Coinsters, Banksters, and Jobsters

Before we get into the fresh press release from the Labor Department, a word or two about bubbles.  Bubble?  What bubble?  Oh…this bubble: Bitcoin hits $17,000 as bubble fears mount.

They never end well.  Read that again: never.

I mention this because we are witnessing the parabolic rise of Bitcoin.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been highly entertaining and all that.  When I checked prior to posting, they were at $15,447.  I know, the TB’s (true believers) in Bitcoin are oh so proud that they have a secure blockchain.  What they can’t seem to comprehend is that Bitcoin has turned every user of cryptos into a hacking target.  And then what happens? Bitcoin miner NiceHash reports hack, theft of its ‘wallet’ – USA Today.

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And there are issues like hardware failures…but look, have fun.  Bubbles and manias of this magnitude only come along once in a lifetime.

As of this morning, Bitcoins are worth (all told) $255-billion dollars.  It’s more than the annual GDP of Panama, or Greece, or Portugal, or Finland.  At present rates, Bitcoins value will surpass the annual GDP of Ireland this weekend and Singapore of the Philippines next week.

Now, about those jobs – for those who still have to work for a living, not being part of the Bankster class of Coinster class…

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 228,000 in November, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 4.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment continued to trend up in professional and business services, manufacturing, and health care.

Household Survey Data

The unemployment rate held at 4.1 percent in November, and the number of unemployed persons was essentially unchanged at 6.6 million. Over the year, the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons were down by 0.5 percentage point and 799,000, respectively. (See table A-1.)

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for teenagers increased to 15.9 percent in November. The jobless rates for adult men (3.7 percent), adult women (3.7 percent), Whites (3.6 percent), Blacks (7.3 percent), Asians (3.0 percent), and Hispanics (4.7 percent) showed little change.

Now the numbers that matter

  • Labor participation rate is unchanged
  • Goods producing jobs were up 62,000
  • The CES Birth Death Model actually was a minus number this month, so effectively no “made up” jobs.

And the futures are?  (What else?)

Showing the Dow up 66 at the open, but up 150 by the end of the day wouldn’t surprise us…

End of World In Sight?

The move of the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is a very big deal.

Clashes Erupt Across West Bank Over U.S. Jerusalem Pivot.  In Israel, we find OpEds like “Trump’s Jerusalem Syndrome: Whose End of Days Messiah Does He Think He Is?: of interest.

The theory is that once the US Embassy move is completed, work will start on the “third temple” and that will take about 7 years…and (here’s the fun part) that will get us out into the 2024-2025 area where by some cyclical economics work we get to the “Insert World War Here” area.

For now, the Palestinians will have a new war, things will be hot…and from a pragmatic standpoint, it’s a fall-back position for the arms industries in case the projected fighting on the Korean Peninsula doesn’t kick off in early spring to save their balance sheets.

Here’s the more immediate blowback: Al Qaeda calls for attacks against US and its allies over Jerusalem policy.

Failing all that, there’s a chance of another Ukraine uprising…and gosh, does that mean the State Department’s chief cookie monster will have to start baking again?  Neocons on a roll, looks like.

Gee, don’tcha feel better now?

Flash goggles are fine stocking stuffers, you know.

Moving Right Along

The flames are going south of LA toward…..Flames engulf San Diego area in newest wildfires.

Global Warmist Notes du Jour

Snow, ice bring disruption after Storm Caroline.

Texas celebrates rare snowstorm from San Antonio to Houston.

We had a few flakes here at the ranch, too.  More like frozen rain but nothing stuck.  We put the skis away, very disappointed.

No Need for Elections

…because CNN has already called them in “How Democrats win the future.”

Thinking Clearly

Canola oil linked to worsened memory and learning ability in Alzheimer’s.

Is there a lesson for Wesson in there?

38 thoughts on “Coinsters, Banksters, and Jobsters”

  1. We got 2 inches of powder snow this morning. That’s a first for powder here in north end of Houston, and though I tried desperately to slide on it, that 1/4″ base was unforgiving…

    The Dems have lost their mind – saw an article on Unz the other day about them running Michele Obama…ROFLMAO!! Trump is tweeting one thing and doing another, but nothing he hasn’t spoken of or telegraphed or that wasn’t already in the works.

    And so many folks retiring from congress, being forced out by sexual shenanigans and recusing themselves from adjudication, well, it seems like there must be something going on far in the back of the swamp and out of sight, to which few are privy.

    Popcorn anyone?

    • I’m fine with draining the swamp and using their own sexual shenanigans to do it, but the entire sexual approach/negotiation thing has gotten out of hand.

      A state senator in NM has been asked to resign because he asked someone out on a date! WTF? How can anyone navigate this situation if you’re still single? If you’re not currently married, any approach to anyone of the opposite sex could be grounds for a witch hunt.

      • Right now its sex. Wait till the use of any derogatory slur being hurled at anybody becomes cause for investigations and criminal investigations and all based on some alledged incident. This type chararcter assassination will be used by jealous people and those who covet what you have. Right now its famous public figures but this phenomemon will reach street level as the economy faulters.

  2. Hate to burst sum’s bubble, the problem with bitcoin is it’s not useful yet, you can’t buy gas or grocery with it. You can’t go down to the local Wal-Mart and buy a t.v. with it. You cant go down to the pub and buy a beer with it. You can’t gake a date to the movies with it. They don’t accept it at the hospital for co pay. The local auto mechanic doesn’t take it for services rendered.

    For all intensive purposes it’s useless as a currency in the non virtual world.. where we really live.

    Heads up for those who dont know this. We live in a real world.. the virtual world is not the real one. Sorry to burst your bubble. :/

    It is colmpletely and utterly dependant upon fiat currency to validate it as something of value.

    As I have stated over and over and over and over and over RE
    Epeat after me, BITCOIN IS A BETA TEST!

    although I’m not a big player in the markets, yet! The dow will go to 32,000 and there is where you will see the massive decline. We got a year and some change. Trump will be left holding the bag. I don’t care if you believe me. But everyone keeps calling in the top. But like I said and have stuck to my guns about this.

    There must be a perceived prosperity! You don’t dump that much cash into the system without something good happening for a little while.

    So let the good times roll.

    Market keeps going up. Told ya so!

    Off to won the power ball jackpot!

    Have a great day.

    • What was the name of those dudes that manipulated the gold or may be it was the silver market in the 70’s? Lol bitcoin reminds me of that..

      • I remember that – I think it was 2 brothers . . . problem is that silver is a naturally occurring mineral, so ‘cornering it’ was a fool’s erran (okay, I can’t spell!).

        Bitcoin is different (perhaps a fool’s bargain. Ha!)

      • That’d be Herbert and Nelson Bunker Hunt – sons of (Haroldson Lafayette) H. L. Hunt, the oil (and food) magnate. IIRC the Hunt boys had somewhere in the neighborhood of 150mln ounces of silver stockpiled in a Dallas warehouse when the market hiccuped. Ol’ H.L. was not pleased…

    • Bitcoin just dropped through 15k now at $14807.50. $3k drop in 2 days. The bubble is busted.

      Told ya..

      Not to my delight. I take no pleasure in others losses. I too am struggling financially.

      Fml… Even with good intuition.. I struggle as well.. I’m all out of faith in certain areas.


      Have a good day!

    • If you take a chart and see where we’re at and I don’t believe in charge so I mean I’m just lying imma fall asleep when it comes to lying on charge but anyway she take a chart and you look at it and you go and like What’s Happening Here how is that possible that all the attention that you have goes from a stock market that doesn’t make you much money and the money system from which we are in the past 20 to 40 years ago new it made us a profit if we invested in it now it doesn’t so what are we have we have a future something that they don’t control or you may think they don’t control it but anyway it’s going rampert I better stop talking because I’ve said all this before go look at my ex things that I’ve said yeah the people are not going to be able to stop investing in this online Bitcoin thing and there will be those who say no I’m just going back to the basics and investing in the things that that I’ve learned from the basics but we’re entering into an age of Technology that permits us to use Bitcoin and everyone can be happy because there’s lots of people who like doing things like me I like finding out what my garden will do I like finding out what other animals my animals eat I like finding out how many beers I can drink before I have a hangover I like finding out how much of my house so I can heat with son I like finding out how many different animals will agree and follow what I say I like how many other things are being destroyed because of the satanic evil forces that want to dominate your world.

      • I like finding out who and what and is what is that Spirit form that’s taking over our system and I want to counter that I have to put that in there

    • The point of bitcoin is to lure developers for all the applications that will be necessary when the fed switches to a crypto based currency. Its a big public beta test that attracts developers of all the necessary modifications for the smooth transition to the paperless cash society.

      This way software and hardware developers dont have to be paid or be on the governments payroll and fortunes can be made based on whose applications are best suited for the new economy, just like google and facebook were created by private entities to be useful tools for the NSA and other intelligence gathering services…

  3. They don’t mention it in the article about Canola oil (made up name for product) but read the Wikipedia posting for Rapeseed (what it actually is . . .).

    Important oil for many industrial uses.

  4. Hi
    I wonder if Trump’s decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem is motivated by his natural tendency to stir the pot. It’s effect on foreign policy is rather like a boater saying, “hey let’s tear down and rebuild the back up generator and the bilge pump”, while at sea as storm clouds and drizzle are appearing overhead.

    You know over the last 20 years every time I said to myself “they can’t be that insane” they doubled down on the delusion. So now I’m just going to shrug my shoulders. From the irrational exuberance of the dot com bubble to the idiotic impeachment of Bill Clinton, to the even more delusional nomination of Hillary Clinton to Bitcoin and everything else that has happened between and since, it’s enough to drive one crazy, if you let it. To borrow a line from the current Star Wars commercial “Just breathe”.

    Many years ago on my birthday my parents took me to see a live production of a Broadway musical. All I can remember is a song with a line “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, age of Aquarius”. I think we are living in the “Age of Delusion”

    • When robots do all your work are you still in a living in a world of delusion or will that be your reality

    • George actually brought up the delusional world we live in when he suggested reading Plato..
      The story he brought up is basically in my opinion we see what they want us to see. While they work in the shadows behind us just showing us glimpses of what they are doing. In time we learn to accept and believe what we are shown is what is real.
      Then once the truth is exposed you question validity because you were sure what was was the truth. Now in my mind who are the ones enlightened.
      If two signs the first says sign number two is absolutely right.. And sign number two says you can’t believe sign number one because it’s totally false.
      Cliff is only interpreting the situations from his perspectives. Right or wrong which one is the shadow and which one is the actual

  5. Not that I’ve looked deeply into it but who th’ heck is holding all the digi-dollars that buy the Bitcoins anyway? Not the people that are selling their own to get out, I don’t think. For a new currency that was supposed to provide anonymity to its holders it’s backfired big time in that you’ll never know it’s gone till its too late. I’m with George and Lynette Zang of ITM Trading on this 100%. I honestly think its the biggest scam the world has seen to transfer as much wealth to unknown sources in unprecedented amounts. Enjoy spending the cryptos – until you can’t.

    Is Clif High a CIA plant or is he so smart he’s fooled himself?

  6. Those BLS are so bogus I’ll bet they are not even factored into the algo’s any more.

    Keep in mind that Canola was known as rapeseed before they hybridized it into something palatable both for the taste buds and the consumer market.

  7. Am totally with you on Bitcoin. Mystifies me. And aren’t there like 50 other crypto-currencies coming online?

    Also, not sure why we are now so stridently criticizing Trump’s foreign policy (Jerusalem and N. Korea) and tax policy (tax cuts pay for themselves). Thought we were of the mind that Trump was really great, that he draining that swamp of corruption and pedophilia, and that his negatives were simply the product of a press’s ungentlemanly focus on his constant, pathological lying. And Trump’s recent attack on law enforcement (FBI) is different than his beef with BLM’s and football kneelers’ concern about incompetent shootings of black guys. Mike.

    • Your mind is only of one mind – the liberal mind, therefore, eternally challenged. Each of your posts demon- strates massive programming success, otherwise known as brainwashing.

  8. Hello this is Bryce from Bryce lazy porch Garden I guess it’s about time I tell you another story I told a story I forget how long it’s been I guess George can look it up it’s when I told about people when they die they get shocked by a vape by billion votes but now I’m going to tell you another story this story is about the stock market it’s about Bitcoin it’s about the energy that we’re using that destroying the Earth than we have Alternatives it’s about people the 1% being in charge and all that’s reversing they’re not going to be in charge so much so more no more that can try to weasel their way out what they’re going to be arrested and tried and prosecuted but this is about this is about what’s going to happen I remember back in the computer computer back in 1998 I was before I bought it I was interested into the stock market nice to go to the library and pick up all the old papers and play some all across my floor cuz I moved to a new place where there was a trailer at there was no furniture in it so I had papers placed all over the floor and I followed the stock market and I said wow look at those there’s a bunch of them going up you know why are they going up.
    So after a few years I moved up to a Tennessee and bought a computer and finally figured out how to get online even if it was with the dial-up system and got into the stock market start watching and saying wow and it was about that time I think it was the the Y2K thing right before that happens stocks were going up daily 102 1000% daily if a person knew what they were doing that can make lots of money so it was just speculative but now more and more people have computers and now more and more people are learning the truth about how we’ve been suppressed with the Technologies and how we have people that live in the earth outside the Earth and above the Earth and Beyond the Earth so again I’m trying.
    I’m trying to get back at my topic which is about the coin the Bitcoin I’m trying to get back at my topic which is about the coin the Bitcoin I recognize the shop upward charts grass the replicate ting the same thing that happened back in 2000.

    So again that was like a premonition you know what’s getting ready to happen if you’ve ever read or heard the book called alien interview you’ll know we’re not alone and you know where the future lies the present we have the Olympic Air Force which is a satanic Force and they’re keeping us suppress and then we have the domain Force which is another force that is overtaking the Olympic Bar and this part of the Galaxy is the demesne force so anyway back to bitcoin is a public thing another words anybody can do it and of course you say what anybody can do the stock market too but the stock market is owned by those 1% off all the corporations so coin as far as I know isn’t a corporation and isn’t owned by anybody per se and there’s going to be like they say thousands of Bitcoins or similar things projected but they will fail and the only be so many that will prevail in the future and so the point is.

    We are entering and to call it time travel call it whatever you want we’re traveling into the future and people from the future have came back to help us change this past so that we can get away from the Satanic rulers and the satanic most of the population of the world is broke they don’t have anything it’s all about it one percent and so they have comeback someone did come back from the future and opened up Bitcoin and that person that opened it up originally disappeared I think I went back to the future or something so they gave us this technology this idea that hey anybody can do this we’re not controlled by a corporation and So.

    Again what are we getting more and more people are going to be investing in this thing called Bitcoin again what are we getting more and more people are going to be investing in this thing called Bitcoin and it’s gone to give us the ability to do things we’ve never done before see the opposite of Bitcoin was well here you are away make the money to 1% and we’re in I will might give you a grant or something the most of the population is starving most of the world is starving and their destroying the world with her corporations the season full of plastic you know that nature so its all changing it’s all going to reverse are you ready for the Aquarius age where knowledge makes you King.

    • The point is again Bitcoin is going to allow everyone on the planet who has access to electricity batteries cell phones to never go hungry they’ll be able to order what someone else makes.

      They won’t be restricted by the 1% who wants to overtake them and make them their sex slaves.

      And ask her they have the ability to feed their families without having to work long hours in a factory because the factory will be your robot.

      Bitcoin has the ability touhill Mother Nature feed the planet and enable everyone to have free energy that’s not harmful to the planet and the solar system.

      You say it’s a bubble yeah it’s a big bubble it’ll continue forever actually it’s a continuation from other solar systems other galaxies we are being set free.

      The only thing that will restrict you is your imagination.

      May all beings be lovingly fulfilled don’t let one thing get you down because thoughts have wings and thoughts do become things.

      So you can be syngenesis.

      Your GyroUniverse awaits you.

      • .6% own 80% of the btc’s
        Yeah I’m doing good in it. I have no fantasy about it taking over the world.

        Always your HVAC guy but I don’t go in attics anymore :-)

      • Yes, thanks, all well and good but a master must dumb down the message for the ignorant masses so they don’t miss the opportunity to go forth and prosper. Punctuation is one of those master tools you yourself have not mastered and it takes away from your most astute messages. Can you please train your voice activated dictation program? Come on pretty please? Please? Masters always comply when the novice asks 3 times. Oh, thank you!

  9. Top of the class programmer for the past 20 or so years one Alan Greenspan..hmmm perchance working with some folks at NSA..presto Bitcoin -just pure speculation there.
    Bitcoin is all about DEFLATION -google it. Deflation and the virtue of Thrift.BTC is just a huge case of Deflation running wild, thank you Central Banks/Bankers. Newer generations of world citizens do not/will not TRUST US Govt not to bend them over at the point of a gun/audit. They are minimalists; downsizing lifestyles regards to carbon footprints.They use cryptos, and HODL, which is consumption delayed = Saving. They wont spend 1 crypto today,when they know it will be worth 2 cryptos next month. Someday all these HODLers will cash thier Cryptos, BOOM..economic bennies!

    • No they won’t cash what they’ll do is they’ll die but before they die they’ll give them to The Descendants.

      So what we have is a perpetual Financial motion that’s going to go throughout the universe as it already is they gave us this going to use it and we’re going to continue another word no one no person on this Earth will be poor will all be rich to be able to go and find our destinations this is the future of the Aquarius age

  10. I just seen an interesting solar inverter. I think it has some ultra caps in it. So when the power goes out you flip a switch and it sends a.c. current into the system to reactivate the solar grid tie.

  11. Oilman2 yes, spot on.

    Regarding the fires. We’ve had wind before, we’ve had fire before. Why all so much now? I recall Antifa and other terrorists promising stuff like this, in rich neighborhoods like this. What are the chances that some of this is man made? I put that at nearly 100%.

    • I agree with you but not for the reason you state.

      First, there have been changes in the weather that have contributed to fire in forested areas – lightning storms (because of climate change?) have been on the increase.
      – storms with high winds that impact high voltage transmission lines that can sag and start fires.

      Second – idiots who insist on ‘interacting’ with nature without learning (or caring to learn) proper fire safety, starting campfires, shooting off weapons that start unintended fires. fireworks cause it looks ‘cool’, vehicles driving in high danger areas without spark arrestors (or even a shovel in the trunk as required).

      and third – ‘the terrorist’ as you say – but more likely the sick MF arsonist, who ‘gets off’ on fire starting and fire in general. It is a lifelong affliction, they cannot be ‘cured’.

      Yes, most fires ultimately are caused by man. And the high damage amounts – that is another topic ’caused by humans’ . . .

      • As you can well imagine, there has been a lot of media coverage in SoCal from the time the first flame licked towards the sky and every day thereafter. I’ve not heard even one reporter use the “a” word. Nada. Not to say I couldn’t have missed it, but there seems to be a tacit agreement (or perhaps a dictum passed down from on high) to the effect “Thou shalt not inflame the potential copycat to go forth and ignite.” You want to believe “it can’t happen here” until it could and does and has. We will likely never know the reality of how.

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