day, let’s check how The Network is using the occasion to bash Trump, who was not supposed to get anywhere near the White House.  The election was to have been a simple pick of either of The Network’s stooges, Jeb Bush or John Kasich on the right and Hillary Clinton on the left.

Point is, The Network’s operatives – the king-makers – preselected your presidential choices to some very pliable sycophants of globalism and Trump – independent and very much a sovereign fellow, was never supposed to have made it this far…

So let’s see how Trump is faring in today’s headlines, shall we?

Anger, praise in Scotland as losses mount at Trump’s resorts.

Interview: Ivana Trump Has Her Say.

Read an Exclusive Excerpt From Ivana Trump’s New Memoir, Raising Trump.


Outgoing Senator Calls White House an ‘Adult Day Care Center’ After Trump Twitter Attack.  (Sidebar: To see who bought Corker his senate job, click here.)

And The Network is even brashly telling Trump that the Network’s mindless minions will continue to taunt and attack his presidency, if you can follow what’s being said behind the words in CNN’s Does Trump want a safe space from comedians?.

Since it is Columbus day, we are seeing The Network’s hand in stories like Trump’s praise of Columbus omits dark history, Trump campaign uses Columbus Day controversy as a ploy to sell merchandise , and perhaps in Trump’s Columbus Day proclamation had a big contrast to Obama’s.

We assume it’s an accident when a piece like “Christopher Columbus XX: Hey America, my ancestor didn’t cause your failings” gets into USA Today.  Will the approving editor be re-schooled, we wonder?

Or, is it the masterful utilization of propaganda?

Speaking of which, to the true UrbanSurvival-oriented thinker, today’s birthday pales in comparison to the one coming up November 22nd that is virtually unknown outside of academic (and sovereignty-investigating works): Wiki Edward Bernays, sometime – because he is far more relevant to how The Network keeps your thinking corralled and the illusion of “freedom” preserved:

Edward Louis James Bernays (/b?r?ne?z/; German: [b????na?s]; November 22, 1891 ? March 9, 1995) was an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda, referred to in his obituary as “the father of public relations”.[2] Bernays was named one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century by Life magazine.[3] He was the subject of a full length biography by Larry Tye called The Father of Spin (1999) and later an award-winning 2002 documentary for the BBC by Adam Curtis called The Century of the Self.

His best-known campaigns include a 1929 effort to promote female smoking by branding cigarettes as feminist “Torches of Freedom” and his work for the United Fruit Company connected with the overthrow of the Guatemalan government in 1954. He worked for dozens of major American corporations including Procter & Gamble and General Electric, and for government agencies, politicians, and non-profit organizations.

Of his many books, Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923) and Propaganda (1928) gained special attention as early efforts to define and theorize the field of public relations. Citing works of writers such as Gustave Le Bon, Wilfred Trotter, Walter Lippmann, and his own double uncle Sigmund Freud, he described the masses as irrational and subject to herd instinct—and outlined how skilled practitioners could use crowd psychology and psychoanalysis to control them in desirable ways


More relevant holiday, huh?

And The Network, as Carroll Quigley explained it, is based on Milner’s Kindergarten and the globalist ambitions of Cecil Rhodes is still handed down to the next generations through scholarship programs and The Network’s levers that wield the REAL power not only in America and England, but increasingly worldwide.

I assume you know that The Imperial Federation was the forerunner of the EU and Globalism?  Names change, members change, but the crooks in power as a group?  No change there…

It’s The Network that is pouring money into genderism and into Global Climate Change; not so much based on sincerity of thought, but sincere addiction to power.

And how is social media controlled?  AT&T and Verizon halt Google ads over extremist videos… which means the advertisers get to say what’s extremist, you see?

We have warned the simple-minded many times about this, but it bears repeating:  Everything is a Business Model, especially so when you’re sowing the seeds of dissent in order to cause disaffected workers to rise up and follow false prophets who, even now, believe Clinton should have been president.

Idiocy is a communicable disease spread by media contact.  It’s while the predominate search engine and the largest of socials are, at some level, censoring content.  So you remain controlled and accepting of “the way things are.”  Nice….

The Network plans to make Trump a one-term president, and we remember that both Taft and Harding were run so that Wilson could gain the White House to promote The Network’s agenda, without the messy inconvenience of having to win a popular majority.

As a political operative in Pacific Northwest politics schooled me as a beat reporter: “We don’t have to win on our merit.  All we need to do is win.  By sticking enough negative assignments on the opposition, we win, regardless of merit.”

Which is how our future will likely roll in 2020.

Today, as “Trump unveils new strict 70-point immigration enforcement plan” that flies in the face of the open border Globalist agenda, we laugh to read how The Network is desperately pulling the marionette strings of the left as “Schumer, Pelosi blast Trump’s new immigration principles.”

But of course!  The puppet masters of Globalism would let them say nothing else…Schumer and Pelosi will comply, too, so long as they remain addicted to the heroin of ego: Power.

It’s especially sad to see otherwise intelligent people fall-in behind the globalist banner to take down borders in order to own the world outright.

Domestic Terrorism?

With word of multiple, massive fires breaking out in Napa and Sonoma counties north of the Bay area, we have to wonder at the odds of multiple fires being a “coincidence?”

Or, is it yet-to-be-labeled domestic terrorism?

About That Re-write…

LV shooter?  Nothing new of any consequence.

NKorea: Ibid/ditto

Doesn’t mean you won’t find stories in the “press rotation” but what seems to be missing a relevant, new facts to ponder.

Looking Ahead

Producer Prices/Final Demand comes out Thursday.

The Cost of Living is due Friday.

Between now and then, mostly routine Fed Heads speaking.

Dow futures up 50’ish, so we’re looking at K2 perhaps, today – readers will know what this means…

Mor’on the morrow…

31 thoughts on “Columbus Day Rewrite”

    • I strongly recommend viewing that to everyone who will listen. It was made by an award winning Brit documentary film maker. He has others that are valuable to watch. If you are not already well informed, this one will sicken you. The sheeple are boldly on display in it.

      • As a self-confirmed “documentary junkie” I give this an A+ as well. I’ve seen only the first half with many “aha!” moments in the first hour and quite a few “Holy c**p!” moments in the second even though I’ve seen much of the same material in other videos dealing with history and psychology. This video does a great job in consolidating this information for those interested in knowing where we’ve been and how we’ve arrived here in this time and condition.

        Not only do we need to know ourselves, personally, but know the influences that we know and accept willingly in our lives. It’s interesting to see how society was formed up until the 60s, my formative years, through to the present. Getting into the heads of those who I was raised by and with whom I grew up with can be cathartic. A child never fully understands the world its parents or caregivers came from. It’s something I observe with my grand kids as they’re raised by the children I raised. History is important.

      • History is damned important, and it’s not taught much anymore! You can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you (in the general sense, and the personal) have been.

        People need to devour knowledge, and history is the story of human beings!

  1. WOW The economy is chugging along nicely, bankers are happily thrilled, what could possibly go wrong ?

  2. The citizens and perhaps the nation of the USA is at war, and the sad thing is that we don’t know who the enemy really is. No doubt the Network is an element of “the enemy”, but we have managed(on purpose?) to make enemies of many nations, even as they still wish for the remnants of the US dollar.

    Where can citizens go other than home? We are still a relatively comfortable place to live, though for how long. Where can we escape to should we wish to? Most countries have strong borders, unlike our own. Most Americans don’t even have passports because they are either too much trouble or too expensive. We are in a pot on a live burner. We’d best wake up and know what’s really going on in the world. I have a clue, and could use many more. George is right about business models, but I fail to understand the lure of power. My bad. It is obviously so important to some folks that they will sacrifice their own relatives(NK?). Other than to live well each day, moderate preps and modeling life for others, I fail to see how to change things.

    • Power is the drug of choice for the spiritually immature or evil bent person who rejects the first law of the Universe, free will, by seeking to impose their will on everyone else. Older souls know better.

  3. If the USA is such a racist nation as claimed by so many,then why is the stock market open today while being closed on MLK Day?

  4. I didn’t realize how much free time I would have by turning off the TV for NFL games on Sunday. Spending more time with the grandkids and other family members and enjoying freedom from the tube.

    The players have sold me with their kneeling, raised fists, locked arms or whatever else they are doing to give the middle finger to the fans. They don’t want or need me and by extension, neither do their sponsors. I am cutting back on my beer consumption too.

    When the NFL stands for No Fans Left, perhaps those poor over paid, under appreciated players can move up here to the frozen tundra in Canada and play for peanuts to n the CFL in minus degree weather. It will be much harder to take a knee or raise a bare fist for long even though our anthem is shorter than yours.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my American friends.


    • Still watching (for one more week), and my list of advertisers for NFL games is getting impressively long.

      Something I’ve noticed: In years past, the commercial breaks would show one network advert for a current or upcoming show, then a second network spot which would alternate between a national show and a local show, and the NFL would toot it’s horn every 3rd break. Now there’s two network adverts per (plus the national/local rotation), and 1-2 NFL adverts per commercial break (there were three during one break for last night’s game — one for NFL Network and two for NFL Shop.) I don’t know (and I don’t care) how often NFL advertising contracts are negotiated (the Superbowl is every year) but ISTM while the fan drop-off hasn’t hurt the NFL yet, gate drop-off should start squeezing franchise owners any day now (wasn’t kidding about Stubhub not being able to sell Colts/Browns tix for $5), and the Networks must be taking an absolute bath in red ink, and I’m okay with that…

  5. “and we remember that both Taft and Harding were run so that Wilson could gain the White House to promote The Network’s agenda,”

    Not arguing the point George, but what you are essentially saying is that it was Theodore Roosevelt’s fault?

    • Um, that’d be “yes.” TR was a “Republican” but he was also a “progressive” (or as I prefer to call them “regressives”) because their ideology undermines and seeks to eliminate individualism and personal property ownership (by commoners, peasants, or “the masses” by any other name), the actual core principals of the United States, and the things which did not exist, anywhere in the world, until March of 1789.

  6. George,
    “Idiocy is a communicable disease spread by media contact.” May be the best line you have ever printed. I laughed out loud when I read that. I am going to put that out on social media, attributing you f course, to see what kind of resonse I get.

    I do think the PC crowd is getting to critical mass. When things can get editied and removed because someone gets their “feeling” hurt or goes against the popular mindset, our society is in trouble. As you have ooiinted out for some time, that seems to be our situation in “Merica”

    I appreciate your thought process and articulation!

  7. I agree with you 100%, needles to say. With your mindset in consideration, have you ever thought about suicide? If you didn’t have your writings to express yourself it would be tough to continue?

  8. George,

    Of course, Corker is the one talking common sense, talking plain truth. Clearly obvious.

    Yet True Conservatives, and you too, viciously attack him today. But, no, it’s not because you’re stupid. Oh, no. Far from it. I mean, Bob Corker? From Tennessee? Really?

    And so, it finally struck me. Like a ton of bricks. Finally.

    There’s simply no point in discussing facts with the current Conservative mind.

    Facts, accuracy, truth, reason, common sense, all in pursuit of finding the best decision — just simply no longer matters. No more. We are playing a new game now. The old game is — old.

    I’m not sure where your new ‘truth’ comes from, whether shadows on a cave wall, internal feelings, or what, but obviously it’s not reality based.

    Or perhaps the better question is why? Is there a greater good being served? Why not tell us? We’re not stupid. If it’s a good enough reason, well maybe the ends will justify the means. Mike.

  9. I thought I was a reasonably well informed person on history, but really confused about “who” is pulling “The Network’s levers that wield the REAL power not only in America and England, but increasingly worldwide”. Then I indirectly came on a You Tube series: “Europa: The Last Battle” that has totally shocked me. It appears well documented. I would welcome your and other comments on what this series appears to reveal about who is causing our turmoil.

  10. Folks focus on G. Soros (hey, I do it, too…) As I said 10 years ago, he sits in the boardroom, but is nowhere near the head of the table. He’s just the point man for stuff we’re allowed to notice, if we pay attention.

  11. in the war on _______, the enlightened miss the obvious. You get what you pay for. Stop buying it and it just may go away.

  12. I hate to mention this, but the ‘globalist takeover’ you reference was in full-blossom as early as the Grant administration when Grant (who was a damn good general but terrible president) was ‘played’ by a couple of Wall Street types by the names of Gould and Fisk. (They wanted to corner the gold market.) His entire administration was fraught with corruption in the years that followed – and in the administrations that followed despite ‘official’ attempts to clean them up.

    Six different presidents – increasingly getting involved in international affairs – culminating in the situation in Havana, Cuba when the U.S.S. Maine was blown up and the Spanish-American War commenced. McKinley was president at the time- yes, a Republican – and the United States, by virtue of ‘winning’ acquired not only territories in the Americans but also in the far east . . . and I believe that is definitely ‘globalist’.

    Theodore Roosevelt may have been too ‘progressive’ by some comments – but he was no fool and was most definitely pro-American to the core.

    Was the Wilson administration a failure – particularly in the later years due to his failed health? – yes, but read a short book titled “The Zimmerman Telegram” by Barbara Tuchman. Would you have liked a more aggressive Mexico to our south, perhaps ‘ruled’ by some kind of German state? Our entry into WWI was caused by a series of events we could not control.

    • Oh, I agree completely that TR was a patriotic American, as I would argue that modern “progressives” aren’t. Yet he created the NPS and spearheaded the change in focus of the General Land Office from an agency created to disburse public land to individual purchasers and homesteaders, to an agency which retained ownership of Federal land and leased its use to individuals — which is technically illegal. The modification of GLO’s charter and creation of the Park Service were used to legally justify the Grazing Act of 1934, which was eventually rolled into GLO to form the BLM.

      I don’t fault Wilson on his gaming us into WW-I, which I see as a net “good thing.” I fault him for selling out the Nation to J.P. Morgan’s cabal, creating the income tax system, and forming the League of Nations…

    • Grant got wise to the gold scam before the culprits could turn a profit and he promptly pulled the rug out from under them.

  13. Hello, George,
    Columbus was just the ‘pointman’ so to speak. His ENTIRE CREW, SHIPS, SUPPLIES, ETC., were SUPPLIED BY QUEEN ISABELLA OF SPAIN! NOT ITALY!!! Bet you don’t see ANY anti-Spaniard ‘demonstrations’ or ‘protests’. Dosen’t fit the narrative or agenda.



  14. Good writing today George. I used to not like Jerry Jones owner of the Dull ass team but I heard it that he told his players you can kneel but you won’t play. I assume if you don’t play you might not get paid.

  15. Here is the farthest back transcript link page that I can see for the programme since the original upload on the now-defunct Windows Spaces wasn’t archived.

    To the Gentleman elmering in the lab:

    I am confident there won’t be unwanted residue for Zeus and “Allen Wallaroo” to clean up if you remain at the keyboard while repeating the following mantra – “I wanna go fast”. Hopefully you will find yourself transported to the pipeline with stethoscope in hand.

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