Change of Plans: Broken Web II

Our pick-up on the public discussion of market action in Friday’s UrbanSurvival column will have to wait because of massively more important events in the Hillary Clinton saga.  And yes, markets are likely to follow through on the downside Monday.

This morning, I will show you why there’s reason to suspect that Hillary’s case being re-opened by the FBI Friday may actually, in a strange way, be tied to the recent Dyn hack attack a week ago, and how a take-down of the West may actually be threatened if another Clinton makes it to the Oval Office.

Oh, and we’ll explain how “early voting” is always a very, very bad idea.

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23 thoughts on “Change of Plans: Broken Web II”

  1. Well made point. Never to late to prepare. Seriously, maybe you should reconsider your time line for relocating from Ure Shangrila a couple years.

    Lock and Load.

  2. I think they have the tie in to the big guy in charge. Thats the only way the case is reopened this close to the election. This weekend will be a busy on for slick Willie and the Mrs. If we have learned anything over the years it’s that they are incredibly resourceful and without limitation when it comes to removing themselves from the hangman’s rope.

  3. Good report today. I’ve always believed that early voting is insane(unless necessary, aka absentee), and for the same reasons as you.

    This week we had three major aircraft accidents/incidents within 24 hours. They were the Pence plane at LGA, a Chicago 767 “blown tire” on takeoff that possibly threw shrapnel and was coincident with an engine fire, and a serious fire of some sort in a Fed Ex jet at Ft. Lauderdale. Three deniable incidents in 24 hours? Seems like a possible probe/warning there too.

    At least the engineered overrun area at LGA saved the day for Pence. Engineers Lives Matter!

    • Two days ago, my plane was cleared for landing in Austin and a minute from landing the pilot rapidly surged and we did an emergency pull around…when we were deboarding he said that an American Airlines plane was on the runway and he would have hit it.

    • On 9/9/2001, my jet’s engine blew taking off for Atlanta. Got a later flight, had to spend the night there for the next leg. On 9/10/2001, the 767 I was on blew an engine at 35,000 ft, flames shooting out, think massive out of balance washing machine 7 miles up. At my client the next day, we all know what happened. Interesting that also on 9/10/2001 my client CIO’s husband’s 767 blew an engine on takeoff in Dallas.

      I’ve looked, and I haven’t been able to find any recorded FAA incidents for any of the above. Facts, not “news” or “conspiracies” fed to the masses.

      Agree with you George, seems like something else big is brewing now. Lots of airline stocks were shorted early Sept, 2001. What’s being shorted now?

  4. Being the continual cynic that I am – I would suggest that the actor that is in every nook and cranny of your electronic life is our own Government – and would be the most likely to launch a false flag attack with ease and blame it on the enemy of your choice to spark a war or nuclear exchange …..looks like the 33,000 missing yoga e-mails have been discovered which probably implicate Obama – can’t have that can we – and Hilary is about to be sacrificed.

  5. George, you are seriously going apoctoliptic (spelling!!) on this?!

    As much as I feel the same way about Trump as you do about Clinton – after the election – the earth will probably still revolve as before – plants will grow – and there will be both stupid and intelligent people across the United States.

    There are ‘checks and balances’ built into the political system in our country – and while I worry about the response of the rest of the world – here – in our country we will muddle along – that is both our strength – and weakness.

    In other words – cool your jets, man . . .

  6. Hi George how you doing here’s a topic for discussion or I should say for you to discuss one day another words in 50 words or less what are you good at and is what you’re good at going to make you rich or should you be getting rich using your knowledge elsewhere,for me I can plant one seed a day , and it could make me rich in 7 years,but that is not my goal ,whats yours ?? Sincerely Bryce

    • George it sounds like you want a lot you know it’s a litter or a brood but how big of a litter or Brood do you want so the question would be do you propose or is it you can’t propose and put a stamp on what it is you propose that you want is that keeping you from fulfilling your dreams and desires

  7. Sunday 30. Looks as though Huma A may be on the ropes for this one. Have to take one for the White House and Hillary.

  8. Great article George. Ask MDS, “What if the checks and balances you so confidently speak of, are no more”? What if, the government you hold in such spurious understanding, does not fulfill its part of the bargain in the very near future ?? This person obviously would get taken for a ride in the real world, and in all likelihood has never experienced how the world can and has devolved in recent times.

    • Imagine that there are people willing to defend the constitution that our forefathers believed in, and that some died for! Imagine that I have voted, served on juries, paid my taxes, and loved the land that I live in. Imagine that!

      You need not imagine that my mother’s cousin – a boy, no a man of seventeen years gave his life as a gunner on a B17 during WWII – he gave his future so that so that some low life like you can grouse about how poor your life is. If your life is miserable it is because you are!

      If there are problems with current society it is because people don’t take responsibility for their own actions.

      I think that Trump is a big crybaby – he has so many advantages that other people don’t. According to him, it’s everyone’s fault that things are not good in his world but his . . . sheesh!

  9. OMG George! The site turned BLUE!

    Regarding C&B, we’re talking about government.

    We get to write the checks.
    They get to keep the balances.

  10. I hope Huma is in hiding. She is in serious danger of getting Arkancided. Stay away from nail guns, small planes, and tall buildings, girl.

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