CCEO Training

Let’s start with Collapse-Capable Electronics Operator training and why it’s a different cut of cloth than a ham radio operator.  Nothing against hams – finest people in the world. And I’m an Extra Class (AC7X) who’s been “Banging brass” for 60-some years, now.

Everyone can benefit from a ham license – no Morse code required – that went away years ago.

But collapse?  ARES and other ham radio groups do phenomenal work when disasters strike.  But our focus this morning isn’t about those month-long drives of heroic public service.

It goes to how we reconstitute a low baud rate world when the Internet is taken down or attacked.  When EMP happens and all those ugly possibilities.

That, I’m thinking, is a different kettle of fish.  So this morning the  outline and  a few chapters of yet-another Peoplenomics prepping guide.

After the charts and that just breaking (good news) inflation report.

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George Ure
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78 thoughts on “CCEO Training”

    •’s possible.. the way everything has been going the last six years.. there’s been fake dossiers created . An illusion that there was collusion.. and a hard drive that was told and sold to everyone that nothing in it was true.
      So who knows.. we may never know the truth..

      • Jobs. Cushy .gov jobs with good pay and pensions.

        USPS is hiring.
        Space Force is hiring.
        IRS will be hiring soon.
        – Youth Corps as you point out.
        Someone is getting paid to manage all the bailouts, or maybe not.

        Imagine being a SPAM stealing $13.20 /hr minimum wage sap in NYC then suddenly the IRS hires you as an auditor for “Auditor at IRS is $65,177 per year”.

        Now you are at bat in the neighborhood. Living large on hamburger/meal worm blend and everyone knows because the BBQ smoke knows no bounds.

        A disadvantage is snippy customers. But they are at your mercy like in Ancient Egypt. Easy enough to stick a pin in them.

      • to recall the line from the great 70’s movie:
        “7 Years of College Wasted!
        Guess I’ll have to join the F**king Peace Corp.!”

      • Yep …

        Funny thing, same folks who want everyone to reduce using our A/C are the same folks who want us to plug in an EV. – Same grid.

        Makes no f-ing sense.

      • “Guess I’ll have to join the F**king Peace Corp.!”

        I actually wanted to join the peace corps..

      • Really, what are they gonna do? Obeasely waddle up to us , pull out there cell phones and bore us to death.

    • Pathfinder Bob
      August 10, 2022 at 08:18

      Meanwhile …

      Ja Bob, und they vill haf some snappy uniforms mit nice brown shirtz und lederhosn und radios to report agression against der climate.
      Ja, it vill become a quiet, cold vurld mit no nonsense from das peons.
      When they are through disbanding the police, they will likely conscript the streetgangs to become the new tough, hardhearted authorities. It is obvious they already know how to shoot. Now, if they can get them to think….

  1. Our EmComm ARES group demonstrated that an 8 x 11 typed page can be transmitted on SSTV. SSTV, is authorized within the SSB HF voice bands. SSTV has sufficient rez that such a page can be read just fine. It ain’t Real Sharp, but it DOES work fine. Obviously graphics and mixed text and graphics also work fine.

    Obviously, signal strengths need to be good.

    Additionally, most all commonly used audio based, so-called digital modes — PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, MFSKxx, and most others will all pass through most VHF repeaters, and on VHF the free intermix of voice and digital modes is authorized.

    Speeds are not super-lightning fast, a typical SSTV page taking about 90 seconds to send, but when everything else is out, this may look good and useful.

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night.


    • Excellent (and true) points. However, in the kind of scenario that a collapse of civilization entails, use of computers for anything may be limited down at the “near zero” level. Which is why those little $20 2-watt cw xcvrs are ebay are so interesting – a very small battery – and you can walk inconspicuously with regional coms in your pocket. Start adding a cpu and digital interface and a rig to get good sigs and the stealth.escape.evade factor drops quickly.

      • Tex:

        I keep considering how easily I could create a simple buried vault to hidey hole some shiny circular tubes of (20) AG along with … a burner phone and some batteries. The list could grow long (duplicate paper hard copies of some records, etc) but how else to manage ‘lectronics in a post EMP world? Or, just make sure to have plenty of heritage seeds? Or, take a nice swim …

        Write when you get wet,

      • Agreed. The most important ability for personal intel will be receiving. Local 2-meter ham repeaters and simplex, and Good Ole AM radio is great by night.

        In both cases I’d advise getting radios that need little total power (Amps times Volts is Watts)

        I STRONGLY suggest anybody interested get a copy of ‘Ham Radio For Dummies” by Ward Silver. Amazon:

        Even if you’re Brand New to the interest, or an Extra licensee, this is a Great Book — VERY readable, and much better than the other books for beginners.

      • George and all,
        If you are considering a hidey-hole cache, with electronic comms and batteries, why not stash a couple (a few?…) small solar panels that will still operate the comms and other conveiniences? The batteries usually are in packs that read ‘Guaranteed 10 years’. I’m still getting battery leakage in the larger packs of big-box and major brands after less than 6 months. Look them over closely.
        Since we are talking emergencies and collapse, the solar panels will still provide some power after 10 to 20 YEARS.
        Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

      • “Since we are talking emergencies and collapse,”

        The problem is..if we are truly in a collapse of human civilization..due to an emp or nuclear exchange..all but a couple hundred thousand will perish..
        With winter coming on.. lack of industry and lack of trained skilled workers.. we are pretty much screwed..our grid was designed for profit not security.. our gasines are all antiquated and the skilled labor has been aging to the point they sit in nursing homes..ask any old mechanic.. that makes the comments who in the hell decided to put that there..
        It’s great to have the modern equipment..but what if..then you have to old school it and go naked and afraid style survival..

    • WotRR: I could not find the “Clear Channel” list Mr. Ure spoke of.
      Is it herein the comments (date/time)? ….?
      Old man who doesn’t sleep well at night is asking. Thank you

  2. Trump flying around in multiple million airplane and multiple million dollar sleeping quarters. Private golf courses so doesnt have to pay green fees and keeps wanting me to send him cash. What a con.

    • You can apply that to sleepy Joe, Pelosi, Hilliary, and many more…not just
      President Trump. The US has become a banana republic under Joe. If you want to know what the future holds for you watch the video your Choice. “The Russian and Chinese invasion to the USA and the Madrid Seismic Earthquake by Chuck Youngbrandt On YouTube .”

    • The difference is Trump earned his. When Biden or your congresscritter flies around in multiple million dollar airplanes, visits multiple, million-dollar sleeping quarters, or goes golfing, you are paying for all that, and you’re paying a lot more, because everything not specifically outfitted for transportation, lodging, or recreation must be screened by the Secret Service or Congressional Security — which can cost upwards of $3mln per site visited, per day. Creepy Joe can’t do a damn’ thing about the flooding in Kentucky, yet we paid nearly $6,000,000 for Kentucky EMS to halt recovery efforts for 10 solid hours, so Joe could get the photo-op.


    Yup.. it doesn’t look good the administration did a great job of destroying what little was left and any chances of building back better..Now the big question is ..As we are being knocked down from the perch as king of the hill.. will the Chinese or Russia want to come in and take control.. and make sure we don’t go back to our old ways again.. Or will the potential Enemy Army being brought in by our present administration from countries that said that was exactly how they would get their warriors in position , rise up and do the caliphate jihad from within our borders..
    I believe that it is the poison pawn trap.. We are in the damned if you do.. Damned if you don’t situation..

  4. BULLSCEISSE ! pure and unadultereated = economic numberz.

    Blew right past CPP with this latest fraud..yeah yeah and gasoline is cheaper – when spot prices are at or near highs…the DK dont need a dammed spoon to GAG on today, no siree – they just blew “babychunkcs’ al lover my screens.

    Enough about the illusions/matrix we be suffering king done found the key to entire F-ING Universe – put on the thinking caps sharpen those pencils, strech and crack the fingerz/knuckles – ready ?

    ? Ever wonder why you wake up at 3:33 ??or kee noticing 1111 ??
    A little maths..333×1111 = The Beging Is The End = 369,963..member ole Nikolai T ?
    With this formula and Gematria calculator + bible code – its ALL there for YOU to discover. The above describes how to build the SUN temple in Mexico 3,6,9 going up left side of temple – 333 is Short line, 1111 is Long line – 9,6,3 going down right side.
    *caution when using gematrinator calc. dont get sucked in as sole source. Took many iterations of my name plus a title.. Son of _____ to get 333 product out, ended up using my full entire name to get to 333.

    ** according to this new decoded “Simulation”/ Matrix Maths – THE Singularity is scheduled for 2056..”when the hand of god wipes the Earth clean” = solar flare so large as to not fit on current graphs/charts.

    SPF 1,000,000,000,000,000 – F -it , gonna make like a 80 yr old Mole.

    • edit “The beginning is the end, the end is the beginning”

      ? Was QE demise a signal ? What commenced right after she was rumored to have bit the big one?

  5. In my area the restaurant scene has become dysfunctional.

    There are help wanted signs hung but no where near enough customers to justify current staffing.

    We stopped in the new franchise called “Hook & Reel” on a Thursday around 5:00PM. It’s a Red Lobster style Cajun fish joint. No customers and they were fully staffed. A member in my party ordered coffee and the waitress indicated it would have to be made because there’s no customers. I got us to leave.

    A different day we headed to another franchise, Outback Steakhouse around 5:00PM. There were maybe 10 tables of folk with some single diners of about maybe 100 tables and a full bar area. They had full staff.

    So-called mom and pop restaurants are usually closed by 4:00PM. Perhaps breakfast and lunch are their highest margins.

    Not to forget closed places with vacant windows.

    By looking at drive thrus business there is good. Some of those restaurants never reopened the dining space. Continuous lines of idling cars around the building.

    • It’s possible that many businesses are hiring and paying because of the loans/grants from covid payouts require it, regardless of their customer base. They may even be making money.

    • I’m not seeing this as much as you are in your area. The places that close early are often still packed, cause good tasting food seems to be hard to find with chain places and most have only raised prices on items that have gone up for them (not the whole menu). Nearby in the larger city, people are still going to those chains like they got money to burn. A few weeks ago, I ordered online from one of them for a family of four and a guest, so 5 in all. The bill for us was over $130! That’ll teach me was my only thought…. Honestly, I don’t know how they can continue to pay so much for it anymore. I drive a nice diesel wagon and it gets great bang for the buck, but that buck is still hovering around $4.75 a gallon. Unsustainable price hikes on fuel & food– and that is how you drain a middle class, imo. I will say I’m not seeing much in the way of any newer entrepreneur venturing, with the exception of scam class businesses. Always gonna be carpetbaggers.

      I can’t speak for any other locations, but Southern Indiana is hanging on with their teeth and maxing out those cc’s to keep their noses above the waters.

      • That sux — good folks in that part of the world. Which reminds me, I need to find an excuse to go to Evansville soon, which may happen. I need a rare vehicle axle, and the nearest one is in Paducah. There are easier ways to go but I REALLY like I-69. It’s new, lightly-traveled (until it becomes the major drug corridor from Mexico to Canada), lightly patrolled, and smooth, clean highway. It’s like I-80 in Pennsylvania. It isn’t very convenient, unless you’re going to the Catskills, but it’s got to be the straightest “mountain road” in the entire world, and it is also comparatively lightly-traveled. (I don’t like traffic. I have complete confidence in my ability to safely pilot a car or truck. I have no confidence in anyone else’s ability to do same…)

    • Where, Steve?

      Here in the Dallas ex-burbs we have the opposite problem. 45 minute wait time and half the tables are empty because they can’t find staff to work them.

  6. George
    I have only read the first Paragraph of todays Peoplenomics and thought I should stop and post this. I think some people on this board may qualify or know someone who does.
    My contractor in Kentucky, Parsons Government Services, has five jobs posted for Fort Meade, Maryland.
    The requirements are:
    Desired focused skills include network and software expertise, and firmware design utilizing C, Python, GNU Tools, Linux kernel code, and USB protocol/driver device. Active TS-SCI with polygraph clearance is required.
    The Job codes are:
    Network Test Engineer – R130634
    Sr. Embedded Developer – R131044
    Sr. USB Embedded Developer – R129290
    Sr. USB Embedded Developer – R128610
    Sr. USB Embedded Developer – R128605

    Parsons must want these positions filled badly because the are offering a <> Bounty for anyone who can provide a resume that completes the process and gets hired.
    I have seen hiring bounties before but this shows some extreme urgency on the part of Parsons, and probably the US Government.
    I’m just a dum-bass Chemicals Engineer and much of this coding and Network stuff goes over my head, but some of you on this blog can probably look at the job titles and figure out what the scope is.
    Anyway, if you are interested, George can get you and I together, and make things happen.,

    • too late – Killnet grp(ruskies) just took down LockeedMartin – all that secret squirrel bullsceisse going Public…whoops.

    • Thanks, but no thanks! I’ve done lots of embedded systems work, but I’d never work for that agency! No way would I voluntarily get a TS-SCI clearance with mandatory polygraphs even if they’d give it to me, no matter what the pay.

      I suppose I might be bribed with a Russian gymnast as a life companion…..

  7. Comrades,

    Hollywood icon and Russian Special Envoy to the United States, Steven Seagal, is in the midst of filming a documentary about the fighting in Donbas according to Tass. Regrettably it seems some of his first hand Ukrainian Azov Battallion sources were ushered from the realm of the battle theatre following an attack against the pow camp that they were imprisoned in. Comedian president Mr. Zelensky wanted the last laugh?

    Let’s rejoin DJ Ure in studio aboard the revolutionary cycle powered generator cranking out the hits! Reaching into the catalogue and channeling the Mojo Priest, catch the fever!
    “Songs from the Crystal Cave” album –

    “Not for Sale”.

  8. China calls U.S. ‘main instigator’ of Ukraine crisis

    Pretty obvious we aren’t making any friends it all this.

    Then I find this blast from the past, (2017) which reads a lot like if it were written yesterday.

    “Ukraine has a long way to go to modernize its military arsenals and institutions to be on par with NATO countries. Poroshenko, however, has set a deadline for the year 2020 to do just that.” Hmm, 2020?

    Odd how this has been happening for so long and, no one cheered or cried about it until recently. But that’s what happens when ya put a few logs on some hot embers and the media rushes in to tell ya what to think and not to think.

    Personally, I never knew a damn thing about it … course I hadn’t watched TV for years either. “Better to be ignorant than brainwashed” as Grandma use to say.

    • I watch foreign news constantly. Once you know a news source’s bias, da furriners is often more reliable than North American sources, and other nations notice far more than the 3-4 “newsworthy” stories we’re force-fed every day. That’s how I knew 20 years ago that Sweden had an actual problem with Muslim migrants or that Paris was burning, years before the Muslim ghetto riots were mentioned by the U.S. press. When I say something like: “We, and George Soros, engineered a coup in Ukraine” it is because I watched it happen through newspapers and television news sourced in Kiev, Warsaw, Bucharest, and Minsk, not because anyone told me about the underhanded dealings of Victoria Nuland and USAID.

      • that is why I scope out many news sources as well.. the ones in the USA are all owned by the same groups the news will be the same.. except the issues in the conservative areas will have a conservative slant.. and liberal in a liberal area.. playing both side..
        Truly the scariest thing in the news comes from a quote by a chinese official..
        “Washington will suffer a crushing defeat here, Chinese ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui said in an exclusive interview with TASS. ”

        Which is how it was designed and planned to do…
        the politicians in DC are dancing to the tunes of another flute.. rarely do you see any leader.. ( except Kim.. he is the only one that lets them know he has their home on target and they and their families will be involved..notice no one messes with Kim.. and for good reason.. if he has your home on target .. he has your home on target.. when they tried to buy his uncle he fed him to his dogs.. his brother was bought and died of poisoning..)
        I personally believe that We are nothing more than some ones puppet country to get what they want for them…I do believe that the vast majority of the American people do not want to be involved in war after war without end.. and all for nothing. especially when their price of living is soaring beyond what they make.. their roads bridges and aquifers gaslines etc.. all are crumbling down .. because we spend on endless wars .. all for a number.. that is what is so infuriating about it.. the ones sacrificing and paying for it all don’t see any of the booty.. just the missery and the cost then told. isn’t that nice what you did.. here is a little aluminum medal for your sacrifices to the oligarch’s of the world..

    • Pathfinder Bob,

      Your mention of Newsweek up above is a coinkydoink that dovetails in a fashion with my browser issue noted below. Firstly the then 2017 owners (sold in 2018) of their subsidiary Newsweek subsequently paid fines in the millions to US authorities with respect to alleged money laundering that was apparently going on via a San Francisco Evangelical Christian University, if you can believe it! Secondly the Newsweek report makes note of the originating newsletter publisher. However it doesn’t bother to tell us that newsletter service is in the pocket of The Heritage Foundation featuring some of the stalwart American neocons of the last 40 years. The article is a nice find. Thanks!

    • Conservative pundits frequently bash Soros, but rarely does anyone say why. I’m convinced most of ’em know little or nothing about him (except for Glenn Beck — I believe Beck’s researchers may have slogged through the trail of rat dung which has marked Soros’ trail since he was a Hitler Youth.) I’ve mentioned several times, the permanent banishment of Soros and anything related to him, from his native Hungary. The dude foments civil war, death, destruction, and unspeakable horror with everything he touches and everywhere Open Society (or any other of the many hundreds of groups and organizations he influences or outright controls) goes.

      BTW, Mr. Soros’ birthday is Friday…

      • Yes.. and I remember when the Donald said something similar to and wanted to see him receive a banishment from the USA to.. sure didn’t take long for the endless alligations and criticism take off about him either..
        another scary thing is.. he has the same ties and influence in other countries as well… You don’t see another leader of another country say anything bad or condemn him.. I love glenn beck.. LOL he had a show on tv.. follow the money.. LOL LOL and some of his guests brought up some issues.. and it was banned the next day LOL LOL LOL.. you cannot find any reference to the show anywhere and I didn’t have it tivo’d

  9. Great info in the book so far! I’m looking forward to further reading. It’s worth the read just for the inside info on which stations do what and when! Personally, I’ve always been annoyed when listening to clear channel stations while driving at night and not always knowing where they were when they reported an interesting local event. The same thing goes for news from web links – they rarely report their location, including the state, so it may or may not have relevance. I do think that most people could use their car radios if not fried by EMP as an expedient and well built AM/FM receiver. Keeping the battery charged is simple enough with one or two portable solar panels and a charge controller. Obviously, more advanced radios can be used to great advantage also.

    Another important book (hopefully) to be written would be about expedient medicine – where there is no doctor or medical facility and will never ever be one! We overlook how much the current medical system relies on infrastructure at all levels.

    • ‘Problem is, we don’t value KDKAs, WORs, or WLWs the way we used to, and many of them become directional now, after dusk. I remember WHO, KMOX, WOAI, WBZ, KOA, KNBR, KNX, etc. I spent years with my old Zenith console radio, DXing these stations with a Vice-Grip tuned antenna I mounted to a junk tower.

      WLW and WLS were the big boys. WLW because it is in Cincinnati and was next door to Voice of America’s amazingly huge antenna farm & their experimental Bethany lab. (Dad took me there, one time.) I’m thinking for a short time, WLW was pushing 500,000 watts. WLS was a big boy because Sears, Roebuck & Co. owned it (WLS = World’s Largest Store) and they built the Sears Tower, then moved the WLS studios to the Tower and transmitted from a bigassed antenna on top of the tower. I usedta could hear WLAC from Boston to El Paso — not so much, any more…



  10. Jobs..around here the jobs are offering 9 dollars an hour to 14 dollars an hour.. the dishwashers get minimum the witnesses get 1.5 dollars an hour..except for the girl at the country club..she gets 2 .. low income rent is just shy a grand a month..
    Everyone is feeling the pinch..brick and mortar are working reduced staff because of costs rising.. the wife’s company is working salaried employees longer and cutting hourly waged employees working hours..
    Everyone is feeling the with the prediction of a cold winter..and the presidents new tax program that is going to increase heating costs around ten percent.. among other things electric as well.and ho.e taxes increased. sales will drop off soon enough..
    My guess is after fall elections..
    I am frankly surprised that there hasn’t been another stimulus to give a small boost.. can’t row a canoe in a dry have to get out and carry it ornate it in the mud

    • What surprises he didn’t put any oil in the popper.. usually a quarter cup for a big batch.. and he used a lot more corn than I would

  11. As usual fat 73 talks about radio stuff when the most evil day in American stock market history is playing out . Folks hold gold and short super super aggressively . My indicator is in the zone of devastating collapse for all markets

      • i dont trust you mate . you are a guru . i trust nobody now . i like folks here that are good real american people . some great people here and many fake robots and scum . so . i love normal genuine people . i have saved thousands of points for them . you know that check the dates i closed. BUT . now folks . open up and short the guts out of the dog . hold gold and quality gold stcock

  12. And the thing is all the deep state , facists and elites are torturing us little guys . They care nothing for you or the constitution. They are evil beyond comprehension. The lies the crimes the mental torture the death vaccines . Truly Satan has taken the planet over

  13. Just Out: Inflation #’s

    No change? AYFKM?

    Creative “fun with numbers,” and I’m not surprised.

    California numbers:

    Federal Excise Tax: 18 cents per gallon
    State Excise Tax: 51 cents per gallon
    Sales Tax (estimated): 10 cents per gallon
    Low Carbon Gas Programs: 22 cents per gallon
    Greenhouse Gas Programs: 15 cents per gallon
    Underground Tank Storage: 2 cents per gallon

    Cali’s gas taxes are actually lower than Pennsylvania’s, but most States don’t have low-carbon or greenhouse fees.

    ‘Point is, the Fed and virtually all States have declared a moratorium on motor fuels excise taxes through October. This has artificially lowered fuels prices and as a consequence, prices for shelf-goods.

    The government looks at the dollar numbers, not the unit numbers, so it is entirely possible that CPI-U would be “unchanged (at an annual inflation rate of 8.5%)” for July (after bumping 1.3% during the month of June.)

    It’s really gonna suck when all those taxes go back on, right after election day…

    • I seriously think that the “inflation numbers” were deliberately jiggered to make every quarter except the third quarter high, with our present quarter(3rd) having a zero to low number. This will result in no COLA for SS recipients.

      I still want to know what kind of pressure was put on the WV senator to cause him to break his promise regarding the stupid omnibus bill.

      • “I seriously think that the “inflation numbers” were deliberately jiggered”

        Honestly, they’ve been playing with the SS/COLA index since the 1970s. Uncle does not like to pay his debts, and will do lots to avoid doing so…

    • In califukya, sales tax on gas is what ,8%-9% ,that would make it about 40 to 50 cents a gallon. Newsome loves high gas prices.

  14. “I imagined, for example, half a dozen neighbors showing up in the post collapse setting and asking to be trained up on such arcane arts as getting some basic power for charging a few lights.”

    The single biggest things to know WRT this is that every D.C. motor is also a D.C. generator, and D.C. motors can be found everywhere from car starters, to many kitchen appliances. (Motorized household appliances and even some power tools tend to be D.C. motors with integral rectifiers. “Variable speed” and alternating current are not willing playmates on an unsupervised playground…)

    i.e.: Yes, Henry, you can cannibalize that old Mixmaster and couple its motor to a stationary bike, then charge your cellphone with the output. Unfortunately, your cellphone isn’t going to work because the cell towers had 180 hours of backup diesel and they’ve long-since run out, but you’ll be able to look at your pictures again…

    • I’ve always considered my smartphone to be a PDA… Personal Digital Assistant. I have apps like compass, GPS, inclinometer, tides calculator, audio and video recorder, etc. Not all require net access. And yes, I have several dandy little solar panels with USB outputs at 1.2 amps for charging stuff, and some upconverters to 12.6v for charging my other radio batteries

  15. “I wouldn’t know what time it was. A $20-dollar waterproof cheapy watch was promptly ordered for each of us.”

    A sundial is good & cheap, and can be tweaked to within seconds of accuracy, provided one knows their exact lat-lon and day of the year, and tweaks it before the SHTF. Personally, I prefer an automatic or perpetual watch. There may not be batteries available, and Seiko has been making their Model-5 for over 50 years, so they’re cheap & reliable.

  16. “On a less aggressive note, there are predictable times when radio stations must by FCC rules, give their call signs and city of license. Top of the hour, plus or minus 2-minutes. ”

    Radio affiliates, notably (but not exclusively) CBS, would play a “bong,” then “da-di-de-dada-lum” the “CBS Ra-di-o” jingle, on the hour. The “bong” was played dead on the hour, at 0m0sec, and from the late ’50s on, was synched to WWV.

    If they had a program which “ran over,” they would play the “bong” during the show and the jingle at the start of their news break. I suspect they still do…

  17. My major concern is the screw it phase.. when one side or another just tires of all the frustration and interference and decides to just go for it.. you noticed that no one is pushing Kim in NK.. he’s a hair trigger and everyone knows it..eventually one or another side will get tired of the frustration and make a leap

  18. Winco Grocery store yesterday: $2.38 bread now $4.99; 59 cent candy bar now 99 cents.

    Worst part – thieves had stolen most of the grocery carts the night before so I had to use a hand basket. Good part – total was only $22 since that was all the food I could fit into the small basket. LOL

  19. Martin Armstrong just did another interview with Greg Hunter. Off the top of my head Socrates is NOT seeing an election in 2024 and absolute chaos in November. No dollar collapse this year, though. Armstrong is putting a book together to give out in his conference in November that talks about, among other things, the plan to undermine and annex Germany, Russia and Japan. (Seems like I’d heard this before somewhere) This comes from his acquisition of the Clinton papers (those they’d let go of) through FOIA requests. He sees the raid on Trump to be like the final end Rome came to with its internal corruption which made the country ungovernable and ruined its influence around the then-known World. It’s all because they’re living in abject fear of Trump running again and making good on his cleaning house. They see their little apple cart of luxury for life being up-ended, the party’s over and mainly due to the fact there are no term limits so everyone in CONgress and all the alphabet agencies become corrupt .

  20. Looked over the PDF of your upcoming book. Unsurprisingly, I found it was well written and I thought if the remaining chapters are on the same line you should have a winner so please continue. Many folks don’t realize what would be involved to set up and maintain the intel platform you describe but just as important to understand the skills and time needed to analyze the data they collect. I would look forward, especially to the Intell/news writing skills section. News nowadays is nothing more than propaganda and the sad part is that barely anyone seems to notice or even care so an old newsman’s perspective would be important.

    It seems as though we as a country have lost our moral compass and it has been a decades long slide getting here. With that, I will lay it all onto the “Dude” since I trust his guidance. The rest can go Ef themselves.

    Stay safe. 73

  21. Has a modern-day EU-type precursor Hanseatic League moved from Lübeck to St. Petersburg by way of Kazakhstan?

    I just made an image search for Zelensky on my browser which claims to have inhibited Russian results since March 1 in a battle against disinformation. Wouldn’t you know it. The early results are unflattering pictures. The first one is from a 2019 article on Lentu, the Russian news media site, and talks about Mr. Z.’s salary and real estate holdings. Lentu is a subsidiary of a media group which is wholly owned by one of the largest banks in Russia. The bank in turn is 50% + 1 share owned by the Russian government. The family of the bank’s ceo fled eastwards from Lübeck when Stalin and Hitler had their falling out. Small world.

    • What kind of browser inhibits results from anywhere? The web is supposed to be world wide, though it’s becoming sadly balkanized. So far there are few results overtly limited, but the major search engines in the western world definitely prefer to cater to corporations. If this continues, the dark web and obscure protocols will be all that remains of a free internet.

  22. I was going to leave a comment on current headlines, and it just got too scary. I gotta wonder how many politicos are getting inspiration and material from Stu’s website. Even worse, I have started understanding some of Len’s posts.
    In the spring, I was watching the TV weatherman announce that bad weather was over for my location, while I simultaneously could hear the passenger train wrecking my fence row in the dark. I’m still cleaning up that carnage.
    When I hear the MSM media guys mouthing the day’s talking points, I get the same sort of sensation. The message is that the leaders have everything by the shorts, but I know the whirlwind is approaching. Chaos has a way of defeating preparation.

  23. Living on an island, (Big though it is) I have developed the mentality of asking ‘what if we are cut off?’

    As Ure says, “When there IS NO HELP. “

    A well stocked trauma kit, and books like “THE SURVIVAL MEDICINE HANDBOOK” and “WHERE THERE IS NO DOCTOR” are on my shelves. You may not be a medic, but if you have the supplies to handle trauma maybe someone nearby could use them. I actually had a stock of masks well before the official COVID-19 pandemic, so I was prepared when the stores instantly ran out of them.

    “A $20-dollar waterproof cheapy watch was promptly ordered for each of us.”
    Best watch I owned was a $20 solar powered one when I worked in television. Needed to know the time to the second anywhere I was. That incredible watch kept within five seconds a month!
    I still have it. It sits on the windowsill in the ham shack where it charges in the morning sun. But I also have an exquisite Bulova mechanical with a see thru mechanism for totally non electronic timekeeping.

    The book looks good so far. I would like to recommend another book for the ‘radio operator’…. The ARRL. Radio Amateurs Handbook. The often overlooked opening chapters contain a complete tutorial course in electronics. If I had to teach electronics to a novice, this is where I would start. Later chapters get as complicated as you want to dig, but the basic introductory information is very valuable to a ‘newbie’.

    I just picked up a used 250W solar panel locally for $130. Replacing antique Chinese 100w panels on the solar hot water pump and controller. Old panels developed hairline fractures in the cells and output was way down. And today my rural (cable) internet provider told me I qualify for a fed program to subsidize rural internet access. I get $30/month credit on my internet bill for as long as the program lasts. So I can afford a fish & chips once a month now.

    So… how’s that Starlink coming? Does Musk know he could be collecting federal funds on your behalf if you qualify as ‘rural’?

  24. “I imagined, for example, half a dozen neighbors showing up in the post collapse setting and asking to be trained up on such arcane arts as getting some basic power for charging a few lights.”

    where would you start..

    there are so many studies.. all of them say the same thing.. we would be screwed and shoved back ten thousand years..
    I look at the lost libraries of the world and think .. how many times has this actually happened.. if only a couple hundred thousand are left.. what are the skills that these people have.. who is the hunter who is the fisherman.. etc.. each person has a skill.. in something.. if all you do is push a pencil.. well you can learn..

  25. The weekly COVID thread:

    1 in every 246 Vaccinated People has died within 60 days of Covid-19 Vaccination in England according to UK Government

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics and the recognised national statistical institute of the UK. It is responsible for collecting and publishing statistics related to the economy, population and society at national, regional and local levels. On the 6th July 2022, just hours before Boris Johnson announced he was resigning as Prime Minister of the UK, the ONS published its latest dataset on deaths in England by vaccination status, which can be found here:

    Entire article may be read here:

    Saudi ambassador falls and dies instantly in public view

    Yet another death in plain sight. These deaths are common after the “safe and effective” COVID vaccines rolled out. Reality: you increase your risk of injury/death by over 20X.

    Canadian doctor sounds alarm over 13 ‘sudden’ deaths among physicians since COVID jab rollout

    After tracking the “sudden deaths” of Canadian doctors, Alberta-based doctor and cancer researcher William Makis says he expects “many more deaths to come” as a result of the COVID vaccines. “I’ve now tracked 13 Canadian doctor ‘sudden deaths’… This is the most complete data set I’ve seen anywhere by far,” Makis wrote August 3 on social media.

    Fourteen young Canadian docs die after getting the shot. Normally would be ~0 over 30 years.

    Now 15.

    A doctor friend of mine in Canada heard about 15 deaths of Canadian doctors over the last 9 months. He’s been in practice for 30 years. He’s never heard of any such unusual deaths before of doctors. Zero in 30 years. Why is he now, all of a sudden, hearing of so many deaths, and why are these deaths all happening very soon after vaccination? 14 deaths of young doctors in the last 9 months, all shortly after the jab. The vaccine kills people in subtle ways that are NOT being investigated by medical examiners. They are deliberately looking the other way.

  26. I got two words for youse Raymondo – 2…Langya Henipavirus (LayV)

    ..entirely novel virus just “injected/launched/sprayed” in/on Chynah, we are talking Bio-safety 4 . dundundun

    PS – novel means no know vaxx, cures, nothing its “novel” to Humans..very rare,just like frog hair .

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