Collapse at Hand? Short of a Lifetime? Retail is Part…

The global economy is on the verge of collapse in coming weeks.

Before we get into “How grim is it?”  We need to roll out one of the major numbers that will drive future:  Retail Sales.  Just out:

Also out some imported energy data from Labor:

“Prices for U.S. imports increased 0.4 percent in September following a 0.3-percent decrease in August. Export prices rose 0.1 percent in September, after increasing 0.4 percent the previous month. Over the past year, import prices advanced 9.2 percent and export prices rose 16.3 percent.”

After the data, futures were sitting on our predicted Wave II rally target which we will get to in a moment…

In some ways, a lot of what’s going on right now can be laid at the feet of the Federal Reserve Board.  Which – in our estimation – has done an OK job of dealing with the outbreak of bio-war.  Questionable trading aside…

You see, when the economy cratered, back in February of 2020, the Federal Reserve simply started making up money.  A LOT  of money.  Like $8.5 TRILLON dollars worth of money.  And all done with relative ease because Dollars are not directly convertible into anything.

The “Four Futures” to Resolve

Topic in great depth of our subscriber report tomorrow.  ($40/year).

  • In the nearest future, China uses its temporal advantage and takes Taiwan right after the CCP meeting in two weeks.  Circle Nov. 6.
  • A more distant future waits until September 2022.  Then – with fresh hot new systems on line China takes Taiwan – and keeps on going.  Middle Kingdom time – and they keep on going.  Circle Next Labor Day.
  • A bit further, The U.S. economy implodes as the Rest of World (RoW) renounces the Buck as the global reserve currency, wild-eyed free-spending leftists will have hollowed out the Dollar doing what the Soviet Union and China were not able to do.
  • At best, the fourth scenario is the muddle-through.  Sovietization of America with sides of Venezuela, Zimbabwe hyperinflation, and arrogant leftist organizers of the AOC “free lunch and don’t pay back debts” crowd.

We’ll go over the decision-trees (because you should have pre-programmed personal responses to each of these potential time-shifters at the ready – in the Peoplenomics report tomorrow.

For now, my consigliere’s warning that his 1979 long-range cycles work – a lightyear pasts Kondratiev, Juglar, and other cyclical economics luminaries – still has a “hot spot” for war with China in the 2022-2025 window.  That’s when the the tinder is all in place.

Where the specific spark lands?  Well, we have “no sparks or open flames” windows that are pretty clear.  And, to a degree, somewhat actionable.

Prepping is Prudent – Not Paranoid

That we’ve invested in additional solar, PTZ wireless surveillance cams, and deliveries from Cheaper-than-Dirt and Lucky Gunner should not make us appear too paranoid.   Anymore than it’s paranoid for Taiwan to order additional arms for self-defense.  Or Israel wanting to lease four of our KC-135 tankers to proactively be prepared to strike back if an attack on their Dimona nuke installation is launched.

Not that my now-in-hand Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot license…along with knowledge building on how to integrate the wider application of Android apps (for surveillance) into Windows 11 informs, either.  I told you there was a new main computer here, right?  In times ahead, I could see government having to ban all but licensed drone operations in urban areas when this all gets kicked-over.

Amateur radio Extra Class and high speed Morse?  Multiple VHF/SDR/ and HF multimode capability?

It’s all part of CoEGZ Planning.  That’s Continuity of Elaine, George, and Zeus planning.

People with their woke heads where they can’t read data need to pull ’em out and WTF up.  But if not, we offer the choice of sub or hypersonic.  Though we hope it never comes to that.  We’re law abiding AND peaceable.  As long as both persist.  (Rewatch the movie Bill Jack this weekend.)

Something Remains Hidden

There is, however, still something that remains hidden in our estimate.  Likely related to the bio-war which will come into headlines in full force over the next year – if not sooner – in our 50-years of news judgement.

With the unlocking of the penal colony (Australia) the RoW is still going crazy with Covid.  Take Protests and blockades greet new Italy Covid rules,  as an example.

Now, ask yourself:  Why are government’s so G-damn anxious – even desperate – to vaccinate all their tax-chattel/cattle?

They are lying at every turn about the disease:  Fauci’s blatant misdirection on gain of function research, Oz locking down, Stupid Joe’s “mandates” without authority of law to private companies.  (He can only mandate to federal contractors, but it hasn’t slowed him down…)

Reasons for Suspicion

Needle-Juice Desperation drives it for thinking people:

But even MORE suspect – and it’s like he and his left-of-communist government is TRYING TO TAKE DOWN AMERICA – are decisions like enabling the Covid-leaking border and spreading military-aged non-citizens around the U.S. uninvited and undoxxed.   And just this morning there’s even MORE happy horseshit as New Navy Guidance Will Discharge Sailors Refusing COVID-19 Vaccination Without Exemption.

Thank God there are some high-integrity jurists left who haven’t been purged yet by the digital coup: Judge bars United from putting unvaccinated workers on leave.

But the coup marches on. Since Illinois is (besides being bankrupted by liberals) not a very freed0m loving place – where gun-banners can’t stop the S.A. gangs and their weekend killing sprees – we don’t hold much hope for independent-minded Windy City cops: Chicago police union urges officers to ‘hold the line’ over vaccine mandate. Mayor says ‘bring it on.’  The mayor is an idiot.  Oh, I mean the mayor is ultra-lib Lori Lightfoot. Part of the desperation vaxxers using it to clean-house of freedom-supporting people who might not like the [still hidden] agenda.

But let’s get back to tearing the guts out of the military, shall we?

No disrespect Joe, but hey, look… We gotta ask “Who but a Traitor would sanction reducing naval (and all services) manpower when we’re on the verge of war to defend a critical defense  products and high tech chips ISLAND? Which if it falls means Australia next?  Not like it’s a Cessna 182 ride from Hickam, right?

We view it as an open question:  Is Joe Biden (and his Obama holdover crew) the first Traitor to hold the Oval?  OR – and I hope this is the case – is there SOMETHING so bad, so evil, so un-nerving, that it cannot be revealed to the Great American Public?

Time tells, but it can take a while.  Look up the fall of Rome, for example.

But to us, comes down to the question are there Traitors in Washington OR there’s some God-awful ugly fact not being admitted (and we think the outbreak of the BioWar could be it…or an “aliens from dimensions next door” mandate or we all perish) that would explain Vaccination Desperation.

Is it the same thing that’s driving such lunacy as promoting gender uncertainty, whipping up the racial divide – where CRT is picking the scab off a nearly healed wound?  Or killing energy independence and pretending that will save climate?  Bad news bubba – to thinking people who can model more than one move ahead in checkers, there are still plenty of 6-moves ahead chess players in the formerly United States.  Which has been systematically broken.

Explain why, please?

Want another prompt?

Like we saw this week with Aspirin:  Out comes a report from Israel that simply taking aspirin reduces Covid mortality 47%!!!  Almost risk-free compared to the still EUA , and no natural reservoir found, needle-juice.  Within 24-hours, a US Panel says “Stop taking low dose aspirin.”  Not to offend here, but what the actual f*ck?  If that doesn’t make you suspicious, you’re a dumb-shit.

As it has for my entire lifetime of 72+ years, we’re guided by a simple law of (behavioral and traditional) economics:  “Everything is a Business Model.”  Who’s making the “dough on the go” there?

What “Pops” oughta do – to restore creds – is turn over Hunter’s electronics to John Durham and explain to America why the desperation to vaccinate.  Is there an econometric model out there that says if we don’t all get  on the “four month re-jab” that the whole economy will implode?  All sounds very hinky. Sketchy with crooks around.

I’ll take Jimmy Carter with pleasure over what’s going on now in the Biden junta.  At least Carter was a nuclear sub commander and that requires some brains and knowledge of getting results.  He also had enough training to handle a sidearm.  This president shoots himself in the foot almost daily.  No wonder a gun grab agenda, huh?

Blame for Social Idiocy

Not ALL of the American people are stupid.  (Though it seems that way.)  Just the ones using social media.  Whose freely-shared (AND federally analyzed and sorted into deep government files on each and every American [everyone forgets the digital castle and surrounding moat at Provo].

Monetizing the flock is a useful concept.  Everyone wants to cut off our “freedom nuts” and know more about us than we ourselves do. Government got there first with admiral Poindexter’s abomination of “total information awareness.”  Digital despots of the private sort followed lead by Social Media with ad agencies bringing the checkbook.

See where Facebook building AI that sees, hears, and ‘understands’ everything we do?  Government is already there and ad agencies want to have the same level of idiot-targeting.  Right, Alexa?

Not kidding about stupid people running America, either:  Student test scores fall for first time in national test’s history.  Let’s see if teachers get the heat, common core, or…oh yeah…let’s blame the parents!

The few remaining deep thinkers  – the small number of and readers and subscribers would like some legit answers to the swirling questions around government policy decisions that make no sense.

All we’re getting so far is bullshit and bluster.  Time to get real.

Gentlemen: Cui Bono?

Markets:  Crash Ready

I have been laying this out since early September on the public side here – with a lot more depth on the subscriber side.

Let’s review where we are in terms of Elliott wave counts that seem to fit the present situation,

Go back to the column from yesterday morning.

Did I (or not) tell you we were going into the yellow C zone?

This morning, we’re in it.  Two circled areas to study:

The blue circle is where the 6 AM Central time futures placed us.  A dead-on hit for a Fibonacci .618 retracement rally from the all-time high Labor Day.

The green circle (because we will be fabulously wealthy, lol – both dollars) is where this ultimately lands IF Taiwan is still free by the end of November.

If not?  Read up on 5th wave Elliott decline extensions.  It’s not pretty. 2 to 3 times is an option – which would smack America with a Dow half (or less) of what it is right now.

Won’t bore you with it.  Our account is none of your business and we don’t do financial advice.  But when comes to economic (and news) commentary?  Our readers find us useful.

More Happy Crap

Normalcy bias is still in the drivers seat.  Some examples, if you aren’t clear:

Pin the blame on a pilot?  Former Boeing pilot involved in Max testing indicted.  Until I get some straight dope on what’s driving re-jab desperation, air travel (thus airplane makers) don’t seem particularly interesting.  Climate, energy crisis, peak oil finally arrives.  Yada, yada…

Yes, inflation in ‘Merica is bad, but could always be worse.  Look at what “conditioned kneeling” has gifted the unfree people of England: “UK Fuel & Household Energy Spending Soared 20% In The Past 2 Weeks: Lloyds Bank.”  On your knees, sheep!  We’re in that line, too.  Kneeling is a bad deal every time.

For us, off to a weekend before the weak end.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! We all I’ve in a yellow submarine a yellow submarine!!!! Don’t do this don’t do that Len . Your a very naughty boy . Short everything guys . Gutless types never short . Oh I’m using yellow$$$$$$ to short buy beer and smokes

  2. Oh alright – will let the cat out of the bag this one time – only once, lazy bastards need to do Ure own Gongzuo.

    Laymans Terms:
    “NRG” – the freqs. are a cranking up baby – a steady “daily” increase “building in”. Building being key term hear. Human “thought” (they are real “THINGS”) is moving faster and faster – Manifestation is working faster and faster – like CAUTION is advised at this point.

    If more and more Humans wake up to this Reality – the TPTB are F-ed with a capital T !

    This is the Reason for the big rush to get as many Humans as possible vaxxed = Disconnecting/Disconnect from SOURCE ..

  3. Hi George, I was disappointed that your The “Four Futures” to Resolve didn’t include a fifth possibility where the good guys come out and expose all the voter fraud that has been occurring for decades along with all the BS that has been perpetrated on the unsuspecting population over the years and the bad guys get kicked out.

    Well that’s probably wishful dreaming, I’m afraid the only way to get rid of the bunch is an asteroid hit or some planetary catastrophe.

    • “I was disappointed that your The “Four Futures” to Resolve didn’t include a fifth possibility where the good guys come out and expose all ”

      ????????? Seriously Thom.. would it really make any difference if the good guys brought it out into the open.. oh wait.. they did it was examined and determined to be fake news made up by Russia..LOL LOL

      Seriously would it make any difference there are institutions working diligently to keep it all buried and cover stories generated to make it look like a cake with frosting on it.. The vast majority of the people are in such a state that ethics doesn’t matter anymore.. they are dependent on the system in place to keep them in food shelter and just about everything else.. business has been diverted to another country to provide our goods and services.. ..
      photos documents video’s that were all brought out have all been buried and justified.. the only time illegal actions are looked at is if it involves someone with less power or political influence.
      Just accept is what it is..

      • ????Seriously LOOB…Are those stories really buried? You don’t think there are more and more people waking up to the vast corruption compared to 40 years ago when I first started researching the Deep State? Does the “vast majority” of people dependent on the system still have faith that “the system” will provide for them or are they realizing that their way of life is being threatened? Have you ever seen huge stadiums full of people chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” or whoever the current President was in unison? Have you seen Joe’s poll numbers? Can this small minority of humans continue to control the vast majority. I’m a front line retail worker and what I see is “The Tide Is Turning”-Roger Waters

      • “????Seriously LOOB…Are those stories really buried? You don’t think there are more and more people waking up to the vast corruption”

        Well… I seriously don’t think they are buried… you walk in to the local coffee shop and that’s what you’re going th o hear. Some smart butt will be joking that he has a six year old niece that’s taunting him sexually.. or the joke on how the niece was made to snatch mm’s.. the let’s keep it in the family comments or who’s going to get ten million this year.. so it is known and being discussed daily..
        It’s just like limiting donations to congressional members.. its buried in the system and because of who it involves nothing will ever come of it..
        Laws were and are written to limit the average.. if you or I had ever tried even remotely any of what is .. we would rot before we seen the light of day again. But then that’s just my opinion.. what you will hear on MSM is how wonderful they all are..

      • @ Mr. Wacky

        “You don’t think there are more and more people waking up to the vast corruption”


        New people are acquiring a clue at about the same rate as the clued-in elderly are dying off.

        The biggest problem is virtually none of these “new people” is under the age of 35. The youth, where the majority of the kinetic energy in a society is located, are Leftist-communistic or Rightist-anarchistic, don’t realize extreme leftism equals communism or extreme rightism equals anarchism, and don’t understand that the political result of either is a totalitarian dictatorship. They also, AFAICT, believe there do-overs for everything, including bad choices WRT politics or economics, and they’re less-than-receptive to the mention that the Gen-X,Y,Zers in Caracas believed as they do, or that living conditions in Venezuela have deteriorated. That has to be a lie and a conspiracy theory, because it’s never mentioned by Anderson Cooper or Bill Maher. There’s a reason Hugo Chávez went for communications and the Press, first. It is the same reason it’s so dangerous for our press to be controlled by the Leftist Establishment.

  4. yep yada yada yada a few weeks . its october , its a friday , remember 29 . now if anybody thinks other stuff, good on yah . gold always, always botoms first . now the vix at 18 18 18 18 18 if you beleive this piece of sheet of lies has corrected or some different this time , go for it . or you can go and listen to the elliot fairies and their fairy stories of round and round . maybe then drag out the chief guru like march 6 2009 who singlehandedly started this disaster . i told him that was not the bottom . another structure but once again everyone bags me . good luck and write when your broke

  5. Sorry Ure, but increasingly these daily comments are being used to promote the money-side of your website.

    • If you knew how much work the old man puts into this for us readers, you know that 40 bucks is barely covering the coffee tab to write this tedious chock full of information delivered here free 5 days a week.
      Other sites charge monthly for news and research done for us.
      Should he get up 4am and spend several hours sharing his expertise for nothing? At least it’s ad subsidiaries and not him picking our pockets daily trying to sell some idea or bullshit. Look around, can you find a more down to earth basically unbiased news site with the chart packs and fkn brilliance of our G man? I think not pal. Blessings

      • Stu – thanks.
        I don’t think people realize the time and energy it takes to keep Urban (or your site) going with fresh content 4 days a week and Peoplenomics with 2 days a week. You KNOW first hand. But for those who wonder how Stu and I each put at least 40-hours weekly into our sites, consider:
        I get up at 4:30 AM and do nothing but website writing until 8 am or later.
        Every half hour during the day, except for doctor apt days, there’s checking reader comments for liability.
        And responding to reader inquiries.
        And reading a book or two per week, plus God knows how many sources and academic sites.
        Plus doing the photos and charts. Peoplenomics is generally 2-4 times longer – and has been up to 15,000 words in a single report). Ever timed how long that takes?
        Plus doing a little “lunch money” trading.
        There is also a lot of “invisible” stuff.
        Like what?
        Being the DNS expert when needed. Endless telemarketers selling me web services and app development plans from India.
        Keeping the back end of a high performance server humming. Look at sometime and compare how Uban and Peoplenomics score compared to other sites.
        What about that $285 in ad income last month? Works out to under min wage after keeping up on policies, software updates, webmaster this and robot error that.
        And total Peoplenomics income as the payoff? Less than our Social Security in a year.
        Wait!~!! We’re not done having fun, yet.
        There are software server-side licenses for specialized functions like high security. Again, compare Urban and PN with other sites you visit by going over to and putting in the web address with the https://
        Now move over to Google Page Speed Insights for developers. See how our core web metrics look. Again, no big – couple of hours a month to keep this up, but again, the web is changing.
        Invisible stuff – things people don’t think about as “business costs” of an online service. But, Peoplenomics subscriptions are treated by us as “business income” for Texas residents because its the right thing to do. We can hardly call-out virtual signalers if we don’t “walk the talk.” We probably have corporate subsidiaries in Texas that pay less than our quarterly sales tax, lol. We may be one of few web sites to pay state sales tax.

        Yes, I write off the cost of the new computer every five years (*or longer, last one was from 2011) as a Sect. 179 expense. Even got myself a new office chair last year. I spend far more time with them than I do with my wife. Golden years of retirement>? Say what?

        One year, I got a (still working) Fujitsu S-1500 scanner to copy tax filings and other required dox. Yeah, no one thinks about this stuff. Or?

        Trip to the office supply store for envelopes and postage? Stamps for reader correspondence? Portion of phone bills (separate line, email, and web access). Not to mention another $90 a month for high speed internet access – because this really is a pretty damn reliable website. Fresh content, reliably sourced reports, and secure access matters in today’s world.

        All that said, yes, I do – and will continue – to unabashedly promote Peoplenomics. Because Urban is (in retail terms) the “loss leader.”

        Lost sleep, too. Because while Peoplenomics is a direct personal cost of 20-hours a week, there’s the “everything else including urban”.

        Even with minor ad support, Urban is a very expensive “loss leader.”

        So as long as you’re here, please pick up a bag of carrots…or a Peoplenomics subscription.

        I’d sure like the web to pay better. SubStack or a packaged solution? Maybe…but remember Facebook would tell all your fans free – once upon a time. Over time, business models evolve.

        With unlimited competition and with socialist media getting off Scott-free with no duty to actually read the shit they pander (we don’t have sect. 230 exemption) I don’t think access to 50 years of news and management experience – not to mention a unique way of looking at the economy – wanting to make more than $11 dollars an hour after tax is asking too much.

        But thanks to Dell for noting because there is a story behind the websites.
        And because we live in a lowering IQ world, I bet Stu would agree we aren’t ANY of us getting rich on book writing, either.

        We’re in an intellectual depression, already. America keeps buying low-end ideas and research then being surprised when the free luncher’s break their promises. Time after time.

      • There’s probably a few things in there you missed George. You do ALL of it yourself, so you have me beat by far.

        Sometimes I find myself doing the troubleshooting for my web hosting service; or debugging code, but running your own server is a pain when it goes Tango Uniform.

        Books, only a few people read those. My buddies and coworkers read my books and tell me to dumb it down.

        And ONE OTHER BIG THING, you have it exactly right about what is going on in the military. In 54 more days, I am going to be talking all about that to anyone who will listen.

        Do you think China and Russia will wait around until those military positions are filled? I was hoping we had until May of 2022, I’m thinking anytime now.

        Sadly, even with all your lessons, I have discovered, that my Business Model really sucks.


    • dell – surely you jest. I cancelled 3 other subscriptions to newsletters that each were more than double what George charges for his. I am way ahead. This has to be the best deal on the internet. Pay for 2 days, get 5 days free! In addition to George’s hard work and wisdom, I feel fortunate to get input from a lot of seasoned street smart readers. Not the case on most other sites.

      If anyone truly cannot afford the 40 bucks a year for Peoplenomics, drop George a pesonal note. I know he will try to help.

      • Absolutely. If you’re a senior who wants better information, we have other readers who are willing to share and generously do so. We also offer PN free to people with a US .mil active-duty account. Our small “thank you for your service.” (A small way to keep in touch with the world going bad, such that three hots and a cot for your hitch may not be such a bad deal after all… depending on your politics, of course! )

    • Me thinks a good blend of geopolitical and economic that are deeply bound. Logic is a hard sell these days it seems? I Like it.

  6. I think a lot of people are thinking the same thing in regards to the jabs, but aren’t quite articulating it. The desperation of the jabbers is palpable and alarming. Plus, it doesn’t fit the scenario. It’s out of balance with reality and it alarms people at a gut/instinctive level.

    There is something else afoot.

    • You, my anonymous friend, are absolutely correct in your thinking.

      There are secrets we have not been privy to.

      But never in US history has something been pushed as hard as the jabs, not to the point of violating the constitution. But then, that was shredded with the 9/11 FF event anyway – very intentionally.

      I am off to “render therefore unto Ceasar the things that are Ceasars”
      since today is Tax Day for those of us trying to hold off the beast.

    • We view it as an open question: Is Joe Biden (and his Obama holdover crew) the first Traitor to hold the Oval? OR – and I hope this is the case – is there SOMETHING so bad, so evil, so un-nerving, that it cannot be revealed to the Great American Public?

      I remember listening to a talk radio show some years back, in which the hosts were commenting on a speech given by Angela Markel. In that speech Markel was referring to the mass migration of refugees Germany was allowing into their country. She said, as best I can remember, It’s the legal, moral, and ethical thing to do. I hope our country can survive. I was shocked to hear that, “I hope our country can survive.” So what influenced Merkel, compelling her to put Germany at risk to loose their national identity, and way of life?

      MAJ13: it is alarming at a gut/instinctive level. Things are way out of balance and most of us sense and feel this.

      I picked a bad time to misplace my Roddy Piper sunglasses

      • She only said the “survive” part to cover her ass, she’s a gatekeeper, like all the elected leaders in France, England, Sweden, et al. She was put there, to do just what she did, allow invaders into Germany to rape the women, girls, boys, and intermarry to further dilute and destroy the white race and wipe Germany off the map. Same in Ireland, England, on and on. Surely, you realize that they hack voting machines, and votes, across the pond, too???

    • I just finished reading Maj Corso’s book “Day before Roswell” and while I knew about the file cabinet full of ET goodies, what I didn’t realize was the sense of importance the military gave to ET. It’s one thing to hear that ET was a more guarded secret than the H bomb, but it’s another to realize pretty much the entire “Star Wars” program under Reagan was to build a defense to ET, not the Soviets.
      This current series of dictates out of line with reality is like that. Maybe they’re seeing a different reality and if yes they need to stop lying to us.

      • “the entire “Star Wars” program under Reagan was to build a defense to ET, not the Soviets.”

        You know WD considering that..maybe the answer as to why theres no disclosures given..
        What do they know that they aren’t telling . Maybe we wouldn’t want to know.. ignorance is bliss..

    • Yeah. The cognitive is dissonating like crazy.


      (Don’t forget. 3.999 by night, 7.299 by day, after SHTF.
      We might hold a snap drill someday if anybody is interested.
      Passphrase: “Everything is a business model,” but DON’T
      call any special attention to it. Just work it into the conversation casually, as if it was unimportant.)

    • What if the COVID is an alien disease and the jabs are the human attempts to combat it? What information is so secret that any lie will be used to protect it?

  7. George, can you stay awake 24-7? Remember what that guy in Bosnia
    said. If you are by yourself, you are as good as dead.
    All the high-tech toys will not save you.
    The gangs on the south side of Chicago always attack as a croup
    to overwhelm their prey
    They like warm weather and the cover of darkness.
    Good luck!

  8. I’m no war strategist but, I think this is a very bad idea … unless losing a war is the desired outcome …

    Then last night, we find Covid 19 Add On Payments …. Worth the read …

    Then there’s this. Look at it … ivermectin ain’t so bad after all, according to the NIH … we made a personal copy to keep on hand.

    All this has given me a migraine. Think I’ll go take an aspirin.

    Have a good day George.

    • Nice find on the treatment guide.

      Do take a moment and follow the link/url referencing clinical trials of IVM. 81 studies listed, most out of the US. Some in the US are actively seeking participates.

      JD in North AL

  9. “bio-war”

    Speaking of war, how’s the Trade War coming along? There was going to be so much #winning.

    Either Trump really did try to save everyone with Operation Warp Speed or the entire U.S. gov is compromised and in on it.

    The best evidence is Donald and Melanie Trump both stating they got the jab. Are they lying double agents trying to lure the needle into unsuspecting Republicans?

    Trump can’t be a double-agent because Biden is the Commie, so that makes COVID legit. Get the jab!

    • The movie is the message. The current American Horror Story is about Ike’s deal with the aliens.

    • Dam Stu.. I missed that post …. well got to it now.. thanks for all the info..I totally love your work.. Cow comes this week so it isn’t much but I hope it helps..
      thanks again

  10. G,

    How about them thar “worthless” ‘digital tulips” today ? Why dont look now, but BTC bee breaking out again. ??
    Dollar index down slightly this AM, what can possibly be holding it up ?- just boggles my chronically stoned – genius mind.
    Words R funny things – for instance “Shitcoin” – term originally coined to refer to any crypto OTHER than Bitcoin. Now has been adopted by the “normie/mudbloods” to describe /refer to Bitcoin maximalists like BCN as shitcoiners.
    Nothing could be further from the truth – COMPARED to Bitcoin, all other crypto’s are shitcoins, and the folks “playing” with them more accurately described as “shitcoiners”.
    Personally could care a less what anybody callz Bitcoin and or the BCN – just Cultivating spreading the good word about BITCOIN..onwards and upwards – easypeasylemonsquessy. 60% of the way to Winning, again.

    How many Bitcoins 4 Youse..@$60k for whole Coin – they bee Cheap?

  11. I think the markets are lined up for something to happen this weekend and we should go on Crash Alert.

    And those containers floating around in the Pacific. At this point what do they contain, last Summer’s clothes or next Winter clothes? The ships have been out there for awhile. I doubt winter clothes. But if Winter clothes are in the containers that means someone knew.

  12. Great column today. Asking all the right questions. Sorting out the variables, and leading to this thought:

    What would each crisis of the last two years look like without COVID?

    US Economy Implosion. What has the pandemic done to affect this, to hasten or stave off…

    China’s transformation under Xi. What has the pandemic done to affect the trajectory of China’s island building, economy, aggression, energy, water and population problems?

    What about Afghanistan? Was that different because a pandemic changed everything? I don’t mean the weak pullout, I mean giving up that foothold in Asia, the chess game part of it.

    Has the pandemic affected the trajectory of the dollar as the world currency?

    I think the answers to questions like this might help sort out whether we’re in a deep emergency and thus the vaccine push is necessary, (but secrecy is essential to maintaining order). What would happen if they told us we were attacked? Cities would be glowing by now perhaps. So there is some motivation we can guess at.

    Would they release a weapon on purpose to affect all those questions above? Dunno, what does global war look like these days anyway.

  13. This should be considered SUSPICIOUS: “Out comes a report from Israel that simply taking aspirin reduces Covid mortality 47%!!!”

    Bayer (the aspirin co.) is heavily investing in Israeli startups. Here’s your business model folks…Put Bayer aspirin in your medicine chest; these clowns are trying to bankrupt us. Also, a reminder from Arm & Hammer…refresh that box of baking powder in the fridge, it prevents covid germs from spreading.

    The VAXX is the long term answer.

    • The long term answer to the Georgia guide stones population mandate of maintaining the Earths Human population under 500 Million.

      *That dont seem like enough slaves to run things for da rothchild/rockfella kazarian zionazi conglomerate/nwo.

      • “That dont seem like enough slaves to run things for da rothchild/rockfella kazarian zionazi conglomerate/nwo.”

        Lol.. the sad part is.. IF… that was the goal intended.. they should have kept a few of the industrial companies around to keep people trained for the rebuilding of their world.. instead they worked really hard dumbing down the youth of today..

  14. I sure hope you read and put the dots together on the two links I sent … CMS and NIH.
    They use the drug of choice cuz ya get 20% $ and probably renal failure, and don’t try to sue cuz the drug with no side effects wasn’t (used) on the list of treatments, cuz their attorney will show you it was on the list … you just didn’t bitch enough and show proof to get have it used. Which is why we made a copy. Ya gotta dig like hell to find that proof. Damn

    • Comrade BIC,

      May I hazard an answer to your question?

      Trust the “Toronto Sun” to leave truth in shadow! They will never mention that their owner, Postmedia, is 2/3rds held by an American New York-based media giant. One co-founder was embroiled in Clinton’s Whitewater controversy. The media conglomerate’s #2 more recently committed brand hari-kari when the blackmail of Amazon’s Bezos via “The National Inquirer” came to light.

      Are we living in the world of Aquarius or Pisces?

      • Why Pisces of course.

        “Age of Aquaris” requires lotz of blood to be spilt – LOTZ. Humanity must fight for her Future, lest she be”captured”/fall into the ahrimanic dimension (8th sphere)..just stick Ure mind into a cell phone/video will eventually stumble into it. Bonus time – get the jab, and U wont feel the “density” closing in on you..enjoy this incarceration of Ure Soul – U wont ReCall a dam thing next time around..hahahaha

  15. Morning George and thanks for the “explanation” of your hours in the comment. Well Done!

    As for “Jimmy Bob Boy Carter” he was not a Submarine Commander. According to Wikipedia “His intent was to eventually work aboard USS Seawolf, which was planned to be the second U.S. nuclear submarine. However, he never had the opportunity to serve aboard a nuclear submarine. ”
    Speaking as a Qualified Submariner, the crew that I served with (started in 1961) we would have bought him some Kerosene for his socks to keep the ants off of his Candy A$$. Rickover neutered most of the officers that became CO’s. Hell of a different between the Fleet Boat CO’s and the Nuke CO’s!

    Keep up the info and thanks.

    • Rickover is also the genius that had the “majestic” engineers open the power plant from recovered saucer – from hot zone off coast Cuba/Yucatan – massive monuments, prymids ect under water in this area – see Russian chick/scientist did tons of dives/research right off east coast Cuba.

      Same exact area Hemmingway spent countless hours “fishing”..some reason Kennedy admin had to send Op’s team down there to recover his research..supposedly in library now.
      Anyway – Rickover orders them to open the power plant to look inside – wicked chemical/nuclear explosion – killed everyone in general vicinity. This is the incident that led groomlake/lockheed/area51 to “quick” hire a bunch of new brilliant genius engineer guyz like Bob Lazar, at such young age.

      • Can you pls share where you got the story about the explosion? That’s a new one and I’ve been researching the subject since about ’66.

  16. Test scores falling – a big caveat – testing has been dumbed down for decades now, so you are lowering the bar as results decrease. Ergo, big, big problem in basic literacy and basic computation. No more Roman bridges that are still standing.

    • Given the homework I see the grandkid bringing home vs. the pages and pages of stuff I had to do “way back in the day” I have to look with suspicion on her high report card scores even though we’re happy to see them.

      Sheer repetition of long division, multiplication, fractions, algebraic equations and the rest is what ground it all into our heads and then came the deep dives into the encyclopedias which called for the cutting of more trees for paper products than all the residential areas of the U.S. required, or so it seemed. You simply can’t replace that kind of conditioning and it was common to all 9 different school systems (now that I stop and count them) I went through as a kid. She gets most of it done during school but what she brings home for us to help her with is something she should have been burning through in a heartbeat at this point in her late Elementary years – especially as a girl. I guess I should be ecstatic that they aren’t pushing CRT out here in the sticks, to anyone’s knowledge, but these kids aren’t going to know a real challenge until it’s too late, I’m afraid.

      • Bill, let me add to your interesting remarks on education…Southern States (known for creationism taught in schools)) refusing to expand Medicaid to their poorest, but they are SO Pro Life!!

        Nearly all in the coverage gap are Southern States:

        Republicans like leaving 2 million low income uninsured (part of the domestic spending bill that Democrats would like to correct):

      • Bill, do it yourself.

        In addition to CRT and child sexual exploitation (and disseminating harmful material to a minor, a felony in most States, but — apparently not crimes when done by a teacher who’s not schtupping the children at the same time as said dissemination) don’t forget that Johnnie and Susie are learning “common core” (how to produce an answer to a simple arithmetic problem in 120 steps…)

        The kiddies don’t learn anything of value other than how to crank out tons of busy-work which accomplishes nothing.

        Try introducing her to the (in)famous Salina, Kansas 1895 8th Grade Final Exam:

        While you’re there, ya might check out that website:

        “This is a sub section of the Grandfather Education Report, a chapter of the comprehensive Grandfather Economic Report series of mini-reports with dramatic pictures on critical subjects proving serious threats facing the economic future of our young, compared to prior generations. Poor education quality is a major threat to our nation, partly caused by unacceptable teaching methods, and dumbed-down textbooks and test standards.”

      • “Sheer repetition of long division, multiplication, fractions, algebraic equations and the rest is what ground it all into our heads”

        Flew commercial airplanes for over 40 years, and now I’m a substitute teacher in the local school district. I gravitate towards sub jobs in math and science…

        Handed out a quiz last week on algebra and graphing on the Coordinate Plane… just 3 questions. Sub plans allowed 1 hour to do the 3 questions. Collected the quiz, and the results were Poor. Out of 30 kids, only 3 had answered all questions (and not correctly). Most quiz’s were blank. This was repeated in the other 2 classed using the same lesson plan… SAD

        In 1 class had a PARA (teacher’s aid) who was there to interpret Spanish for any that needed help. Yes, I’ve had math students that don’t speak English that just arrived in the USA.

        No effort to learn the basics… don’t ask questions… something about a business model.

        Yeah, right… I listen to the NPR (LOL, NOT)

  17. Cv19 rna vax lost effectiveness after 6 months in 79% to 99% of those tested, depending on age and sex:

    Fauci answered a pilot’s concern about vaxs’ possible long term side effects “there is no evidence of that.” Further quoting that nonexistant study he said there were no reports of any long term side effects. That story disappeared. Somebody high up, or just high, declared that if there was any bad information on the new vaccines, they don’t want to hear about it.

    • “Fauci answered a pilot’s concern about vaxs’ possible long term side effects”

      I’m glad that I took a buyout/retirement in August 2020 instead of the BS narrative that’s been handed down. Hard decision at the time, but no regrets now!

      It’s not a vaccine… it’s an inoculation.

  18. G –
    I have personal knowledge of what this website requires of you. I admire what you do, and am grateful that you do it, and can eke out a living doing so.

    It disheartens me to read comments where readers denigrate your efforts or otherwise disparage what you do – but it has always been that way, as people who cannot or will not try to do what they love doing are often envious of those that actually do.

    You (as we all) are not always right, but you are clear about the facts that lead you where you go. That is a far more valuable thing than being right, as it lets us gain perspective we may not have.

    And for those who have forgotten or may not have known in the first place, we are in an apocalypse. Forget the current usage – go to the source: “borrowed from Greek apokálypsis “uncovering, disclosure, revelation,” from apokalyp-, stem of apokalýptein “to uncover, disclose, reveal” (from apo- apo- + kalýptein “to cover, protect, conceal,” of uncertain origin)

    And that disclosure is via the internet leaking things that are long held close by those in power. And it is far from over.

    My take on some of your detractors is that they more enjoy woowoo than financial – can’t blame them, as some of us have already left the financial game.

    Make no misteak – you are appreciated.

    • No older Trucks allowed. Must be electric powered soon, and no non union drivers (Independent Truckers). Californicated again. We tried to recall, but the fix was still in. It’s amazing what a million illegal voters can do, along with ‘updated’ voting machines. I didn’t want to come back to the Peoples Republic of California, but that’s where most of the grandkids are.

    • “DeSantis to stranded cargo ships: Come here, we can do what CA is too inept and stupid to do. Florida is where businesses flourish.

      Florida may be leading the way to a possible solution to the country’s supply chain issues. Governor Ron DeSantis and the CEO of the Florida Ports Council Michael Rubin extended an invitation to those languishing ships to travel southeast and fill their ports”

  19. George,
    I pay $1500-$5000 for investment services. Advanced option strategies. Had 4-6. Letting them all lapse because I no longer believe in the market. When you have Congress and Fed Governors insider trading and they skate because of our two-tier justice system, then the game is totally rigged (McCabe just got his pension back from the crooked Justice Dept). Not to mention JP Morgan/Chase getting a $900mm fine for rigging silver markets which was chump change to them, the Fed putting in Billions when they are prohibited from investing in markets, but thanks to Gramm, Leach, Bliley doing away with Glass-Steagall Banks can play craps in the markets, and Investment Banks could become banks and get free money from the Fed. I totally got out of the market a little over a month ago. Better a couple of months early than a couple of months late.

    I am now only in energy (YES, ONLY OIL AND GAS), and Metals. They can’t print more of that. Natural gas prices are 2.4 times what they were a year ago. Bubble Brains Biden. 40% of our electrical energy comes from natural gas generators. People better hang on for a rough winter. They already put a measly COLA out for people on SS. Not even close to what the annual inflation rate will finally be for 2021. EVERYTHING coming out of D.C. is a LIE….EVERYTHING.

    I have discussed the vaccine and Covid via posts on your site for a long time…given speeches on it. The vaxx is the Bioweapon. Shuts down the body’s natural immunity. Get ready within 6-36 months for a bunch of new cancer cases….most profitable disease there is for the medical field. Remember Covid deaths are only .00008% of the cases….flu .002%. You are more likely to die from Flu than Covid. Covid just hits you harder.

    Your $40/year gives me more to think about than the “Gurus” that charge $Thousands$ and is more often right than them. I don’t know how you do it everyday coming up with great content. But I appreciate everything you do. Many thanks!!

    • “They can’t print more of that. ”

      LOL your right and your wrong.. they WON’T make anymore of it.. but they can.. one of the mad grandpa’s garage lab experiments was showing how easy it was to extract oil and gas from various sources..
      Up until Jr. was in office.. woodgas generation plants was in all FEMA emergency plans on the rebuild of the USA in a SHTF scenario..
      the one I want to build is one out of a semi truck muffler.. small and more efficient than the ones you can buy in europe..
      The USA estimated on the seven pounds per person of trash throws away more oil and gas a day that could supply the country for a year..
      but they won’t go that route..
      then I don’t have anything in investments.. just like to read and didn’t have the resources while being inundated with medical expenses my whole life. I never made a thing of myself..

    • “EVERYTHING coming out of D.C. is a LIE….EVERYTHING.”

      boy that is the truth WTHS… I totally love your posts.. you think a lot like I do.. sadly have you ever seen a more corrupt bunch than what is in DC… I am baffled every day reading the news world wide.. then on the news you will hear hate comments on the last administration like everyone will actually believe that after seeing what is going on today..

  20. No one that reads you was born yesterday and they instinctively know, as you nailed it here, they are about to be really screwed when someone treats them as we are now being treated. This Washington bunch is still probing to see how far they can go and still escape.
    “We view it as an open question: Is Joe Biden (and his Obama holdover crew) the first Traitor to hold the Oval? OR – and I hope this is the case – is there SOMETHING so bad, so evil, so un-nerving, that it cannot be revealed to the Great American Public?”
    Say.., I recall in times past there was another huge group of fringe people that went to a commune in Guyana to follow their leader and … NO! Hold it.
    Now I remember, he was a Jim. Not a Joe. That guy had a really weird recipe for his cool-aid. Must have been the wrong guy.
    Oops, wrong place! My bad.
    We’re talking about virus here and just so everyone knows,we are offered by our leader any of 3 or 4 experimental vaccines to save us.
    So, unlike those that had to drink Jim’s cool-aid or be shot, we have an anointed leader who is looking out for us (?) so strongly that he demands we take a shot or…else. Decliners will no doubt be on some black list until they get saved too. Maybe rounded up and sent to camp together…
    This is much more humane than forcing cool-aid down our throats you know. Just a quick needle jab and, ‘There, you’re all done now.’

  21. wow . congratulations slime on dial turning and lies andAI . i hope you all burn in hell for the pain you have caused so many . i hope all your ill gotten wealth burns you to death . anyway another week animals of screwing us !!! but notice some discussion about site and money or something. i been eveywhere over net . this place is so good believe me . there is a good mix of everything . money health humour . there is an old saying you dont know how good you got it till you aint got it . viva la george !!!! viva la site !!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I was a $40 a year customer a couple of years back and cut back on a few of my luxuries while surviving on my social security. (Yes, Wednesdays and Saturdays, subscriber-only issues are/were valued luxuries.) I read your columns and comments every day and appreciate the content and remarkable intellect that creates it. You must be a member of Mensa. Anyway, the totally ridiculous criticism of you that I read today has infuriated me to the point that 40% of my January social security increase will go to renew my Peoplenomics yearly subscription.

  23. The comments alone are worth the price of admission, and they’re even on the free side. Lotsa good info gets folded into this column daily.

  24. Who”would sanction reducing naval (and all services) manpower when we’re on the verge of war to defend a critical defense products and high tech chips ISLAND?”

    Hmm if the trail is right in the you tube video shared yesterday in the comments section. Then theres good reason for the power structure in office to do just that.. and haul over up totem thousand illegals daily..
    Follow the money..
    All sanctioned and legal..

  25. I’ll gladly take a 50% haircut if you’re right, but my guess is more or less 38.2% from the March 2020 lows. That’s about 3650 S&P500.

  26. Comrades,

    Firstly, I am a believer that covid-19 is real, and a dangerous weapon for its capability to overwhelm Western intensive care infrastructures with wounded casualties. Here is a link to a CBC report which tries to address the extent co-morbidities are present within officially reported covid-19 death totals.

    The report states that under 4% of Alberta’s covid-19 deaths have no co-morbidities, and almost three-quarters of the deceased have 3 or more.

    The CCP will be toasting Xunzi at month end?

    • “The CCP will be toasting Xunzi at month end?”

      Hope this doesn’t cause too much “Confucian”

  27. George, your litany of ‘running a business’ made me glad I gave up contracting work and retired. Thank you for all you do. I pay you , not because I am needing investment research (I won’t touch the paper market any more!), but because I enjoy reading your daily ‘brain dumps’.

  28. Comrades,

    Updated reports from the UK are that the tragic MP stabbing was allegedly perpetuated by a British national of Somali extraction.

    The Australian Broadcasting Corp. coverage includes a stock picture of handcuffs being placed on an anonymous pair of white arms. The truth will come out, inshallah.

  29. Hi George,

    I have been reading your site since pre-2000 and I’ve always found wisdom in your posts. Like you, I’ve always had a sense that our civilization and economy is in trouble though I’ve gone for long periods distracted by every day life without focusing on it too much.

    I’m really impressed that you are still grinding out articles and trying to help your readers by preparing them for some of the possible future scenarios.

    When I find myself needing a “reality check”, I always end up back here to check myself. I’m glad to see your comments that suggest we are not getting the “full picture” in relation to ongoing current events. I’ve had that sense for a while now that some important information is missing from pubic awareness, otherwise, the official narrative simply makes no sense. I suspect that it is a scenario where chaos and anarchy would ensue if people had the true story, whatever it may be. Of course, if people knew that some form of doom was fast approaching, going to work, paying bills, etc, would seem a bit irrelevant. From the perspective of a central authority, this “saving people from themselves” makes sense, but from an every day folk perspective, the sense of mistrust grows and anger stews.

    Even though we are constantly inundated with external media that shapes our perception, we maintain an awareness of our immediate environment. Many people are finding that the official narrative isn’t matching the information that we gather directly with our senses. People are sensing “glitches in the Matrix” so to speak. For example, in casual conversation, I’ve found many people are grappling to understand the current supply chain situation in the US. To the vast majority of Americans that are following the official narrative, the pandemic is almost over, we have a cure now, so why won’t I be able to buy the latest gadget for Christmas? Even the least awake among us are beginning to see big gaping holes in the story.

    Anyway, I truly hope that it is nothing but an overactive imagination, but reading some of your recent posts has validated some of my thinking. I honestly don’t want anyone to suffer or to face unforeseen hardship and would be happy to live out my life with the status quo.

    Long story short, thanks for what you do George! has been a lighthouse for me in a sea of increasingly distorted news for over 20 years now!

    Best of luck to you and your family.


    • Thank you so much! Best to your and yours as well!
      As for that “gaping hole” I keep trying to draw a line around it to see if a center of some kind emerges and mostly it’s just like a power trip and evilness – nothing specific but just a general erosion away from optimism, shared goals, and love of fellow humans.
      We are reduced down to data sets which are then sold and manipulated. Just weird, but look at what the new social “industries” are and the notion is supported by real life data abuse?!

    • “truly hope that it is nothing but an overactive imagination,”

      I FEEL THE SAME WAY… I keep getting told I read to much.. that it isn’t as bad as what I see going on..I feel like a deer in the headlights of a fully loaded semi truck heading straight for us… nothing you can do but put the brakes on and hope it misses you.. .. then I think.. my god how can anyone possibly let this happen and then justify it and trying to convince everyone that it is ok.. All while portraying that they have the ethical values needed and are against those very actions that keep popping up with the ones that they adore.. for me what I am reading says its total insanity and corruption.. the Teflon suit. I just hope and pray that I am over reacting and reading more into it that what is really going on.. .
      What did his congress think

  30. George, will you please put me down for 2 comped, Peoplenomics, $40 annual fee subscriptions? Would you please use it to treat [username redact] and [user name redact] for one year????

    Check coming; thank you.

    • This is amazing. We have had no less than three (so far) readers step up and want to “gift” subscriptions to people who post meaningful content and have given the impression than a PN subscription is out of their price range.
      One of these days I will have to formalize the “reader assistance” program. Not as a “need” thing – don’t want to get in government’s “free lunch” space. No, this is more on the order of great contributions and the rest of our tribe of FRRHs (Few Remaining Rational Humans) taking care of one another.

      Totally impressed/impressive/neat!!!

    • Thank you so much for your kind offer to provide me with a subscription to Peoplenomics in response to my recent comment to subscribe in January with my social security COLA increase. Your kind gesture reinforces my belief in the “Pay It Forward” method of showing genuine appreciation which I have used many times and instilled in my children and grandchildren. I am not sure that George Ure will accept your gift, but should he do so, or not, I shall be pleased to pass it forward on my first opportunity. Kindness is far more contagious than Covid!!

  31. There is something big coming. Has to be for things to be so crazy. As well as many military, I can tell you there are a huge number of civilians who will not bow the knee and are leaving. Stunning number. Unpresented. We’re riding the wave: I am leaving my gov contractor job, my husband is retiring a bit earlier than planned in case his waiver won’t hold. This can’t be an unanticipated event. They must have needed a mass exodus. So why would “they” want so many military and civilians to leave the workforce all at once? Getting everyone out of the way/out of view/out of scrutiny? (Trump sure needed to get rid of all the Obama operatives put into place–must’ve been sleeper cells who waited the four years of the Trump surprise to go back to their plan) Aliens or something wicked from outer space? The Cassiopeian’s say they are coming and so is a huge comet cluster that hits earth every 36000 years. Suspicious Observers say we’re headed for the end of a regular 36000 year disaster cycle. Don’t know if I believe it but the data points are lining up. Either way, the world has shifted and learning how to swim beats going down with the ship.

    • Are you sure you don’t mean 3600 years? See calling for a severe pass of the planet Nibiru and much more with regards to aliens and human interactions.

      We were created.

      All on board, we are going for a ride on the wild side.

    • (Sent to your email addy previously)

      George Ure
      319 An County Rd 4416
      Palestine, TX 75803

      A post office box is way to easy to find. Out here in the unmarked outback of E Texas? lol

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